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Prison Break Toys Bust Out This June

Prison Break Toys Bust Out This June

Hot Toys, a toy company based in Hong Kong, is set to release the first-ever toys based on the hugely popular TV show, Prison Break.

The dolls, modeled after Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) from the TV show, will be released sometime in June 2007.

These limited edition 12″ toys (or dolls) will be in high demand so expect to pay a good premium for them if you want to snag one. Just how much will you have to pay? A single doll will sell for $530 and you can get the set for $1028.

Good luck getting your hands on one — or two!

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Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger), Lucas
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  • Coco Canada

    The first…thanks Jared. My lucky day to find a Wentworth Miller doll! Are they selling in Japan at all? Wentworth Miller please visit Korea again soon. We missed your fan-meeting last time.

  • Coco Canada

    From a distance the doll resembles W.M. but from close-up there are more differences. Not bad though. I want to purchase a Michael Scoffield doll. Pretty pricey though…

  • A SLife

    Michael looks demented and Linc looks mean as hell! LMAO! I miss me some wentworth miller!

  • Jess

    OMG HAHA!! Michael looks major evil!!! It’s not his sexy stare…And lincoln omg he looks like a granny! What the hell

  • Summer

    ahhh at last a Wentworth Miller fix

  • langtry

    Those dolls look like a lame-a** version of Madame Tussauds! I didn’t know Lincoln Burrows was either a very light-skinned African-American or a Latino. Not well-rendered likenesses!

  • langtry

    And where’s my Tea Bag doll? I’d buy that one just for giggles!

  • corona

    i want i want!!!

  • Vivian

    Cool! The eyes look very similar to Went’s but I hope the hat can be detached, it doesn’t look too hot HAHA. And is that $530 in HK dollars? Then that will cost us $100+ for 1 doll OMG so expensive……..

  • meemee

    The dolls are cool. Why are they so expensive?

  • Jackie0

    Omg a t-bag dolls thats creepy…but i miss wentworth miller..seeing this kinda makes me happy but i want the real thing….but my god 500 dolls bastards they know we are going to want to buy these dolls …damn it well there go’s my savings lol

  • Liz

    omg this is toooo much. It looks alot like them. And I want to see a t-bag doll too!!!

  • Liz

    I mean to say this is too funny.

  • Prison_Break

    That’s such an ugly doll, even if it’s Wentworth. Could have been made better. Dominic’s doll has alot of wrinkles. They look kinda angry.

  • Giuliettonzola

    OMG! My Barbie dolls could go crazy for two sexy dolls as Mike&Linc!

  • PrimulaBlue

    The fine print indicates these are not the final versions of the dolls. Which is good, cause otherwise I’d have to special request the NON-cross-eyed version of Went’s doll.

  • Caribbean Jolie-Pitt lover

    Way too scary for me. They look like the kind of dolls that come alive at night.

  • Lisa

    They are so evil looking! For $500 the Michael doll better have his full tattoo under his clothes…

  • Mama Bear

    Can someone tell me why the dolls are cross-eyed?

  • la├»la

    Thunderbirds to the rescue!!!!!!!!(LOL)

  • Julissa

    lincoln burrows doll is dum ugly ewww i would the Wm doll but way toooo much money just for one damn doll…hopefully they lower it after awhile then i could buy it =]

  • Me too

    Lisa, the Michael doll for that amount of money, better be life size and have something else under his clothes than that dang tatoo. A little extra sometin sometin!!! GETCHA FREAK ON!!!!!

  • Kiki

    what a f..?? how many dollars??? are they mad??? :(

  • daniel

    they should make a real-size doll of wenthworth miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • good grief

    For $500.00 those damn dolls BETTER come alive at night…BOM CHIKA BA BOW, if u know what I mean…

  • http://deleted Maldita

    OMG! those have got to be one of the most expensive dolls to date, Barbie will have a fit! and yeah, why are they cross-eyed? Creepy-cute!

  • Lucas

    Hi All –

    if you go to the Butterboom site to see more pix you’ll see that these are HONG KONG PRICES…

    so in US$ you are looking at around $70 for 1 and $130 for 2.

    Still quite expensive, but these aren’t the kind of toys you will find at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us, these are high-end, limited edition collector items – if you are interested to buy them check out our sponsor’s site and pre-order them…they will ship internationally.


  • how freakin funny is that?

    The dolls, that is.

  • Samatha

    $500 for a doll? Are they insane?

  • mary

    wow it’s freakishly scary because it looks so real!!!!

    wentworth miller is sooo hot!! I wouldn’t mind getting one, but too bad I dont have that kind of money.

  • prisonluv

    Isn’t that the cutest thing! They got the scowl and the lips right on Michael. Love it. Someone buy it and send it to me ha ha!

  • Lori

    Yay! The Wentworth doll is cheaper here!

  • peanuthead1977

    Linc looks like Jason Kidd, the basketball player from the New Jersey Nets….check it out:

  • StukOnPretty

    Thanks, Jared. I’ve been having withdrawals from not having any new news on my man, Wentworth. It’s not HIM, but close enough. Gosh! He’s so beautiful.

    Anyway, I like the dolls. The manufacturer really did a great job on capturing Michael’s scowl and Went’s amazing eyes. However, I do think that they made Dom P.’s, Linc look much older than they should’ve. Now, is it just me, or does Mini-Michael look a little cross-eyed in pic #6? :)

  • Anna

    Wow, ist very funny! Prison Break Dolls?? Lol!

  • softspoken

    When I first read this, I was laughing for a few minutes… then it hit me and I realized that those dolls are kinda creepy; then I thought who the hell would pay $530 for a creepy doll that resembles some steamy,hot,sexy guy from a kick a$$ tv show? I would rather pay a whole lot more and get me the real deal.LMAO!!! I Love you Wentworth but God knows I wouldn’t pay $530 for a piece of plastic that has been sculpted to look like you even if you are the sexiest man alive. Wow, this is very interesting. Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!!!!!

  • softspoken

    To Me too, and Good Grief,

    You two had me cracking up with your comments!!! After a long day at work,(yes, working at LAX does suck) You two have made my day. Thanx!!

  • Nini

    Ouah…my Barbie never got a Ken. Maybe the right time to get her a mate :-)
    Just kidding of course…

  • Cindyx0x0

    Whoa!!! The Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) doll is sexy. If only it was a lot bigger…. oh the things I can do with it.LMAO! I’m just playin’! I want the real Wentworth Miller!!!

  • wickywoo

    It’s 500 Hong Kong dollars

    $65 each US

  • xadie

    Yo, butterboom dude, the world is crying out for a T-Bag doll – get it sorted, ‘k?

  • StukOnPretty


    You’re right! Ha!Ha!Ha! It does look like Jason Kidd, but the doll, again, looks older.


    Working at LAX can’t be that bad! What do you do there? My husband works at Hartsfield. So far, he’s met Patti LaBelle, Mary J. Blige, Michael Irvin, and William Petersen. I’ll bet you’ve seen a lot of celebrities, haven’t you? Have you ever seen my man, Went, up close and personal?

  • StukOnPretty


    Don’t we all……Oh my, don’t we all……I’m totally off in fantasy land right now. :)

  • softspoken

    To: StuckOnPretty,

    Let’s just say I have to come in contact with a lot of passengers all day, one on one, everyday.
    Yeah, I see a whole lot of celebs… in fact too many. We get celebs that are regulars at my terminal. I have not seen Went face to face just yet, but I when I do, I’ll have to start looking for another job cuz I will go nuts!!! He was driving behind me one time. I freaked out!!
    I’ve met Rockmond Dunbar (C-note) He was really nice and didn’t mind me joking around with him.

    Does your husband also work a strange schedule? P.S. Patti LaBelle is nice too!! She dresses very extravagantly…Giant fur coats.

  • StukOnPretty

    To Softspoken:

    My husband’s schedule isn’t that crazy. He is over a little over 41 restaurants in the airport. Yeah, we’re in GA, of course, Hartsfield and all. When he saw Patti, she was wearing a fur. It’s really hot here, too.

    OmGosh! He was driving behind you?! Was he driving that Dodge SUV that I saw in a pic. Did you wave at him? Did he wave back. OmGosh, my stupid A$$, I probably would’ve let him pass and followed him! jk :) I definitely probably would’ve parallelled him and told him how much I admire him and his work, blew him kisses, etc…

  • Softspoken


    I don’t work in a restaurant at the airport but I am sure those schedules suck too. LOL!!! High five to your husband!! Excuse my ignorance but, where is Hartsfield?

    I actually did slow down so that he would pass me and sure enough he did. He seemed to be in a rush cuz he was driving kinda fast… But since I am the kind of driver that slows down for nobody, I did follow him and was able to keep up. Yes,I drive really, really fast. I just don’t have the patience for traffic so I cut people off and I weave and I wish I wouldn’t do it. Anyway, my cell phone started ringing and I was looking for it inside my backpack, so I just stopped chasing him. LOL!! That I know of, he did not see me.(maybe he took a glance at me and said “I’ll remember that face…that little devil!!) LOL!! He did see my car in front of his obviously, did he know I was chasing him? Not sure, but if it were a car race, I would totally win!!LOL!! He was driving a prius just like mine!! I do think he owns a prius now. We did not stop at all cuz we were on a part of sunset blvd where there aren’t any stop signs or traffic lights. everyone speeds there. Ha,ha,ha!!

  • Zacko

    Ok, even if I’ve bought those two dolls, what the hell am I gonna do with them? Play patty cake? Or, hey Linc, lets run away, and run and run.

    They should really make Sara or T-Bag dolls. Just in case. :)

    PS: Does the Went doll comes with accesories? I mean, like, a screwdriver, a prison guard uniform, a beige suit, detachable toes?

  • StukOnPretty

    To Softspoken:

    The correct name, I think as of last year or two to three years ago is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, thus Atlanta, GA. I just call it Hartsfield. Yes, I live in the Dirty, Dirty South, where it’s hot, humid, and green, where I am anyway (there’s a pasture right across the street form my house).
    You must be a flight attendant, hence the emphasis on the “close contact?” I hope you don’t mean “close contact” like that flight attendant and Ralph Fiennes. If that is what you do, then yeah, sorry but your job does suck. I’ve only flown once in my life and for the little time that I was awake, I saw some flight attendants catching pure hell. The flight wasn’t even that long, I don’t think, I did sleep through most of it. Sue me, it was at 5:00 AM!

  • StukOnPretty

    To Zacko:

    I should hope that for the price of those dolls, that you WOULDN’T be playing with them. If I were frivolous enough to buy them (no offense to those of you who will actually fork out the dough for them), I’d lock them in glass cases, so that I would never have to come in close proximity of them again. I’d have a security system installed just for them. What the hell, if I can afford them, I should be able to afford that, too, right?

  • StukOnPretty

    To Softspoken:

    I forgot to tell you to be careful out there. People are really crazy and you might become a victim of road rage. Stop cutting people off, slow down, and take Went’s advice and be good. I’ve seen some pics of him signing autographs, they are often accompanied by “Be Good.” :) I was pleasantly surprised to find out he’s right handed, I figured he’d be a lefty.