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Jennifer Garner With Violet At LAX

Jennifer Garner With Violet At LAX

Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner prepare to depart from Los Angeles International Airport with daughter Violet in the early morning hours.

Garner, 35, recently revealed plans to pitch a new talk show program described as “The View for mothers”. She is partnering up with So You Think You Can Dance host Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell on the idea and says that she will appear regularly on the show with daughter Violet.

Jennifer Garner and Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell say of the show: “We’re putting together a show for moms, by moms.”

There is no name for the show yet.

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Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
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  • yuck

    SURPRISE SURPRISE AND HER DEFENDERS said she wouldnt be on the show i cant stand the mom garner media witch!

  • poor ben

    poor poor ben 4 steps ahead of the happy mother who is dragging his career and life down sad so sad.go back to jlo!

  • Rii

    Cute little girl and cute parents too.

  • not again

    who does mommy wierdest think she is parading around so others might notice her and her fake happiness family.ben is miserable.he use to be kinda cute now he looks miserable.the show i hope sinks!

  • ugh

    she will appear regularly on the show with daughter Violet.



  • Liz

    While I can’t stand Madonna, I do admire the fact that she does not exploit her children. Boo to Ben to agreeing to having his daughter made into a celebrity. What a shame to exploit a child who has no say in the matter.

  • Lucie

    maybe it’s because i’m not a mother, but i just don’t see this show lasting very long. i mean jennifer garner as host? she’s pretty and all but doesn’t seem like the most interesting person to watch. i’d much rather a show with the following panel of moms: angelina jolie, gwen stefani, brooke shields, and umm… rosie o’donnell (cos she needs a new show)

  • Victor

    this family is adorable
    i love them!!!

  • wheres the camera?Jen Garner.

    This garner lady is a HOT MESS pic 11 look at her shes a mess and fuggly.Why is she always carrying the child wonder an hardly ever Ben?Jen Barf-fleck has nannies and house keepers, but I bet her home would be a cluttered mess without housekeepers she strikes me as messy and unorganize.Her shoes are so white the nanny must be the primary childcare person, when in public its Garner carrying the child.And this messy looking mrs.thang is suppose to give advice.Hey heres some for you,cleanup your appearance, stop shoving the fake im the best mom junk,organize your wardrobe,get a stylist and stop comimg out in public lookin so unkept, you have millions, you are not a regular mom and no one wants your advice,youre barely keeping your clothes clean and your man.Hey and since youre on the plain side take extra time with your makeup/clothes you need it.Yes she needs makeup people!!!

  • eve

    The Brangaloonies can’t stand to see a “normal family”

  • Eva Luna

    I have nothing against Jen Garner and Violet is a cute baby, but the f*ck? Now she wants to teach everyone how to be a mom and how to handle the relationship in the spotlight? She’s an expert now? Barf.

    I knew that we weren’t seeing regular pictures of Jen and Violet for nothing. I don’t know if Ben is okay with the show, because he seems like he really makes it a point to avoid the spotlight, but if he agreed to this he should be blamed the same.

    Please, if Angelina did something like this, I’ll turn in my Jolie card right away.

  • Diana

    They look normal to me, happy people, not making scenes for photo opportunities, she is no making movies with Ben or singing “I love you Ben”, happy couples dont walk glue to each other …

  • AH

    Damn, that is some serious hating going on here. You guys need to chill out and get half lives.

  • Eva Luna

    eve, b*tch please. Jen Garner just wants a piece of her share in the celebrity mom’s pie, and she’s working hard to get it. If we had a problem with Brad and Angelina’s family we would have moved to the boring soccer mom’s side a long time ago. Like I said, I have nothing against her and as an Angelina fan I kinda feel for her because she received her own share of insults by bitter hags during the Vartan-Foley drama,being called all kind of names. What pisses me off is her pretension in being an expert in everything now and having a show to prove it.

    I get that she hasn’t been able to move to the A-list yet (all these TV girls have the same problem), but hosting boring shows won’t be it. How about some acting classes Jen? Or picking better scripts? A friendly advise. Appealing to soccer moms may be cool for your image, but don’t let it define you because Hollywood would never forgive boring. It may forgive coke, drunk driving, brotherly kisses and legal scandals, but never boring.

  • I don’t know why

    but it is so hard for me to grasp that Ben Affleck is now married with a child. He just doesn’t seem ready for the lifestyle. Matt Damon appears to be much more settled looking.

  • angelinammm

    their girl is prettier and prettier and I actually thought she was not that pretty or cute
    that kid is smiling because she is loved

  • magnus

    best couple in hollywood.

  • seenoevil

    Gosh I hate to add to the negativity but I don’t have a good feeling about these 2.
    Ben likes babelicious women–the sexier the better. When he was up here filming in Vancouver, he showed his dark side.

    Glamour girl Jlo is right up his alley but he couldn’t deal with the Bennifer thing so he rebounded with a pretty girl next door. JenG was waiting in the wings, ready to pounce–she
    fell for him when they filmed together.

    She cleans up good and looks lovely when she decks out but on a day to day basis, she looks frumpy and flat out unsexy. The kid thing was probably a novelty for Ben at first but he’s getting ‘that familiar look.’ He’s bored.

    The man was addicted to booze, gambling and skanky girls. Jen’s in a bubble and she ain’t gonna know what hit her when the old impulses start taking control of Ben again—-methinks its already starting…..

  • [Fug Face You]

    This family is so blah. worst couple in hollywood.

  • MyBen.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???This has not a thing to do with aj an bp if you wanta fight with em go on over there they will tear your@ass up.Anywayz,Ben should have stayed with JLO or some other hot mama.This lady is so BLAH and so homely and just please I just dont cant see ben with her, I know he is,hopefully temporarily, but they dont mesh,they dont look good together.And she always looks bad.Ben does seem awkward with her.She doesnt look good enough for Ben.Why is she the Dr.Mom???When I have kidz I wouldnt ask for her advice are you kiddin me??

  • buggey

    If that was Brad walking in front of the family with his hands in his pockets not helping Angelina with the kids, this would be in the gossip mags. Trouble at home for Brad and Angie. From J-lo to J beige, Ben looks really unhappy. Jennifer an expert, I don’t think so. She leaves the house looking like plain Jane. She just started looking decent, because of this so called MOMMY SHOW.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzz…………

    i used to love ben and jen but they’re just so boring now. he needs a movie asap. she needs another show coz she’s always the same in all her movies. cute kid but they’re dull. don’t do a mom show jen. gonna kill whatever’s left of you career.

  • freida

    JG is poison.Run Ben Run and then fly away while you have half a career.Take Delta,hurry.

  • Violets Auntie

    I’m a new mom and I’d like a show about moms and babies for a change. And the audience would get a lot of free stuff from tons of baby product sponsors. So, go Jen!

    This is a cute family. Ben handles the baggage and Jen carries the baby, who is still in her pjs. She’s happy and excited.

    I’m so glad you all know Ben so well and who he needs and what he needs. I just take these pictures for what they are: Papz who get up too early in the morning taking pics of the most mundane things in celebrity’s lives.

    I hope no one judges YOU so harshly.

  • lula29

    An older woman who has been there done that needs to lead this show, not Jennifer Garner. She’s baby obsessed and is trying to use this to keep famous. She is not this amazing mother and I’ve over hearing it. She has one child, under two who she has tons of help for. Talk to us when you’re raising teenagers. Let us know how your marriage has survived over a course of time, not after a quickie marriage when you were pregnant a couple of years later. She just really has no advice to offer.

    I also think Matt Damon is more engaged and more settled, but that’s JMHO. They seem to really handle things differently.

  • cheer up

    I hope they stay together. When people marry and have children, I always wish them the best. Divorce scars most people.

  • lainie

    I agree that Ben is no Matt—he’s a badboy and is not going to stay faithful to this one for the long haul. They appear to be brother and sister already and that aint good.

  • emily

    Er,ummm,Violet’s Auntie, what luggage? You mean the luggage that the baggage person at the curb loaded on to a cart? You and I must not be looking at the same photos. I see Jen toting child and a backpack and Ben’s strolling along with one shoulder carry-on. Seems to me that big, strong Ben should be carrying either Violet or the backpack like most caring husbands would do. As usual, Jen is her subservient self, carrying the load and walking behind Ben like the good little wifey.

  • who?

    Whose the other woman in the first picture….a nanny?

  • Oh Jennifer G…hmmm

    I may not know them personally but watching mommie dearest on tv shows she comes across to me as empty, nothing to offer, also its apparent that all these so called candid mommie shots were to promote this show coming up.I didnt care for her on tv and I wont watch her on a talk show where shes trying to promote her mememe perfect mommie personna. I think shes copying Martha Stewart except the mom route, next she will write kid books.Ben has not been doing so well, in fact I read and article the other day where it said who would have thought Ben would be stagnant where as his good friend Matt Damon was reaching new heights, since they both started out togethe.I say it has to do with the woman.Matt has married and seems to be doing well, his wife must be his true love Ben on the other hand well his career has gone no where his wife has built him up at all. I say shes rebound and not his true love.

  • april

    The View is plain awful. If Jen is desperate to pitch a new talk show program described as “The View for mothers”. I see Jen career going down the toilet.

  • Alicia

    is it just me, or didn’t Violet used to be brunette?

  • You Miserable Peeps

    What a bunch of nit-picking, whiny, know it all, rude bunch of people!

  • Shame

    This part is really dispicable and disgusting>’says that she will appear regularly on the show with daughter Violet.

  • Conky

    It does seem since Ben and Jennifer G. have married Ben’s career has been put on a standstill, just the same as when Brad and Angelina J. got together it seemed like Brad’s career waned, he seems more like a babysitter now adays.

  • Samatha

    The kid is not that cute and her mommy is ugly. Ben is still sexy.

  • jessica

    Brad Pitt his movie career is fine O13 has been advertise on tv.Ben has no projects and Im not sure on Jen.But Ben isnt the old exciting Afleck anymore,dull hes gotten.As for Brad P.,I think you would call him a dad taking care of his kids not babysitter.Most dads do.But Ben doesnt seem to ever hold his one kid much.Jen was the worse thing for Ben,just saying.

  • So unfair

    Who needs the child pimping more? Brad and Angie who have a solid movie career or Jen and Ben? So why If Angie or brad are seen walking down the street with their children a day before the premier of any of their movie, people will say they are pimping the children yet no one seems to have a problem with Jennifer saying her child is gonna appear on the show regularly.

    I guess everyone can do what they want, with whom they want, wherever they want as long as they are not Brad and Angie.

  • ugh

    My criticism of Garner has nothing to do with any other couple. The way she is using her kid is obvious and annoying. It’s now clear that she was/is constantly photographed in an effort to promote her mommy show.

    Think about it. If she was not photographed with Violet every time they went anywhere and she suddenly announced she was doing a mommy show, people would say “Why is she doing a mommy show. She’s only been a mom for two years. She’s no expert”.

    But because she has set up these photo ops, she is now trying to show herself has this SuperMom or the only woman to ever spend time with her child. Plenty of Hollywood moms manage to spend time with their kids, have a career, keep their marriage intact and be happy.

  • Excuse me

    # 35 | Conky @ 05.27.2007 3:34 pm

    What planet are you from?

    Babel – Golden Globe nominee
    Benjamin Button
    Oceans 11
    The Assasination of Jesse James

    and don’t forget his behind the scenes roles as producer

    A Mighty Heart
    Running with Scissors

    Ben Affleck did that Superman movie and you want to compare him to Brad. Get your head out of the sand and face reality, Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s top players.

    And it’s not babysitting when it’s your own child.

  • Conky

    Simmer down Kiddies! Like it or not, I’m entitled to my own opinion as you are to yours! LOL.. you crazies crack me up…. doesn’t take much to get your panties all in a bunch, does it?

    A bit of advice: If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!

  • What happened… ben? He used to be incredibly hot. Now he looks like a goodlooking yet run down 40 year old father of 3 and that ain’t good. Ever since he got with this Jen Garner he’s let himself go and despite the cute kid, he can do so much better than Jennifer Garner. He’s Ben Afflck FFS, how do you go from JLo to that?

    I’m looking forward to seeing this film he’s directed because its meant to be good but what he really needs is to choose some good scripts for once and get back infront of the camera making some good movies and looking damn sexy again.

  • Too Much Said

    Ben Affleck actually traded up when he ditched the high-maintenance diva J-Lo for the sweeter and down-to-earth Jennifer Garner, who’s been much better for him than J-Lo ever was or would’ve been if they stayed together.

    Those of you attacking Garner for no reason, criticizing her looks and parenting skills and claiming that she “uses” her kid to get attention are a bunch of know-nothing losers who show their true natures (bitter and envious) every time you post…maybe you just can’t stand that she’s a better parenting role model than, oh, let’s see…Britney Spears, and she’s better-looking than any of you who bash her.

  • noni

    what ever I never liked Ben w/Jlo they looked too fake besides they had that orange glow, his current relationship w/Jen is more casual and relax and they have a cute daughter, Jen should know better not to use her daughter to promote her daytime talk show.

  • maggie&jakerule

    A show, eh? A entirely different territory for Garner.

    Maybe Garner figures her career is no longer doing well, hence her last two box office bombs, she decided to take a risk by trying something new.

    Either that, or maybe while Ben & Garner were friends, Affleck went on an on about his admiration for Lopez’s entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to put desires into reality. Garner senses he’s losing interest in her, so she ups the ante to produce her own business “success.”

    Whatever reasons, I just don’t see this show lasting long. It’s sounds boring just hearing what it’s gonna be about.

  • any

    oh u haterS!!! i love this family, BEN is CUTE! he doesn’t look like a 40 year old man. and if jen wants to do the show i don’t care

    u could say everything u want in the end the have more money than all of us together. so it doesn’t really matter, plus i don’t even think they read ur opinions! so i dont think rally care what u say!

  • Prix

    A talk show for “Moms” huh?

    My sister recently had a baby, and here are her thoughts on the Mom show:

    “A show by Moms for Moms, what the HELL does that mean? My God, I’m knee deep in diapers and bottles all day why would I want to watch a bunch of rich bitches talking about it? When was the last time any of them saw a dirty diaper anyway? Garner must be crazy to think anyone would want to watch that crap.”

    I agree. The show sounds boring just hearing about it.

    I also agree with the above comments about Ben Affleck. As I recall he looked much the same when he was with Jlo. He had that bored, distracted, WHAT was I thinking of to get involved with this person look in most of the photos you saw and currently see of him. It seems to me the last time Ben Affleck looked happy in a photo with a woman it was when he was with Gweneth Paltrow, which was years ago now.

  • emily

    To #43, don’t know about anyone else posting comments, but I for one certainly am not bitter or envious. I quit liking Jen Garner when she showed her true colors but yet her PR people have kept her riding on the “good girl” train and she has gotten a free pass on her relationship moves. It didn’t take me long to figure out who the true object of her affection was and what her goal was.

  • maitai

    Whatever. Ben & Garner could host their own celebrity talk show together for all I care. I just clicked on this post b/c it was the closest association to the fabulous Ms. Jennifer Lopez. Yea, I’m that desperate of hearing news about her.

    Why aren’t there any pics of her lately? I gotta wait another month until her movie comes out.

    Jen Jen come out wherever you are!

  • mavo

    Ben happy with Gwyneth? Please! Yea, that’s why he kept messin around with random women while they were together, which prompted her to dump him and refer to him as a “knucklehead”.

    I think Ben is incapable of looking happy with any woman b/c the only person he’s madly in love with is himself.