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Cohen and Fisher Go Away For The Weekend

Cohen and Fisher Go Away For The Weekend

Los Angeles International Airport wished another Hollywood couple off on a wonderful Memorial Day vacation yesterday.

Sacha Baron Cohen (better known to some as the TV personality Borat) and fiance Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) were seen at LAX checking in and going through security as they embarked on a Memorial Day weekend mini-vacation.

The pair bumped into Brooke Burke and David Charvet in the security line (see photo).

And yes, Isla is pregnant with the couple’s first child!

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sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 01
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 02
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 03
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 04
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 05
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 06
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 07
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 08
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 09
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 10
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 11
sacha baron cohen isla fisher traveling 12

Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
Posted to: Borat, Brooke Burke, David Charvet, Isla Fisher, Sacha Baron Cohen

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  • [Fug Face You]

    who are these two?

  • Diana

    He is Borat. She is in a new comedy.

  • natalie

    Sacha looks pretty hot there actually.

  • twinkatplay

    he looks hot, but her…with a dress like that i dont like the flat shoe, makes her look fat xx is she pregnant?

  • wherever

    god! she looks like ballon…actually like a huge fat ballon…maybe she is pregnant…

  • fash. stlylist

    that dress should be totally worn with a belt around her waist just to stop her from looking like a fat hippo…

  • [Fug Face You]

    Could it be the dress? hmm.. #5 how stupid are you? I really want you to answer that.

  • anonymous

    well there have been rumors for a while that she is pregnant, so i can’t imagine she would dress like that if she wasn’t because it will only add fuel to the fire…

  • Samatha

    Looks like she’s hiding a bump.

  • Naomi

    SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!! Of course, I think 5 months now, give the woman a damn break already. Britney looked far more worse AND she had an ugly husband.

  • iluvisla

    i thought she already announced that she’s pregnant. if not, i don’t know where i got the notion, but she is. look at how puffy her face is, that’s a classic mommy-to-be effect.

  • Brit monroe


    some people on here are so nasty for no reason!

  • emma

    wonder if she is pregnant, i didnt believe the rumours, and you cant see her tummy shape at all obviously because of the loose fitting dress, so its anyones guess. it would be cute if she was, she doesnt look it, but those dresses make most women look like they could be hiding pregnancy. time will tell. love sasha!

  • Use your head

    She is pregnant

  • .l

    doobybrain rocks!!!

  • Terri

    Is he waiting for her to go on the escalator before him in pic 10? cause if he is that is the cutest thing ever. my bf and i have been together for 4 years now and when he opens the door he swings it wide open so by the time he goes through there is still time for me to run through :D

  • WTF

    Terri your boyfriend is a tool. I feel sorry for youo. :(

    Sacha is HOT. Can’t wait for his next movie and his book!!!!!

  • Lucie

    mini borat on the way

  • Lisa2

    It sucks to be pregnant when your short–I feel for Salma and Isla. THat said, neither of them should wear tent dresses, they just don’t have the height to carry it off. Keri Russell is short and she looked great pregnant-she looked like she wore regular clothes for a long time and didn’t get into maternity clothes until the very end.

  • kidi

    She’s very cute, but I believe my mother wore a dress like that for cleaning many years ago.

  • Raichill

    That dress is just tragic. Even for maternity wear it’s really awful and does nothing for her at all. The style and colours are just so unflattering. I challenge anyone to look good in that dress.

  • anon

    Whats she wearing a quilt or a bedspread???? either way ‘YUCK’ewewewew’ and who are these fuggly loosers??????

  • Tuva

    When did they confirm?

  • mary

    I think this is a funny couple I don’t know why…maybe b/c when I think about her I think about the character in wedding crasher and when I think about him I think about Borat.

  • Best of Celeb

    Fug dress.

  • Allison

    Just because she wears a an ugly baby doll dress, shes pregnant?!? There is no confirmation of the pregnancy. i’ve looked around already.

  • Naomi

    For god’s sake, it’s been confirmed 2 months ago when she was over her 1st trimester. SHE IS PREGNANT! They said it themselves, get over it already. @Allison: you haven’t looked good enough, google it, wiki it (wikipedia) and shut it please!

  • tina

    I know she’s pregnant but what a god awful piece of cloth!! i can’t even call it a dress because its hidous!!

  • HottieTottie

    Lovvve her first name!

  • Leslie

    I think she looks cute, certainly not a balloon as teeny in stature as she is. I can’t imagine what people would say about what I throw on to fly in & I’m not even halfway through a pregnancy.

  • Stephanie

    Naomi dear, please know what you are talking about before you get an attitude with other commenters! It has not to my knowledge been confirmed either, and it is also not on Wiki, and no confirmation was found from google. There are reports of RUMORS. I think she is pregnant, but sorry hun, it has not been confirmed…infact the only think I found regarding confirmation was this quote:

    However, Isla’s representative has refused to confirm the pregnancy, saying: “If or when Isla becomes pregnant, she and her fiancĂ© will decide if an announcement is necessary.”

  • cutie pie

    she is the mother learn how to comb black hair you had the kid . read up on black culture or something

  • Bj

    She is pregnant, you can tell because Isla is NOT A REAL REDHEAD…yep folks she is not, seen baby pics of her, she has light brown hair, if you look close at this pics and the ones from the MTV adwards in sunday, she is getting that root look, cause some women will not color they hair while pregnant, my sister didnt and we knew she was pregnant when she got the root look going…Isla brown roots are showing big time, she is keeping safe..good for her, I like sacha , but I never cared for her..but happy they look happy together.

  • jean

    thats nice, they keep saying that sacha and Isla have no time right now to get married, yet they have all the time in the world to get pregnant and not be married? thats looking bad in the jewish faith, I knew someone that was jewish and got pregnant out of wedlock, man was his family pissed, they got married before she starting showing, I wonder if sacha is going to marry her fast now that she is showing ???

  • Michael

    Borat wears Goorin! That’s a great hat it’s called the Mojito, Forest Whitaker has also been seen wearing this hat.

  • debbie portokalos

    what were you thinking, isla you’re souch a peach….
    sacha is too smart for you and he is also very hot! :)
    i love you sacha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!