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Fashion Faceoff: HALLE VS. NICOLE

Fashion Faceoff: HALLE VS. NICOLE

Halle Berry went grocery shopping in Malibu over Memorial Day weekend wearing a black Madison Marcus “Zest” Tunic, $299 at The actress finished off her look with a white tote and a pair of simple metallic sandals.

Nicole Richie showed off some more leg in a shortened version of the same silk black day dress back in April, leaving a hair salon in Beverly Hills with boyfriend Joel Madden. The Simple Life star finished off her look with a black tote and a pair of metallic flats.

Who wears it best — HALLE BERRY or NICOLE RICHIE?

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    I love Halle Berry…but i think that nicole took this

  • zowlan

    For some reason when I see the picture I gravatate more torwards Nicole Richie, I don’t even notice Halle, it doesn’t mean that Halle looks bad,but some clothes work for some people and they don’t for others, definately I agree with BAMPZS,nicole takes this one, even though Halle is a millions times prettier and healthier looking

  • jam

    nicole all the way, she’s so thin i love it…halle looks fat, is she pregnant?

  • [Fug Face You]

    Jared I feel like knuckling you down for this thread. Lmao

    Halle of course.

  • Jen

    I hate to admit this but Nicole on this one…………

  • zowlan

    For your information jam Halle looks healthy, not fat, the dress only looks better on Nicole because she had it cut to be that short, what a slut

  • Kibbell

    Omg, Halle wears a 299 dollar dress to go grocery shopping??? Thats hot! She works the dress better, but Nicole’s body looks better then I have seen her (that was in April)looking for a while.

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Nicole.Nicole looks hot. I like her lots.Haley I like her too and she looks good but her dress is missing a little something.Maybe the length,hard one.

  • natalie

    Halle Berry, fat? Some of you on here have a seriously messed up view of what a normal body is. Anorexic-looking is NOT normal!

    Halle looks better, hands down!! She always looks good.

  • michelle

    well Nicole of course.Haley still looks nice.

  • Rolanda

    Haley is one hot mama but that dress is dull on her, Nick gives it some bang,punch,or whatever,,Nick wears it better.

  • cari

    Hell has frozen over… because I actually think that Nicole looks better in that dress than the epitome of beauty itself, Ms. Halle Berry.

  • Pandora

    Definitely Nicole. How can it be that she actually looks good in something? :) Anyway, this dress suits her to a “T”.

  • mj

    It looks best on Halle.

  • ok ,well…

    I say Nicky. I like her shoes better,and the blonde hair makes the black colored dress stand out.Haley is very beautiful but her glasses distact.

  • any


  • kmillz

    hate to say it but I like Nicole’s better…I like short dresses

  • Jai

    Nicole…the dress is waay to loose on Halle and only adds to the pregnancy rumors

  • Prix

    I never would have thought that Halle Berry could actually look frumpy, but that dress does nothing for her.

    Definitely Nicole. It also looks like Nicole has put on some weight. Thank God.

  • [Fug Face You]

    People don’t actually think Halle’s fat, they just saying that because she’s black. On every ‘black’ thread its the same people saying the same ish.

  • Rachael

    I think Richee wears it better she has a youthful look about her where as my girl Haley pretty as she is looks dull neck up,maybe its the shades.

  • Both pretty

    OMG HALEY HAS A DREAM BODY who woulnt want it.But Nicole looks good in that dress maybe its the blonde hair bringing out the black colored dress.Nicole wears it better.

  • Latonya

    Ms.Berry looks aged somehow.When we all know she looks nice.Nickole is youthful looking and she cracks me up so Nickole kicks it better.

  • tallulah

    sad to say…(for the anorexic problems) but nicole by far!

  • Myra

    Is Haley angry?she luks it.Haley”s dress I think is made out of satin or silk and Nickies made out of velvet.These two are hard to choose from, Im a fan of both, mostly Nickie, shes closer to my age, but if I was being honest, Id say Nickie does justice to the dress.Haley has been luking rough in the face latley, but shes getting lots of affection and late nights with that young thing of hers, shes datin and shes no spring chicken, but she luks gorgess 99% of the time, get some rest Haley.

  • hr

    you did a little switcheroo… halle has the white tote, and nicole has the black one. dude i love this site, but maybe you should get a proofreader? i find typos and other little mistakes all the time.

  • AndrĂ©

    Of course it’s Nicole Richie.
    Sh’es thin and cool.
    And Nicole’s legs look rly does her hair..

  • winnona

    NICOLE,SHE LOOKS FIERCE!Id kill to have those legs.Sorry Haley.

  • http://Shit!!!!! WTF?!

    What is DOING with her???!!!

  • liz

    i love nicole
    who could compete with her great sense of fashion?

  • No doubt.


  • jen a. fan

    Jen would look better than both but since shes not in the contest ill go with nioole, haley is cute though she anit fat,but jen would wear it better than both cuz of her all over apperance.

  • pamela

    Richee looks fabulous.thats all.Haley maybe heels with it next time.Nicole hands down.

  • Lu3

    i hate to say it too but nicole hands down

  • PinkRose

    STUPID COMPARISON!! TWO DIFFERENT DRESSES. HAlle is wearing a loose tent dress for comfort… Nicole is wearing a top as a dress, closing fitting and probably over shorts. Her aim ? To get the guy holding her hand and any others in her vicinity focused on her legs and hot under the collar. Two totally different looks.

  • Juh


  • oh yeah


  • Linda Z

    Who cares, Even though the answer is Nicole looks better, Joel & Nicole were married in November of 06′, how do I know? Let’s just say a few of us were there…BUT no one found out, not even any bloggers! HA Perez! Looza! Anyhoo, yes peeps, but they are now in the process of having it anulled. Check the facts, check every pic since that time, they each are wearing their wedding bands since November, look at the Simple Life promo pix…Nicole deliberately shows her ring, BUT, NOW Mr. Lionel Richie is working overtime to keep it hush hush…and get it anulled quickly, thank God there was a pre-nup. They were married in Lionel Richie’s living room November 6th, 2006…see Nicole never under estimate me girlfriend…check mate!

  • dina

    Nick’s rockin it.

  • brittany

    MS.Berry makes that look like a house dress and the flip flops are to casual.Nicole makes it look more dressy so Nicole wears it the best.Short dresses are in.

  • Lo

    Nicole takes this one. she looks so cute.

    Halle looks better in fitted clothes



  • lizzie

    oh crap – Haley is going food shopping for crying out loud. That she thinks to wear this dress for a chore makes me chuckle. She doesn’t care. They both look great for their respective ages, situations and style. Halle is pregnant, fashion confident and older, Nicole is an anorexic child with a great sense of style. Why compare, just enjoy.

  • Remy

    I LOVE them both I didnt know Haley was pregnant Congrats Nick does the dress better though,love her, but love Haley too GoGirls!!

  • Jtlr

    Halle Looks A Little Frumpy. The Dress Just Doesn’t Look Right On Her. Nicole Took This One. :]

  • dat_dOod

    you all sound like complete fucking idiots for even trying to compare HALLE BERRY to NICOLE “FUCKIN SKIN N BONES” RICHIE…congrats. This site blows.

  • Cf

    I’m surprised Nicole looks better.

  • caribbean queen

    Nicole only looks better here because Halle must have put on some weight. Her arms aren’t as lean and her thighs are looking thicker than I have seen them in the past. Huh. Maybe Halle is in first stages of pregnancy, getting ready to “reveal” in a couple of months. Wouldn’t that be great!

  • Best of Celeb


  • heather

    luv nickie luv haley their both babes with different body types but nickie wears this black dress better but haley would be mighty fine in jeans shes so hot..luv em!!!