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Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston joins celebrity pals Courteney Cox, hubby David Arquette and their daughter Coco, almost 3, on Monday in Malibu during Memorial Day weekend.

The former Friends star showed off her sun-kissed tan while walking from the Arquettes‘ Malibu mansion to a party held along the star-studded Billionaires Beach (a stretch of Californian real estate also known as Carbon Beach).

The typically shy Aniston was in good spirits, responding to a photographer’s compliment with well wishes of a “Happy Memorial Day.”

15+ pictures inside of Aniston, Courteney, David, and Coco

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304 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu”

  1. 1
    lmitzel Says:


  2. 2
    maxine Says:

    It’s amazing, she always looks the same and wears the same clothes. And always hangs out with the Arquettes. They must be her security blanket. BTW, I never saw her playing with Coco or even looking at her.

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    shes so hot looking… always like her work the Break up was the best movie

  4. 4
    lula29 Says:

    Oh please God don’t let this turn into a fight!


  5. 5
    You/Me Says:

    Wow, Maxine, were you actually there?
    Didn’t think so.

    Jen looks good, contrary to hater belief.
    And Coco is so beautiful, a perfect mix of Courtney and David.
    I’m glad Jen and Courtney have such a close friendship, they obviously don’t let haters or the tabs dictate their relationship. Good for them :-)

  6. 6
    [Fug Face You] Says:

    Jared you better run and hide! Those ****** fans are going to hunt you down.

    Lmaoo I actually thought there was a law against her getting threads on here.

    She looks like shii-it! Where the Beyonce pictures?

  7. 7
    Band of Lurkers Says:

    We love Jennifer Aniston.

  8. 8
    carolina a.m. Says:

    oh they are mad because Jen is going to a party with Millionaires on Memorial day. They are so afraid she’s gonna trade up. lol

  9. 9
    [Fug Face You] Says:

    WFT… Does that biish have a 6pack on her chest? Hahahahaha

  10. 10
    Anon. Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her hook up with Jake. I saw them on TV at the GLAAD awards and they were so hot!!! They had chemistry! And they looked good together and they’re friends.
    If Jake was my friend I would certainly make sure he was a FWB!

  11. 11
    Realitycheck Says:

    2 | maxine
    Her clothes are appropriate for the beach. That’s what I would wear.

    Why is David Arquette covering his eyes? At first I thought that the sun was bothering him, but he has sunglasses and Coco doesn’t appear tho be bother by the sun and she’s not wearing sunglasses…Does he think that no one would recognize him?

  12. 12
    JessO Says:

    What…no dogs?

  13. 13
    lizzie Says:

    After the hot video/shots of Brad and Angelina in Cannes, here is Jen in Malibu putting on a ‘brave and happy face’. Been there, sad and painful.

  14. 14
    Goldengirl Says:

    Cool. Jen looks good. She looks happy. Life goes on. She’s blessed to have the support system she does. Good friends and family are priceless.

  15. 15
    natalie Says:

    Personally have always thought that Aniston looks like a man, and still does. She has a good body though.

    If shes happy though then good for her :) Its cool that Jennifer and Courtney still hang out! BFF, haha.

  16. 16
    Cox fan Says:

    Ok what is up with David arquette covering his face? Like we would rather look at him than his cute wife.

    Jennifer Aniston needs to put a bra. on her tiny boobs are sagging.

  17. 17
    Pebbles Says:

    Jennifer looks so good and healthy. The Arquettes are such a cute family. Coco is getting so big.

  18. 18
    come on Says:


    Support system. What did someone die. Please it’s been two years if she still needs a support system she needs professional help.

  19. 19
    natalie Says:

    #16 – I was wondering that too, LOL. And why is he ok w/his baby being photographed but not him?

  20. 20
    Hope Says:

    She’s looks thinner.

  21. 21
    JessO Says:

    Coco is so cute.

    Hope Jen will meet a milionaire at that party. get knocked up and have her own family. Poor Jen – move on!

  22. 22
    anustin Says:

    oh yeah!ders my hero maniston?i love her she lookz great.if not,LOVE HER!

  23. 23
    Daisy Says:

    I really like her earrings. And I like her. I also like Angelina Jolie. You know it is possible to like both of them. However I think Brad Pitt is not worth either of them.

  24. 24
    anustin Says:

    Jen looks sad and lonely

  25. 25
    anustin Says:

    but i still love her

  26. 26
    Yuck Says:

    eweweweewwww a anorexic witch dusti hoffman!!!!

  27. 27
    b Says:

    Jennifer is getting thin
    She needs new clothes

  28. 28
    Snapple Says:

    nice chin

  29. 29
    Oh well Says:

    ~Jen looks sad and lonely. I wonder if cannes has something to do with her state of being.

  30. 30
    koala Says:

    #13 Let’s note that it was a brangelina fan who first mentioned brad and and angelina so don’t blame the jen fans when a fight breaks out.

  31. 31
    jen Says:

    WOW SHES FAT AND she borrowed botox cox doctor her face is PLASTIC AND FAKE she looks even more manly.

  32. 32
    Oh well Says:

    Where is Mrs. Cox? Is she best friends with David or CC? She hangs out with him more

  33. 33
    Oh well Says:

    # 30—You freaks are forever bombarding other threads with jealousy and hate.

  34. 34
    Leno Says:

    Is her hair green, ash, gray??Why is she homewreckin Cox’s marriage???She looks 55&shes aging badly and the lip injections dont work!Poor Courtney has to share her family while Jen intrudes,sad!

  35. 35
    copier Says:

    I hate to say it but ms.jen is copying aj shades those are the same TOM FORD shades AJ WEARS.cHECK OUT THE PICS WHEN AJ WAS IN new york with the white trench coat.PITTYFULSTON!

  36. 36
    Sofia Says:

    These pics just prove me one thing.
    She. doesn’t. like. kids.


  37. 37
    coco puff Says:

    CoCo is her god-daughter. I would like to see picture of her holding a child.

    Does anyone know of any?

    Can someone please put up those links?

    mucho thanks

  38. 38
    nice glasses Says:

    CC has on great glasses. Anybody know what brand they are? David is acting all wierd as usual, shielding his face from the camera but not his little daughter’s? What’s up with that?

  39. 39
    jane Says:

    Same old same old, Typical Jen get out get viewed with the same old people can’t not have your picture in people this week. She is not
    an A lister she hangs with has beens and the
    Arquettes all the time … She hasn’t made a movie in nearly two years her worth has decreased make a movie prove yourself!

  40. 40
    A Plea to All Says:


  41. 41
    any Says:

    she looks good

  42. 42
    June Says:

    # 32 | Oh well @ 05.28.2007 10:42 pm
    Where is Mrs. Cox? Is she best friends with David or CC? She hangs out with him more
    I agree. Cox and Arquette are a family and JA is his friend, that would make JA a homewrecker. Right? This is a bit too weird.

  43. 43
    Angelina collects orphans Says:

    I can’t say that I am a big J.A fan but … she does appear to have more morals * J.A seems to have taken the high road **

  44. 44
    To sofia Says:

    No. it proves she is too dependent on the Cox-Arquette. I can understand her spending time with them Thanksgiving(2006) and Xmas(2006)..which she did by the way…but again Memorial(2007) Then what’s next…July 4th.

    See what I mean?
    Does this 38 going 39 yr old woman STAND on her own EVER!

    I have a BFF but guess what if I spent ALL the holidays of the year with her…I would notice something is amiss.

    It all comes to down to …add spice in life otherwise it is vanilla.

  45. 45
    manny Says:

    Not a wrinkle on jenmans and cox forehead or face all that and jenman still look like a guy.Unnatural to look so botox at 50 I mean 40.

  46. 46
    lol Says:

    ok i might be insane but i think coco looks like jennifer doesn’t she? well what ver they are a cute family

  47. 47
    jane Says:

    Without Jen the Arquettes would never be photo’d

  48. 48
    To sofia Says:

    and also…

    something is seriously child-like about her if at this age – 38 yrs old – she relys on a BFF so much. I understand if this was in 2005 but we are talking 2007.

    I don’t know what is it but I just get this vibe from her that she is indeed clingy.

    As a matter of fact, if I spent that much time with my BFF, she would probably say nothing at first but 2 yrs later to the divorce, she will certainly tell me…to do this and that…you know. And add – I am saying this for your own good. LOL.

    maxine – you are right

  49. 49
    Colbert ROCKS! Says:

    Oh gosh the hags are here, bored to death of their own conversation on B&A thread. Speaking of death, if she is thin that Angelina must be dead. I am sad glad she never had kids with Brad, he is wimp and deserves that physco girlfriend he has. Oh yeah, since she is not holding her or smiling at her she is not a good godmother? They are walking and pictured for a short time, that means EVER!?!?

    BTW Coco is adorable and I feel bad she is being stalked, for what? For the hags to have something to talk about. What a shame.

    Where is Cliniqua?

  50. 50
    beverly Says:

    lochness monster walks ??? ewewewe!

  51. 51
    Chuck Says:

    a “Happy Memorial Day.”

    a happy b-day
    a happy new year
    a good 4th of july
    a happy thanksgiving
    a merry Christmas
    all these things I understand
    a “Happy Memorial Day.”
    I don’t get it
    it’s hard to memorialize my father & brother’s death in some senseless war in happiness
    :( :( :( :( :(
    I don’t get people like her saying, a “Happy Memorial Day.”

  52. 52
    Lurking Is No Fun Says:

    When is she going to work again?

    Her face looks weird above her lips. I hope she doesn’t get a baby to stave off loneliness…really unfair to the baby.

    Poor lonely, Jen….

  53. 53
    kate Says:

    Jen looks sexy and healthy and I hope she’ll meet a great man.

  54. 54
    Sofia Says:

    # 44 | To sofia @ 05.28.2007 10:56 pm

    No. it proves she is too dependent on the Cox-Arquette. I can understand her spending time with them Thanksgiving(2006) and Xmas(2006)..which she did by the way…but again Memorial(2007) Then what’s next…July 4th.

    See what I mean?
    Does this 38 going 39 yr old woman STAND on her own EVER!

    I have a BFF but guess what if I spent ALL the holidays of the year with her…I would notice something is amiss.

    It all comes to down to …add spice in life otherwise it is vanilla.
    I agree with you, but I’ve never seen her holding her god daughter, and every time I see her around a child she looks kinda unconfortable!

    Doesn’t she have a family to spend the holidays with?

  55. 55
    Mindy Says:

    When all is said and done, Jennifer Aniston will be known as a beautiful woman and America’s sweetheart while Angelina Jolie will always be known for what she does best- a homewrecker.

  56. 56
    Jen collects Plastic Says:

    HEY ANGLINA COLLECTS ORPHANS TAKING A BREAK FROM INsulting angelina and brad over at PH????Guess you cant call angelina,brad shiloh z, all those fowl disgusting curse names on jj, its a different ball game over here,but we all know you come on angie’s and brads threads here as twokids2 and the deepest black and so forth with all your other aliases btw MAN looks like SH–T!wow she still fugly and we know very well you are nofan of bampzs!!i KNOW WHO YOU BE!!!!

  57. 57
    YaYa Says:

    It’s weird that someone mentioned that she never looks at Coco because I thought the same thing. Odd. I guess her life IS Courtney. What did she do to her lips? She is looking old in the face though.

  58. 58
    xtina Says:

    uhhh…………shouldn’t she be on a film set somewhere working? Isn’t that why she didn’t have babies, so that she could be a big movie star? She does look good here btw.

  59. 59
    nice glasses Says:

    # 40 | A Plea to All
    There is no triange and never was a triange. Anyone with half a brain knows that. All triangle crap made up by tabloids. A marriage between two unhappy and dissatified people failed, divorce happened, people moved on with their separate lives. Happens every day. Unfortunately some fans have interwoven and overlaid their lives with a celebrity’s life. All who have done so need to move on. Life is what it is, not always what one wants it to be.

  60. 60
    angelinammm Says:

    looking good :)

  61. 61
    To sofia Says:

    So much opportunities to capitalize on her fame when it was at an all-time high in 2005-2006..missed.

    I can’t believe that her publicist who managered to gather all public on her side back then but can’t get her a movie greenlighted. WTF is wrong with this picture.

    This woman should be at a movie set now filming a movie somewhere in the US,Canada or Europe. Anything but what she is doing now. As long as it shows her as still bankable actress.

  62. 62
    wobbler30 Says:

    She looks good and but she looks lonely. She needs to find something to keep her busy or something with purpose in life. All of the publicity from Cannes brought on this photo op o.k. and you know this. She has think like everybody else when they see their X living it up with his new wifey/partner. She is a human being. But as Angie stated in Vogue all of the publicity and people choosing sides for what they thought was right didn’t help the parties involved at all. That’s why her movie career flopped to much exposure for the wrong reasons. Now look at the so called homewrecker’s life FLOURISHING. I have strong christian faith and I know that Angie’s good works are meant from the heart and I hope and pray she and Brad are married and not living in sin because that will overshadow her good works in God’s eyes. But if she did do so much wrong and broke up their marriage I think she would have sank like a ship. I think she is telling the truth and did nothing to intentionally hurt this woman or break up a marriage, that’s why God continues to bless her and her family.

  63. 63
    jane Says:

    She looks great. I really love that she has good friends just like the rest of us.

  64. 64
    [Fug Face You] Says:

    Hey Chuck’y you need a tissue?

  65. 65
    To Chuck Says:

    # 50 | Chuck
    ITAWY. Death is not ever happy. Never, ever.

  66. 66
    Daisy Says:

    Well she doesn’t really seem, at least not to me, like a person that likes children. I think she’d be awkward around them to be honest.

  67. 67
    Ba-dum-bum Says:

    Why is David Arquette hiding his face? Is he that embarrassed to be seen with Jennifer Aniston?

  68. 68
    sam Says:


    She walks down a beach with friends to a party and thats a photo op! You really need to have your head examined.

    Also this is not an Angie/Brad thread. Please keep your posts to Jennifer. I think that enough time has past that the Angie/Brad fans can quit worrying about Jennifer. Continue to worship your idols, but leave Jennifer out of this.

  69. 69
    Venus99 Says:

    Jen is getting scary thin. I hope she will find love soon. Yes, she is rich but she also need a SOULMATE.

  70. 70
    SkankyHO Says:

    I wish she would find someone soon…I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

  71. 71
    Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs Says:




    Just giving you fanistons a taste of your own medicine. Not so fun now, is it?

    And someone needs to tell her to lose that damn hair-do, she’s had the same one for years. And to me it always seems like she’s the third wheel, tagging along on the Arquette family outings. But w-e.

  72. 72
    To sam Says:

    wobbler30 – complimented Jen and seems nice to her in that post. She is just saying what alot of us without the team shirts see…

    that whatever Huvane told her to do in the begining…backfired on her. And Jolie repeated the same thing by saying, all this team shirt and taking sides does not help anyone involved.

  73. 73
    natalie Says:

    #38 – Courtneys sunglasses are Chanel.

  74. 74
    Hiding My Real Name Says:

    David Arquette looks absolutely ridiculous! What is wrong with him??? Absolutely agree–why is it O.K. to photograph his daughter, but not him? What a LOSER!

    I am a huge Brad and Angelina fan, so I should not be here at all, except I wanted to say how great I think X looks here, and I do hope she can fall in love soon. I think she handled her marriage and divorce badly, and is afraid to jump in again. Why is Vince “like it never happened”? I never believed it was a real relationship, and I am curious to know if her fans did. Also, who do her fans think would be a good match for her? (Forget Jake. If that were going to happen it already would have). Who else is out there? I always imagine a guy like John Stamos. What do fans think?

  75. 75
    twokids2 Says:

    # 55 | Jen collects Plastic
    Hey, I’ve been away for a while and you can’t still not forget about me? WOW, I’m impressed. Well, now that you called me, let me tell you one thing, Angelina sucks!!!!

  76. 76
    wobbler30 Says:

    #68 Sam
    I have the same as you and all the other posters to say what I feel on any thread. Does that go for you when you post comments about Anniston on Brad/Angie threads. I just read 3-4 threads where people come and post bad things about that couple. I at least am civil about my comments.

  77. 77
    Farrah Says:

    Those may not be tom ford glasses that manly has on but shes copying the style,but its useless she still looks fug and can we say ‘camel toe’ jen.

  78. 78
    YaYa Says:

    She’s an odd little woman though isn’t she?

  79. 79
    b Says:
    What a ugly pic?

  80. 80
    tali Says:

    I saw all the pictures here. She doesn’t look unconfortable around Coco. I think she is unconfortable with the paparrazzi. And she probably holds and plays with her god daughter when she visits them, you don’t have to see the pictures to prove that. Anyway I think I saw a picture of Jen, Courtney and Coco at the beach when Coco was younger and Jen was being very sweet to her.
    Jennifer is looking gorgeous in these pics. Good for her!!

  81. 81
    YaYa Says:

    I’m just trying to figure out why with all that she has she’s hanging onto Courtney this way still? I mean, if she was seen going to an art gallery or for god’s sake even a library or book store it’d be better then seeing her w/Courtney and/or Courtney and David.

    I don’t get it. She makes herself appear pathetic. Get on with it Jen, Jesus.

  82. 82
    jj Says:

    He looks so hot with the baby. too bad nobody wants a picture of courtney. the baby is gorgeous

  83. 83
    In hindsight... Says:

    All three parties – Brad, Angelina and Jennifer:

    Angelina – went through 2 major life changes – 1.) her mother diagnose with cancer 8 yrs ago at the age of 23. Around that time she must have realized that it is time to get her act together as the one person that she loves dearly, her one and only parent is facing death. And she is going about life lost and without purpose. She started to figure out her life path and what she wants to do with herself in this lifetime. This ultimately led to the second life change. 2.) becoming a mother.

    Both of these major event shaped her into the woman that she is today.

    Brad – was drifting through life until he got to 40 and realized it(life) does not have to be like that. He was unhappy and thought about what would make him happy. i.e. family. So he went for it and grew up over the last 2 years to become the man that he is now – a father and partner. He is no longer defined by his career but by other interesting and important things going on in his life.

    It is now Jen’s turn to figure out what she wants.

  84. 84
    paula zahn Says:

    Photo number 7 she still has the around the mouth smoke lines so I assume the botox couldnt lift those and shes still smoking the pack and a half a day and what happen to her @ss its missing!

  85. 85
    Lurking Is No Fun Says:

    She is an odd woman, for sure. Don’t the Arquettes ever want to spend some time as a family or is this is a codependent B List Club? They need one another, and need to be tied to the coattails of B&A, because who would be interested in them if they weren’t?

    You Chin fans come to the Jolie-Pitt threads, so how does it feel?

    She looks like hell…and the plastic surgery makes her face look strange.

    Doesn’t she have any family?

  86. 86
    To yaya Says:

    that is exactly what sofia, maxine and I are trying to figure out too.

    It is pretty strange for an adult of 38 going 39 to behave like this unless there is something amiss.

  87. 87
    A Plea to All Says:

    For the love of God, let this end.Stop the insults.

  88. 88
    heraldo Says:

    its clear why anuston came out of her batcave shes hoping brad will take notice but could she please go back in or at least cover that mug of hers up.Coco’s cute and Courtney even botoxed as much as she is looks better,but so shameful shes imposing in their lives so much.

  89. 89
    To yaya Says:

    and whatever that is, it must have nothing to do with the cox-arquettes. Just hers.

  90. 90
    Lurking Is No Fun Says:

    I think there is something wrong with her.

    Nowhere beautiful…cute yeah. The look is getting old though. An almost 40 year old woman that still dresses like she’s 18.

    She needs to grow up and do something with her life..she is too old to be playing surfer girl.

    Produce a movie, write a book, go away!

  91. 91
    Goldengirl Cassie Says:

    # 18 | come on @ 05.28.2007 10:29 pm

    Support system. What did someone die. Please it’s been two years if she still needs a support system she needs professional help.

    You need a support system when people won’t let you forget something. After B&A gossip all last week, people are looking at Jen, expecting her to crack and commenting Poor Jen, Jen is sad & lonely, Jen is pretending to be happy… cruel things like that. People are so stupid and the way they have villainized her after the breakup of her marriage makes me afraid for B&A, who I actually admire as actors and people. It’s that Pride Before The Fall feeling. I sometimes think something terrible is going to happen and no, I’m not wishing it either. They have a beautiful family now. I felt the same way when Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) died. He was a true hero. He was so happy and was such a good husband father & role model. He lived every day doing good and feeling excited. He had a great purpose, but his life got snuffed out suddenly. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’ve learned not to gloat over other people’s pain and misfortunes.

  92. 92
    lula29 Says:


    I think you’re right. Also, Jennifer Aniston really had a tough time with her mother. Her mother IMHO is cruel and no one deserves the way her mother treated her. No one.

    I think she’ll find happiness. She needs to hook up with Jake Gyllenhaal, they have crazy chemistry!

    The whole fight thing has been dragged out long enough. I think there are paid trolls who do go onto boards to really continue the controversy because the tabloids are making a killing off of this drama. There is no drama and everyone should let it go and let these people live their lives.

  93. 93
    YaYa Says:

    In all honesty, I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with her. I know she’s said before that she can stay in the house and not leave it for two weeks straight and be perfectly happy. That’s not normal. She never does anything. She doesn’t have any hobbies, you never even see her at a grocery store or even shopping let alone driving around LA. It’s always the same. Dinner with Courtney or dinner with Courtney and/or David or with Courtney and David on a holiday.

    She’s a really odd little woman

  94. 94
    wedding crasher Says:

    1. Courtney is gorgeous
    2. David is a tool
    3. Coco is cute as hell
    4. I can’t stand Jen but even I’m starting to feel sorry for her. Her career’s in the toilet and no one even try to give me the she’s on a break crap. You know it and I know it this 2+ years of not working has nothing to do with a voluntary break.
    It has every thing to do with her marketability or lack there of as an actor. She needs to try something new because what’s she’s doing isn’t working.

  95. 95
    malaya Says:

    She needs to go somewhere else and be seen like this independent woman who can fend for herself w/o Courtney holding her hand.

    How many photos have we seen recently that all family gatherings, holidays, and even intimate dinners, she spends and hang out with the Arquettes? Isn’t she close to her dad’s family or her brother’s?

  96. 96
    SR Says:

    Brad Pitt seems to be in a dark place now i.e. focussing on death and destruction, while with Jen he had a more colourful life.
    Not that Brad is unhappy with Angelina but watching the news in front of kids is quite disturbing. Especially when their focus is on misery.

  97. 97
    To yaya Says:

    that is what I mean…drifting through life.

    She got the cash no doubt. So why not do something with it. Something on her own.

    Forget men for a while. There are other ways to happiness than men.

    Firstly, do something with your life. As in fnid a purpose. And a career does not equal to a life purpose.

  98. 98
    To yaya Says:

    otherwise, I see a bad case of co-dependency going on here.

    Wishing her well.

  99. 99
    YaYa Says:

    That’s the other thing. Where is her family? Okay, she’s not close to her mother but what about her older brother? Her father? I don’t know about most of you but I meet my father and/or mother for lunch all the time. You get to a certain age and your parents become like friends. Jen is never seen with her father or brother. Again, odd.

  100. 100
    Goldengirl Cassie Says:

    #84 totally agree with your opinion

  101. 101
    malaya Says:

    # 98 | To yaya @ 05.28.2007 11:53 pm

    I think there are people who are just perennially unhappy. Its what keeps them going.

  102. 102
    To To sam Says:

    “that whatever Huvane told her to do in the begining…backfired on her.”
    I agree. There was no animosity exhibited when they first separated and then none when she filed for the divorce, just the normal sadness that a marriage failed. But then her rep/PR or someone she listened to gave her horrible advice that totally backfired on her career. Hollywood is a small place where all the successful folks know one another and work together, and they do not particularly care for people who go negative and violate an unspoken code due to the breakup of a marriage, especially people who have not had a successful movie career up to that point. She also was never an A lister. She should have emulated NicoleK who said little, never badmouthed Tom, moved on with her life, got an Oscar, and looked outside her safe circle for a new love. ReeseW has also said nothing, has never badmouthed Ryan.

    At some point the Arquettes must want some alone time without her.

  103. 103
    Eva Luna Says:

    Eh, she’s reached the level of fame that she was supposed to have all along, if she wasn’t married to Brad. Now she’s just like all the other Friends, having to work hard for the publicity and to get a decent project in movies or TV. The only way she appears on tablooids now is if she’s linked in some way to Brad and Angie.

    I don’t think Huvane, her publicist, could have done much for her. She’s no Nicole Kidman in the acting department and her movies proved that although she may have had goodwill from the public, no way people were going to pay 10 bucks to see her in sh*tty movies. That was her last chance to prove herself and she couldn’t.

    I can’t say I feel sorry for her, she is where she’s supposed to be. Professionally yes, because she’s one trick pony, and personally because she’s pathetically insecure and not too many men put up with that. The only one who could, she didn’t appreciate and went after to bring him down so nope, no sympathy here.

  104. 104
    tali Says:

    Yaya, if you are trying to figure out Jennifer from the pictures you see, you are going to have a hard time. The pictures don’t say anything about her hobbies or what she does, except what the paparrazzis are able to catch or what they want you to see. I even heard that she when to Chigago, yet there are no pics of that. This happens with every celebrity.
    And also this week there were pics of Courtney haging out with other friends, so I don’t see the problem of her hanging out with DA and CC.

    To Eleanor
    I think you post that comment on the wrong website, most of the people here are brangelina fans. I am not a brangelina fan, but not a hater either. I don’t usually come in here. I can’t believe that JJ posted something about Jen!!!

    I like Jen and I haven’t heard from her in a while. I think is good that she has a good time with her friends.

  105. 105
    YaYa Says:

    It must be her inner dialogue. Get our of your own head Jen! Find something, anything that brings you happiness and just do it. And give yourself space from Courtney and any other dependent relationship you have. It’s a big wide world out there filled with interesting people. Try and be one yourself

  106. 106
    coco Says:

    I feel sorry for the Arquettes, they can even have family time………….

  107. 107
    Goldengirl Cassie Says:

    # 83 | In hindsight… @ 05.28.2007 11:39 pm

    This is the comment I totally agree with.

  108. 108
    candycandy Says:

    Her chin seems to chang a little( shoter as ususal).

  109. 109
    flowerpower Says:

    Damn people! Leave the poor girl alone.You can see she’s depress. If Brad Pitt left me, I would be depress for years. You know You’ve got problems if Brad Pitt dumps you. Anyways I love FRIENDS!!!

  110. 110
    cox fan Says:

    Sorry, but i will never feel sorry for someone who has as much money as she does. i’m sure she would be successful if she went back to T.V like Courtney. Btw, what the hell happened to Lisa Kudrow? She was the funny friend and she is nowhere to be found on tv or movies.

  111. 111
    coco Says:

    Arquette’s CAN’T even have family time..

  112. 112
    gotcha !!! Says:

    75 | twokids2,3,4
    havent forgotten you, you susie-ritzy-mole.
    You sucks !!!! big fat liar, you’ll never have kids, never will, hahahah !!!!

  113. 113
    sus Says:

    i think she has moved on it is just the rest of the world ther has a problem of duingt that she look very very beatyful as always and so peasfull love her whish her all the best in the world

  114. 114
    Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs Says:

    Report Abuse # 80 | tali @ 05.28.2007 11:36 pm
    I saw all the pictures here. She doesn’t look unconfortable around Coco. I think she is unconfortable with the paparrazzi. And she probably holds and plays with her god daughter when she visits them, you don’t have to see the pictures to prove that.

    Oh, OH, okay, we don’t need pics to prove that Jen spends time with her Goddaughter. But we DO need pics to prrove that Angie spends time with her daughter Shiloh. Okay. Gotcha.


  115. 115
    outsidelookingin Says:

    Brad said in 2004 Vanity Fair:

    “Jen and I always made a pact; that we’ll see where this thing is going. I’m not sure it really is in our nature to be with someone for the rest of our lives, just because you made this pact. You keep going as long as you keep growing.”

    …You keep going as long as you keep growing.

    Brad has never been one to talk about ex relationshps, however this quote says it all. Looking at these sets of pictures and others in the past year. Aniston has not grown much during her marriage and after. When you look at what Brad is doing with his life, father of four & helping others, traveling & learning. I can’t imagine what his life would be like if he had stayed with Aniston.

    Jennifer said Vanity Fair 2005:

    “…There are all these levels of growth—and when you stop growing together, that’s when the problems happen.”

    “”I think—it changed,” she says haltingly. “We both changed.”

    She sighs again. “You do the best you can, and I think we did. We did the best we could.”


    If you re read the vanity fair article of Brad
    & Jen (without bennets & her friends comments& tabloid rumors- horrible article) the reasons for Brad & Jen relationship ending is there.

    Who stop growing?

  116. 116
    tali Says:

    To #115 Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs

    I never said that Angelina doesn’t hold Shiloh, if you read my recent post you would see that I usually don’t come in here and I don’t post against Angelina.
    Sorry, buit take your anger against someone else!!!

  117. 117
    June Says:

    # 96 | SR @ 05.28.2007 11:52 pm
    Brad Pitt seems to be in a dark place now i.e. focussing on death and destruction, while with Jen he had a more colourful life.

    What life. They split. Obviously wasn’t that colourful.

    What makes you think Brad is focused on death and destruction. Read up before commenting.

    Coco is cute everyone else in these photos are boring.

    Jen does need to mature in her dress sense. the short shorts look trashy.

  118. 118
    eye candy Says:

    Brad Pitt could leave me and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Just a normal handsome man to me. Never understood his massive appeal.

  119. 119
    R Says:

    great skin tone 4 someone so close to teh big 4-0

    sad she keeps hanging onto DA and CCA like a 3rd wheel; needs a life of her own

  120. 120
    to jen fans Says:

    to all Jen fans-

    Have you guys supported her in the movie theatre ?

    Where were you on these movies, friends with money, derailed and rumor has it?? Why are these movies grossing so low?

    Are you Jen fans young in age like,the tweenies who cant afford a $9 movie ticket but rely on Netflex?

    How big is this fan base? Why is the movie grossed so low???

    The movie Break up gross over 100M in the US, but is it because of Vince who has a special following? Someone argued that Jen actually dragged this movie down, because Vince previous movie,the wedding crasher grossed over 200M. Had Vince picked a different actress and NOT Jen, the movie TBU might have grossed higher.

    Why is this thread have no links, no articles on Jen? Are the Jen fans educated people or mostly in the lower income group? Why didnt I see some thoughtful post in this thread?

    Is this what all the Jen fan capable of, saying things like “….she looks great….”. Can the Jen fans have more substance in their post?

  121. 121
    Maria Says:

    why is Jennifer Aniston always a third wheel to Courtney and David? She’s so clingy. No wonder Brad moved on.

    she needs to move on independently.

  122. 122
    Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs Says:

    To #117 Tali

    You know, you’re right, and I’m sorry I directed it at YOU. I was directing it at the others, and they know who they are. :)

  123. 123
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    jan brady at the beach. eww.

  124. 124
    verona Says:

    shouldnt she be out having brunch with her main man norman,and then taking her main best girl friend dolly to the mall for a matching dress.

  125. 125

    Honestly? I HATE this fugly-INSIDE and out-woman. She is responsible for all the rubbish fired Brad and Angie’s way -esp Angie’s who was never in that experimental merger, and never dumped her (his?) sorry a-ss.
    That bloody fake, INVENTED “golden sh$t” was already dead and buried. And what Maniston does? Feeds hate those gullible people (who still, like zombies, haunt blogs and whine and whine, and do nothing else, along with Man).
    That boomeranged on her. What is she going to be remembered for?? NOTHINHG! that is the only justice.

  126. 126
    Ain't she gorgeous? Says:

    Isn’t Jen gorgeous, y’all?

  127. 127
    to Hiding My Real Name Says:

    What a joke, yeah you are huge fan of JP’s, right and I the queen of England!
    So you haters play the same game here. LMAO.
    Please wear your glasses or contacts, the woman is mediocre at best. So what is with the THINNIG hair, dark roots and OMG the collar bones.
    When I fist logged on all I saw was the ugly COLLAR BONES sticking out to make a skeleton jealous.
    She needs a refund on the nose job, find a job and a boyfriend and get pregant ASAP. Her biological clock is TICKING LOUDER than BIG BEN! Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc :-)

    D a m n it Bradley, you are one lucky dood for seeing the light and dumping the pathetic, talentless, insecure THING as yesterdays TRASH.

    Have fun looking at your not so gracefully AGING idol and light a few candle or scream at the ocean so that she can get a movie deal.

  128. 128
    Realitycheck Says:

    In hindsight…
    All three parties – Brad, Angelina and Jennifer:

    Angelina – went through 2 major life changes – 1.) her mother diagnose with cancer 8 yrs ago at the age of 23. Around that time she must have realized that it is time to get her act together as the one person that she loves dearly, her one and only parent is facing death. And she is going about life lost and without purpose. She started to figure out her life path and what she wants to do with herself in this lifetime. This ultimately led to the second life change. 2.) becoming a mother.

    Both of these major event shaped her into the woman that she is today.

    Brad – was drifting through life until he got to 40 and realized it(life) does not have to be like that. He was unhappy and thought about what would make him happy. i.e. family. So he went for it and grew up over the last 2 years to become the man that he is now – a father and partner. He is no longer defined by his career but by other interesting and important things going on in his life.

    It is now Jen’s turn to figure out what she wants.
    I agree…Some people figure out what they want to do with their lives early inlife and others take awhile. And not everyone wants the same thing.

    I think that both Brad and Angie figured out what they want out of life and that was not what Jen wanted. The breakup with Brad was a wake up and now she’s trying to figure out what she wants.

    It may not have anything to do with kids and if that is the case, better she finds out now before there are any kids in the picture.

    She has enough money, such that she doesn’t have to work another day in her life.

    If she wants an acting career, well then she needs to get her butt out there. I get the impression that’s not what she really wants. If she really wanted to, she could use her money to help further her acting career. Just because she started out as an actress does not mean that’s all she does the rest of her life.

    Right now, she looks like she just wants to hang out with friends, go shopping, go to the gym, sunbathe…and that’s great for her. She’s not hurting anyone and she isn’t out self-destructing.

  129. 129
    Brad...methodical, deadly.. Says:

    Didn’t Angie say that Brad was methodical, he takes his time to figure out how he wants to handle something and goes about it seemlessly?
    Jennifer Anistons SLOW & PAINFUL DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD is now complete, Well done Brad, well done indeed.

  130. 130
    Fit Says:

    COPY CAT, she wore the same sunglasses previously wore by Ms. Jolie

  131. 131
    Jane Says:

    The Arquettes are not being forced to be friends with Jennifer, so what is the problem? It is NORMAL, not pathetic, for friends to hang out together.

    I think Jennifer has gained a few pounds since her post-divorce weight loss, when she really was too thin. Her body looks perfect now. I think the shorts are appropriate for the beach.

    I don’t know if Brad did anything for Jennifer’s career, but he has definitely helped Angie’s–he got her the part in “Mighty Heart,” which is by far the best acting role she’s had in years.

  132. 132
    lina Says:

    coco is such a lovely little girl! so okay, i like jennifer aniston, she has a certain likeability and it’s not the same for most people. DUH. i just think it’s funny that people are quick to point out that oh, “she looks depressed, what a third wheel, manface”. WHATEVER. we’re all entitled. i personally think her nose job has made her look softer, she is looking slimmer, but still healthy as shown by the thighs. gosh i love the clavicles though. anyway, i’m also an angelina fan, but lately, hmm… she’s been looking gaunt, depressed, unhealthy and just plain… tired. i’m sure the hardcores are gonna be quick to point out that her mother just passed, and she must be working really hard on all her causes, but that’s my point. these celebrities all have their somethings, it’s hilarious that so many of us turn the ***** buttons on just because we don’t like someone, even though we don’t really know exactly what these PEOPLE are really going through. so more power to jennifer, if she’s happy with her millions and her many friends, well, good for her. i’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t mind being blessed with a smidge of the same.

  133. 133
    Huh Says:

    Her movie career is finished; nothing in the pipe at all. No personal life; all she does is hang onto C. Cox’s life. Does Aniston ever go anywhere or do anything? She lunches or walks on the beach. I’m probably in the minority on this, but I think Brad drifted away mostly because she was so boring, rather than the baby issue.

  134. 134
    desert rose Says:

    Jeniffer looks great,and she will always look great.

    As for Aniston haters, Angelina will always be a homewrecker, she keeps saying her priority is her family and adopts 3 kids when she can’t even forgive her own father, Charity begins at home!

  135. 135
    serena Says:

    FUNNY! FIT, although i highly doubt that you are, jennifer is actually wearing the tom ford “jennifer” sunglasses, angelina wore the “whitney” style. it’s like, why do people have to be soo negative, miserable much??

  136. 136
    to flowerpower Says:

    # 109 | flowerpower @ 05.29.2007 12:05 am
    Damn people! Leave the poor girl alone

    EXCUSE ME, since when do we refer to an almost 40 YEAR old as a GIRL?????????????????????
    Or could it be that you are talkig about Rachel Green :-)You are delusional.

  137. 137
    cox's other friend Says:

    Jenbland has morals alright she smokes and she hasnt spoken to her mom nancy since 1998.nancy wrote a book about jenbland and she pratically jumped poor nancy.and lisa kudrow even said jenflea was co-dependent she said afterwards it was just a joke but we know it wasnt, this is when they were ending friends and asked if they had all become dependent on the other,,poor david he didnt bargain for all jenbland issues, brad couldnt take it anymore she drained him pratically dry,now shes ruining poor courtneys marriage and coco is afraid her face its the boogie man i mean wo-man.

  138. 138
    Brad Fan Says:

    Where is her ex Vince Vaughn? I thought they were getting back together. So it was all for the movie huh? Not cool Jen and ditch the Goldie Hawn look.

  139. 139
    Hello? Says:

    Report Abuse # 134 | desert rose @ 05.29.2007 12:50 am
    Jeniffer looks great,and she will always look great.

    As for Aniston haters, Angelina will always be a homewrecker, she keeps saying her priority is her family and adopts 3 kids when she can’t even forgive her own father, Charity begins at home!

    What does adopting kids have to do with forgiving her dad?? She can’t forgive her dad and I doubt she will anytime soon. I can’ stand it when people rant about Angie adopting children. they act like it’s a bad thing. She’s helping out needy kids. what have you done?

  140. 140
    Hello? Says:

    **I meant “I CAN’T stand it………….”

  141. 141
    LSAM Says:

    I happen to read what you all wrote on this blog out of curiosity since I am a Brad and Angie fan. Actually, I read somewhere if you google IMDB under JA’s name that she has movies lined up already. One is called “The Senator’s Wife,” which listed her as the producer and main star. And another one called “Wanted” which will be a movie about female prisoners and she will be in this movie with Meryl Streep. Now what is confusing is “Wanted” is also the same title of the movie that Angie is filming under Plan B Entertainment. So, may be I need to research this more. Also, I heard on KBIG radio last week that JA got engaged with Stacey Keibler’s ex when she was in Chicago. Couldn’t figure out who the ex they are referring because Geoff S. is still currently dating Stacey. Geoff who is 29 years old was described before by some people as a young Brad Pitt look alike but then Gael from Babel is also the Mexican Brad Pitt. This radio rumor might be questionable but don’t be surprised if you see it in the National Enquirer.

  142. 142
    to flowerpower Says:

    desert rose

    I completely agree. Jen is so gorgeous always.

    desert rose

  143. 143
    wedding crasher Says:

    desert rose

    Easy there buster. How quick you forget about Jen’s feud with her mother. She’ll do a St Jude commercial but won’t even extend the same charity to her own mom. How about the fact her father had a heart attack last year? How many pictures have we seen of Jen visiting with her dad? Let me help you out. A big fat ZERO. Not very Girl Next door of her is it?

  144. 144
    Huh Says:

    LSAM–Those movies on IMDB were only “announced”. Not in production. Means nothing. They are in limbo and probably stalled forever.

  145. 145
    Worship Brangelina shrines Says:

    Forget about Jesus , Budda or Mary !!!! Please get down on your knees and worship Brangelina !

    J.A is the devil ~

  146. 146
    wedding crasher Says:


    Those movies have been in pre production for over 2 years now. They aren’t getting made at least not this year and if Jen doesn’t get her act together then maybe never. Meryl’s booked through 2008 so count her out for Wanted. Forget the imdb boards and stick with

  147. 147
    mandy Says:

    why feel sorry for her she did it to herself, brad had to get therapy becuz she drove him to depression, this 40 year old woman is needy and insecure with so many issues shes already admitted to.if i had 80 million dollars heck id buy me several pitts and i would have said it was no sweat we are 2 different people and thats it and had some pride, i know it anit easy to do when your man looks at you like youre another man when hes in love with angie but heck i would never had pity parties and cried, never let im see you sweat, she asked for it tabloids and all,a day after cannes huvane tells her to step out and look like youre at peace,right its really worked,she looks as stupid as ever and could she please change her damn hair, i know shes hiding the shape of that face but its been years now grgrgrrr

  148. 148
    Fit Says:

    Penélope Cruz makes around $1.8M for ‘Sahara’ yet Aniston makes $8M. No wonder not one studio is knocking on her door. TV girl is not worth $8M per picture.
    Lifetime channel is waiting for you.

  149. 149
    Loser Chin Forever Says:

    BUSTED! god damn she is just FUG. Does she have an chin implant?

  150. 150
    To # 141 LSAM Says:

    She currently has no movies.

    1. Senator’s Wife is not greenlighted (no financing secured). Read somewhere that ReeseW will now star in this movie if and when it is made.

    2. Very different WANTED-this one listed is from a US written mystery novel. MStreep has oficially backed out of this movie at IMBD post for this movie. Not being made at this time.

    She has no movies in preproduction/production at this time. No financing has been secured for these movies.

    IMDB not as accurate as some other sources, like Variety.

  151. 151
    Stop blaming Says:

    # 129 | Brad…methodical, deadly.. @ 05.29.2007 12:43 am
    Didn’t Angie say that Brad was methodical, he takes his time to figure out how he wants to handle something and goes about it seemlessly?
    Jennifer Anistons SLOW & PAINFUL DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD is now complete, Well done Brad, well done indeed.


    For god’s sake, when will Jen’s fans stop blaming someone else for Jen’s choices and Jen’s decisions. So, now Jen’s failure to get work is Brad’s fault?? Brad is quietly and surely killing off her career?? Hello, Gwyneth’s career is going just fine, she took time off and she came right back in with some good roles. Juliette Lewis is doing what ever it is she wants to do. But Jen’s career meltdown is Brad’s fault??

    You must truly hate Brad to think that he is responsible for killing off JenJen’s career, but truly, the only one you insult is Jennifer here. She is just poor Jen, poor victim. No wonder fans like you make her skin crawl.

  152. 152
    Jennifer Pitt Says:

    Wow! So many posts about me!

  153. 153
    Fit Says:

    # 141 | LSAM @ 05.29.2007 12:57 am

    You are in denial. She’s been unemploy since 2005. No studio wants to work with her. Why would they pay $8M to hire TV girl?

  154. 154
    Worship Brangelina shrines Says:

    You Brangelina fans are just as creep as your idol Angelina !

    Seriously ! GET HELP ~

    I am amazed at how much you HATE J.A ?! She is not the ***** who took someone’s husband ! And J.A does not lie 24/7 .

    Angelina is delusional , she believes her own lies & fantasies .

    Her dad is right * she needs serious help .

  155. 155
    Hiding My Real Name Says:

    #127, Your post made me laugh, because you are so completely wrong! I am ABSOLUTELY a Brad and Angelina fan from DAY ONE. Love the family and follow faithfully. I am NOT filled with hate for X, although I have felt a lot of satisfaction about her career slump, which makes me feel like a bad person until I remember what she did to hurt Brad, then I get vindictive all over again.

    So, my friend, don’t be so quick to kick me to the curb. We probably exchange greetings on our own threads about our family every day. I just said I don’t think she looks so bad…and hope she can fall in love eventually, because I don’t think she loved Brad. And if you don’t love Brad Pitt, can you love at all?

  156. 156
    twokids2 Says:

    # 112 | gotcha !!!
    You know nothing. I just spent a tremendous and beautiful long weekend with my dear family and all you were able to do was to follow B&A in the computer. Shame on you!!! You are boring, you know. Don’t you have anything better to do? I guess not, when now what you are doing is trying to see a video of them kissing inside the theater. Does it really matter if they kissed or not? Is that really so important to you? Would that make your life better? Would that make the world a better place? Get a life!!!!

  157. 157
    Jennifer Pitt Says:

    My net worth is $110 million. Thank you very much!

  158. 158
    Jennifer Pitt Says:

    I don’t have to work a day in my life. I am very very rich.

  159. 159
    Shoes4life Says:

    Also both movies for Jennifer “Wanted” & “Senator’s Wife” are/were Plan B productions. Therefore, they may have been dropped for a reason even thou she still have a very, very minimal ownership in the company.

  160. 160
    Jennifer Pitt Says:

    I have the greatest fans .I am one of the most popular actresses, and I have the gratest friends.

  161. 161
    to fldesert roce Says:

    # 134 | desert rose @ 05.29.2007 12:50 am
    Jeniffer looks great,and she will always look great.

    As for Aniston haters, Angelina will always be a homewrecker, she keeps saying her priority is her family and adopts 3 kids when she can’t even forgive her own father, Charity begins at home!


    So tou can critisize Angie for not seeing her dad who refused to pay child suppos, can not remember Angies kids names, calls Zahara Shakira, publically tried to undermine her.
    BUT, you won’t even mention JEN NOT TAKING TO HER MOM FOR YEARS. YEP you are a complete IDIOT!

    YEP charity begins at the HOME. Where was your idol when Brad was dying to have kids SHE the loser was not HOME she was making one flop after another! Instead of having a BABY!

  162. 162
    wedding crasher Says:

    Jennifer Pitt

    No one said Jen HAS to work. It’s about Jen WANTING to work but studios not willing to risk their money on her. Face it Jennifer Aniston’s career is in the toilet.

  163. 163
    leafpure Says:

    You guys are all boring. Aniston, Jolie, Pitt, what a bore!

    Knut is interesting. The best blog on earth is the Knut blog:

    Brad Pitt sexiest man?? Please! He doesn’t come up to Thomas Dorflein’s feet.
    Thomas Dorflein is the man. And Knut is the cutest little polar bear ever!
    There are better things in life than stupid dumb celebrities with empty lives.

  164. 164
    hmmm u say what,, Says:

    this is such a joke;;typically shy Aniston was in good spirits,,,,SHY wasnt she dry humping VV on a terrance outside a hotel in broad daylight and didnt she whine all over oprah every other week in front of millions+++her meds and wine = good spirits,,this is a fake @ass passive aggressor of all memememememe manly man.

  165. 165
    Hiding My Real Name Says:

    #156, twokids2: Um, how would you know about the video of them kissing and everyone trying to see it if you haven’t been “following B and A on the computer” yourself? Think about it, O.K.?

  166. 166
    JEN FAN Says:

    At least she doesn’t have those ugly veins. She also has a gorgeous face.

  167. 167
    Jesse Says:

    Jennifer Aniston and Luke Wilson should hook up. I think they’d have a blast together!

  168. 168
    doors open leafpure Says:

    then pulesse> #163 leafpure>>>>>

  169. 169
    so there Says:

    Why does she dress like she’s 21? She acts so much younger than her age, and not in a good way. It’s that coy, hair-flipping manner she has. Oh, well, she’s really fading into the sunset isn’t she.

  170. 170
    wedding crasher Says:

    Jen Fan

    What are you 12? Too bad her veinless arms can’t help her find work.

  171. 171
    Just for you Says:

  172. 172
    Jesse Says:

    In fact…can you imagine a family of brothers Owen and Luke Wilson, along with Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston??? Jokes all around!!!

  173. 173
    twokids2 Says:

    # 165 | Hiding My Real Name
    Because when we got home I went to check what had happened in Hollywood, cause as I had said before I like to see the pictures of Hollywood latests news, and I saw all the comments about the kiss. It just took a couple of minutes to realize that many of you spent the weekend looking for the link of the famous kiss. Anything else that you want to know?

  174. 174
    Just Stop It! Says:

    Please stop. You can see how beautiful she is. You Jen haters are in denial.

  175. 175
    Ann Landers Says:

    #167, Jesse: That is actually an interesting choice, but I think it would be a problem now that Luke’s brother dates Kate Hudson. I think Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are friends, and Owen would have some loyalty to him?

  176. 176
    Jennifer Pitt Says:

    I won the People’s Choice award again!

  177. 177
    twokids2 Says:

  178. 178
    wedding crasher Says:

    Just for you

    Keep living in the past while I live in the present

  179. 179
    twokids2 Says:

    How cute!!!

  180. 180
    So how's that going? Says:

    So Jen, you wouldn’t have a baby with Brad because you wanted to become a big movie star. So how’s that working out?

  181. 181
    Don't pick on Jen Says:

    Leace her alone she is gorgeous and she is happy.

  182. 182
    reconcile with her mother? --for show only Says:

    139 | Hello

    Hello? How about Jen, she didnt even invite her mother to her wedding? Dont tell me she reconciled with her mother. She talked about taking baby steps. Well, do I see any result? She just did that after the divorce papers were filed because she wanted to gain public sympathy. Cameras are everywhere, why didnt we see pic of her having dinner with her mom? yet we see pics of her with all those female friends whom you Jen fans are bragging so much. Why didnt she spend Thanksgiving or Chrimas with her mother?

    Also, she has 110M, why didnt she pick up her mother’s living expense? Her mother is not rich. I’m not asking her to reconcile with her mother. Since she’s this rich, she can just cut a check and mail to her mother.

    Doesnt she want her mother have a QUALITY OF LIFE IN HER OLD AGE?

  183. 183
    wedding crasher Says:

    Jennifer Pitt

    Did you read the LA Times report about how the Peoples Choice awards are meaningless? How winners are really determined by which celebs agree to attend the ceremony. They made mention of both Vince and Jen. Google it and see.

    Good night all. Jen threads are always sad and boring just like Jen. No fun to be had here.

  184. 184
    David Arquette Says:

    Please, someone get this woman off our tails so we can have a normal marriage. Jen’s such a fifth wheel. And, as you can see in the beach pictures, Coco’s hair could be on fire before Jen would even look in her direction–and she’s her godmother!

  185. 185
    Besane Says:

    Still barging into the family outing of every single vacation this couple has, Miss Aniston? I would suggest you get your own family and leave the Cox/Aquette some privacy as a couple. No wonder they are having problems.

  186. 186
    reconcile with her mother? --for show only Says:

    #182 is for desert rose

  187. 187
    desert rose Says:

    Have you seen this, on

    The truth, nothing but the truth, Clooney you said it all…….whether its a practical joke or not, WELL SAID…….

    George Clooney thinks Angelina Jolie is a “horrible” and “ugly” person.

    While promoting “Oceans 13″ in Cannes with co-star Matt Damon, the two started to rip on Brangelina, saying “Brad has had it tough” between being “hobbled with children” and “that horrible, ugly wife.” Clooney went on to say that Brad should just kill himself to get out of the horrendous situation.

    Of course, Pitt also stars in the upcoming caper, and the gang has a history of ragging on each other and playing practical jokes — TMZ’s favorite? Clooney allegedly putting a “Small ***** on Board” bumper sticker on Pitt’s car. That’s what friends are for.

  188. 188
    4kids2 Says:

    Doesn’t she have great skin?

  189. 189
    smokers mouth analston Says:

    #166 jenfan,,she does have veiny arms and all her ugliness is in her face her breath and hair smells like ciggarettes and her mouth has permanent smoke lines around it, not to mention the hair on top of the lip, oh yeah and that billy goat gruff chin, dam shes a uggmoe!

  190. 190
    Ann Landers Says:

    #173, twokids2: See, you are not honest. Just admit you read every post from end to end, and stop with the “I’m bored, I’m just playin’ with you all” stuff. It never works. We always know. And also, stop with the “my beautiful, wonderful family. If you had one you would NOT have all the time to spend here you seem to.

  191. 191
    Finally Says:

    Brad and Angie are getting married.

  192. 192
    Finally Says:


  193. 193
    4kids2 Says:

  194. 194
    gotcha !!! Says:

    156 | twokids2
    Dont lie. You never have 2 kids. If you do, you’ll know what a mother is like. You were following on the other thread, not just today, but for the whole weekend. You just kept quiet and not post, that’s all. Habitual liar !!! you’re the one who told people not to repeat posting….dont you remember, in fact you tripped, go back and check the other thread, so transparent !!!

    Now, the minute this thread opens, you come right in. talk about no life, it’s you….

  195. 195
    ok and Says:

    jen has a deform chin from her genes look it up.

    Prognathism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  196. 196
    Finally Says:

    Brad will never marry Angelina, and that really bothers you here.

  197. 197

    Now we all finally know who is THE homewrecker,
    don’t we?! A ridiculously delusional former
    TV-sitcom hag who wanted sooooo badly to be an A-list movie star.She wanted an Oscar!ROTFLMAO!

    But, she went in such a rotten way after those who already had it and didn’t think of it as the most important thing in their lives.

    The GOOD thing is that there was no home, no family, no kids..just two people wanting totally different things out of life.
    Fortunately Maniston the Homewrecker wrecked

    it, or we will still have Mr Pitt semi-alive, spending his “quality” time all alone in front of TV, while Maniston would cackle with her hens.

  198. 198
    Huvane paid worker Says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s publicist(Huvane) hired people to post on Jen’s behalf .

    Do you remember Huvane email perezhilton and told him to go easy on Jen?

    Do you remember Huvane told tmz to pull a ugly picture of Jen at the time when Jen went for her nose job?

    Well, how much do you think Huvane pay for this worker to post on this blog???

  199. 199
    maxine Says:

    She’s always with Courtney and obviously can’t separate herself from the Arquettes. Let’s see how long before this odd triangle is ripped wide open. Unless she finds a purpose in life, she’ll remain this unhappy, empty shell of a woman. With her money, she could do anything she wants. Starting a charity or getting involved in one would be a start but then Jen once said that charity “is not her thing”.. I believe that her inability to reach outside of herself and overcome her insecurities combined with an obsessive drive to become a big movie star was the ultimate reason why her marriage fell apart. She doesn’t seem to have any interests either (other than yoga and tanning). I think she should get back to TV ASAP.

  200. 200
    why Says:

    Why is Jennifer such a threat?

  201. 201
    4kids2 Says:

    I just like messing with the Aniston fans. it’s fun.

  202. 202
    gotcha !!! Says:


    gotcha !!!! that day when we identified you was the day of joy, laughter and disbelief!!!!

    you cunning fox !!!!

    now, we are not that dumb, we arent telling you our strategies !!!

    singing, gotcha, gotcha gotcha mole !!!!

  203. 203
    ChinFUG Says:

    I despise Jennifer Aniston. She is way TOO BORING! She should just think about the good old days of being with the Pitt-ster. Dumb slag wouldn’t have his kid… for what a career? WHAT A LOSER!!!!

  204. 204
    why Says:

    So I see you are still blaming Jennifer for all tthe bad press that Angelina gets. It’s always Jennifer’s fault. Isn’t it?

  205. 205
    Y?! Says:

    Maniston is a threat?! To whom?! Except, obviously, only to HERSELF.

  206. 206
    cool beans Says:

    Looking at JA’s pictures I cant help but feel very sorry for her. She looks like she is in soo much pain. Her funs do not help either coz they are still in denial. Why should you post a picture of Jen and Brad during the ” happier days”? It is over do not get hang up on the past.

    The train has left the station. I think it would be easier for all the parties involved if you would all move on. She is a nice girl I think and I wouldnt like to bash her. But she is not the first or last in hollywood to get divorced so please it has been two years and 4 children please move on. If Brad ever leaves Angie I doubt she would be that stuck up,,, I even doubt he would go back to her. They look so different to me in terms of personality and depth.

    This is my unbiased opinion.

  207. 207
    man Says: – 34k

  208. 208
    freddie Says:

    woof woof she looks the same doesn’t Courtney ever comb that poor baby’s hair.

  209. 209
    "GOLDEN SH$T" Says:

    “Fortunately Maniston the Homewrecker wrecked it or we will still have Mr Pitt semi-alive, spending his ‘quality’ time all alone in front of TV, while Maniston would cackle with her hens.”


  210. 210
    Fit Says:

    Aniston is a FAKE!!

  211. 211
    Katie Says:

    Something rather odd about these pictures, have you all never noticed how often in the past when the Arquettes are around, Jennifer always, always is standing closely to David? Holding onto to him tightly as if he belongs to her? Here again, stratgically closer to him and Coco, why not walk beside Courtney? I would think it a coincidence, but have seen this so often that it is becoming a tad unnervy, could Jennifer probably eat her own words and steal her best friends husband and the father of a child. Woe! That would be the end!

    BTW – she too has terrible veins!

  212. 212
    NOSE JOB??? Says:

    I thought she had a nose job? She needs a refund! LOL!!! And her fans thought she was a threat…Hahaha to that too!

  213. 213
    Bah Says:

    Those who bring the name of Angelina on a Jennifer thread are like little 6 year olds fighting at the gum ball machine for the “right” color. There is no share. Only fight. I’m sure Angelina advocates it!

  214. 214
    Didi Says:

    Jesus are you d*cks still fighting over this brangelina/chiniston sh*t? it’s been two f**king years get over it.

    chiniston hates kids, looks frigid and she never changes her f**king hair..thats the reason brad left her.
    also everytime he turned over in bed, he got concussion from banging into her iceberg chin. poor guy, there is only so much a man can take.

  215. 215
    Munch Says:

    Jen has a pair of a good and a blue contact lends. I envy her!

  216. 216
    Hags Says:

    # 163 | leafpure @ 05.29.2007 1:18 am

    yet you are here posting??? You’re the one who is boring. Don’t post if you find the site boring.. maybe you’re a ****** LOL

  217. 217
    Yeah!! Says:

    Jen looks really good.

  218. 218
    let's all take a random guess! Says:

    Well since it seems everyone’s just taking random guesses as to what happened in the love triangle of the century, let me venture a guess too:

    I don’t think anything was wrong with Jennifer Aniston. I don’t think she “drove” Brad Pitt to divorce. By all accounts, even Brad Pitt’s, Jennifer Aniston was always great, the one who “everyone gravitated too”, the one who “provided the warmth.” In interviews and red carpet appearances, she seems very down-to-earth, not necessarily the over-achiever that Angelina Jolie has all of a sudden become, but the really “girl next door” type. I think that’s why she’s very well-liked. She has great comedic timing, parlayed her talent into an iconic t.v. show, and married one of the most handsome celebrities. Didn’t it give the rest of us hope? Haha, maybe not, but Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston seemed to suit each other really well.

    Now I was never a big Angelina Jolie fan but that’s not to say that I had/have anything against her. I think she’s talented, good-looking, and does a lot of good for her causes but personally, I moreover admire other people who already do the same. Great actresses like Meryl Streep, beauties like Diane Lane, mothers that adopt many children like Mia Farrow. I’m neither bothered nor inspired by Angelina Jolie…and I certainly wouldn’t think to compare her to Jennifer Aniston. I think they are great in their own ways.

    Brad Pitt — what can I say? The guy is absolutely dreamy. His amazing looks let him get away with anything…almost. I think he is ultimately to blame for his divorce. Marriage is a commitment. People change, things change but the privilege of marriage takes hard work. I think that when Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie, perhaps with her help, he saw a way out of his commitment and justified it with “changing”. I think he was enticed by the prospect of someone younger, more the “bombshell beauty” type, a life of traveling and an immediate family, and chose to leave his wife for that life INSTEAD of creating that life with her. I really don’t believe for a second that their divorce was about whether or not Jennifer Aniston wanted children. Even if she said she wanted to wait — if YOU told your husband that you wanted to wait — shouldn’t he stay with you and wait until you were ready. That’s what marriage is about, folks. I think Brad Pitt was madly in love with his wife before and during initially getting to know Angelina Jolie. But when temptation came, he wasn’t strong enough for his marriage.

    In the end, I think it all worked out okay. It’s better that Jennifer Aniston is on her own. Think about if they did have kids and Brad Pitt wanted out of their marriage? Angelina Jolie has the partner she needs to raise her children. And Brad Pitt, well he’s a beautiful guy but I think he’s rather spineless. It seems like he can be convinced to do anything. (Maybe I can convince him to give me a kiss, haha!)

    Okay, go ahead and call me crazy. It’s okay because aren’t we all a little crazy??? Hahaha.


  219. 219
    Hags Says:

    # 179 | twokids2 @ 05.29.2007 1:29 am

    thanks for the pics of A&B love it… do you got some more???? :-)

  220. 220
    Pul Says:

    Jen looks lonley but beautiful at same time.
    Coco is really cute.

  221. 221
    Stop blaming Says:

    # 218 | let’s all take a random guess! @ 05.29.2007 3:26 am

    As you say, it is a random guess and your guess is as good as mine.

    My guess is, Jennifer is probably quite a nice person but insecure (she cries because some nobody thinks she homely!) Brad said nice things about her because he held her in genuine affection, but really their marriage was pretty much over by the time Troy rolled around (6 months they don’t bother to see each other except for a week and SHE has to force herself to get there, her words, not mine). But even after he finds himself attracted to Angelina, he doesn’t disappear but tries to make an effort to get back with Jennifer, hence the Cannes Troy promotion, amongst other things.

    She said and said and said she wanted children all the way back to when they first married (check out some 2001 joint interviews). Then said she wanted to wait till friends was over, then signed up to 3 movies in 2003 to 2004 (RHI, Derailed and FWM), not including the ones lined up for her in plan B including Wanted and The SEnators Wife.

    I think there are some promises in a relationship that cannot be broken without consequences of a serious nature to the relationship. Promises to break a destructive addiction to alchohol, gambling, drugs, promises to start or not start a family, promises to stay faithful or not, promises not to be violent. I would walk out on my husband immediately if he were violent to me or my children. I may give my man 2 chances for not stopping a destructive addiction. Depending on my age, I would wait between 6 months and 2 years to start a family if he isn’t ready.

    But honey, I wouldn’t wait till my husband was ready to stop his Sh*t just because I’m married to him. This isn’t about fault. It’s about preserving my self respect and and being married to a man whom I trust and respect. If your husband or wife breaks fundamental promises over and over again, how can you trust him or her? Without trust, why stay in a relationship just because you are married, unless you have children to consider. But then Brad and Jen didn’t have children to consider….

  222. 222
    ronron Says:

    guys jennifer choose her life, she choose to leave in loneliness, y are u blamimg angelina, if your relationship to your husband is solid no othe woman can destroyed it, it’s not the kids issue or career issue, is just that life is a matter of choice, she choose that kind of life so she deserve it,no one is to be blame, is just happen that angelina is the girl that brad met in time he think that he is not happy on his marital life, what if other woman not angelina? are you still blaming that girl?

  223. 223
    KELL Says:

    Jennifer looks absoulutely beautiful

  224. 224
    LJ Says:

    Thanks. Jennifer looks really nice. And please why the h.. everytime when here are pics of Jen Angie fans come to say stupid things. Let it go people!!! And what’s wrong to spend holidays with your best friends???

  225. 225
    Munch Says:

    When Jen done nose’s and chin’s job, Mr.A hided her face. I guess he had something job on his face, so now he hides himself. So classy!

  226. 226

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr poor old woman¡¡

    man man man man

  227. 227

    ugly ugly ugly

  228. 228
    tina Says:

    She is always around this family…this is not healthy.

  229. 229
    robert Says:

    Funny to see that so many people hate Jen Aniston for divorcing her former husband Brad. And for being with her friend Courtney. And for loosing weight. For making movies. For dating Vince or for simply hanging out with with friends.

    Seems she is just hated for everything – jealousy anyone?? I think people blame her for their own misfortune. Sad in deed. Move on everyone, like Jen did long time ago. And admit it, she still looks hotter than ever and is more rich than any one of you haters even dare to dream of.

    Yet again, she keeps getting blamed for everybody’s weight gain, in general – everyone’s miserable life…

  230. 230
    Lori Says:

    Wow, she looks great, the picture of health. So natural and very pretty.

  231. 231
    Bravora Says:

    Does Jen has any fans!!!
    in our country nobody knows her!!
    shes not our type!!
    she looks like a man!!
    ooopps sorry,i should have said that
    i forgot this is her page!!

  232. 232
    Diana Says:

    She looks like one of the Olsen twins, seriously? Love her beach attire, down to the sunglasses (they rock) simple and so her. Lovely!

  233. 233
    miki Says:

    could you imagine skeletor Angelina wearing this outfit?Don’t think so,she would look f*ugly in it…On the other hand Jen looks great,hot preety much amazing,way to go Jen

  234. 234
    Bravora Says:

    to ron ron

    your absolutely right!!
    if the marriage is very stong no one can break that!!!

  235. 235
    Mediterranean Says:

    Can anyone of you explain to me:

    1- did Jen have a brown eye colour before, now blue

    2-did Jen have a much longer chin before, now a little shorter one

    3-did Jen have a bigger nose before, now a little smaller one?

    Please do look at the photos on #210, and answer my question! Please!

    I can’t come up with any logical respond but the plastic surgery and blue colour lenses which she has been denying about it!!!

  236. 236
    stop blaming !!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    To 218 | let’s all take a random guess! @ 05

    Sorry to burst your bubble, if the whole goddamn world follow what you think. Marriage is so sacred, that should never be boken even your are unhappy together. then divorce rate in good ole USA would not be as high as 50% or more, and >80% in Hollywood. Whether you like it or not. NOT ALL MARRIAGE WORK AND WHAT MAKE YOU SO SURE THAT BRAD DIDN’T TRY TO WORK IT UP. Do you think they just wake-up one morning and decide to have a divorce ? From several insiders, they were seeking marriage counseling since 2003, and I think the later half of 2003 was sort of trial separation. obviously , it didn’t work. I beleived with or without Angelina, that marriage will eventually kaput!
    Stop blaming Brad for the millionaire Jenjen lonelinees ,careerless, childless. Oh please, she’s almost 40, it’s time to take some responsiblity rather than acting like a young teen blaming everyone except herself!
    Never like her before, despise her now!!!!!!!

  237. 237
    WW3 Says:

    thiis is really funny!!
    if you to brangelina nolg fans of aniston are there!
    if you got to Manniston’s blog Brangelina fans are there!!
    this is the word-war 111 lol!!

  238. 238
    grasshopper Says:

    Stop denial !She is not pretty , just average, I’m sure your mother or sister are much prettier than her. With that sunglass, she look exactly like Bozo the clown.

  239. 239
    Rena Says:

    My husband is plastich chirug, he said JA has a chin’s job

  240. 240
    melissa Says:

    JA is a *****. she always makes peoples life hell.

  241. 241
    becca Says:

    Coco is beeeautifullll. Lovely. Most beautiful person in the pictures lol.

  242. 242
    Cool Video Says:

  243. 243
    Original Curious Says:

    218 | let’s all take a random guess!

    As I jumped in and out over the past week, I thought of the negativity put out by JA fans, and of course, that led to her destructive VF article. Which led me to ponder your very question. My thoughts?

    1. JA is who Brad, the boy from MO thought he should be with. Have a family with. You know, the cheerleader; perky, with lots of friends (no pun intended). They’d get married, have a bunch of kids, and live in the Hollywood version of rose covered cottage.

    2. Angie is who Brad, the actor, the artist, the kid who asked his mom why everyone wasn’t as fortunate as he was is attracted to.

    Well, there were no kids, no apparent togetherness (like the JPs do alternating work schedules), and really not much in common. Where was Brad’s ‘wife’ when he went to Africa? Additionally, they grew in totally different directions. He seemingly toward the world and wanting to make a difference; she, from what I’ve seen didn’t change/grow that much. Perhaps her insecurity stopped that, who knows. I firmly believe that they BOTH are better off apart.

    What keeps my compassion from reaching out to the ex is her utterly stupid attempt to bring Brad and Angie down. That VF article lost her points FOREVER (unless retracted); it’s part of what fuels the flames between the two “sides” and that is just unforgivable.

  244. 244
    Not all Jen's Fault Says:

    Don’t blame Jen alone for the dependecy going on with the Arquttes. Have you ever wondered why Courtney and David allow it? Maybe, it’s because having Jen around stops them from dealing with each other, she acts as a buffer. I think if David and Courtney had to spend all these time alone, their marriage will be over. David is younger and a free spirit, while Courtney is controlled and quite rigid in her ways. I remember reading an article where David said Courtney threw out all his comic books. I don’t think it was a nice thing to, I bet she knew hehad comic books before they got married. You can’t marry a child and expect a man, she should have known who David is and accepted him.

    In my opinion, Jen is helping their marriage last longer than it normally would.

  245. 245
    nyc Says:

    I feel really bad for David. You know by now he’s like, “Jesus, she’s coming over again?”

  246. 246
    In Da House Says:

    The Brangaloonies are in da house!

  247. 247
    [Fug Face You] Says:

    wow. theres alot of comments, I didnt know [x] was so popular.

  248. 248
    Joey Says:

    I think she is stunning. I know a guy that met her in Chicago and said she’s the most nicest down to earth celebrity.

    There’s a lot of crap that is thrown her way, I think Jared is great for not falling into that trap crap.

  249. 249
    tired of trash talk Says:

    242: Jen was never a cheerleader and unlike Brad even has had her artwork displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Please GET IT RIGHT. Brad was more interested in architecture FYI.

  250. 250
    gif Says:

    I HATE THIS BEEYOTCH…Hope she just go away…I mean far far far away. Another photo-op I am sure she called those papparazzis

  251. 251
    Norman Says:

    She’s fugly as always. Those thin lips of hers are just gross.

  252. 252
    Cathy Says:

    Brad and Angelina must be so ashamed of their
    fans. Here they are pushing for world peace
    and their fans rag on everything.

  253. 253
    Norman Says:

    Cathy…& your fellow obnoxious fans are always at Brad & Angelina threads spewing hatred against them. Taste your own fcuking medicine. I just hate these ANUSton fans. They are all devils!

  254. 254

    Gosh a lot of women here pretending to be a man. Knock it off…we can smell a fraud! Oh they are just like their stupid idol…fradus as always.

  255. 255
    Go Jen Says:

    To Sofia, how pathetic are your friendships you can’t spend a lot of time with them.

    There’s no evidence that Jen with them every waking moment. She spent 3 holidays with them so what. “Your grasping at straws”

    Do you not spend time with your family every holiday? Well there like family.

    Find a valid point and prove it.

    I love when people grasp at straws, it’s a reflection that they are going through there own issues.

    Brad go back to your Sunny California Girl
    Instead of being with that Dark Gothic Bi**ch

    She recently admitted that Shiloh was conceived while he was still married. Karma’s coming

  256. 256
    to jp's Says:

    in case know one knows joey is angelina collects orphans twokids2 deepest black and others she uses the same names on ph and answers herself,for instance she will say neg.about aj or shi then she will answer herself with new name with words such as ‘i agree with so an so aj is ..and so forth.this jennut is fowl on ph im talking so fowl she calls shi and z nasty names.

  257. 257
    Stop blaming Says:

    # 243 | Not all Jen’s Fault @ 05.29.2007 7:36 am
    Don’t blame Jen alone for the dependecy going on with the Arquttes. Have you ever wondered why Courtney and David allow it? Maybe, it’s because having Jen around stops them from dealing with each other, she acts as a buffer. I think if David and Courtney had to spend all these time alone, their marriage will be over.


    That thought has crossed my mind. However, we shall see….


    # 251 | Cathy @ 05.29.2007 8:39 am
    Brad and Angelina must be so ashamed of their
    fans. Here they are pushing for world peace
    and their fans rag on everything.


    Cathy, let me help you rephrase:

    Jennifer must be so ashamed of her fans. Here she is saying that she has moved on and her fans are still living in the past:


    # 254 | Go Jen @ 05.29.2007 9:12 am
    Brad go back to your Sunny California Girl
    Instead of being with that Dark Gothic Bi**ch


  258. 258
    brodie Says:

    oh god you people are pathetic, courtney is there with them are you blind. why if there is a pic of jennifer aniston do we end up getting comments about angelina jolie? they are to different people, nobody cares about something that happened 2 years ago. stop living in the past people. what happened cannot be changed. but saying that stop attacking jen for something that was out of her control. and she can hang round whoever she wants its her life. they are her friends. its not your place to leave rude nasty comments, like saying she looks like a man thats absolutely horrid. people need to grow up

  259. 259
    indiesr Says:

    People grow up and stop the madness. Admit it. Jen looks good. I am a brangelina fan to the core, I never thought jen and brad were a good match, but I do like jen as well. Yes it is possible to like all 3 individuals and say nice things about them….However, Jen normally hides with her water bottle when the paps try to take her photos, that I do find a little odd that she is not hiding, but maybe she just gave up with the paps??? :)

  260. 260
    Paige Says:

    I have and always will love Jennifer Aniston. She is beautiful and a great comedienne. I think she should find a new show on tv and blast back into the public eye. You know it has to be hard to see her ex and his new love plastered on every magazine, looking ssoooo happy while she has yet to find love again.(I dont count Vince Vaughn. Notice how, since they broke up, you NEVER see him.) Have a nice day yall.

  261. 261
    white hairs! Says:

    She has lots of white hairs already! Well, i suppose its normal, she is almost 40.

    Anyway, doesnt she go out with other people? she is always with the same crowd, and to think her fans always say that she has so many friends! But it seems i can count her in my 2 hands!

  262. 262
    Audrey Says:

    what a DOG!

    no talent for anything-love-life-acting.

  263. 263
    u hypocrites Says:

    LQQK at all the Angelina fans flocking here in groups to fight with each other, lol. It is all the same people, you know as well as I do these are all bampzs fans in disguise……………… ATTENTION PHSYCOS.. GROW UP..ANGELINA IS A OVERATED SCARECROW AND JEN IS A SHORT SELFISH BI=TCH! Brad is an ageing wanna be movie star..

  264. 264
    u hypocrites Says:


  265. 265
    Audrey Says:

    WHAT A DOG!!!!

    UGLY UGLY UGLY old witch!

  266. 266
    hahahahahahaha Says:

    jennifer seems so clean and fresh, angelina seems so used and dirty

  267. 267
    Munch Says:

    She isn’t anymore chinifer and not horseface.

    Congratulation on success of plastic surgeries ,Jen.

  268. 268
    u hypocrites Says:


  269. 269
    u hypocrites Says:

    love again.(I dont count Vince Vaughn. Notice how, since they broke up, you NEVER see him.) Have a nice day yall.
    Report Abuse # 261 | white hairs! @ 05.29.2007 9:52 am
    She has lots of white hairs already! Well, i suppose its normal, she is almost 40.

    Anyway, doesnt

  270. 270
    Austinite Says:

    With fans like these, who needs enemies. And that goes for both sides.
    Jeez people, does it hurt, all this vitriolic hatered?

  271. 271
    42kids2/deepestblackand so on Says:

    and joey /2kids/depest black/melissa/so on, how many times you gonna tell that chicago story??,, you told it over an over on ph, you are so freakin obvious,, oh and when you were posting on aj/bp threads as the deepest black you posted over and over again pics of brad/an manny in the jurassic days,, youre doing the same thing here,, sure you went on vacation,, and right ,,you have a family,, and just looked at the pics when you and your ‘imagine’ family came back from vacation,,and youre glad we remember you?,, you never left,haha hahahahaha me thinks you obe!sley, homely,lonely and cant get out of you hob around chair,, right piggly????hahahahahaha you are so TRANSPARENT!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA..Jen still looks toe up!!!!

  272. 272
    tabi Says:

    OMG. Why would Jared post a Jen thread. I’m not a fan of hers, but she’s going to get bash mercilessly on this site, because this is the official Brangelina site.

  273. 273
    Go Jen Says:


    I just read on the home page It was a

    WE’VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  274. 274
    Mmmmm Says:

    Oh boy the hags have arrived. Making themselves at home at JA thread b/c they are bored to death on the B&A thread … speaking of Death if she is too thin Angie must be dead.

    The hags are just as desperate as their idol. JA obviously not like the rest of the women on this blog, does not need a man to make her whole, complete and happy. That is so sad that all you women feel that is a requirement in life. That kind of needy & insecure behavior if for ppl like AJ and her pathetic fans.

    BP is insecure too, according to all you hags he needed a instant family. So what did AJ do? what she does best goes to the extreme .. and gets 4 kids in 2 years. She is so insecure and transparent, he will see through her soon enough. Well pretty much can see through her skin now … ugh!

    BTW Coco is so cute and just b/c she is not holding her doesnt mean she is not into her. She is into her about as much as AJ is into her Shi ..

  275. 275
    let the BAMPZS fans unite against the haters Says:

    be careful on what u write, fellow bampzs fans, some hags keep copying and pasting all our posts in another message board without jared’s permission..

  276. 276
    Julianne Says:

    Chin Chin reminds of an old spinster Auntie that we had growing up. Never married and the poor thing was jilted during the Korean war.

    So we inherited her at EVERY family function, and even though we loved her, it WAS a drag. She had no man in her life, had alot of money, and alot of time on her hands.

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say it didn’t cause some friction between my parents at times.

    With the money that Chin has, why not doesn’t she take her family on a vacation? Why doesn’t she travel?

    Why am I here? Because paybacks are a bieatch, and our (Brad and Angie) threads are always polluted with Fanistons, so how do you JenIdols like it?

    Sad, isn’t it, that going to the beach with Arquettes is the only newsworthy things she’s done in the last month? What a waste!

    Can’t get a man, can’t get a movie, can’t get along with her Mom, CAN look pathetic and sad with her new nose. She should just go back to television and admit that movie star material has proven to be beyond her grasp, not once, not twice, but three times.

    Now, to see a Beautiful Woman, check out Angie at Cannes, getting her man all riled up in the limo ride….

  277. 277
    si Says:

    All i can say is three years,it is absolutely time to move on folks, and stop acting like kids

  278. 278
    Mmmmm Says:

    # 276 | Julianne @ 05.29.2007 10:57 am

    Do you honestly believe that ppl come to B&A threads b/c they are a fan of JA? Ever think for a second in that little mind of yours that maybe ppl just dont like B or A?

    What is wrong with TV? Many movie actors have gone to TV … it is called work? Many great actors are on TV .. what is your useless point? Also, just b/c AJ is shacking up with BP is really the only reason she has worked on certain projects she is now riding that Pitt coattails.

  279. 279
    emma Says:

    damn, she looks SO good! what a great body, she gets more beautiful with age.

  280. 280
    Crystal Says:

    I just don’t know how she gets up every day knowing that she will probably see her ex husband on cover of another magazine with his new family…that would really suck!

  281. 281
    GOLDEN SH$T/Jennifer DUMPED by Pitt Says:

    Maniston succeeded in making you poor
    “fans” believe that she is sad.
    She is NOT sad (or she is a total
    psycho!), she is not EVEN embarrassed
    for being dumped and scorned!
    This “homewrecker” (quotation marks b/c,
    obviously, we know by now there was no
    home to begin with),
    STILL plays the same card of the pity-old-
    me-just to be in that all-important to
    her spotlite. There is NO other “reason”
    for her to be there! Riding people’s
    (eg, B&A, V.V.) coattails is obviously the only
    way anyone would talk about her. THAT is
    SAD, after all this time. After all,
    all the posts are exactly about that.
    Maniston does nothing, and then Huvane
    puts her in the tabs AND the blogs AND
    buys STUPID ‘awards” for her!!!
    Her therapists are bad, not doing a good
    job. One of them died on her, and THAT’s
    been her biggest loss (as she said in
    her Vogue interview AFTER the divorce).
    GET IT?
    You do the math.

  282. 282
    I have to say it Says:

    I’m not pro anybody, but since this is a Jen thread, I’m giving an opinion on the situation as I see it and it’s more to her favor. I wouldn’t post this on Angelina’s thread.

    As “brave and bold” as Angelina determines to be, she is still too scared to marry Brad. She’s afraid that if she does, it will ruin their relationship and they will break up. They’ve both married before and when you meet Mr. Right, it’s right. The other marriages don’t matter anymore. You take the chance if you absolutely cannot live without that person and know that he’s the one. If things were so destined, secure, happy and heavenly, they would wed because they are bringing more and more children into their lives. They would throw care to the wind.

    Aha, Jen can smile knowing that Angelina is too scared to marry Brad, and I think Brad is a little frightened himself knowing that Angelina is scared. He knows that Angelina is not a “wife.”

    Jen Aniston will be the only woman Brad married. Angelina is a girlfriend and a partner to raise kids.

  283. 283
    coco Says:

    Report Abuse # 134 | desert rose
    Tell that to Aniston she hasn’t forgiven her mother up to this day.

  284. 284
    TO # 282 Says:

    Excuse me, but it is more than obvious that
    “marrying BP” is not a “goal” for Angelina!

    She is more successful than him (THAT IS
    FIRST FOR HIM!)in just about everything.
    She is the biggest star in the known
    universe, and the most famous humanitarian.
    But, she is ALSO humble, and KNOWS HER
    PRIORITIES. She put Cannes on fire
    single-handedly! and, as her partner in
    AMH said, “Angie is larger than life yet
    so dawn-to-earth.” That is simply the TRUTH.

    Matt Damon, their good friend who knows
    them well, said that they will marry
    when THEY will feel like it.

    “Marrying BP” is NOT a “goal” for ANGELINA
    as it was for Maniston.

    Loving and caring about the P.E.R.S.O.N
    that is BP – hell, YES!

  285. 285
    I have to say it Says:

    Of course, it’s not a goal, but I think it’s not a goal because of F-E-A-R. Damon knows it too. He knows that they are avoiding it because they don’t want to ruin a good thing.

    Despite what all these hip celebs say, marriage is still a goal for most people. It’s a goal worth striving for. It doesn’t matter how much more successful Angelina is than Brad. What matters is the deepness of the love they share. She doesn’t completely trust their love.

  286. 286
    POSTS 281 and 284 Says:

    To the poster and posts 281 and 284

    ((( CLAPPING!!! CLAPPING!!! )))

    ((( CLAPPING AGAIN!!! )))

  287. 287
    lurker Says:

    “All i can say is three years,it is absolutely time to move on folks, and stop acting like kids”
    I agree so much. All of this talk is ridiculous. I wish you guys could see yourselves from the outside and realize what fools you sound like.

  288. 288
    Fake name Says:

    WOW! 288 posts! You Loonies spent more time in here than your beloved JP’s.

  289. 289
    Joyce Says:

    I think Jen looks great. And she might not even be single. I bet she has a secret boyfriend or whatever. When did she and Vince break up? October? I don’t think she’s been celibate all this time. And how did hanging out with your bestfriends in Memorial Day become desperate? Is it really that strange to be hanging out with your friends on a holiday?

    And enough with the Angie/Brad/Jen crap…move on people! I admit I am a Jen fan but I’m also a Angie fan. So what if Jen is single and doesn’t have kids? Many women are in their late 30s and are still single and childless but the unfortunate thing is that Jen has to be single and childless in the public eye. Angie is so amazing to be adopting these children and giving them a better life and the love they deserve. And Brad is…well Brad. Why can’t people see the good in these people instead of pointing out the bad? Move on people…Brad, Angie and Jen obviously have!

  290. 290
    renee Says:

    she’s fine.
    just don’t find any inspiring actions from her. it’s always about the hair, the body, the tanning….
    there are more than those in life.
    well, she looks happy. so it’s good for her AND her fans.
    but my opinion, she’s aimless. and i think she feels lonely inside. look at her friends. they all have the family of their own. meanwhile, man only has her *******. i hope she gets what she deserves. that’s all.

  291. 291
    Sarah Says:

    She is really gorgeous… I loved this pics. Thanks!

  292. 292
    katie Says:

    You people talk about purposes like it’s an obligation. You guys look at your own purposes first and then talk about other people’s.

    Whe I see you all and every single clebritygoing to Pakistan/Africa/China/etc to help out the poor and hungry then we can criticize whoever. Different purposes are made for different people and Jen doesn’t have to follow the footsteps of AJ to look better in the public eye – let her be who she wants to be, after all that is what we all try to be right?

  293. 293
    tondogirl Says:

    once an ugly chin always an ugly chin…loser!!! chinnochio on the loose!!! FUGLY…QUEEN OF CHIN~~~~

  294. 294
    bloody mary Says:

    # 292 | katie @ 05.30.2007 8:21 am

    The sad thing is everybody thinks that there is some GREATER good that everybody should be doing. Once Jolie started becoming a humanitarian, all her fans think that’s the only way to go in life. Everything else is suddenly meaningless. No. Life is about living, and it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you find joy in it. For some, it’s helping the poor. For others it’s helping battered women. Still others find purpose in animal causes. There is no one right thing to do. To each his own.

    For some people, acting is a dream come true. It’s all they ever wanted to do and they are satisfied and happy doing it forever. Brad Pitt was satisfied with it until he got older and realized he’s not going to be pretty forever. His goals changed and that’s okay.

    Jen Aniston may be very satisfied with her work. She doesn’t have to be a huge star like Jolie. If she loves doing what she’s doing and it gives her joy, then she’s doing exactly what she was called to do.

    Jen gives to charity. She supports causes. She’s doing her part. If she wants to expand her life later and get married or have a child, so be it. It’s her life and she doesn’t have to prove anything to us. She just needs to do what she wants to do.

    Some women marry young and have a family and find later that they aren’t totally satisfied being a wife and mother. They find that they want a career or to do something on their own. We are all different and what satisfies one person will not satisfy the other.

  295. 295
    bloody mary Says:

    Katie I was basically restating what you said.

  296. 296
    Adrienne Says:

    I think Jennifer looks great. I also think it’s horrible and unnecessary for people to insult her for spending time with the people closest to her on holidays. And projecting loneliness and sadness on her simply based on paparazzi photos.

  297. 297
    To Mmmmmmm Says:

    Oh boy the hags have arrived. Making themselves at home at JA thread b/c they are bored to death on the B&A thread … speaking of Death if she is too thin Angie must be dead.

    The hags are just as desperate as their idol. JA obviously not like the rest of the women on this blog, does not need a man to make her whole, complete and happy. That is so sad that all you women feel that is a requirement in life. That kind of needy & insecure behavior if for ppl like AJ and her pathetic fans.

    BP is insecure too, according to all you hags he needed a instant family. So what did AJ do? what she does best goes to the extreme .. and gets 4 kids in 2 years. She is so insecure and transparent, he will see through her soon enough. Well pretty much can see through her skin now … ugh!

    BTW Coco is so cute and just b/c she is not holding her doesnt mean she is not into her. She is into her about as much as AJ is into her Shi ..
    You’right, she doesn’t need a man to make a whole complete and happy. It’s not enough for her, that’s why she relies constantly on a whole family instead of a man…usually and too often leaning towards her friend’s man if you ask me…

    And poor coco, her godmother never seem to have a tender gesture towards her. Of course, she cannot even stand babysit her once in a while. The child sense that. Maniston is cold and doesn’t like children period !

  298. 298
    Swank Says:

    here’s my 2 cents to wrap it up: It was reported that Jen was really cozy and even warmed up to the paps, thinking to herself…”oh please take my photo..i’m not really a has-been…i’m giving myself another 2 years in hollywood then i’m disappearing unless i find myself another brad pitt or another tv comedy series with real good actors in it (like lisa kudrow)….oh pls dear paps, i really missed you guys….pls take me back. I promise to spend even more hours a day (maybe 5 to 7) to make myself look this good.. oh, i hate myself, i’m so high maintenance in the looks department… took me 3 days worth of beauty work just to go to the beach for a few hours…”

  299. 299
    poor aniston Says:

    whoa aniston forgot to bleach her hair…the dark roots are coming out…she does look so plain with dark hair….need to cover her eyes with big shades since she is not wearing her blue contact lense…it is so hard for a plain looking person to look attractive…aniston really needs a lot of work just to look good….even after the surgery her nose is stil sticking out….goes to show that even surgery cannot make one look good…it has to do with the bone structure…..poor aniston she got all the bad structure…long chin…big nose….thin lips….any drag quuen with long chin can look like her

    poor poor jen…she is so plain looking

  300. 300
    jen needs a lot of work Says:

    sad that even the nose fix cannot make aniston stunning

  301. 301
    short legs aniston Says:

    this 39 year old woman is still showing her short legs…how pathetic… looks good on brit or jessica alba or beyonce..but not on a woman pushing 40…she is the only actress her age who keeps on showing her legs…someone tell this woman to act and dress her age…she is trying so hard to look 19 when she is already pushing 40…courtney is not wearing shorts…but this almost 40 year old still wants to have her pic taken wearing shorts…even anna nicole who is aniston’s age didn’t wear shorts or mini skirts when she was alive

  302. 302
    ron Says:

    Jen and Courteney. Love these 2 forever!

  303. 303
    brainwave Says:

    Just the sort of info I’ve been looking for! I’m still reasonably new to binaural beats.

  304. 304
    brain wave Says:

    From what I understand, there is a number of different technologies out there; brainwave entrainment, binuaral beats, isochronic tones, but I don’t really know the difference between these. Could you help at all?

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