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Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston joins celebrity pals Courteney Cox, hubby David Arquette and their daughter Coco, almost 3, on Monday in Malibu during Memorial Day weekend.

The former Friends star showed off her sun-kissed tan while walking from the Arquettes‘ Malibu mansion to a party held along the star-studded Billionaires Beach (a stretch of Californian real estate also known as Carbon Beach).

The typically shy Aniston was in good spirits, responding to a photographer’s compliment with well wishes of a “Happy Memorial Day.”

15+ pictures inside of Aniston, Courteney, David, and Coco

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  • Chuck

    a “Happy Memorial Day.”

    a happy b-day
    a happy new year
    a good 4th of july
    a happy thanksgiving
    a merry Christmas
    all these things I understand
    a “Happy Memorial Day.”
    I don’t get it
    it’s hard to memorialize my father & brother’s death in some senseless war in happiness
    :( :( :( :( :(
    I don’t get people like her saying, a “Happy Memorial Day.”

  • Lurking Is No Fun

    When is she going to work again?

    Her face looks weird above her lips. I hope she doesn’t get a baby to stave off loneliness…really unfair to the baby.

    Poor lonely, Jen….

  • kate

    Jen looks sexy and healthy and I hope she’ll meet a great man.

  • Sofia

    # 44 | To sofia @ 05.28.2007 10:56 pm

    No. it proves she is too dependent on the Cox-Arquette. I can understand her spending time with them Thanksgiving(2006) and Xmas(2006)..which she did by the way…but again Memorial(2007) Then what’s next…July 4th.

    See what I mean?
    Does this 38 going 39 yr old woman STAND on her own EVER!

    I have a BFF but guess what if I spent ALL the holidays of the year with her…I would notice something is amiss.

    It all comes to down to …add spice in life otherwise it is vanilla.
    I agree with you, but I’ve never seen her holding her god daughter, and every time I see her around a child she looks kinda unconfortable!

    Doesn’t she have a family to spend the holidays with?

  • Mindy

    When all is said and done, Jennifer Aniston will be known as a beautiful woman and America’s sweetheart while Angelina Jolie will always be known for what she does best- a homewrecker.

  • Jen collects Plastic

    HEY ANGLINA COLLECTS ORPHANS TAKING A BREAK FROM INsulting angelina and brad over at PH????Guess you cant call angelina,brad shiloh z, all those fowl disgusting curse names on jj, its a different ball game over here,but we all know you come on angie’s and brads threads here as twokids2 and the deepest black and so forth with all your other aliases btw MAN looks like SH–T!wow she still fugly and we know very well you are nofan of bampzs!!i KNOW WHO YOU BE!!!!

  • YaYa

    It’s weird that someone mentioned that she never looks at Coco because I thought the same thing. Odd. I guess her life IS Courtney. What did she do to her lips? She is looking old in the face though.

  • xtina

    uhhh…………shouldn’t she be on a film set somewhere working? Isn’t that why she didn’t have babies, so that she could be a big movie star? She does look good here btw.

  • nice glasses

    # 40 | A Plea to All
    There is no triange and never was a triange. Anyone with half a brain knows that. All triangle crap made up by tabloids. A marriage between two unhappy and dissatified people failed, divorce happened, people moved on with their separate lives. Happens every day. Unfortunately some fans have interwoven and overlaid their lives with a celebrity’s life. All who have done so need to move on. Life is what it is, not always what one wants it to be.

  • angelinammm

    looking good :)

  • To sofia

    So much opportunities to capitalize on her fame when it was at an all-time high in 2005-2006..missed.

    I can’t believe that her publicist who managered to gather all public on her side back then but can’t get her a movie greenlighted. WTF is wrong with this picture.

    This woman should be at a movie set now filming a movie somewhere in the US,Canada or Europe. Anything but what she is doing now. As long as it shows her as still bankable actress.

  • wobbler30

    She looks good and but she looks lonely. She needs to find something to keep her busy or something with purpose in life. All of the publicity from Cannes brought on this photo op o.k. and you know this. She has think like everybody else when they see their X living it up with his new wifey/partner. She is a human being. But as Angie stated in Vogue all of the publicity and people choosing sides for what they thought was right didn’t help the parties involved at all. That’s why her movie career flopped to much exposure for the wrong reasons. Now look at the so called homewrecker’s life FLOURISHING. I have strong christian faith and I know that Angie’s good works are meant from the heart and I hope and pray she and Brad are married and not living in sin because that will overshadow her good works in God’s eyes. But if she did do so much wrong and broke up their marriage I think she would have sank like a ship. I think she is telling the truth and did nothing to intentionally hurt this woman or break up a marriage, that’s why God continues to bless her and her family.

  • jane

    She looks great. I really love that she has good friends just like the rest of us.

  • [Fug Face You]

    Hey Chuck’y you need a tissue?

  • To Chuck

    # 50 | Chuck
    ITAWY. Death is not ever happy. Never, ever.

  • Daisy

    Well she doesn’t really seem, at least not to me, like a person that likes children. I think she’d be awkward around them to be honest.

  • Ba-dum-bum

    Why is David Arquette hiding his face? Is he that embarrassed to be seen with Jennifer Aniston?

  • sam


    She walks down a beach with friends to a party and thats a photo op! You really need to have your head examined.

    Also this is not an Angie/Brad thread. Please keep your posts to Jennifer. I think that enough time has past that the Angie/Brad fans can quit worrying about Jennifer. Continue to worship your idols, but leave Jennifer out of this.

  • Venus99

    Jen is getting scary thin. I hope she will find love soon. Yes, she is rich but she also need a SOULMATE.

  • SkankyHO

    I wish she would find someone soon…I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

  • Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs




    Just giving you fanistons a taste of your own medicine. Not so fun now, is it?

    And someone needs to tell her to lose that damn hair-do, she’s had the same one for years. And to me it always seems like she’s the third wheel, tagging along on the Arquette family outings. But w-e.

  • To sam

    wobbler30 – complimented Jen and seems nice to her in that post. She is just saying what alot of us without the team shirts see…

    that whatever Huvane told her to do in the begining…backfired on her. And Jolie repeated the same thing by saying, all this team shirt and taking sides does not help anyone involved.

  • natalie

    #38 – Courtneys sunglasses are Chanel.

  • Hiding My Real Name

    David Arquette looks absolutely ridiculous! What is wrong with him??? Absolutely agree–why is it O.K. to photograph his daughter, but not him? What a LOSER!

    I am a huge Brad and Angelina fan, so I should not be here at all, except I wanted to say how great I think X looks here, and I do hope she can fall in love soon. I think she handled her marriage and divorce badly, and is afraid to jump in again. Why is Vince “like it never happened”? I never believed it was a real relationship, and I am curious to know if her fans did. Also, who do her fans think would be a good match for her? (Forget Jake. If that were going to happen it already would have). Who else is out there? I always imagine a guy like John Stamos. What do fans think?

  • twokids2

    # 55 | Jen collects Plastic
    Hey, I’ve been away for a while and you can’t still not forget about me? WOW, I’m impressed. Well, now that you called me, let me tell you one thing, Angelina sucks!!!!

  • wobbler30

    #68 Sam
    I have the same as you and all the other posters to say what I feel on any thread. Does that go for you when you post comments about Anniston on Brad/Angie threads. I just read 3-4 threads where people come and post bad things about that couple. I at least am civil about my comments.

  • Farrah

    Those may not be tom ford glasses that manly has on but shes copying the style,but its useless she still looks fug and can we say ‘camel toe’ jen.

  • YaYa

    She’s an odd little woman though isn’t she?

  • http://htt// b
  • tali

    I saw all the pictures here. She doesn’t look unconfortable around Coco. I think she is unconfortable with the paparrazzi. And she probably holds and plays with her god daughter when she visits them, you don’t have to see the pictures to prove that. Anyway I think I saw a picture of Jen, Courtney and Coco at the beach when Coco was younger and Jen was being very sweet to her.
    Jennifer is looking gorgeous in these pics. Good for her!!

  • YaYa

    I’m just trying to figure out why with all that she has she’s hanging onto Courtney this way still? I mean, if she was seen going to an art gallery or for god’s sake even a library or book store it’d be better then seeing her w/Courtney and/or Courtney and David.

    I don’t get it. She makes herself appear pathetic. Get on with it Jen, Jesus.

  • jj

    He looks so hot with the baby. too bad nobody wants a picture of courtney. the baby is gorgeous

  • In hindsight…

    All three parties – Brad, Angelina and Jennifer:

    Angelina – went through 2 major life changes – 1.) her mother diagnose with cancer 8 yrs ago at the age of 23. Around that time she must have realized that it is time to get her act together as the one person that she loves dearly, her one and only parent is facing death. And she is going about life lost and without purpose. She started to figure out her life path and what she wants to do with herself in this lifetime. This ultimately led to the second life change. 2.) becoming a mother.

    Both of these major event shaped her into the woman that she is today.

    Brad – was drifting through life until he got to 40 and realized it(life) does not have to be like that. He was unhappy and thought about what would make him happy. i.e. family. So he went for it and grew up over the last 2 years to become the man that he is now – a father and partner. He is no longer defined by his career but by other interesting and important things going on in his life.

    It is now Jen’s turn to figure out what she wants.

  • paula zahn

    Photo number 7 she still has the around the mouth smoke lines so I assume the botox couldnt lift those and shes still smoking the pack and a half a day and what happen to her @ss its missing!

  • Lurking Is No Fun

    She is an odd woman, for sure. Don’t the Arquettes ever want to spend some time as a family or is this is a codependent B List Club? They need one another, and need to be tied to the coattails of B&A, because who would be interested in them if they weren’t?

    You Chin fans come to the Jolie-Pitt threads, so how does it feel?

    She looks like hell…and the plastic surgery makes her face look strange.

    Doesn’t she have any family?

  • To yaya

    that is exactly what sofia, maxine and I are trying to figure out too.

    It is pretty strange for an adult of 38 going 39 to behave like this unless there is something amiss.

  • A Plea to All

    For the love of God, let this end.Stop the insults.

  • heraldo

    its clear why anuston came out of her batcave shes hoping brad will take notice but could she please go back in or at least cover that mug of hers up.Coco’s cute and Courtney even botoxed as much as she is looks better,but so shameful shes imposing in their lives so much.

  • To yaya

    and whatever that is, it must have nothing to do with the cox-arquettes. Just hers.

  • Lurking Is No Fun

    I think there is something wrong with her.

    Nowhere beautiful…cute yeah. The look is getting old though. An almost 40 year old woman that still dresses like she’s 18.

    She needs to grow up and do something with her life..she is too old to be playing surfer girl.

    Produce a movie, write a book, go away!

  • Goldengirl Cassie

    # 18 | come on @ 05.28.2007 10:29 pm

    Support system. What did someone die. Please it’s been two years if she still needs a support system she needs professional help.

    You need a support system when people won’t let you forget something. After B&A gossip all last week, people are looking at Jen, expecting her to crack and commenting Poor Jen, Jen is sad & lonely, Jen is pretending to be happy… cruel things like that. People are so stupid and the way they have villainized her after the breakup of her marriage makes me afraid for B&A, who I actually admire as actors and people. It’s that Pride Before The Fall feeling. I sometimes think something terrible is going to happen and no, I’m not wishing it either. They have a beautiful family now. I felt the same way when Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) died. He was a true hero. He was so happy and was such a good husband father & role model. He lived every day doing good and feeling excited. He had a great purpose, but his life got snuffed out suddenly. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’ve learned not to gloat over other people’s pain and misfortunes.

  • lula29


    I think you’re right. Also, Jennifer Aniston really had a tough time with her mother. Her mother IMHO is cruel and no one deserves the way her mother treated her. No one.

    I think she’ll find happiness. She needs to hook up with Jake Gyllenhaal, they have crazy chemistry!

    The whole fight thing has been dragged out long enough. I think there are paid trolls who do go onto boards to really continue the controversy because the tabloids are making a killing off of this drama. There is no drama and everyone should let it go and let these people live their lives.

  • YaYa

    In all honesty, I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with her. I know she’s said before that she can stay in the house and not leave it for two weeks straight and be perfectly happy. That’s not normal. She never does anything. She doesn’t have any hobbies, you never even see her at a grocery store or even shopping let alone driving around LA. It’s always the same. Dinner with Courtney or dinner with Courtney and/or David or with Courtney and David on a holiday.

    She’s a really odd little woman

  • wedding crasher

    1. Courtney is gorgeous
    2. David is a tool
    3. Coco is cute as hell
    4. I can’t stand Jen but even I’m starting to feel sorry for her. Her career’s in the toilet and no one even try to give me the she’s on a break crap. You know it and I know it this 2+ years of not working has nothing to do with a voluntary break.
    It has every thing to do with her marketability or lack there of as an actor. She needs to try something new because what’s she’s doing isn’t working.

  • malaya

    She needs to go somewhere else and be seen like this independent woman who can fend for herself w/o Courtney holding her hand.

    How many photos have we seen recently that all family gatherings, holidays, and even intimate dinners, she spends and hang out with the Arquettes? Isn’t she close to her dad’s family or her brother’s?

  • SR

    Brad Pitt seems to be in a dark place now i.e. focussing on death and destruction, while with Jen he had a more colourful life.
    Not that Brad is unhappy with Angelina but watching the news in front of kids is quite disturbing. Especially when their focus is on misery.

  • To yaya

    that is what I mean…drifting through life.

    She got the cash no doubt. So why not do something with it. Something on her own.

    Forget men for a while. There are other ways to happiness than men.

    Firstly, do something with your life. As in fnid a purpose. And a career does not equal to a life purpose.

  • To yaya

    otherwise, I see a bad case of co-dependency going on here.

    Wishing her well.

  • YaYa

    That’s the other thing. Where is her family? Okay, she’s not close to her mother but what about her older brother? Her father? I don’t know about most of you but I meet my father and/or mother for lunch all the time. You get to a certain age and your parents become like friends. Jen is never seen with her father or brother. Again, odd.

  • Goldengirl Cassie

    #84 totally agree with your opinion