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Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston joins celebrity pals Courteney Cox, hubby David Arquette and their daughter Coco, almost 3, on Monday in Malibu during Memorial Day weekend.

The former Friends star showed off her sun-kissed tan while walking from the Arquettes‘ Malibu mansion to a party held along the star-studded Billionaires Beach (a stretch of Californian real estate also known as Carbon Beach).

The typically shy Aniston was in good spirits, responding to a photographer’s compliment with well wishes of a “Happy Memorial Day.”

15+ pictures inside of Aniston, Courteney, David, and Coco

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  • malaya

    # 98 | To yaya @ 05.28.2007 11:53 pm

    I think there are people who are just perennially unhappy. Its what keeps them going.

  • To To sam

    “that whatever Huvane told her to do in the begining…backfired on her.”
    I agree. There was no animosity exhibited when they first separated and then none when she filed for the divorce, just the normal sadness that a marriage failed. But then her rep/PR or someone she listened to gave her horrible advice that totally backfired on her career. Hollywood is a small place where all the successful folks know one another and work together, and they do not particularly care for people who go negative and violate an unspoken code due to the breakup of a marriage, especially people who have not had a successful movie career up to that point. She also was never an A lister. She should have emulated NicoleK who said little, never badmouthed Tom, moved on with her life, got an Oscar, and looked outside her safe circle for a new love. ReeseW has also said nothing, has never badmouthed Ryan.

    At some point the Arquettes must want some alone time without her.

  • Eva Luna

    Eh, she’s reached the level of fame that she was supposed to have all along, if she wasn’t married to Brad. Now she’s just like all the other Friends, having to work hard for the publicity and to get a decent project in movies or TV. The only way she appears on tablooids now is if she’s linked in some way to Brad and Angie.

    I don’t think Huvane, her publicist, could have done much for her. She’s no Nicole Kidman in the acting department and her movies proved that although she may have had goodwill from the public, no way people were going to pay 10 bucks to see her in sh*tty movies. That was her last chance to prove herself and she couldn’t.

    I can’t say I feel sorry for her, she is where she’s supposed to be. Professionally yes, because she’s one trick pony, and personally because she’s pathetically insecure and not too many men put up with that. The only one who could, she didn’t appreciate and went after to bring him down so nope, no sympathy here.

  • tali

    Yaya, if you are trying to figure out Jennifer from the pictures you see, you are going to have a hard time. The pictures don’t say anything about her hobbies or what she does, except what the paparrazzis are able to catch or what they want you to see. I even heard that she when to Chigago, yet there are no pics of that. This happens with every celebrity.
    And also this week there were pics of Courtney haging out with other friends, so I don’t see the problem of her hanging out with DA and CC.

    To Eleanor
    I think you post that comment on the wrong website, most of the people here are brangelina fans. I am not a brangelina fan, but not a hater either. I don’t usually come in here. I can’t believe that JJ posted something about Jen!!!

    I like Jen and I haven’t heard from her in a while. I think is good that she has a good time with her friends.

  • YaYa

    It must be her inner dialogue. Get our of your own head Jen! Find something, anything that brings you happiness and just do it. And give yourself space from Courtney and any other dependent relationship you have. It’s a big wide world out there filled with interesting people. Try and be one yourself

  • coco

    I feel sorry for the Arquettes, they can even have family time………….

  • Goldengirl Cassie

    # 83 | In hindsight… @ 05.28.2007 11:39 pm

    This is the comment I totally agree with.

  • candycandy

    Her chin seems to chang a little( shoter as ususal).

  • flowerpower

    Damn people! Leave the poor girl alone.You can see she’s depress. If Brad Pitt left me, I would be depress for years. You know You’ve got problems if Brad Pitt dumps you. Anyways I love FRIENDS!!!

  • cox fan

    Sorry, but i will never feel sorry for someone who has as much money as she does. i’m sure she would be successful if she went back to T.V like Courtney. Btw, what the hell happened to Lisa Kudrow? She was the funny friend and she is nowhere to be found on tv or movies.

  • coco

    Arquette’s CAN’T even have family time..

  • gotcha !!!

    75 | twokids2,3,4
    havent forgotten you, you susie-ritzy-mole.
    You sucks !!!! big fat liar, you’ll never have kids, never will, hahahah !!!!

  • sus

    i think she has moved on it is just the rest of the world ther has a problem of duingt that she look very very beatyful as always and so peasfull love her whish her all the best in the world

  • Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs

    Report Abuse # 80 | tali @ 05.28.2007 11:36 pm
    I saw all the pictures here. She doesn’t look unconfortable around Coco. I think she is unconfortable with the paparrazzi. And she probably holds and plays with her god daughter when she visits them, you don’t have to see the pictures to prove that.

    Oh, OH, okay, we don’t need pics to prove that Jen spends time with her Goddaughter. But we DO need pics to prrove that Angie spends time with her daughter Shiloh. Okay. Gotcha.


  • outsidelookingin

    Brad said in 2004 Vanity Fair:

    “Jen and I always made a pact; that we’ll see where this thing is going. I’m not sure it really is in our nature to be with someone for the rest of our lives, just because you made this pact. You keep going as long as you keep growing.”

    …You keep going as long as you keep growing.

    Brad has never been one to talk about ex relationshps, however this quote says it all. Looking at these sets of pictures and others in the past year. Aniston has not grown much during her marriage and after. When you look at what Brad is doing with his life, father of four & helping others, traveling & learning. I can’t imagine what his life would be like if he had stayed with Aniston.

    Jennifer said Vanity Fair 2005:

    “…There are all these levels of growth—and when you stop growing together, that’s when the problems happen.”

    “”I think—it changed,” she says haltingly. “We both changed.”

    She sighs again. “You do the best you can, and I think we did. We did the best we could.”


    If you re read the vanity fair article of Brad
    & Jen (without bennets & her friends comments& tabloid rumors- horrible article) the reasons for Brad & Jen relationship ending is there.

    Who stop growing?

  • tali

    To #115 Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs

    I never said that Angelina doesn’t hold Shiloh, if you read my recent post you would see that I usually don’t come in here and I don’t post against Angelina.
    Sorry, buit take your anger against someone else!!!

  • June

    # 96 | SR @ 05.28.2007 11:52 pm
    Brad Pitt seems to be in a dark place now i.e. focussing on death and destruction, while with Jen he had a more colourful life.

    What life. They split. Obviously wasn’t that colourful.

    What makes you think Brad is focused on death and destruction. Read up before commenting.

    Coco is cute everyone else in these photos are boring.

    Jen does need to mature in her dress sense. the short shorts look trashy.

  • eye candy

    Brad Pitt could leave me and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Just a normal handsome man to me. Never understood his massive appeal.

  • R

    great skin tone 4 someone so close to teh big 4-0

    sad she keeps hanging onto DA and CCA like a 3rd wheel; needs a life of her own

  • to jen fans

    to all Jen fans-

    Have you guys supported her in the movie theatre ?

    Where were you on these movies, friends with money, derailed and rumor has it?? Why are these movies grossing so low?

    Are you Jen fans young in age like,the tweenies who cant afford a $9 movie ticket but rely on Netflex?

    How big is this fan base? Why is the movie grossed so low???

    The movie Break up gross over 100M in the US, but is it because of Vince who has a special following? Someone argued that Jen actually dragged this movie down, because Vince previous movie,the wedding crasher grossed over 200M. Had Vince picked a different actress and NOT Jen, the movie TBU might have grossed higher.

    Why is this thread have no links, no articles on Jen? Are the Jen fans educated people or mostly in the lower income group? Why didnt I see some thoughtful post in this thread?

    Is this what all the Jen fan capable of, saying things like “….she looks great….”. Can the Jen fans have more substance in their post?

  • Maria

    why is Jennifer Aniston always a third wheel to Courtney and David? She’s so clingy. No wonder Brad moved on.

    she needs to move on independently.

  • Your ruin our thread, I ruin urs

    To #117 Tali

    You know, you’re right, and I’m sorry I directed it at YOU. I was directing it at the others, and they know who they are. :)

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    jan brady at the beach. eww.

  • verona

    shouldnt she be out having brunch with her main man norman,and then taking her main best girl friend dolly to the mall for a matching dress.


    Honestly? I HATE this fugly-INSIDE and out-woman. She is responsible for all the rubbish fired Brad and Angie’s way -esp Angie’s who was never in that experimental merger, and never dumped her (his?) sorry a-ss.
    That bloody fake, INVENTED “golden sh$t” was already dead and buried. And what Maniston does? Feeds hate those gullible people (who still, like zombies, haunt blogs and whine and whine, and do nothing else, along with Man).
    That boomeranged on her. What is she going to be remembered for?? NOTHINHG! that is the only justice.

  • Ain’t she gorgeous?
  • to Hiding My Real Name

    What a joke, yeah you are huge fan of JP’s, right and I the queen of England!
    So you haters play the same game here. LMAO.
    Please wear your glasses or contacts, the woman is mediocre at best. So what is with the THINNIG hair, dark roots and OMG the collar bones.
    When I fist logged on all I saw was the ugly COLLAR BONES sticking out to make a skeleton jealous.
    She needs a refund on the nose job, find a job and a boyfriend and get pregant ASAP. Her biological clock is TICKING LOUDER than BIG BEN! Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc :-)

    D a m n it Bradley, you are one lucky dood for seeing the light and dumping the pathetic, talentless, insecure THING as yesterdays TRASH.

    Have fun looking at your not so gracefully AGING idol and light a few candle or scream at the ocean so that she can get a movie deal.

  • Realitycheck

    In hindsight…
    All three parties – Brad, Angelina and Jennifer:

    Angelina – went through 2 major life changes – 1.) her mother diagnose with cancer 8 yrs ago at the age of 23. Around that time she must have realized that it is time to get her act together as the one person that she loves dearly, her one and only parent is facing death. And she is going about life lost and without purpose. She started to figure out her life path and what she wants to do with herself in this lifetime. This ultimately led to the second life change. 2.) becoming a mother.

    Both of these major event shaped her into the woman that she is today.

    Brad – was drifting through life until he got to 40 and realized it(life) does not have to be like that. He was unhappy and thought about what would make him happy. i.e. family. So he went for it and grew up over the last 2 years to become the man that he is now – a father and partner. He is no longer defined by his career but by other interesting and important things going on in his life.

    It is now Jen’s turn to figure out what she wants.
    I agree…Some people figure out what they want to do with their lives early inlife and others take awhile. And not everyone wants the same thing.

    I think that both Brad and Angie figured out what they want out of life and that was not what Jen wanted. The breakup with Brad was a wake up and now she’s trying to figure out what she wants.

    It may not have anything to do with kids and if that is the case, better she finds out now before there are any kids in the picture.

    She has enough money, such that she doesn’t have to work another day in her life.

    If she wants an acting career, well then she needs to get her butt out there. I get the impression that’s not what she really wants. If she really wanted to, she could use her money to help further her acting career. Just because she started out as an actress does not mean that’s all she does the rest of her life.

    Right now, she looks like she just wants to hang out with friends, go shopping, go to the gym, sunbathe…and that’s great for her. She’s not hurting anyone and she isn’t out self-destructing.

  • Brad…methodical, deadly..

    Didn’t Angie say that Brad was methodical, he takes his time to figure out how he wants to handle something and goes about it seemlessly?
    Jennifer Anistons SLOW & PAINFUL DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD is now complete, Well done Brad, well done indeed.

  • Fit

    COPY CAT, she wore the same sunglasses previously wore by Ms. Jolie

  • Jane

    The Arquettes are not being forced to be friends with Jennifer, so what is the problem? It is NORMAL, not pathetic, for friends to hang out together.

    I think Jennifer has gained a few pounds since her post-divorce weight loss, when she really was too thin. Her body looks perfect now. I think the shorts are appropriate for the beach.

    I don’t know if Brad did anything for Jennifer’s career, but he has definitely helped Angie’s–he got her the part in “Mighty Heart,” which is by far the best acting role she’s had in years.

  • lina

    coco is such a lovely little girl! so okay, i like jennifer aniston, she has a certain likeability and it’s not the same for most people. DUH. i just think it’s funny that people are quick to point out that oh, “she looks depressed, what a third wheel, manface”. WHATEVER. we’re all entitled. i personally think her nose job has made her look softer, she is looking slimmer, but still healthy as shown by the thighs. gosh i love the clavicles though. anyway, i’m also an angelina fan, but lately, hmm… she’s been looking gaunt, depressed, unhealthy and just plain… tired. i’m sure the hardcores are gonna be quick to point out that her mother just passed, and she must be working really hard on all her causes, but that’s my point. these celebrities all have their somethings, it’s hilarious that so many of us turn the bitch buttons on just because we don’t like someone, even though we don’t really know exactly what these PEOPLE are really going through. so more power to jennifer, if she’s happy with her millions and her many friends, well, good for her. i’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t mind being blessed with a smidge of the same.

  • Huh

    Her movie career is finished; nothing in the pipe at all. No personal life; all she does is hang onto C. Cox’s life. Does Aniston ever go anywhere or do anything? She lunches or walks on the beach. I’m probably in the minority on this, but I think Brad drifted away mostly because she was so boring, rather than the baby issue.

  • http://xxxx desert rose

    Jeniffer looks great,and she will always look great.

    As for Aniston haters, Angelina will always be a homewrecker, she keeps saying her priority is her family and adopts 3 kids when she can’t even forgive her own father, Charity begins at home!

  • serena

    FUNNY! FIT, although i highly doubt that you are, jennifer is actually wearing the tom ford “jennifer” sunglasses, angelina wore the “whitney” style. it’s like, why do people have to be soo negative, miserable much??

  • to flowerpower

    # 109 | flowerpower @ 05.29.2007 12:05 am
    Damn people! Leave the poor girl alone

    EXCUSE ME, since when do we refer to an almost 40 YEAR old as a GIRL?????????????????????
    Or could it be that you are talkig about Rachel Green :-)You are delusional.

  • cox’s other friend

    Jenbland has morals alright she smokes and she hasnt spoken to her mom nancy since 1998.nancy wrote a book about jenbland and she pratically jumped poor nancy.and lisa kudrow even said jenflea was co-dependent she said afterwards it was just a joke but we know it wasnt, this is when they were ending friends and asked if they had all become dependent on the other,,poor david he didnt bargain for all jenbland issues, brad couldnt take it anymore she drained him pratically dry,now shes ruining poor courtneys marriage and coco is afraid her face its the boogie man i mean wo-man.

  • Brad Fan

    Where is her ex Vince Vaughn? I thought they were getting back together. So it was all for the movie huh? Not cool Jen and ditch the Goldie Hawn look.

  • Hello?

    Report Abuse # 134 | desert rose @ 05.29.2007 12:50 am
    Jeniffer looks great,and she will always look great.

    As for Aniston haters, Angelina will always be a homewrecker, she keeps saying her priority is her family and adopts 3 kids when she can’t even forgive her own father, Charity begins at home!

    What does adopting kids have to do with forgiving her dad?? She can’t forgive her dad and I doubt she will anytime soon. I can’ stand it when people rant about Angie adopting children. they act like it’s a bad thing. She’s helping out needy kids. what have you done?

  • Hello?

    **I meant “I CAN’T stand it………….”

  • LSAM

    I happen to read what you all wrote on this blog out of curiosity since I am a Brad and Angie fan. Actually, I read somewhere if you google IMDB under JA’s name that she has movies lined up already. One is called “The Senator’s Wife,” which listed her as the producer and main star. And another one called “Wanted” which will be a movie about female prisoners and she will be in this movie with Meryl Streep. Now what is confusing is “Wanted” is also the same title of the movie that Angie is filming under Plan B Entertainment. So, may be I need to research this more. Also, I heard on KBIG radio last week that JA got engaged with Stacey Keibler’s ex when she was in Chicago. Couldn’t figure out who the ex they are referring because Geoff S. is still currently dating Stacey. Geoff who is 29 years old was described before by some people as a young Brad Pitt look alike but then Gael from Babel is also the Mexican Brad Pitt. This radio rumor might be questionable but don’t be surprised if you see it in the National Enquirer.

  • to flowerpower

    desert rose

    I completely agree. Jen is so gorgeous always.

    desert rose

  • wedding crasher

    desert rose

    Easy there buster. How quick you forget about Jen’s feud with her mother. She’ll do a St Jude commercial but won’t even extend the same charity to her own mom. How about the fact her father had a heart attack last year? How many pictures have we seen of Jen visiting with her dad? Let me help you out. A big fat ZERO. Not very Girl Next door of her is it?

  • Huh

    LSAM–Those movies on IMDB were only “announced”. Not in production. Means nothing. They are in limbo and probably stalled forever.

  • Worship Brangelina shrines

    Forget about Jesus , Budda or Mary !!!! Please get down on your knees and worship Brangelina !

    J.A is the devil ~

  • wedding crasher


    Those movies have been in pre production for over 2 years now. They aren’t getting made at least not this year and if Jen doesn’t get her act together then maybe never. Meryl’s booked through 2008 so count her out for Wanted. Forget the imdb boards and stick with

  • mandy

    why feel sorry for her she did it to herself, brad had to get therapy becuz she drove him to depression, this 40 year old woman is needy and insecure with so many issues shes already admitted to.if i had 80 million dollars heck id buy me several pitts and i would have said it was no sweat we are 2 different people and thats it and had some pride, i know it anit easy to do when your man looks at you like youre another man when hes in love with angie but heck i would never had pity parties and cried, never let im see you sweat, she asked for it tabloids and all,a day after cannes huvane tells her to step out and look like youre at peace,right its really worked,she looks as stupid as ever and could she please change her damn hair, i know shes hiding the shape of that face but its been years now grgrgrrr

  • Fit

    Penélope Cruz makes around $1.8M for ‘Sahara’ yet Aniston makes $8M. No wonder not one studio is knocking on her door. TV girl is not worth $8M per picture.
    Lifetime channel is waiting for you.

  • Loser Chin Forever

    BUSTED! god damn she is just FUG. Does she have an chin implant?

  • To # 141 LSAM

    She currently has no movies.

    1. Senator’s Wife is not greenlighted (no financing secured). Read somewhere that ReeseW will now star in this movie if and when it is made.

    2. Very different WANTED-this one listed is from a US written mystery novel. MStreep has oficially backed out of this movie at IMBD post for this movie. Not being made at this time.

    She has no movies in preproduction/production at this time. No financing has been secured for these movies.

    IMDB not as accurate as some other sources, like Variety.