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Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston joins celebrity pals Courteney Cox, hubby David Arquette and their daughter Coco, almost 3, on Monday in Malibu during Memorial Day weekend.

The former Friends star showed off her sun-kissed tan while walking from the Arquettes‘ Malibu mansion to a party held along the star-studded Billionaires Beach (a stretch of Californian real estate also known as Carbon Beach).

The typically shy Aniston was in good spirits, responding to a photographer’s compliment with well wishes of a “Happy Memorial Day.”

15+ pictures inside of Aniston, Courteney, David, and Coco

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  • Stop blaming

    # 129 | Brad…methodical, deadly.. @ 05.29.2007 12:43 am
    Didn’t Angie say that Brad was methodical, he takes his time to figure out how he wants to handle something and goes about it seemlessly?
    Jennifer Anistons SLOW & PAINFUL DEATH IN HOLLYWOOD is now complete, Well done Brad, well done indeed.


    For god’s sake, when will Jen’s fans stop blaming someone else for Jen’s choices and Jen’s decisions. So, now Jen’s failure to get work is Brad’s fault?? Brad is quietly and surely killing off her career?? Hello, Gwyneth’s career is going just fine, she took time off and she came right back in with some good roles. Juliette Lewis is doing what ever it is she wants to do. But Jen’s career meltdown is Brad’s fault??

    You must truly hate Brad to think that he is responsible for killing off JenJen’s career, but truly, the only one you insult is Jennifer here. She is just poor Jen, poor victim. No wonder fans like you make her skin crawl.

  • Jennifer Pitt

    Wow! So many posts about me!

  • Fit

    # 141 | LSAM @ 05.29.2007 12:57 am

    You are in denial. She’s been unemploy since 2005. No studio wants to work with her. Why would they pay $8M to hire TV girl?

  • Worship Brangelina shrines

    You Brangelina fans are just as creep as your idol Angelina !

    Seriously ! GET HELP ~

    I am amazed at how much you HATE J.A ?! She is not the whore who took someone’s husband ! And J.A does not lie 24/7 .

    Angelina is delusional , she believes her own lies & fantasies .

    Her dad is right * she needs serious help .

  • Hiding My Real Name

    #127, Your post made me laugh, because you are so completely wrong! I am ABSOLUTELY a Brad and Angelina fan from DAY ONE. Love the family and follow faithfully. I am NOT filled with hate for X, although I have felt a lot of satisfaction about her career slump, which makes me feel like a bad person until I remember what she did to hurt Brad, then I get vindictive all over again.

    So, my friend, don’t be so quick to kick me to the curb. We probably exchange greetings on our own threads about our family every day. I just said I don’t think she looks so bad…and hope she can fall in love eventually, because I don’t think she loved Brad. And if you don’t love Brad Pitt, can you love at all?

  • twokids2

    # 112 | gotcha !!!
    You know nothing. I just spent a tremendous and beautiful long weekend with my dear family and all you were able to do was to follow B&A in the computer. Shame on you!!! You are boring, you know. Don’t you have anything better to do? I guess not, when now what you are doing is trying to see a video of them kissing inside the theater. Does it really matter if they kissed or not? Is that really so important to you? Would that make your life better? Would that make the world a better place? Get a life!!!!

  • Jennifer Pitt

    My net worth is $110 million. Thank you very much!

  • Jennifer Pitt

    I don’t have to work a day in my life. I am very very rich.

  • Shoes4life

    Also both movies for Jennifer “Wanted” & “Senator’s Wife” are/were Plan B productions. Therefore, they may have been dropped for a reason even thou she still have a very, very minimal ownership in the company.

  • Jennifer Pitt

    I have the greatest fans .I am one of the most popular actresses, and I have the gratest friends.

  • to fldesert roce

    # 134 | desert rose @ 05.29.2007 12:50 am
    Jeniffer looks great,and she will always look great.

    As for Aniston haters, Angelina will always be a homewrecker, she keeps saying her priority is her family and adopts 3 kids when she can’t even forgive her own father, Charity begins at home!


    So tou can critisize Angie for not seeing her dad who refused to pay child suppos, can not remember Angies kids names, calls Zahara Shakira, publically tried to undermine her.
    BUT, you won’t even mention JEN NOT TAKING TO HER MOM FOR YEARS. YEP you are a complete IDIOT!

    YEP charity begins at the HOME. Where was your idol when Brad was dying to have kids SHE the loser was not HOME she was making one flop after another! Instead of having a BABY!

  • wedding crasher

    Jennifer Pitt

    No one said Jen HAS to work. It’s about Jen WANTING to work but studios not willing to risk their money on her. Face it Jennifer Aniston’s career is in the toilet.

  • leafpure

    You guys are all boring. Aniston, Jolie, Pitt, what a bore!

    Knut is interesting. The best blog on earth is the Knut blog:

    Brad Pitt sexiest man?? Please! He doesn’t come up to Thomas Dorflein’s feet.
    Thomas Dorflein is the man. And Knut is the cutest little polar bear ever!
    There are better things in life than stupid dumb celebrities with empty lives.

  • hmmm u say what,,

    this is such a joke;;typically shy Aniston was in good spirits,,,,SHY wasnt she dry humping VV on a terrance outside a hotel in broad daylight and didnt she whine all over oprah every other week in front of millions+++her meds and wine = good spirits,,this is a fake @ass passive aggressor of all memememememe manly man.

  • Hiding My Real Name

    #156, twokids2: Um, how would you know about the video of them kissing and everyone trying to see it if you haven’t been “following B and A on the computer” yourself? Think about it, O.K.?


    At least she doesn’t have those ugly veins. She also has a gorgeous face.

  • Jesse

    Jennifer Aniston and Luke Wilson should hook up. I think they’d have a blast together!

  • doors open leafpure

    then pulesse> #163 leafpure>>>>>

  • so there

    Why does she dress like she’s 21? She acts so much younger than her age, and not in a good way. It’s that coy, hair-flipping manner she has. Oh, well, she’s really fading into the sunset isn’t she.

  • wedding crasher

    Jen Fan

    What are you 12? Too bad her veinless arms can’t help her find work.

  • Just for you
  • Jesse

    In fact…can you imagine a family of brothers Owen and Luke Wilson, along with Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston??? Jokes all around!!!

  • twokids2

    # 165 | Hiding My Real Name
    Because when we got home I went to check what had happened in Hollywood, cause as I had said before I like to see the pictures of Hollywood latests news, and I saw all the comments about the kiss. It just took a couple of minutes to realize that many of you spent the weekend looking for the link of the famous kiss. Anything else that you want to know?

  • Just Stop It!

    Please stop. You can see how beautiful she is. You Jen haters are in denial.

  • Ann Landers

    #167, Jesse: That is actually an interesting choice, but I think it would be a problem now that Luke’s brother dates Kate Hudson. I think Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are friends, and Owen would have some loyalty to him?

  • Jennifer Pitt

    I won the People’s Choice award again!

  • twokids2
  • wedding crasher

    Just for you

    Keep living in the past while I live in the present

  • twokids2
  • So how’s that going?

    So Jen, you wouldn’t have a baby with Brad because you wanted to become a big movie star. So how’s that working out?

  • Don’t pick on Jen

    Leace her alone she is gorgeous and she is happy.

  • reconcile with her mother? –for show only

    139 | Hello

    Hello? How about Jen, she didnt even invite her mother to her wedding? Dont tell me she reconciled with her mother. She talked about taking baby steps. Well, do I see any result? She just did that after the divorce papers were filed because she wanted to gain public sympathy. Cameras are everywhere, why didnt we see pic of her having dinner with her mom? yet we see pics of her with all those female friends whom you Jen fans are bragging so much. Why didnt she spend Thanksgiving or Chrimas with her mother?

    Also, she has 110M, why didnt she pick up her mother’s living expense? Her mother is not rich. I’m not asking her to reconcile with her mother. Since she’s this rich, she can just cut a check and mail to her mother.

    Doesnt she want her mother have a QUALITY OF LIFE IN HER OLD AGE?

  • wedding crasher

    Jennifer Pitt

    Did you read the LA Times report about how the Peoples Choice awards are meaningless? How winners are really determined by which celebs agree to attend the ceremony. They made mention of both Vince and Jen. Google it and see.

    Good night all. Jen threads are always sad and boring just like Jen. No fun to be had here.

  • David Arquette

    Please, someone get this woman off our tails so we can have a normal marriage. Jen’s such a fifth wheel. And, as you can see in the beach pictures, Coco’s hair could be on fire before Jen would even look in her direction–and she’s her godmother!

  • Besane

    Still barging into the family outing of every single vacation this couple has, Miss Aniston? I would suggest you get your own family and leave the Cox/Aquette some privacy as a couple. No wonder they are having problems.

  • reconcile with her mother? –for show only

    #182 is for desert rose

  • http://xxxx desert rose

    Have you seen this, on

    The truth, nothing but the truth, Clooney you said it all…….whether its a practical joke or not, WELL SAID…….

    George Clooney thinks Angelina Jolie is a “horrible” and “ugly” person.

    While promoting “Oceans 13″ in Cannes with co-star Matt Damon, the two started to rip on Brangelina, saying “Brad has had it tough” between being “hobbled with children” and “that horrible, ugly wife.” Clooney went on to say that Brad should just kill himself to get out of the horrendous situation.

    Of course, Pitt also stars in the upcoming caper, and the gang has a history of ragging on each other and playing practical jokes — TMZ’s favorite? Clooney allegedly putting a “Small Penis on Board” bumper sticker on Pitt’s car. That’s what friends are for.

  • 4kids2
  • smokers mouth analston

    #166 jenfan,,she does have veiny arms and all her ugliness is in her face her breath and hair smells like ciggarettes and her mouth has permanent smoke lines around it, not to mention the hair on top of the lip, oh yeah and that billy goat gruff chin, dam shes a uggmoe!

  • Ann Landers

    #173, twokids2: See, you are not honest. Just admit you read every post from end to end, and stop with the “I’m bored, I’m just playin’ with you all” stuff. It never works. We always know. And also, stop with the “my beautiful, wonderful family. If you had one you would NOT have all the time to spend here you seem to.

  • Finally

    Brad and Angie are getting married.

  • Finally


  • 4kids2
  • gotcha !!!

    156 | twokids2
    Dont lie. You never have 2 kids. If you do, you’ll know what a mother is like. You were following on the other thread, not just today, but for the whole weekend. You just kept quiet and not post, that’s all. Habitual liar !!! you’re the one who told people not to repeat posting….dont you remember, in fact you tripped, go back and check the other thread, so transparent !!!

    Now, the minute this thread opens, you come right in. talk about no life, it’s you….

  • ok and

    jen has a deform chin from her genes look it up.

    Prognathism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Finally

    Brad will never marry Angelina, and that really bothers you here.


    Now we all finally know who is THE homewrecker,
    don’t we?! A ridiculously delusional former
    TV-sitcom hag who wanted sooooo badly to be an A-list movie star.She wanted an Oscar!ROTFLMAO!

    But, she went in such a rotten way after those who already had it and didn’t think of it as the most important thing in their lives.

    The GOOD thing is that there was no home, no family, no kids..just two people wanting totally different things out of life.
    Fortunately Maniston the Homewrecker wrecked

    it, or we will still have Mr Pitt semi-alive, spending his “quality” time all alone in front of TV, while Maniston would cackle with her hens.

  • Huvane paid worker

    Jennifer Aniston’s publicist(Huvane) hired people to post on Jen’s behalf .

    Do you remember Huvane email perezhilton and told him to go easy on Jen?

    Do you remember Huvane told tmz to pull a ugly picture of Jen at the time when Jen went for her nose job?

    Well, how much do you think Huvane pay for this worker to post on this blog???

  • maxine

    She’s always with Courtney and obviously can’t separate herself from the Arquettes. Let’s see how long before this odd triangle is ripped wide open. Unless she finds a purpose in life, she’ll remain this unhappy, empty shell of a woman. With her money, she could do anything she wants. Starting a charity or getting involved in one would be a start but then Jen once said that charity “is not her thing”.. I believe that her inability to reach outside of herself and overcome her insecurities combined with an obsessive drive to become a big movie star was the ultimate reason why her marriage fell apart. She doesn’t seem to have any interests either (other than yoga and tanning). I think she should get back to TV ASAP.

  • why

    Why is Jennifer such a threat?