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Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston's Memorial Day in Malibu

Jennifer Aniston joins celebrity pals Courteney Cox, hubby David Arquette and their daughter Coco, almost 3, on Monday in Malibu during Memorial Day weekend.

The former Friends star showed off her sun-kissed tan while walking from the Arquettes‘ Malibu mansion to a party held along the star-studded Billionaires Beach (a stretch of Californian real estate also known as Carbon Beach).

The typically shy Aniston was in good spirits, responding to a photographer’s compliment with well wishes of a “Happy Memorial Day.”

15+ pictures inside of Aniston, Courteney, David, and Coco

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  • 4kids2

    I just like messing with the Aniston fans. it’s fun.

  • gotcha !!!


    gotcha !!!! that day when we identified you was the day of joy, laughter and disbelief!!!!

    you cunning fox !!!!

    now, we are not that dumb, we arent telling you our strategies !!!

    singing, gotcha, gotcha gotcha mole !!!!

  • ChinFUG

    I despise Jennifer Aniston. She is way TOO BORING! She should just think about the good old days of being with the Pitt-ster. Dumb slag wouldn’t have his kid… for what a career? WHAT A LOSER!!!!

  • why

    So I see you are still blaming Jennifer for all tthe bad press that Angelina gets. It’s always Jennifer’s fault. Isn’t it?

  • Y?!

    Maniston is a threat?! To whom?! Except, obviously, only to HERSELF.

  • cool beans

    Looking at JA’s pictures I cant help but feel very sorry for her. She looks like she is in soo much pain. Her funs do not help either coz they are still in denial. Why should you post a picture of Jen and Brad during the ” happier days”? It is over do not get hang up on the past.

    The train has left the station. I think it would be easier for all the parties involved if you would all move on. She is a nice girl I think and I wouldnt like to bash her. But she is not the first or last in hollywood to get divorced so please it has been two years and 4 children please move on. If Brad ever leaves Angie I doubt she would be that stuck up,,, I even doubt he would go back to her. They look so different to me in terms of personality and depth.

    This is my unbiased opinion.

  • man – 34k

  • freddie

    woof woof she looks the same doesn’t Courtney ever comb that poor baby’s hair.


    “Fortunately Maniston the Homewrecker wrecked it or we will still have Mr Pitt semi-alive, spending his ‘quality’ time all alone in front of TV, while Maniston would cackle with her hens.”


  • Fit
  • Katie

    Something rather odd about these pictures, have you all never noticed how often in the past when the Arquettes are around, Jennifer always, always is standing closely to David? Holding onto to him tightly as if he belongs to her? Here again, stratgically closer to him and Coco, why not walk beside Courtney? I would think it a coincidence, but have seen this so often that it is becoming a tad unnervy, could Jennifer probably eat her own words and steal her best friends husband and the father of a child. Woe! That would be the end!

    BTW – she too has terrible veins!

  • NOSE JOB???

    I thought she had a nose job? She needs a refund! LOL!!! And her fans thought she was a threat…Hahaha to that too!

  • Bah

    Those who bring the name of Angelina on a Jennifer thread are like little 6 year olds fighting at the gum ball machine for the “right” color. There is no share. Only fight. I’m sure Angelina advocates it!

  • Didi

    Jesus are you d*cks still fighting over this brangelina/chiniston sh*t? it’s been two f**king years get over it.

    chiniston hates kids, looks frigid and she never changes her f**king hair..thats the reason brad left her.
    also everytime he turned over in bed, he got concussion from banging into her iceberg chin. poor guy, there is only so much a man can take.

  • Munch

    Jen has a pair of a good and a blue contact lends. I envy her!

  • Hags

    # 163 | leafpure @ 05.29.2007 1:18 am

    yet you are here posting??? You’re the one who is boring. Don’t post if you find the site boring.. maybe you’re a retard LOL

  • Yeah!!

    Jen looks really good.

  • let’s all take a random guess!

    Well since it seems everyone’s just taking random guesses as to what happened in the love triangle of the century, let me venture a guess too:

    I don’t think anything was wrong with Jennifer Aniston. I don’t think she “drove” Brad Pitt to divorce. By all accounts, even Brad Pitt’s, Jennifer Aniston was always great, the one who “everyone gravitated too”, the one who “provided the warmth.” In interviews and red carpet appearances, she seems very down-to-earth, not necessarily the over-achiever that Angelina Jolie has all of a sudden become, but the really “girl next door” type. I think that’s why she’s very well-liked. She has great comedic timing, parlayed her talent into an iconic t.v. show, and married one of the most handsome celebrities. Didn’t it give the rest of us hope? Haha, maybe not, but Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston seemed to suit each other really well.

    Now I was never a big Angelina Jolie fan but that’s not to say that I had/have anything against her. I think she’s talented, good-looking, and does a lot of good for her causes but personally, I moreover admire other people who already do the same. Great actresses like Meryl Streep, beauties like Diane Lane, mothers that adopt many children like Mia Farrow. I’m neither bothered nor inspired by Angelina Jolie…and I certainly wouldn’t think to compare her to Jennifer Aniston. I think they are great in their own ways.

    Brad Pitt — what can I say? The guy is absolutely dreamy. His amazing looks let him get away with anything…almost. I think he is ultimately to blame for his divorce. Marriage is a commitment. People change, things change but the privilege of marriage takes hard work. I think that when Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie, perhaps with her help, he saw a way out of his commitment and justified it with “changing”. I think he was enticed by the prospect of someone younger, more the “bombshell beauty” type, a life of traveling and an immediate family, and chose to leave his wife for that life INSTEAD of creating that life with her. I really don’t believe for a second that their divorce was about whether or not Jennifer Aniston wanted children. Even if she said she wanted to wait — if YOU told your husband that you wanted to wait — shouldn’t he stay with you and wait until you were ready. That’s what marriage is about, folks. I think Brad Pitt was madly in love with his wife before and during initially getting to know Angelina Jolie. But when temptation came, he wasn’t strong enough for his marriage.

    In the end, I think it all worked out okay. It’s better that Jennifer Aniston is on her own. Think about if they did have kids and Brad Pitt wanted out of their marriage? Angelina Jolie has the partner she needs to raise her children. And Brad Pitt, well he’s a beautiful guy but I think he’s rather spineless. It seems like he can be convinced to do anything. (Maybe I can convince him to give me a kiss, haha!)

    Okay, go ahead and call me crazy. It’s okay because aren’t we all a little crazy??? Hahaha.


  • Hags

    # 179 | twokids2 @ 05.29.2007 1:29 am

    thanks for the pics of A&B love it… do you got some more???? :-)

  • Pul

    Jen looks lonley but beautiful at same time.
    Coco is really cute.

  • Stop blaming

    # 218 | let’s all take a random guess! @ 05.29.2007 3:26 am

    As you say, it is a random guess and your guess is as good as mine.

    My guess is, Jennifer is probably quite a nice person but insecure (she cries because some nobody thinks she homely!) Brad said nice things about her because he held her in genuine affection, but really their marriage was pretty much over by the time Troy rolled around (6 months they don’t bother to see each other except for a week and SHE has to force herself to get there, her words, not mine). But even after he finds himself attracted to Angelina, he doesn’t disappear but tries to make an effort to get back with Jennifer, hence the Cannes Troy promotion, amongst other things.

    She said and said and said she wanted children all the way back to when they first married (check out some 2001 joint interviews). Then said she wanted to wait till friends was over, then signed up to 3 movies in 2003 to 2004 (RHI, Derailed and FWM), not including the ones lined up for her in plan B including Wanted and The SEnators Wife.

    I think there are some promises in a relationship that cannot be broken without consequences of a serious nature to the relationship. Promises to break a destructive addiction to alchohol, gambling, drugs, promises to start or not start a family, promises to stay faithful or not, promises not to be violent. I would walk out on my husband immediately if he were violent to me or my children. I may give my man 2 chances for not stopping a destructive addiction. Depending on my age, I would wait between 6 months and 2 years to start a family if he isn’t ready.

    But honey, I wouldn’t wait till my husband was ready to stop his Sh*t just because I’m married to him. This isn’t about fault. It’s about preserving my self respect and and being married to a man whom I trust and respect. If your husband or wife breaks fundamental promises over and over again, how can you trust him or her? Without trust, why stay in a relationship just because you are married, unless you have children to consider. But then Brad and Jen didn’t have children to consider….

  • http://yahoo ronron

    guys jennifer choose her life, she choose to leave in loneliness, y are u blamimg angelina, if your relationship to your husband is solid no othe woman can destroyed it, it’s not the kids issue or career issue, is just that life is a matter of choice, she choose that kind of life so she deserve it,no one is to be blame, is just happen that angelina is the girl that brad met in time he think that he is not happy on his marital life, what if other woman not angelina? are you still blaming that girl?

  • KELL

    Jennifer looks absoulutely beautiful

  • LJ

    Thanks. Jennifer looks really nice. And please why the h.. everytime when here are pics of Jen Angie fans come to say stupid things. Let it go people!!! And what’s wrong to spend holidays with your best friends???

  • Munch

    When Jen done nose’s and chin’s job, Mr.A hided her face. I guess he had something job on his face, so now he hides himself. So classy!


    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr poor old woman¡¡

    man man man man


    ugly ugly ugly

  • tina

    She is always around this family…this is not healthy.

  • robert

    Funny to see that so many people hate Jen Aniston for divorcing her former husband Brad. And for being with her friend Courtney. And for loosing weight. For making movies. For dating Vince or for simply hanging out with with friends.

    Seems she is just hated for everything – jealousy anyone?? I think people blame her for their own misfortune. Sad in deed. Move on everyone, like Jen did long time ago. And admit it, she still looks hotter than ever and is more rich than any one of you haters even dare to dream of.

    Yet again, she keeps getting blamed for everybody’s weight gain, in general – everyone’s miserable life…

  • Lori

    Wow, she looks great, the picture of health. So natural and very pretty.

  • Bravora

    Does Jen has any fans!!!
    in our country nobody knows her!!
    shes not our type!!
    she looks like a man!!
    ooopps sorry,i should have said that
    i forgot this is her page!!

  • Diana

    She looks like one of the Olsen twins, seriously? Love her beach attire, down to the sunglasses (they rock) simple and so her. Lovely!

  • miki

    could you imagine skeletor Angelina wearing this outfit?Don’t think so,she would look f*ugly in it…On the other hand Jen looks great,hot preety much amazing,way to go Jen

  • Bravora

    to ron ron

    your absolutely right!!
    if the marriage is very stong no one can break that!!!

  • Mediterranean

    Can anyone of you explain to me:

    1- did Jen have a brown eye colour before, now blue

    2-did Jen have a much longer chin before, now a little shorter one

    3-did Jen have a bigger nose before, now a little smaller one?

    Please do look at the photos on #210, and answer my question! Please!

    I can’t come up with any logical respond but the plastic surgery and blue colour lenses which she has been denying about it!!!

  • stop blaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To 218 | let’s all take a random guess! @ 05

    Sorry to burst your bubble, if the whole goddamn world follow what you think. Marriage is so sacred, that should never be boken even your are unhappy together. then divorce rate in good ole USA would not be as high as 50% or more, and >80% in Hollywood. Whether you like it or not. NOT ALL MARRIAGE WORK AND WHAT MAKE YOU SO SURE THAT BRAD DIDN’T TRY TO WORK IT UP. Do you think they just wake-up one morning and decide to have a divorce ? From several insiders, they were seeking marriage counseling since 2003, and I think the later half of 2003 was sort of trial separation. obviously , it didn’t work. I beleived with or without Angelina, that marriage will eventually kaput!
    Stop blaming Brad for the millionaire Jenjen lonelinees ,careerless, childless. Oh please, she’s almost 40, it’s time to take some responsiblity rather than acting like a young teen blaming everyone except herself!
    Never like her before, despise her now!!!!!!!

  • WW3

    thiis is really funny!!
    if you to brangelina nolg fans of aniston are there!
    if you got to Manniston’s blog Brangelina fans are there!!
    this is the word-war 111 lol!!

  • grasshopper

    Stop denial !She is not pretty , just average, I’m sure your mother or sister are much prettier than her. With that sunglass, she look exactly like Bozo the clown.

  • Rena

    My husband is plastich chirug, he said JA has a chin’s job

  • http://yahoo melissa

    JA is a BITCH. she always makes peoples life hell.

  • becca

    Coco is beeeautifullll. Lovely. Most beautiful person in the pictures lol.

  • Cool Video
  • Original Curious

    218 | let’s all take a random guess!

    As I jumped in and out over the past week, I thought of the negativity put out by JA fans, and of course, that led to her destructive VF article. Which led me to ponder your very question. My thoughts?

    1. JA is who Brad, the boy from MO thought he should be with. Have a family with. You know, the cheerleader; perky, with lots of friends (no pun intended). They’d get married, have a bunch of kids, and live in the Hollywood version of rose covered cottage.

    2. Angie is who Brad, the actor, the artist, the kid who asked his mom why everyone wasn’t as fortunate as he was is attracted to.

    Well, there were no kids, no apparent togetherness (like the JPs do alternating work schedules), and really not much in common. Where was Brad’s ‘wife’ when he went to Africa? Additionally, they grew in totally different directions. He seemingly toward the world and wanting to make a difference; she, from what I’ve seen didn’t change/grow that much. Perhaps her insecurity stopped that, who knows. I firmly believe that they BOTH are better off apart.

    What keeps my compassion from reaching out to the ex is her utterly stupid attempt to bring Brad and Angie down. That VF article lost her points FOREVER (unless retracted); it’s part of what fuels the flames between the two “sides” and that is just unforgivable.

  • Not all Jen’s Fault

    Don’t blame Jen alone for the dependecy going on with the Arquttes. Have you ever wondered why Courtney and David allow it? Maybe, it’s because having Jen around stops them from dealing with each other, she acts as a buffer. I think if David and Courtney had to spend all these time alone, their marriage will be over. David is younger and a free spirit, while Courtney is controlled and quite rigid in her ways. I remember reading an article where David said Courtney threw out all his comic books. I don’t think it was a nice thing to, I bet she knew hehad comic books before they got married. You can’t marry a child and expect a man, she should have known who David is and accepted him.

    In my opinion, Jen is helping their marriage last longer than it normally would.

  • nyc

    I feel really bad for David. You know by now he’s like, “Jesus, she’s coming over again?”

  • In Da House

    The Brangaloonies are in da house!

  • [Fug Face You]

    wow. theres alot of comments, I didnt know [x] was so popular.

  • Joey

    I think she is stunning. I know a guy that met her in Chicago and said she’s the most nicest down to earth celebrity.

    There’s a lot of crap that is thrown her way, I think Jared is great for not falling into that trap crap.

  • tired of trash talk

    242: Jen was never a cheerleader and unlike Brad even has had her artwork displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Please GET IT RIGHT. Brad was more interested in architecture FYI.

  • gif

    I HATE THIS BEEYOTCH…Hope she just go away…I mean far far far away. Another photo-op I am sure she called those papparazzis