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Jessica Simpson & John Mayer are Back On!

Jessica Simpson & John Mayer are Back On!

Sort of.

Despite calling it quits over a week ago, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer spent Memorial Day weekend together in Los Cabos, Mexico,

The on-again-off-again couple seemed to be trying to work things out, spending about 45 minutes talking by the terrace of their $2,400/night villa their rented by the Sea of Cortez.

John reportedly stormed off by the end of the conversation, leaving Jessica alone by the ledge. She does seem really distraught but we hope she’s okay!

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  • natalie

    Even though I don’t especially care for Jessica or John, it is kind of sad that celeb couples can’t even fight in private anymore.

  • [Fug Face You]

    Hahaha This is like a bad soap. Their acting! Jessica is actually a better actress than I thought.

  • Lisa2

    I think you made a typo. $12,000/night villa ??? i don’t believe that. What could it have that it would cost that much per night?

  • Diana

    Did he took off with the dog?

  • Shoes4life

    Lisa I am so with you the money they spend on these Villa’s is stupid. What do they get other than a bed, tub, shower and marble floors a personal kiss ass for 24 hours while they are there?

    The hotel will kiss their ass just the same for a room around $200-$450 a night.

  • viki

    jared, you took dlisteds post

  • [Fug Face You]

    That money spent is a great investment, they will make double that back off this fake relationship.

  • Prix

    Is it just me, or is Jessica Simpson and John Mayer one of the most BORING couples ever?

    I am at a total loss of why they get so much media coverage. What is there to look at?

  • helen

    aww i think its horrible that they cant even argue without getting photographed.She looks so sad – i dont wish that on anyone…I hope they work it out

  • Lo

    John is so screwing her up.
    Nick treated her like a princess.
    This guy can’t even decide he he wants to be with her.
    she deserves so much better.
    I love john but he seems like such a jerk.

  • Vy

    Woah, how intrusive. It seems like they are one of those classic couples that really do love eachother but just can’t work it out. That’s the worst.

  • kellygrrrl

    Looks like he just told her, sure, yeah, I like f*%$ing you, but I’m not looking for anything more.
    She should really go back to the south and date nobodys

  • helen

    i think its more hes saying he loves her but he hates all the press intrusion and what people say about them….and she says ‘what do you what me to do about it’ then they see the camera and he storms off……………

  • Cheerios

    I really feel sorry for her and I thought that would never happen. I mean is it tuna fish because its by chicken of the sea? LOL. You cant even pretend to be that dumb. Anyways, She does look upset in the last picture. Like she is about to cry.

    IMO John is an extremely tallented writer, songwriter. He could be an awful boyfriend. Then again, she could be an terrible girlfriend. Gosh, I hope she isnt pregnant.

  • Jillian


  • denise

    All Jessica is good for, is a peice of ass. No man will want a long term relationship with her.

  • lula29

    Why do people believe the character Jessica Simpson created on the “reality” show is her real personality? I mean the two newlyweds divorced right after and on TV the marriage looked fine, if that tells you anything about how much TV “reality” isn’t real.

    Why do people still think this relationship is fake? Continuing to say this just makes you sound more and more delusional. You might not like them together but that doesn’t mean they weren’t going out.

  • jean

    C’mon Jared. I love your site and visit it more than I should, but this is a huge invasion of privacy. Give them a break and don’t publish photos like this! Please.

  • TiFF

    Can Jessica put on some clothes?! Honestly, I think she still in her towel, so that John would come back to her…maybe.

  • GeekSquad

    Idiot! If they are staying together in a villa overnight I highly doubt they are working it out. It’s more like we’ve already worked it out and we’re enjoying ourselves. I don’t know too many couples that would waste 2 grand a night “working things out”. Shit you could do that in your garage for free with a six pack.

  • H

    I don’t feel bad for Jessica at all. She was really famous and popular when she dumped Nick on the tail of the dukes of hazzard and she probably thought she could snag one of the hottest hollywood bachelors and when no one wanted to know from her she got desperate. Hey Jessica the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence

  • lula29

    I don’t think realizing your not in love with your husband and should date around is about greener grass, nor is there any need for sympathy if a relationship doesn’t work out while you’re dating. It happens.

  • Sara

    She can do much better.

  • MissBhav

    Ditto – I think Jess needs to ditch this one.
    I feel for her.
    She is a sweet girl.

  • lizzie

    This is very uncomfortable to view. They are both sweet people methinks. I could never figure out what he saw in her till I remembered how nerdy he was/is. She was everything he couldn’t have before people started throwing themselves at him. She even altered herself physically to please him. He never had that before. He’d like to have the boobs, and brains, and the sweetness. Not easy to find in their world.

    It’s sad to see that this mismatch hurts them both and sadder still that we see it and comment on it.

  • lula29


    I think it’s sad too. Neither has done anything wrong, but no one really honestly knows if they are mismatched. I think you are right about her being the kind of girl he wanted to date before but never felt he could, but Jessica’s sweet and he insides probably match his personality (she’s kind of a goof, maybe not as “deeply intellectual” as he seems, but she’s harmless).

    Anyway, they are both still probably trying to figure out what they want in a relationship and dating can be hard, so I don’t get all the harsh criticism a lot of the times.

  • Best of Celeb

    Yeah, “Let’s go outside to have this argument, I think I saw some camera guys out there”

  • Gingerot

    Jessica had everything in Nick and she divorced his arse… Nick was patient with her… Cause no one would want stay with a spoil whiney person that long…

    She needs to act like her age and not a middle age school girl…

    I wouldn’t blame John for leaving her or using her…

  • R

    can’t figure out what exactly it is they’re trying to work out – they’re the most mismatched couple EVER

  • lula29


    How do you know she’s not acting her age? How is she acting like a school girl?


  • Todd

    I do not feel sorry for her she is fight with her life to stay with him because she so desperate, she can easily move on from him.
    I hope this breaks her heart into a million pieces. When women keep going back into abusive situation after awhile you just really get tired of them being so stupid.
    He makes fun of her is the public eye and she act like their in on the joke together, honey we are all laughting at you “maybe she just don’t know the relationship is over” yeah that John that was funny.

  • no

    Prognathism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaPhilip IV of Spain displaying the prominent Habsburg lip and jaw. … disorder where the lower jaw outgrows the upper, resulting in an extended chin.

  • Todd

    Ahh from the looks of those pictures don’t you mean back off again.

  • Shell

    Come on girl find your inner strenght and walk out of this and don’t let him slip back in.

  • Joneblaze

    They both look out of it and bored

  • what a dork-publicity whor’s at it again

    John look like a totalllllll dorkkkkkkkkk with that hideous plaid shirt. After giving this alot of thought, I kinda agree with the other poster, this could be fake, its just their thing to fake everything. In a couple more days you will see them shopping together.
    They are publicity whor’s everything they do is to gain attention.
    They really sicken me.

  • Lucie

    wow. this is like the first ever celeb fight/argument i’ve ever seen photos of. i kinda feel sorry for her even though i usually bag the crap out of her. i just hope he doesn’t write any songs about her or else I’ll have to stop listening to his music

  • Alaina

    I don’t feel sorry for her because it’s something she can control. Even though he makes fun of her, I believe she has him wrap around her little finger, this is his first girlfriend after being with men, so I believe he is stuck on her and he resents it, thats why he makes fun of her.

  • lila

    I thought it was interesting that he immediately goes to a comedy club after the “breakup” and tries to laugh off the whole thing. Methinks he has HUGE intimacy issues. There is no doubt he is intelligent, but as far as emotionally, I doubt it. I think deep down he does respect her because she isn’t afraid to let her emotions out, and despite his treatment of her, she’s still with him. They both crave approval of the public court of opinion. If they would just get on the same team, they could beat everyone. But as long as they play the silly game they’re both doing with the media- they’ll lose.

  • Anon

    well, at least she knows not to go after Leonardo..

  • jill

    I think it’s fake. Play acting mayb he’s hoping more people will buy his tickets. Any notice he has only one single.

  • Scarjo

    She should just let me go because it looks to me that he’s aleady gone…as in the body is there but the mind has aleady fled the scene.

  • Scarjo

    ^^She should let “him” go not “me”.

  • Alice

    Another publicity stunt and plus many more to come. JS and JM are mentally ill, they must have attention all the time or else. Hold on we will she some public display over and over.
    Spoil women like her rather take the world down with her, she cares for no one else.
    I believe Leonardo would never have anything to do with this stupid immature child. You notice alot of men stay far away from her, She drains everyone she comes near. Mayer is as dumb as she is. Who would want to share the publicity spot light with her, but a not so intellegent man.

  • Anji

    I have lost it for Mayer, he has sat on his @ss and turn out a flop of a record and tour with this loser tagging behind, you guys will be seeing her this tour. I’m not going.

  • yami

    I love this couple

  • Cher

    I hate them! such uppity jerks

  • Claire

    First of all,
    neither john or jessica deserve to be treated this way, yes it is an invision of privacy, and money is not the issue in this discussion.
    John is extremely talented, as so is jessica.
    Personally i think they are well suited and deserve to be happy with each other, and i agree that nick lachey was a good husband and that their marriage seemed happy, but who are we to argue, we don’t know what went on!
    The whole reason this discussion began is for the pure fact that these people are famous for their profession, they did not neccisarily sign up to be “famous” even if so, it is an invison of privacy for them to be captured at such times as can be seen is distressing for both john and jessica.
    Jessica is not acting, i genuinly belive she is a nice down to earth girl, and so what she’s not the most intelligent person, why does that matter. Its her personality.
    We have no right to say if they deserve each other, we don’t know them, other that the press coverage we recieve, which has been proven to be wrong on MANY occasions.

  • Megan

    ok this is to u lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would u say that! he is a great guy! jess is a piece of fake ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is worthless! jess dosent even deserve john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!