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Sheryl Crow Hires Famous Nanny

Sheryl Crow Hires Famous Nanny

Sheryl Crow yuks it up for photographers, flashing them a goofy grin on Memorial Day weekend while feeding one-month-old son Wyatt at a Ralph Lauren store.

The mother-son pair spent Sunday shopping in the Cross Creek section of Malibu, Calif. with famed nanny/baby nurse Marva.

Marva has cared for many famous celebrity babies including Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon‘s son Deacon, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder‘s twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and David Arquette and Courtney Cox‘s daughter Coco

FYI: Sheryl is using her Graco stroller!

25+ pictures inside of Sheryl, Wyatt and Marva

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Photos: Pete Whittle/Cliff & Malia Sobel/London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • magnolia

    my favorite singer, I’m so glad she got rid of lance he didn’t deserve her

  • flower power

    wonder if she or her nanny gets up for the middle of the night feedings. she doesn’t look tire at all.

  • [Fug Face You]


  • bad girl

    I think that Marva should get an agent and write a book. I’m sure she has some good stories about all those celebrities and theri babies.

  • Daisy

    #4 I don’t think she is allowed.

  • natalie

    Wow, Sheryl just adopted that baby a couple of weeks ago and she’s already pawning it off to a nanny. Ack. I dont know why these celebs cant wait to get their hands on a baby (like Madonna for example) but they don’t have the time to be completely devoted & focused on their babies.

  • ewewewewwCharmin

    eweweweewww grandma….

  • Prix

    “Sheryl just adopted that baby a couple of weeks ago and she’s already pawning it off to a nanny.”

    That’s JUST what I thought! My God, Sheryl hasn’t even had time to bond with the child, and already a stranger is being paid to take care of him.

    Please don’t make excuses for Sheryl and say things like “She needs a nanny, she’s busy with her career.” If being a mother is important to Sheryl, she should be taking care of the child . Not a paid stranger.

  • Sarah

    Is she driving an SUV?

  • emma

    that lady isnt a nanny i dont think. she cared for julia roberts, Reese’s, and Courteneys children when they were tiny newborns in the first few weeks of life, for a short period of time. Courteneys had the same nanny since coco was very young, i dont think julia employs a nanny, and reese has been on the record about how she doesnt employ nannys. i think shes’ probably some sort of nurse or professional that specialises in helping new parents get their newborn child into a routine and helps out in the beginning with advice and experience. Courteney has obviously reccomended her to Sheryl.

  • Diana

    I agree, why have a nanny? They want a baby but not the sleepless nights and changing diapers? We have to remember that they live in a very unreal world. Oh well, I am sure he is loved and well take care off.

  • natalie

    #8, I completely agree with you!
    I’m not judging all celebs b/c I know many of them really ARE fully committed to their kids. It just bothers me so much how people will just keep their baby for like, an hour, then leave them with the nanny the rest of the day. How is that being a parent? Being a parent is about putting your children first and giving them your time.

  • emma

    i dont think she’s a nanny. she was with Courteneys, Julias, and reeses kids when they were tiny newborns for a short space of time. she didnt look after any of those children for an extended period of time, Courteneys had the same nanny since coco was a baby, i dont think julia has one, and reese has been on the record about how she doesnt use nannys. i think shes more likely some kind of nurse/childcare professional who helps get new parents, newborns into a routine, and is there for advice and experience.

  • Petra

    Hello? In these and other pics, and there are pics all over the net today, it’s always Sheryl who’s feeding Wyatt, holding wyatt, carrying him on her belly in a snuggly, pushing the buggy – the nanny is always accompanying her, but the child is being held nearly all day. And it’s mom who’s taking care of him.
    There’s no need to generalize.

  • HollywoodResident

    She’s been spending all her time bonding with the baby, she’s hardly put him down at all since she got him. Marva is an infant nurse. She’s there to help out and get mom and baby settled into a routine. Which is why you don’t see her holding, feeding, caring for – it’s Sheryl who does that.
    I read a lot of envy, but no truth.

  • A.L

    There are pics on Wenn Int’l where she’s holding him in a snugly.
    Does it hurt to be so judgemental without knowing what she’s about.
    That child has the most caring mother a baby can ask for.

  • Austinite

    Shame on you Lance Armstrong, for treating this kind, warm soul so badly. And to let her bond with those three children then take them from her.
    Well little Wyatt is here to stay, and Sheryl is happy now. And not thanks to the Ego.

  • Cheerios

    OMGG, one child = one nanny. What a loser. I am assuming she holds the kid for the publicity purposes. She makes me sick. No wonder Lance set her free.

    BTW She did the photoshoot with OK magazine. Guess People didnt want the the pictures and certainly wasnt gonna pay big bucks for it.

  • Bella

    It is so strange how these people cannot figure out how to raise children without the help of a nanny. Someone mentioned that this lady, Marva, is an infant nurse to help them settle into a routine? That is so sad to be a mature responsible woman and need such help as that. If she wants her own free time then it is more reasonable to imagine that she wants it all and make it so easy but to need someone to help her figure it all out? Amazing that the rest of us do not need this type of help. It is very sad that these women are so pathetic in that sense.

    I do applaud her for adopting but I hope it is not true that now Jennifer A. wants to adopt because her friends have children. Please tell me that is not true because that is just beyond sick…

  • Austinite

    You people are sick.

  • Rancour

    I’m glad this biatch’s been dumped by Lance. She deserved it. Fucking homewrecker. And to say she’s ‘best friend’ with Maniston is so hypocritical from both these two biatches.
    Now she can move on with her baby and I sure hope she won’t run after another married man ever again. BIATCH|!

  • denise

    Damn, she got a nanny taking care of the child already.
    Somebody needs to tell Sheryl, that a child is not a toy, or a flavor of the day, but a lifetime committment, and she is nearing 50 years old. Poor child.

  • WTF

    Where did the baby come from?? All of sudden she has it.

    Regular women don’t hire nurses or nannies, at most their own mothers or mother-in-laws help out at first but that’s about it and only because they actually HAD the baby and are tired.

  • linda im not shocked

    Im not shocked this one has a nanny.Did you really think Ms. Crow was goin to be a normal mom.Puleese.New Toy to get attention, her career is lame.I wonder who changes the diapers for her, this is all show.

  • Angel Soft

    Well, well, another wanta-be-misses mom,huh.Not so easy is i?She got that baby really easy but now she just hands it over. Sad, it is so sad.By the way I use more than one square!

  • buggey

    Looks like she has other important things in life then being with the girls all the time. Maybe she kicked Aniston to the curb. Oh, Aniston will not be adopting anytime soon. She has a child. NORMAN….

  • Her Career ended tv next

    Poor poor Sheryl needs a new gig.Hmmm..whats next a tv show like another misses perfect mom.

  • Presley

    More like Great-Grandma ‘Olive OIL’ from ‘Popeye the Sailor Man’,yuck!Wheres ShERYLS DIAPERS,YUCK!

  • Really

    People sheryl is such a phony do gooder.everyone has to know about her new baby how public sheryl.Lance you did da right thing.

  • mary

    I think that nanny looks like she would have an attitude. I would not hire her. She probably also demands an unreasonable salary b/c she is a nanny to the stars.

  • ummmm….

    Does this ole crow ever wash her ratty hair? Even with make up on she looks like and old lady.To old for a infant.This woman cant be serious, a newborn?She looks like a trailer park resident.

  • Daisy

    So she’s gonna be 70 when the kid is 20. I don’t think she has thought this through. Should have adopted an older child maybe. 10 years old? Those children need love and attention too. Babies AND older kids need parents.

  • Leslie

    Yeah the child will be a teenager one day and what will she do?Not only that this lady has depression problems she told Oprah.I dont think she thought what raising a infant would entail,but she has nannies so I guess its not a problem like for normal moms.And she still parties and has never been responsible for anyone but herself,shes selfish its unfair.

  • Best of Celeb

    Blah blah famous nanny. She has enough money to take time off to be with her kid.

  • Anes

    Why are we seeing pictures of Crowe and Wyatt every freakin’ day? She isn’t all that famous to be hounded by paps all the time, yet we have Sheryl feeding the baby here, Sheryl posing for the paps with her new baby there. Is she gonna be the next Gwen Stefani?

  • lance armstrong

    she looks so sickly thin is she on something i hope theres a back up plan for the baby cuz i dont think all her marbles are in place.she goes to ok rag mag how a-list can you get, not.this old hag is a has been why do we need to see that skeleton fake face.

  • Cubanita

    Marva’s camel toe looks awfully painful

  • Patsy

    With so many 2 parent families wanting to adopt a newborn baby, why did this child go to a single mother? Wouldn’t it be in the baby’s best interest to have 2 (non-famous) parents?

  • Jesus

    I am very disappointed in you people. What do they let any idiot with 20 dollars a month have use of the internet now? That is very sad. As PREVIOUSLY stated(i suppose you were too busy making up your judgemental comments to READ) the ‘nanny’ is not a ‘nanny’ she’s a ‘nurse’. For those of you who have had children, you will know that when you have your first baby, in the hospital, there are plenty of nurses there to give you tips on carring for your infant. That is essentially what this nurse does for celebrities. You are stating things that you really aren’t taking the time to think about. Marva took care of DECON? Hm.. wasn’t he Reese’s FIRST child? She also cared for Coco? Wasn’t she Courtney’s first child? And Julia’s twins.. they were her first children. Yeah.. you people that are talking about this woman and you don’t even know anything about her or what she’s doing.. you need to shut off your computer right now. If you are so dumb you can’t even read, you DO NOT need to be typing up your thoughts on things you know nothing about.

  • Verena

    I can’t believe how all you people feel qualified to judge Sheryl and her personal life. You all believe you KNOW what she’s doing, why etc. How is this so? Did she confide in any of you? We all need to be mom’s in our own way. Even non-celebs get nanny’s and daycare because we have eto work. And who says she has a nanny? Not Sheryl, check her website. And what business is it of anyone’s anyway? Lucky adopted baby to have a mom to care for and love him. Could be worse! Way to go Sheryl. Everything I have heard about Sheryl points her out to be a beautiful person inside and out. Why don’t all you get a real life?

  • Judy

    When you assume you usually make an ass of yourself and in this case alot of you are doing just that…….. Marva is a well-qualified baby nurse. She is hired to help first time moms with schedules, etc.. Specially celebrities who are very busy themselves, and still want and love being parents. Marva does not take the place of the parents, she is a qualified extra helping hand for some really, really, busy people. Marva is wonderful and amazing person……………….

  • http://justjared Kristie

    Not really knowing Sheryl personally myself ,I cant judge her actions. I know she is an older woman ,a rock star, already she isn’t your average person. I wish she would have made this decision a little sooner too. But keep in mind she maybe wasn’t “ready”. I only hope she is happy and this helps to fulfill her in some way. Most women do feel an undescribable feeling to have children, I know I always did ,and it took my husband and I eight years to finally start our family. And It is the best thing we ever did, and in 2002 we had a beautiful baby boy….who we named … guessed it…Wyatt!

  • prince charles

    u people need to stop talkin shit about my mom.she been in tha game for 27 years.and i seen all the celebs that she work for.and i must say there all nice people.and 4 the record marva is doing bigger and better things like writtin her own book and her baby clothing line.look 4 her on the todays show.haters!

  • rb

    you people are mentally ill yes she has a nanny and so whould you if you could AFFORD one but you cant because you sit around on your big fat ASS all day hiding behind your computers with your boring life .most of you probally dont have kids because if you did and if you worked you know you whould need some kind of baby sitter to watch your child unless you work at home or your boss is more understanding than mine. With Sheryls job and yes she works it makes sense to hire someone to help so dont lie about it in the same position you whould have a nanny to.