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Momgelina Drops Off the Kiddies at School

Momgelina Drops Off the Kiddies at School

Angelina Jolie, aka Momgelina, takes a break from filming her upcoming action thriller Wanted to drop off 3-year-old son Pax and 2-year-old daughter Zahara at the American Embassy compound for school on Tuesday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pink polo-wearing security officer Mickey Brett was, of course, on hand to guard the Jolie-Pitts. And it looks like Pax happily skipped his way to school!

The superstar actress made quite the splash at The Cannes Film Festival in France last week with partner Brad Pitt.

But it’s back to work for the hard-working mother of four!

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angelina pax zahara prague school 01
angelina pax zahara prague school 02
angelina pax zahara prague school 03
angelina pax zahara prague school 04
angelina pax zahara prague school 05

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  • Matahari

    yay 1st!!!!

  • jenna

    Those children are an absolute love!!

    Thanks jared

  • QQQQ

    First!! Thanks JJ

  • NY Lurker

    Wow! one of the most hardworking Mom….congratulations for a great success of the AMH…..Cutest kids in town…..

    Jared, sent you an e-mail regarding AMH event party in NYC – let me know if you got it…thanks…

  • Matahari

    Where is the pictures jared?

  • Jamie

    Wow….her boobs look HUGE here. Is Bradley Jr. on the way?

  • Lady G

    Thanks JJ.

    I see Princess Zee is smiling in this pic!

  • http://JustJared Laila

    please jared.. more pics!!!!!!!!

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared, for the new pics! Great to see Pax and Z looking so happy! :)

  • truth

    Thanks JJ. Pax is skipping and Zee is enjoying it. Hurray!!!

  • Sofia

    Awww look at Pax playing around!
    Sooo cute. Zee looks so big on Angie’s arms…

    Thank you Jared!

  • beautiful Angelina
  • em

    What a wonderful sight of Pax skipping and Z smiling. Indeed, Brad and Angie have a warm and solid family life.

  • Mmmmm

    I bet AJ called the paps and told them Brad taking the kids to school and upshow recent news about JA. She doesnt ppl seeing how hot Jen looks in her short shorts … fab body and she has that nasty veiny stick plant skeleton body.

    You hags have any pics of AJ in shorts or in a short skirt? Usually you need a bum to fill short and AJ doesnt have one so I bet she doesnt wear them.

    AJ can have BP, all I see when I see him now is a man that doesnt know commitment and good news is that AJ doesnt believe in commitment either so perfect for each other.

  • Alicia

    yay, so cute :D

  • Maria

    WOW! finally new pictures. Zee must love school she always got the widest smile and is always laughing.

    hoping to see pictures of Shiloh’s bday party soon.

  • cheesecake

    Jen Aniston looks so much better than Jolie. Jolie has lost it big time.

  • Mia

    The more Zahara smiles the more cute she is

  • Love Brangelina

    Yay they’re back!! Love my BAMPZS :)

  • peace

    Love you Angie. You are sacrificial. May God bless you.

  • zoesmom

    Both of the children look so happy in this picture. Gosh, it’s wonderful to see Pax looking like a normal, happy toddler! Thanks, Jared!

  • Jamie

    #16 – What news did Jen have this weekend? From all I saw she just went to a bbq. Sorry it’s not that hard to upstage that.

  • lurker


  • Sofia

    Mickey loves him some pink shirts. LMAO

  • http://htt// JOUR

    Angie is the most beautiful woman in the world, if you see that you must be blind .Angie doesn.t have a horse face.

  • em

    To some people who compare Angie to Jennifer Aniston, there is no comparison. She is not even in her league in terms of movie star power, talent as an Oscar award winner and most of all as a woman to Brad and mother to their children. Let Angie live her life with Brad and let Jen live her own.

  • ligaya

    What?! Where’s Shiloh? Bad mom homewrecker Angelina should be carrying her too! And what is she doing taking Pax & Zahara to preschool? Doesn’t she know that it’s her duty to spend all her time with her childen at home? Just like her to dump the kids at school so she can selfishly have free time. And doesn’t she have a nanny for every kid so she doesn’t have to life a finger? She’s probably too busy neglecting her children to do that damn useless humanitarian work and giving loads of money away to try to buy popularity — not like sweet, shy Jennifer Aniston who’s naturally, and deservedly so, popular – America’s Sweetheart. Jolie (paint devil-horns on her pictures) is America’s Whore! Yes, I boldly say she’s a WHORE!!! Look at her, pimping her kids for publicity. She wouldn’t have any publicity otherwise.

    Then I woke up from my nightmare channeling Team Antagonistas. Whew!, that was close.

  • http://htt// VOIE
  • Matahari

    # 13 | beautiful Angelina @ 05.29.2007 11:35 am

    more pics^^
    Thank you for posting the pics. Somehow i can not see the pictures from jj. (sad)

  • http://htt// VOIE
  • kathelin


  • +++

    It’s more than 2 yrs. the faniston fans still can’t get over the loss of Brad Pitt. Deep inside them they knew Brad’s really a good catch !
    what a coincidence when something good and big was happening on Brad and Angie, like the recent Cannes premiere, the critical success of AMH, and all the hype on OC13. Oh, suddenly Maniston long chin will pop out walking at the malibu beach, looking glum and lonely with her dog or friends. conspiracy or coincidence. pity me party begins ???

  • suzi

    Aniston should look good she has no responsabilities no work no family so she has all the time in the world to pamper herself which she indeed does do constantly when else do you see her other than having her hair done , sunbathing, yoga,spa treatments and lunching with friends and sitting on her 100 million oh what a hectic and stressful life she leads there,s no excuse for her to ever look bad but she does manage it.

  • Her boob!

    what happend to her boobs?! is the shirt too small?

  • BCBG

    # 15 | Mmmmm

    Are you speaking of yourself, no man, no children?

    How do you know what’s on their mind? Well, are you paid by Huvanesince you mentioned Aniston while simultaneously slander this lovely family?

    Well, it’s the end of the month, tally your posts or your hours to get paid from Huvane.


    yes,Maniston is a MAN

  • Hello

    Her curves are making a comeback!

  • Bongskie

    oh, but why our mickey in pick ain’t lifting a finger to carry some of our angie’s bag-o-loads??? He doesn’t want to wrinkle em pink tee, ayt?

    And look at angie, in all her tousled locks looks ravishing still!

  • tsk tsk tsk


    I so totally agree. Jennifer only has her dogs to take care so she has all the time in the world for spa treatments, yoga, tanning, etc. Besides, if she really has such a hot bod, how come NONE, I mean, NONE of the magazines such as Maxim, Esquire, FHM HAS EVER EVER chosen her as sexiest? Angelina, for all the dis about her “manly” body, and her “skinny arms” has always been chosen as one of the sexiest, even after she has given birth. Even GQ chose Aniston (aptly) as MAN OF THE YEAR, not sexiest of the year.

  • WOW


  • Peaches

    # 15 | Mmmmm @ 05.29.2007 11:37 am

    Got all the way to post 15 before you just had to drag JA into this post, that is an improvement for you.

  • Virgo

    cheesecake @ 05.29.2007 11:38 am
    Jen Aniston looks so much better than Jolie. Jolie has lost it big time.


    Aniston should look better than Angie since she doesnt take care of 4 children, and pamper herself to all kinds of beauty treatment and have all kinds of cosmetic and plastic surgeries, but unfortunately NOT!!!! Aniston still looks fugly as ever, go to her recent threads then with eyes open and you’ll see!

    Angie even with messy hair and no make -up is still more beautiful than Aniston all made-up and dressed-up for RC.

  • susie

    damn, Mickey Brett! Love the boy!

  • julia

    # 38 | Hello
    Her curves are making a comeback!

    She looks so naturaly beautiful…

    Thanks for the new thread Jared and “beautiful Angelina”
    For the link to the additonal pics.. Lovely ..

  • Janice

    i love it. oh my – it’s amazing how she manages to look so beautiful and be on the go all the time. those children are so lucky and it’s great to see them enjoying themselves and also the little things in life, like walking with mommy to school.

  • Jamie

    I think this past week in Cannes will be great for her professionally and also personally. Sometimes as a mom you still need to feel sexy, to feel wanted. Like Lainey said the jungle sex is back and I think in the coming weeks we’ll see her looking better and better.

  • http://htt// VOIE

    Angie has beauty,eleagance ,brains and talented.She’s got evrything,she can’t compare to your idol.

  • Clean time

    Ladies start with the Report abuse

  • Charity

    it’s so great to see the kids so happy and carefree. LOVE this family!!!