Eric Bana Hits the Movie Trail

Eric Bana Hits the Movie Trail

Eric Bana oozes sex appeal at a press conference on Monday at the Sydney Theatre in promotion of low-budget flick Romulus, My Father.

The Aussie pin-up sat at a panel discussion alongside producer Robert Connelly, director Richard Roxburgh, co-star Marton Csokas and writer Nick Drake.

Said Bana of his beer, “The large budget films have a fat to them where people don’t get told when to stop. On a little film like this you get told to stop all day long,” Bana told a Sydney news conference to promote the film. You all know that at 5:45 or at 6:00 you’re going to be in the pub and there is a certain creativity that comes from that. It’s definitely easier to remember people’s names.”

Later in the evening, Bana made his way to the Sydney premiere of Romulus.

50+ pictures inside of the sexy Eric Bana

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eric bana romulus 41
eric bana romulus 42
eric bana romulus 43
eric bana romulus 44
eric bana romulus 45
eric bana romulus 46
eric bana romulus 47
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eric bana romulus 50
eric bana romulus 51
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eric bana romulus 53

Photos: Paul McConnell/Getty, News Online
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  • Eve

    And big ones.

  • Eve

    Seriously, there must be someone in love with Mr.Satellite-dish-shaped-and-sized-ears in this website. Three posts in two days???

  • amanda

    His cute ears just make him more gorgeous. This man has the most fantastic sexy body and such beautiful eyes etc…Can´t wait to see him in Henry VIII costume in The Other Boleyn Girl….

  • twokids2

    I find him sexy. He is a hunk!

  • Rachel’s Conscience

    Oh man, I love ERIC BANANAS!!!

  • marn

    Eric is extremely talented & funny nobody’s perfect he probably has great hearing though

  • Eve

    Marn, I think so…the acoustic properties of them must be great. Plus, if you stand next to him, I bet you can get a better and clearer cell phone reception.

  • veekyv

    Man, he is better looking than Brad Pitt. Are you guys insane?

  • Eeaary

    Well, yes Eve – you’re right – plenty of people around here love this guy. Big spunk, great actor, nice guy – what’s nto to love? Sure he’s a 50/50 – half time hot, half time not-so-much, but we love him still. In fact, we love him because he could almost, on a really great day, be the boy next door.

    And I have forgiven him ‘Lucky You’ – a bum-numbing film if ever there was one….

  • banaismyman

    he’s hot and sexy! he is a good actor and has a hot booty. i really love him in Munich! esp. with his love scene with his pregant wife! that was hot! so erotic and romantic :-P

  • Roberta

    Nice photos!

    I love his ears, he is a hot guy.

  • maria


  • amanda

    Yes his acting in that lovescene with his pregnant wife in Munich said a lot about the Bana imo! One can´t but adore such a man ! And as an extra bonus he is tall and beautiful lol lol!

  • maria


  • Bilby

    He is beautiful. The first 2 posters need to see an opthalmologist.

  • Roberta

    Eve says:

    “Seriously, there must be someone in love with Mr.Satellite-dish-shaped-and-sized-ears in this website. Three posts in two days???”

    And so what? I find all the “Brangelina” posts boring.

  • maria

    I don,t understad Why Eve so much the ears bother of Eric Bana, besides to be a great actor is a lovely person, and very normal, that doesn,t have complex in teaching him “defects” that in my opinion are not such, exactly him “defects” are that cause they are him so sexy and irresistible. And as nice Eric say not one must hide the defects, him love be natural man.

  • banatic

    love eric. what’s not to love??? great family man with a wicked sense of humor. i would like to emphasize what i’d like to do with those ears of his, but it wouldnt be site friendly!!

  • Eve

    Maria, I did not understand everything you said…there is something weird/wrong with the structure of your phrase. But I was kindly mocking him. I do like Eric Bana, I think he is down to earth and a nice friendly guy. Not fan of his acting thou, but he can be convicing in some roles. And Roberta, I also find Brad and Angelina´s posts annoying, beggining with that stupid “Brangelina” nickname.

  • maria

    Eve only say that I don,t understand as you don,t like the wonderful ears of Eric Bana, Eric hasn,t complex and is very natural and nice man man and agree with banatic about great family man with a wicked sense of humor are two great qualites of Eric Bana.

  • Eve

    Come on Maria, his ears are freaking huge and they stick out!…He is good looking, but the ears…oh boy…

  • Roberta

    Yep, his huge ears makes him even cuter!

  • amanda

    Eve I can absolutely understand that the shape of the ears is an important factor if you should think of a person as very attractive lol!
    To me it is veery important that a goodlooking guy have a “manly” not too big, not too small nose lol lol – a tade big ears doesn´t matter to me at all, especially if the guy in question is a big tall man – of course if Eric Bana had been a little tiny guy with big ears it had been another thing rotflmao

  • Eve

    Yes, Amanda. I understand when you say Eric Bana is tall (1,90 metres or 6’3″), but the ears still look big compared to his face´s size. But my problem with Bana´s ears is that I can´t take my eyes of them in a not good way. They are so big they distract me. But beauty is indeed so relative…I mean, I dig big noses in men (and by big I mean Adrien Brody stuff, get it?). However, many people don´t, so…I understand somebody might be attracted to his dumbo…oops, to his ears. I promisse some day I will get over it and stop making comments about this “special” feature of Mr. Bana´s body.

  • maria

    Sorry I cannot avoid they I love him ears but my fav part him body is him hands are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • la blue girl

    I think his ears are the hotness.

  • Roberta

    Dear Eve, what’s your opinion about Mr. Bana’s eyes?

  • amanda

    Yes I think his ears are cute too, they make him even more attractive. He is such a big gorgeous man with fantastic eyes, and hair, and hands, and…lol lol lol!

  • Eve

    Dear Roberta, I love them, they are deep brown and they have some sort of warmth, it is difficult to explain…He shows kindness in his eyes (when he looks to someone).

  • Roberta

    Oh thank God! And she/he hasn’t said anything about his huge ears, thanks Eve!

  • Eve

    It´s she, I am a girl (but you do understand I am the same who previously posted comments about his ears, don´t you?). Greetings.

  • Roberta

    I think that you’re madly in love with him, aren’t you?
    That’s why you can’t stop thinking about his huge ears. I know that you would like to stroke them all the time, am I right?

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Oh he’s adorable… in an absurdly sexy way! His ears are sweet. And that smile! I hear he’s a doll in real life too…


  • maria

    your eyes very beautiful and your look is powerful and magnetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eve

    Roberta, LOL. No, I am not madly in love with him, I have been some time ago, I must admit. But now I found a new celebrity love.
    But I´ve always noticed his ears. Always. Even when I watched Munich (twice and I have the DVD) and thought he was gorgeous in that film. The 70´s look were perfect for him…you know, the shaggy hair covered most of the…
    But I would not kick him out of my bed because of his ears, get it?
    Nice to see you have sense of humor. Some people get mad when we say something about somebody they love.

  • Sanne

    Oh come on, why is everyone making such a fuss over his ears? They’re not even *that* big! (Or perhaps I’m just used to my dad’s ears, his are quite big too… ;) ).

    Anyway, I think they’re completely normal when compared to the rest of his body. I mean, he *is* tall and broad, so why should his ears be small? :P.
    (At least, that’s how *I* see it)

  • maria

    yes hehhehe Eric has all very big…….:))))I read that the big ears is sign of person intelligent and Eric between other qualities is very intelligent.

  • jemimakahn

    Eric Bana is a man. Not too many of them out there in Hollywood anymore.

  • gracie tennenbaum

    Um, #11 comment, you are so right about that sex scene in Munich! Super hot! And he was so much hotter than Brad Pitt in Troy especially since he seemed more humble (Hector is a more sympathetic character) and more real. Brad Pitt seems like a major ass. That’s all.