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Klum's Kids Stroll SoHo

Klum's Kids Stroll SoHo

Heidi Klum is seen strolling about NYC’s SoHo neighborhood with her three kids on Tuesday in New York City — 3-year-old daughter Leni (right), 20-month-old son Henry (left) and 6-month-old son Johan (center).

The supermodel mom, who turns 34 on Friday, was joined by four older women, including her her own mom Erna Klum (in blue).

Three nannies… one for each child!

UPDATE: 35+ pictures inside of Heidi and her army of nannies…

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02 heidi klum grocery shopping
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heidi klum kids 02
heidi klum kids 03
heidi klum kids 04
heidi klum kids 05
heidi klum kids 06
heidi klum kids 07
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 01a
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 02
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 03
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 04
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 05
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 06
heidi klum kids grocery shopping 07

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54 Responses to “Klum's Kids Stroll SoHo”

  1. 1
    kmillz Says:

    aww Henry looks cute in that pic… looks nice on his skin tone

  2. 2
    natalie Says:

    He does look cute, he’s smiling :)

  3. 3
    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    Ayo! If I ever see that kid on the street I’ma taze him. Dude got that mush-face. Lmao

    I cant stop laughing at that picture, I must be a fcuked up individual, I dont care tho that’s a funny looking fcuker.

  4. 4
    E Says:

    Fug Face-

    You need to grow up. Seriously..

  5. 5
    E Says:

    Fug Face-

    I am just curious. what would you do if someone laugh at your child because s/he is not cute?

  6. 6
    Pondering... Says:

    Only the little girl is cute, the other 2 kids are hideous.

    I wonder why that is?

  7. 7
    cutie pie Says:

    none of the kids are cute the girl is ugly also wonder why that is

  8. 8
    cutie pie Says:

    the girl looks like a female chucky doll how cute is that huh

  9. 9
    almond eyes Says:

    she keeps having babies she must love something and whats up with these women always having nannies why have all these kids if you have to have someone to help you raise them. i know they are too busy getting lipo fake parts and trying to look good for the camera. its not that SERIOUS

  10. 10
    lauren Says:

    the kids are cute!!!! i just don’t get why 3 nannies is necessary…

  11. 11
    Hannah Says:

    In all these pictures, did you see this so called “supermom” interact with her kids, let alone take care of them! All of her nannies and her mom had full-charge of her kids while she simply shopped, laughed and walked along! That’s really sad when you have that kind of crew and you decide to that!

  12. 12
    almond eyes Says:

    so many families have white and black mixed kids for brothers and sister . how can you still be a racist when you have another race in your family and i mean immediate family maybe these kids will use theur senses

  13. 13

    im sorry! but the boys are ugly!!

  14. 14
    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    E, That wouldn’t happen. Take the stick out your ass, Henry’s ugg so what.

    Now if I seen you and your kids walking down the street I would get down eye level to your kids and laugh in their fcuking face, then I would laugh in yours biish.

  15. 15
    CUITE PIE Says:

    heidi klum is into her looks she just looks like a average woman to me. no exotic looks some others . seal and her just do not match but thats for her to deal with and not me. she is breeding for the dark race. more power to her because everybody is mixed some where down the line

  16. 16
    CUITE PIE Says:

    hey fug face go sniff a dogs behind i know you are ugly your post sounds like you are butt ugly

  17. 17
    E Says:

    Fug Face-

    I guess you are 15 year old.. Grow up…

  18. 18
    [Fug Face [x]] Says:

    Lmao @ CUTIE PIE trying really hard. what kind of sounds do my post make? Lol Your name doesnt make you cute.

    E, ‘grow up’ is the best you can do? Puss~y~ I’d probably slap your kids around knowing you wouldnt do ish.

  19. 19
    Didi Says:

    oh god not this ugly little b*stard again. please spare us jared

  20. 20
    E Says:


    What the heck? why you have to called him b@stard? Totally uncalled for…

  21. 21
    Mediterranean Says:

    The world has turned to hell because of the racists like you; all of you are disgusting!

    I have no idea what you look like which doesn’t matter at all. Because you are so ugly and dirty inside.

  22. 22
    kmillz Says:

    Wow it has gotten crazy in this thread… All I can say is that my best friend who is married has one child and she can’t even take a **** in piece without the kid hanging off her titties.Nannies are just like babysitters who travel with you sometimes. They make everything alot easier.

  23. 23
    Cyndi Says:

    Henry’s facial expression crack me up, I can see him turning into a real comedian when he learns how to talk. His little brother is so adorable.

    ps. to all those plp angry with the brainless twit bringing their empty pathetic grasp of human decency on here. Best medicine is to ignore them, they are cowards in real life, thus the net is only place they can anonymously vent their hate.

  24. 24
    lena Says:

    the problem is that he needs a haircut, he is a cute little boy, but he just needs his hair cut, fade it heidi, fade it…

  25. 25
    Didi Says:

    sorry E but Henry is an ugly little b*stard, period. If my son looked like that, god forbid, I’d do a Michael Jackson and dangle him over the edge of a balcony but this time I’d let go (all right calm down you squirmish f*ckers, I am joking)

    no but really, id make him wear a mask until he outgrew his ugliness. if he didn’t, then i’d post him to Angelina Jolie.

  26. 26
    cassandra Says:

    o.k i can say that heidi doesn’t have the beatifuliest kid’s out there but my opionin her kid’s are cute and average lookin kid’s. But i have to admit that henry look’s really aderoable in that orange and it just goes with his lovely skin tone. And for ya’ll people that is saying ya’ll never see her interact with her kid’s please. They are plenty picture’s on this site and celebrity baby blog that show’s her at the park with them by herself with no nanny. And i bet ya’ll the same people that said the same about angelina never holding shiloh, but ya’ll hush when ya’ll say that picture of her holding shiloh.

    And fug face grow up tou are so immature i bet you were a ugly hideous baby that’s why you pick on other people kid’s. Man just grow up gosh!

  27. 27
    Didi Says:

    Heidi is a f*ucking millionaire yet she can’t afford some hair relaxant for affro boy.

    poor kid never had a chance.

  28. 28
    Kim Says:

    Ugly kids.

  29. 29
    Mel Says:

    # 23 | Cyndi @ 05.29.2007 6:32 pm -

    Totally agree with you. Henry’s expressions are so funny. Love it!

  30. 30
    sam Says:

    her boys are going to be so cute when they grow into their features.

  31. 31
    sally Says:

    Her boys are cute b/c they are kids but really are funny looking and it has nothing to do w/ the fact that they are biracial…you can’t just say that they are cute b/c you don’t want to offend someone. anyone w/ eyes can see they aren’t but who cares? they’re rich! they don’t have to be good looking.

  32. 32
    Milli Says:

    My sis is a stay at home mom and has a little daughter. She is taking care of the lil gal all day, all the time. So, if any of us are around, me , my mom or any family member, she just hands her kid to us to baby sit for a while. Nothing’s wrong with that, thats what families are for. I think Heidi’s doing great, she has 3 kids, a husband who loves her and a great career. She must be really tired sometimes doing so much. A little help and support from family she definitely deserves.

  33. 33
    Amanda Says:

    The internet is a great thing because we can see with our eyes the racial prejudice on the board. Yes Heidi’s two sons are both part African so what? Heidi loves her children and all three of her kids are beautiful. I notice this is a USA website but Seal and Heidi are a perfect example of the new Europe. In Europe Africans and Europeans are getting married and having children it is not a big deal as in the USA.

  34. 34
    g-girl Says:

    Wow-Either the people who post on this site are under 5 years old or completely ignorant. They wouldn’t even be acceptable as jokes. why do we sit around and judge children and their looks. I would think that most of us who visit this site have children and so why isn’t any of that taken into consideration. Who wants to shrink to that leval of small?

    Let’s look at children for more than their beauty, let’s learn from their pure little spirits and happiness. Let’s try and mirror the joy they have. The engery, the laughter and the love they exude. Let’s try that folks. I dare you!

  35. 35
    Raichill Says:

    Heidi gets plenty of help looking after her kids. We never see her out by herself struggling with the 3 kids. She looks so relaxed because she has so much help. I am sure that she has lots of help at home, too. I can’t quite imagine her, or Angelina for that matter, doing washing, cleaning or lots of cooking.

  36. 36
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    My new favorite families:

    1) Jolie-Pitts (Perfect!)
    2) Will Smith’s kids
    3) Heidi Klum’s kids
    4) Reese Witherspoon’s kids
    5) Violet Affleck (she has grown on me after I saw Ben Affleck on Bill Maher). Ben is one smart cookie. And a super duper Democrat! Yeah!

    Henry is another suitor for Shiloh, besides Kingston Rossdale of course.

    Love your family Heidi!

  37. 37
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Also another awesome mom and really beautiful daughter: Emerson and Teri Hatcher.

    I forgot to add Madonna’s brood to my list above as well.

    I think Lourdes will give Shiloh a run for her money as most beautiful celeb kid but since they are not same age range then it’s ok! Shiloh remains undisputed champion of all things baby.:)

    Cutest celeb boys:

    1) Maddox Jolie-Pitt
    2) Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son from the movie Pursuit of Happiness)
    3) Johny Depp’s son
    4) Rocco Richie and a tie with Pax Jolie-Pitt
    5) Henry (Heidi Klum’s son)

    Cutest celeb girls:

    1) Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh
    2) Lourdes (Madonna)
    3) Zahara Jolie-Pitt
    4) Ava (Reese and Ryan’s daughter)
    5) Emerson (Teri Hatcher’s daughter)

  38. 38
    erica1 Says:

    love this family.

  39. 39
    V Says:

    Why is everyone assuming that all these women, other than Heidi’s Mom, are nannies? Just because Jared’s original post said it? That’s a big leap isn’t it, folks?

    And, even if they are, who cares? It’s great: more attention for each child.

    A walk down the street is hardly a reflection of how Heidi loves or cares for her children around the clock or behind closed doors.

    Also, remember, a photo of her with one of her children is worth much more to a pap than a photo of one of them with a friend, sister or nanny.

  40. 40
    Kir Says:

    My sister has 3 kids and she never goes out “struggling with the kids” by herself – if they’re not at daycare and she wants to go out with them, my Mum, and sister and I usually go too – and yes, we spend most of the time looking after the kids giving her a break.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these women are Heidi’s relatives from Germany – the woman in the pink top looks like Heidi’s mother.

    I think all of Heidi’s kids are gorgeous!!!

  41. 41
    Amy Says:

    Henry has a sweet little face and looks adorable. They do need to do something about grooming that hair, though. It’s out of control!

    Wow, some of you are really hateful – and I can’t see what you’re talking about. Hmmmm, maybe you just don’t like kids? OR maybe you’re just ignorant racists? Also, either you are completely uneducated or you’re so worked up on adrenaline spewing nastiness from your safe little keyboards to edit your comments for basic spelling and grammar.

  42. 42
    cutie pie Says:

    hey fug face no.19 what kind of sounds does your post make? probably the same sounds that come out when you use the toilet. ha….. no my name doesnt does make me cute but too bad fug face i am cute and WHAT ABOUT THAT UGLY NAME YOU HAVE

  43. 43
    cutie pie Says:

    hey fug face you are always commenting on every board get a life and get over ugly kids bet you were and are still a ugly fug face. just like im still a cuti pie thank you

  44. 44
    cutie pie Says:

    if they ever post my comment you will know fug face how your post sounds. it goes like this do re me fa so la te do so—————fugly

  45. 45
    Sandbitch Says:

    It could be possible that Henry has some type of genetic disorder. Then again, his father is certainly no oil painting. Either way, I hope they can do something about that tongue before innocent people start tripping over it. Maybe that’s why Henry has two nannies – the extra one is for the tongue!

  46. 46
    Didi Says:

    lol @ #45

  47. 47
    World Citizen Says:

    Why so much hate! They are JUST children! All the nasty comments are very disheartening…that there could be SO much hate and ugliness towards children. Step back and take a look at yourselves…is this what we want to teach our children and future generations? ABSOLUTELY disgusting! They (and I mean THEY – all 3 children) may be cute or may not be cute…DOES IT MATTER!!! What matters is that they look HAPPY, HEALTHY, and LOVED! They are having a nice day out with Mommy, Grandma, and others…going for a nice stroll in NYC on a beautiful day, to the grocery store…how BEAUTIFUL it is (and should be) to be a child! This we need to remember!

  48. 48
    cutie pie Says:

    no nanny for my kids no telltell book thank you i agree with cassandra fug face needs to grow up immature is not cute on you just so you dont think you are special i cutiepie will not comment on you anymore. useless person lol fug face you are so yesterday

  49. 49
    me Says:

    she looks pregnant….again?????!!!!

  50. 50
    Tutu Says:

    # 27 | Didi @ 05.29.2007 6:50 pm

    Heidi is a f*ucking millionaire yet she can’t afford some hair relaxant for affro boy.

    poor kid never had a chance.


    Hey #27/Didi, her sons have curly afros, they are part Black, and babies deal with it. Why
    would Heidi change such a natural thing about her
    kids. Some people actually like having curly afro hair and they are adults (shocking, yes I know).

  51. 51
    Clio Says:

    All I can say is yuck!

  52. 52
    hilal Says:

    çok güzel bir aile .tebrikler heidi

  53. 53
    marissa Says:

    fug face is too ridiculous look in the mirror at your ugly ass face and your ugly kids if you have em who would want to have a kid by you

  54. 54
    cutie pie Says:

    nannies are babysitters my tush i dont need someone all up in my business like that and writting a telltale book on me. i had the kids so i will be a mother and take care of them and not leave that to someone else

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