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Maggie's Middle Finger Flip

Maggie's Middle Finger Flip

Maggie Gyllenhaal flips paparazzi off with the middle finger as she strolls around the West Village on Memorial Day with hubby Peter Sarsgaard and 8-month old daughter Ramona.

Not so classy…

Maggie, 29, has been busy filming The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins. She replaced Katie Holmes as D.A. Rachel Dawes. The film co-stars Christian Bale and Heath Ledger and opens Summer 2008.

10+ pictures inside of Maggie, Ramona and Peter

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ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 01
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 02
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 03
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 04
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 05
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 06
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 07
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 08
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 09
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 10
ramona sarsgaard maggie gyllenhaal middle finger 11

Photos: Vallenilla
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41 Responses to “Maggie's Middle Finger Flip”

  1. 1
    Dumdums Says:

    Shame on her..! She’s lucky someone cares she is alive and working. Where does she get off thinking she’s so ‘special and precious’ she must do this ugly sign to prevent from paps making a profit so it wouldn’t be shown!? Wait a minute.. she is wanting it to be filmed.. shown! NICE!

  2. 2
    Anon. Says:

    Bigger issue, what in the world does she think she’s wearing? There’s like three different things there which should never be worn together if at all.

  3. 3
    ALI Says:

    Jared, or anyone really,

    do you know where The Dark Knight is being filmed? I’m dying to catch a glimpse of Christian Bale.

  4. 4
    natalie Says:

    Sticking up the middle finger at the paps, thats real classy.

    Peter is usually hot but WTF is going on w/ him in these pics? Yikes.

    Pretty cute baby though. Love the chubby cheeks :)

  5. 5
    any Says:

    awww look at the baby

  6. 6
    Raichill Says:

    I have never understood the fascination in this woman. She is average looking and an average actress.

  7. 7
    Daisy Says:

    And obviously has no manners whatsoever.

  8. 8
    Mary Says:

    Um..Ok I dont like her anymore.

    I thought she was cute and a good mom but never mind. No matter what the paps say you should never do that b/c it will be photographed and published!!! DUHHH!!! Doesn’t she know??

  9. 9
    angelinammm Says:

    maybe she is pissed off that they took photos of her breastfeeding
    maybe they are yelling something to her to get the reaction
    or she doesn’t give a damn what people think

  10. 10
    no Says:

    ok here it is

    A Brief Note on the “Habsburg Chin”

  11. 11
    maggie is nice Says:

    Funny Pictures: Jennifer Aniston’s ugly – funny pics
    nice fammily

  12. 12
    aj Says:

    She’s an amazing actress and I like her but giving the finger to papz is unnecessary. Show some class, Maggie. Be thankful they are interested in you eventhough you’re not much of a looker.

  13. 13
    2985 Says:

    I think she should’ve been Rachel Dawes to begin with instead of Holmes. Re the middle-finger, maybe she was having a good day until paps showed up and couldn’t care less that it would be published. :) Cameron Diaz used to be photographed a lot more giving the finger, so no biggie.

  14. 14
    Diana Says:

    The papps keep her in the spotlight and raise her profile, so why stick a finger? Whatever.

  15. 15
    roja Says:

    Waouh, the baby is really really really lovely!!!!She’s so cute!

  16. 16
    becca Says:

    Maggie is GORGEOUS and an amazing actress! Check her out in Sherry Baby, Happy endings, and other films. Very talented. Also, her beauty is unique…not mainstream… thankfully.

  17. 17
    Diana Says:

    Becca .. that is why I like her.

  18. 18
    pk Says:

    wow! i’m surprised nobody so far has stuck up for her at all. she’s walking with her baby not working on a set. i’d be pissed if someone was taking pics of my baby. what’s the big deal if she gives the paps the finger?! what they’re doing to her fam is way worse.

  19. 19
    Rii Says:

    I agree with Becca, she’s a very talented actress. I love Happy Endings.

  20. 20
    nyc Says:

    Jared- They aren’t married.

  21. 21
    Anon. Says:

    #18, pk, I agree with you. We see a picture and in the picture it looks like the person is giving US the finger, but what we don’t see…or hear, is what a pack of paps, and it’s usually about ten of them, are shouting as they try to get almost in Maggie’s face when she’s walking down a street. The day she came home from the hospital with her baby, they camped out on her doorstep, ringing the bell 24/7 and even calling in a false alarm to the fire department! That’s one of the main reasons why they left the West Village for Brooklyn. I’m a Maggie fan and I think NYC needs to change the laws about Paps. Even California has tougher laws. I think she’s an interesting, very talented actress.

  22. 22
    Erin Says:

    I agree # 21. I just love her and I’d be giving those pain in the ass paps the finger too. Shame on them for following and taunting Maggie and her family.

  23. 23
    [Fug Face You] Says:

    That family is pure fugliness.

  24. 24
    dani Says:

    Oh Maggie, not very classy of you! Her bro Jake is way classier!

  25. 25
    Anon. Says:

    #20,nyc, and you know this bcz… They might be married and then again they might not be.
    I do know, Maggie said in an interview she wanted a traditional, special wedding and wanted to wait until after Ramona was born and plan something special.

  26. 26
    what would a pap do? Says:

    Pap and finger!hmmm not a good combination for a woman! Regardless of talent ot what ppl yell at you, you pay a price to make a gargantuan amount of money for very little work. If the Paps rebelled and never took her pic again, she would suffer enormously. There are many many many talented actresses and actors who either have terrible personalities or are well represented and we NEVER see the paps chase them-hence, their stock is not as high-actually I think the Gyllenhall bunch is in the same category as the arquette bunch-mediocre, somewhat talented, average looking, those characteristics do not make superstars. Along with that she is wearing an outfit that looks like she was in a catfight with the swissmiss girl and kirsten dunst -
    suck it up Maggie-you are not a magazine seller-and peter looks like Tom Hanks in the Fedex movie (can’t remember the name) with the soccerball/basketball thingy friend-anyway gotta work

  27. 27
    Donna Says:

    I think she is lucky to have the paparazzi after her, she is ugly and really doesn’t mean too much to anyone. It shows you can’t buy class!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    Pandora Says:

    Uncalled for on her part. Cute baby — if the Paps don’t scare her,Daddy just might! And as to what exactly that collection of schmatas that she is wearing is all about, I have no clue. I find this couple rather droll.

  29. 29
    Mmmmm Says:

    Where is all the good daddy comments, he is holding his child .. where is his praise?? LOL

    I love these two, great actors! LOVED her in the Secretary. I dont blame her .. it is not about Class but trying to preserve her privacy.

    To Anon – Watch E Entertainment THS about Papz, Cali has no extra laws against the papz, in fact the local police and courts want nothing to do with the subject.

    PS. Daughter is adorable just like her daddy … mmmmmm!

  30. 30
    Tia Says:

    The “paps” probably said something rude. Um….. they are notorious for doing that.

  31. 31
    i like her clothes Says:

    i’d love to know where she got the red jacket

  32. 32
    aj Says:

    Come on you guys maybe she wanted to show off her engagement ring. Stop being so hard on the poor rich girl stalked by the paps. Have you got no heart at all? That poor little thing must be suffering so much.

  33. 33
    André Says:

    i think it’s classy.

  34. 34
    Anon Says:

    It’s amazing this world we live in where so many belive that people can only feel valued if they are being used as Pap fodder. Not everyone is a Parasite Hilton. Some actors don’t actually seek out superstardom (and actually real “superstars” are not peeps like Hilton or Lohan).

  35. 35
    cutie pie Says:

    the kid is ugly

  36. 36
    Wendy Says:

    sucks that Batman goes for trash like Maggie.
    She’s just a pornstar on screen and in real life she’s garbage.

  37. 37
    Neil Says:

    That’s why Katie Holmes is the real Rachel Dawes aka Batman’s leading lady because she outclasses Maggie in every way. Who will hear about Maggie if she’s not bashing America,getting spanked on the bigscreen or having a Gyllenhaal name.
    And wait she yells at the paps and breastfeeds in public. She gives them the middle finger but she’s an attention *****.

  38. 38
    Jessica Says:

    She’s a flaming liberal. Nasty actress and nasty person. No way I wonna be like her.

    Im not watching for her in Batman; thank God for Bale,Caine and Oldman.

  39. 39
    ugly betty Says:

    All she’s good at is pornographic movies. I guess with the sleazy standards of Hollywood in this generation is called acting. She is fugly and has a pudgy face but the saddest part is she’s raised in a barn.

  40. 40
    Francesca Says:

    their baby really looks like a monkey-how sick that fuggy gylenhaal is spawning.

  41. 41
    Crya Says:


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