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Angelina Jolie and the Killer Whales

Angelina Jolie and the Killer Whales

Angelina Jolie and her two sons, Maddox, 5, and Pax, 3, enjoy a day of fun at animal exhibition park Marineland on Thursday in Antibes, France.

Marineland is located on the Mediterranean coast, not far from Cannes, where Brad Pitt and Angelina premiered their own films, Ocean’s 13 and A Mighty Heart, at The Cannes Film Festival.

Angelina and Pax were spotted feeding fish to the orcas (also known as killer whales) while Maddox and security officer Mickey Brett looked on.

25+ pictures inside of Angelina, Maddox and Pax

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angelina maddox pax marineland 01
angelina maddox pax marineland 02
angelina maddox pax marineland 03
angelina maddox pax marineland 04
angelina maddox pax marineland 05
angelina maddox pax marineland 06
angelina maddox pax marineland 07
angelina maddox pax marineland 08
angelina maddox pax marineland 09
angelina maddox pax marineland 10
angelina maddox pax marineland 11
angelina maddox pax marineland 12
angelina maddox pax marineland 13
angelina maddox pax marineland 14
angelina maddox pax marineland 15
angelina maddox pax marineland 16
angelina maddox pax marineland 17
angelina maddox pax marineland 18
angelina maddox pax marineland 19
angelina maddox pax marineland 20
angelina maddox pax marineland 21
angelina maddox pax marineland 22
angelina maddox pax marineland 23
angelina maddox pax marineland 24
angelina maddox pax marineland 25
angelina maddox pax marineland 26
angelina maddox pax marineland 27
angelina maddox pax marineland 28

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • anustin

    why is this late!

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  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Thanks Jared….nice pics of Angie and the boys




    guess not :P

  • Alicia

    5th, woot

  • Tina

    Beautiful!I love her!

  • Just Jared

    Be grateful or go home. There are new pictures here, along with some old ones. Just enjoy them.

  • anustin

    jared, ca va!

  • Alicia

    pokemon!!! *shakes fist* j/k

  • anustin

    j, can i go home to u!

  • anustin

    you know how much we love u j,relax!take it easy yo!

  • luvthem

    Pax sure loves his monkey stuffed animal. Cute! Thanks Jared!

  • ayayaiii

    I got the feeling Maddox is feeling left out. I hope he wont get jealous of Pax in the long term.

  • mosquito hawk

    Angie’s did gain a few weight. her arm was fuller compare in her last appearance at NYC.

  • ayayaiiiii

    Have you noticed sumin? Pax and Maddox don’t have the same skin tone. Maddox is a bit darker than Pax. It proves something I said to my friends over and over again. Not all asians, whites and blacks don’t look the same.

  • Kelly

    What the hell is so important about being first? Get a life people, how stupid.

  • Dean

    Thanks Jared. Oh my God!! It appears as if Maddox doesn’t love the whales. Why, he is even feeding them! What a horrible life those whales will have, being ignored by Mad. Just wanted to see what it feels like to be an ignorant hater. Morning ladies, hope everyone is well.

  • Dean

    meant to say he isn’t even feeding them. oh well, whatever.

  • gizmatage

    I kinda feel bad for Madox coz Jolie was holding Pax the whole time while Maddox just looked on or walked behind him. I’m sure it’s coz Pax is new, and she’s still building his confidence and all ….but still, I feel bad for Mad. This is just an observation, not a critism!

  • R

    Whoa lovely pics, Angie and the boys seem to enjoy their day out. One thing though: Angie’s arms,God those veins…kinda scary

  • Maria

    WONDERFUL!!! new pix. Madd and Pax looks so adorable and Angie’s hair is so long… i didnt know that. she’s such a wonderful mother. you could tell by how the kids are so genuinely happy.

    Thanks a million thanks, Jared!!!

  • http://htt// false or True

    Angelina Jolie Is Planning A Secret Wedding

    Los Angeles – Angelina Jolie is secretly planning a lavish wedding for her and her lover Brad Pitt, it has been reported
    The actress – who has been married twice before – is said to have secretly accepted Brad’s marriage proposal, and is now organising a ceremony which will dwarf the actor’s 2000 $1 million wedding to Jennifer Aniston.
    A source told Grazia magazine: “Angelina has been reluctant to get married for a third time, for obvious reasons.
    “Brad has been persistent and has now given in, but she wants the day to be really memorable. While she doesn’t want it to be unnecessarily lavish, that’s not her style, it will still be an event Hollywood will never forget.
    “She also wants their children to see it as a huge celebration of her and Brad’s love for them. The daytime part of the celebration will be for the kids, with clowns and balloons and fire-eaters. But then the real party will begin in the evening.”
    Angelina – who has three adopted children, Maddox, five, Pax Thien, three and Zahara, two, and a biological daughter with Brad, one-year-old Shiloh – is to start looking at dates and venues in the autumn.
    While Brad and Jennifer served lobster at their nuptials seven years ago, Angelina is said to be keen on hiring a celebrity chef to specially create a dish for the event.
    The source added: “The wedding could end up being twice the size of the one Brad had with Jennifer.”

  • anustin

    grazia magz.hehe!

  • Dean

    gizmatage: it would be kind of hard for her to hold them both, wouldn’t it?

  • SJ

    Maddox, welcome to Shiloh’s world.

  • rancour

    Ya ya, when was the last time I’ve heard they’ll get married? Typical tabloids lies, man. I really think Brad and AJ should stay partners as Goldie hawn and her beau Kurt are. Marriage will ruin Pitt and Jolie’s relationship for sure. Until I read an official announcement in a proper newspaper, I will not believe the trash in the trashoids.

  • Kelly

    They aren’t getting married you dope. They’ve both said it numerous times, they aren’t interested in being married cuz they’ve both been married before and they are legally bound by their children together anyways. Don’t believe everything you read or hear people. Wise up.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and the beautiful pictures of Angie with her boys, some of the pictures I have seen, some I haven’t, so thanks again Jared and welcome back.

  • anustin

    papa pitt just love those vieny arms,thatz hard work!at least not from holding joints!

  • To missouri girl

    Missouri girl, did you forget what you insisted last December ? It was a stormy day in Missouri. Someone gave the information that this family was in Missouri and you repeatedly denied.
    They were actually there for five days and watched Happy Feet**** hmmmmmm

  • Dono

    Jolie just wants to show Aniston that ha haa, I got your man and he’s officially mine! Poor Jennifer

  • anustin

    #26 SJ stup!d jackazz!UR EORTA MIGHT BE BLOCK!

  • susie

    jeesh, so many threads, thanks jj. Of course I am loving seeing Mickey! :lol:

  • new pics

    New pics of angelina at goff

  • Mmmmm

    Geeez what a bunch of ungrateful hags is right Jared ..

    Poor Mad, he looks like he is wishing he didnt have another face to indenify with. She doesnt even notice he is there … poor lil guy

    A behind pic of her .. ugh its even worse then the front of her. Look at those sagging elbows, veins and where is her bum??? Her body looks like a 50 years. Imagine how low that tiger tat is hangin with all that loose skin … I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • SJ

    Dono. That was the most stupid message I’ve ever read. I think even most of the fanbots would find it ridiculous, not to mention Angelina.

  • genxv

    How happy and adorable both little boys look. Poor Mad, he seems to be scared of the whales. You can see in that one picture where he and Angie are sharing a smile, I bet she was asking if he would like to feed the whales and he was all “Hell No”.


    And I’m sure Pax feels ‘left out’ whenever Brad, Angelina and Maddox take off ATV-riding. :roll:

    Oh yeah,
    I bet the wee little ‘uns feel left out when the older ones go go-karting. And the testosterone twins feel left out when Mom and Dad play with the estrogens. The blonde feels alienated from the brunettes; the walkers are envious of the ones who require carrying; and the toothless is disenfranchised, while the toothed live high on the hog… well, high on crackers and Cheerios.

  • Susie

    Just an observation, but neither of the kids looked like they enjoyed it very much. They look tired and ready to go home.

  • Love Brangelina

    Good Morning Fans! Thanx for the new thread Jared:)

  • scary
  • Mmmmm

    She is now looking for Mad in this one …

    “I thought he was behind me, granted WAY behind me. I cant watch all the kids all the time, why do you think I only take one out at a time. I cant handle all of them”

  • susie

    Susie- please pick another name.

  • roxy

    I just want to get my comment in before all the obsessed haters get on here first. I see that some are already here. Lovely pics, these kids are so darn cute. And those of you who made the comment about Mad feeling left out…My God grow the heck up. Why do you feel the need to critize everything that she does; it’s really sickening. Maybe Mad doesn’t like Whales, maybe Angie is paying more attention to Pax with the whales because, just maybe he’s never been around killer whales before and wanted him to feel safe…Some of you are so damn ignorant and simple minded and keed to grow the fk up. I guess those of us who has more than one child should be stoned to death or have our heads choped off for being more attentive to one child, escpecially if they are younger and might be reluctant to try something new. SO BACK THE FK OFF OF ANGIE..SH!T

  • Sydney

    # 14 | ayayaiii @ 05.30.2007 8:49 am

    I got the feeling Maddox is feeling left out. I hope he wont get jealous of Pax in the long term.

    If a two year old at times wants to be independent, how much more you think a 5 yr old like Maddox would want to be independent? Madd has been nurtured and loved since he was adopted by Angie and it goes a long way when it comes to their self esteem. He is secured in the knowledge that he is well loved so he does not need to feel left out. Only insecured children or adults for that matter are constantly looking for unfair or bias treatment.

  • L in Philly.

    Morning fans! :)
    To AddictedtoBAMPZs:

    Thank you!!

    You have to sign up for the Sugar site (free of course), then you can join the group and post away!

  • roxy

    You are obviously craving attention. What your mother didn’t breast feed you. You are always the first one to be on every Brad and Angie thread with your bull. If you dislike her so much why the fk do you come on here bashing her. Answer that question please. You are one annoying bi!(h. Grow the heck up. If you don’t like what she looks like don’t look at her. Another question – What the fk do you look like? Do you live on this web? You are one sick puppy. JUST IGNORE THIS HAG BECAUSE SHE IS STARVING FOR ATTENTION. HOPEFULLY SHE WILL GO AWAY.

  • twokids2

    For the love of your children, eat! She is going to get sick if she keeps loosing weight. Look how big her pants looks. She has lost her figure. And this is not insulting her, this is a genuine observation. She is way too skinny. It’s not that she needs to be as when she filmed Lara Croft, but she needs to put some pounds on, at least 15. She is just skin, bones and a pretty face.

  • The real lou

    Man these haters are pathetic!Madd is feeling left out?Gimme me a break!Everyday it’s a new complaint with you people,obsessing over the life of a person you claim not to like!