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Brad Pitt's Sexy Smirk

Brad Pitt's Sexy Smirk

Here is the latest batch of Brad Pitt from Tuesday on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Old Montreal, Canada.

Pitt filed exterior shots around the city for the mind-bending romance that is due out in Fall 2008. This is the tail end of a long shoot, which included four months in New Orleans and another two months in Los Angeles.

Brad is expected be in town for only eight days before, presumably, returning to his family in Prague, where Angelina Jolie is filming action thriller Wanted.

20+ pictures inside of Brad‘s sexy smirk…

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brad pitt benjamin button set 01
brad pitt benjamin button set 02
brad pitt benjamin button set 03
brad pitt benjamin button set 04
brad pitt benjamin button set 05
brad pitt benjamin button set 06
brad pitt benjamin button set 07
brad pitt benjamin button set 08
brad pitt benjamin button set 09
brad pitt benjamin button set 10
brad pitt benjamin button set 11
brad pitt benjamin button set 12
brad pitt benjamin button set 13
brad pitt benjamin button set 14
brad pitt benjamin button set 15
brad pitt benjamin button set 16
brad pitt benjamin button set 17
brad pitt benjamin button set 18
brad pitt benjamin button set 19
brad pitt benjamin button set 20

Photos: Splash News Online
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  • satya


  • huh


  • mmmkkkkk

    Gosh he looks much older in these photos. Is it due to the makeup? Becaue if it is makeup to make him look older they did a really good job…but it could just be him getting older. dam I remeber him in legends of the fall…so young and

  • meh


  • Megan

    im sure it’s makeup, no big deal, he’s playing his part, still looking hot

  • Jennamae

    Mmm. Brad!

    You can find me here.

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared, for the new pics….. loving all of Brad’s looks and that sexy smirk! Good night now! :)

  • clearview

    It’s snowing in Old Montreal: That’s Hollywood for you
    Moscow in winter, period Paris – our city shows its versatility for Brad Pitt shoot

    The Montreal Gazette
    Monday, May 28, 2007

    It seems a little odd that director David Fincher would choose to come to Montreal in late May to shoot scenes of Moscow in winter. But that’s just another quirk of the movie biz, said Bill Doyle, supervising location manager for the big-budget Brad Pitt flick The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Fincher is having Montreal stand in for both Moscow and Paris.

    On the phone from the Benjamin Button set in Old Montreal late last week, Doyle said the shoot is happening here now because the filmmakers weren’t able to interrupt filming in New Orleans this winter, when Montreal was actually covered in snow. They will be manufacturing fake snow for the wintery Russian scenes.

    The New Orleans leg of the ambitious production lasted from early November to early March, followed by two months of studio work in Los Angeles. The original F. Scott Fitzgerald short story, which was adapted by Oscar-winning Forrest Gump scribe Eric Roth, is set in Baltimore, but the producers switched the setting to New Orleans because they felt it would be easier – and cheaper – to work in Louisiana. Pitt stars alongside Cate Blanchett, Julia Ormond and Tilda Swinton in this story of a 50-year-old man (Pitt) who begins aging backwards.

    Doyle, who has been scouting locations for Benjamin Button for three years, said Montreal was always on the filmmakers’ short list because they felt it would be an ideal place to stand in for snow-covered Moscow, as well as Paris in the 1940s. Filming in Paris and Moscow was ruled out early on because it would have been too expensive.

    “New Orleans is a great city, but it’s not Paris,” Doyle said. “It doesn’t look like it. When you think about where you’re going to go (to shoot Europe in North America), it’s either Quebec City or Old Montreal, and Quebec City has its issues, including a lot of it being on hills. Paris is not known to be a very hilly city. So here we are in Old Montreal.”

    Old Montreal is perfect for period Paris, but Doyle admitted it’s a bit more of a stretch for Moscow.

    “You have to be a little more picky because the architectural style is much more ornate, thanks to the French architects who built Old Montreal, and then even the English, who came in afterward, kept with that same flavour,” Doyle said. “Russia, you have to go a little more banal, which is a little harder to do here.”

    Last Wednesday, the filmmakers had done their best to make Vaudreuil **. – a one-block street off **. Paul **. near Place Jacques Cartier – look like Paris in the ’40s, complete with vintage black Parisian-style taxis and period Citroens.

    The crew had stretched a huge piece of silk fabric above the street, laying it on aluminum beams connecting the buildings on either side. It was an attempt to reduce reflections and shadows caused by the sunlight.

    A few days before the shoot, several condo owners who were unhappy with these beams being placed on their roofs sent a letter of complaint to the production.

    Doyle admitted that the film team didn’t successfully get all the information about the structure to the people living in the buildings. When he saw the letter, Doyle called a meeting with the residents on Tuesday evening. He brought along his engineers to show why they felt the pylons were safe and would not damage the roofs. At the meeting, Doyle agreed to extend the insurance policy the producers had taken out on the roof to last a full year. The producers paid the two condo associations for using their property (Doyle would not reveal the amount of the payment).

    He said he takes these complaints seriously. “This is definitely very uncommon. As I explained to them, in 22 years of doing this, there is no place that I’ve shot that I can’t go back to and shoot again. So it’s important to me that they come away with a positive experience, and it’s very unfortunate that so far some of them have not.”

    The Old Montreal filming – and the entire Benjamin Button shoot – will wrap Wednesday, after more than 130 days of production. The budget is reported to be $150 million U.S.
    The movie actually will wrap tomorrow.

  • http://,,lkosi98 Jen

    Lucky Brad for having the most beautiful woman on earth.

  • J3$$!C@

    In some of these photos, particularly the ones where hes wearing the hat, he looks really pale and old. The pics w/out the hat he looks good in.

  • keana

    Thanks Jared, you’re spoiling us!
    Brad is hot!….I bet Angie and the kids miss him.

    Ate Char,
    Kumusta na! Heto, bumubuto pa rin pero pasulput sulpot dahil talagang busy po lately.

  • tsk tsk tsk

    4 | mmmkkkkk @ 05.30.2007 2:34 am
    Gosh he looks much older in these photos. Is it due to the makeup? Becaue if it is makeup to make him look older they did a really good job…but it could just be him getting older. dam I remeber him in legends of the fall…so young and
    Legends of the Fall was 12 years ago (1995). It is now 2007. Even Brad has to age. But I think he is still hot in an older, matured guy kind of way.

  • Andrew

    U didn’t read the article, in the movie, Brad is 50 year old man. That’s why he looked old in da pix. Love AJ, I never love BP before but now with AJ, he’s brillian, thanks JJ for pix.

  • Thank You

    Thanks so much Jared for all the Brad photos! Gosh…I can’t keep up with you. You must be living on Red Bull. :-)

  • jq

    Aging is a normal natural process, of course, he’ not the Tristan 12 yrs. ago, but at 43 , he still look good and have the charm of a mature, condident, successful man.

  • jq

    I’m sure the pic aboe was the character he’s playing with aging make-up on, bcos in the previous thread with the camel color coat, he look gorgeous!

  • lynewu

    Any photoes of Cate Blanchett?


    I have to ask this again b/c no one answered me in the last thread.




    Today is the last day for filming benjamin button, while everyone seems proud of this movie,they all must be happy that this movie is ending filming,its has been a veery long shoot.

  • tabitha

    I bet Brad can’t wait to get back to his family.

  • boohoo

    The Old Montreal filming – and the entire Benjamin Button shoot – will wrap Wednesday, after more than 130 days of production. The budget is reported to be $150 million U.S.


    That is why he can’t question when they want him to work. It’s a huge budget movie and everyone worked very hard on it.

  • ok!

    #19 Norman’s Mom,No he didn’t!It said honk if you are gay!Brad told it in a interview.Clooney and Brad are always playing jokes on each other.

  • Original Curious

    Thank you Jared. From all the shots we’ve seen, this looks to be an interesting movie. They must be shooting the ’50s I remember pictures of my dad in suits like that. A style I dearly hope never returns….a rear shot without the rear? :roll:

  • To Broken Record

    Report Abuse # 19 | NORMAN’S MOM
    Why won’t you check Norman’s d*ck?

  • gena

    Brad continues to look good, but don’t know about that smirk? I know the family misses him. Boy I bet it is hard with both parents working. Probably harder on Angie since the kids are with her. I wonder if Brad’s family is still in Prague. They always seem to come to the rescue when help is needed. Hope so.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man With Rare TB Detained, Isolated
    He Ignored Orders, Traveled Extensively

    By David Brown
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, May 30, 2007; A03

    The federal government last week detained and quarantined an Atlanta man who had spent nearly two weeks traveling in the United States, Canada and Europe with “extensively drug-resistant” tuberculosis, a rare and often fatal form of the infection, officials said yesterday.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention imposed an “order of isolation” on Friday after catching up with the man, who had flown into Montreal the day before and then driven to New York City. He was flown in a government plane on Memorial Day to Atlanta, where he is now undergoing treatment.

    Although states occasionally use their authority to forcibly detain and treat patients with infections, this was the first time since 1963 the federal government has done so. The last case involved suspected importation of smallpox, a disease eradicated in the 1970s.

    The CDC and the two airlines that transported the man twice across the Atlantic are laboriously trying to learn who had close, prolonged contact with him during the trip. Those people will then be contacted by local health departments — potentially dozens of them on two continents.

    “We don’t think, from past scientific investigation, that their risk is high. But we want to offer them the chance to be tested,” CDC Director Julie L. Gerberding said yesterday afternoon in a news briefing.

    Although many details of the patient’s recent activities were unknown or were not being disclosed yesterday, officials said the man had recently been diagnosed with TB and knew he should not travel when he left the United States on May 12.

    After testing revealed his tuberculosis was extensively drug-resistant, he was contacted in Europe by health authorities and told not to take a commercial flight home — advice he ignored.

    He flew from Atlanta to Paris on May 12 on Air France Flight 385, arriving the next day. He flew back from Europe on May 24 aboard Czech Airlines Flight 0104, which departed from Prague. That flight arrived the same day in Montreal. He left Montreal in a rented car and drove to the United States, entering at Champlain, N.Y. The man’s wife was with him in New York and accompanied him in the CDC plane to Atlanta. Where she met him — or whether she traveled to Europe with him — was unclear yesterday.

    Officials did not say how many other countries he visited in Europe.

  • kip

    The more I read and see of this movie the more interested I get. Cate B. is going to have two big movies next year. This movie and Indiana Jones.

  • kip

    # 26

    Brad flew on a private plane.

  • LOL


    Bras said he was small too, not big deal.

  • B & W

    I’ve seen some black & white stills of the film shoot. Really beautiful and making it seem more like the period piece that it is.

    I’ll see if I can post the link a little later.

  • lurker

    This is from the older thread

    time magz had small pix of branjie on der cover.they rated AMH an A,but a c+ for achievement.
    Can you explain? achievement?

  • Tell All

    Jen’s $5million tell all deal

  • Raichill

    He definitely looks older in these photos. We have to remember everyone ages and all beauty fades eventually. He’s middle-aged now.

  • ok!

    #32 Tell All,Anyone who really belives that is true is just plain stupid!P.S didn’t Life and Style run that same fake story in 2006?

  • jpg

    Jen’s $5million tell all deal
    Just post the cover not the link of the site. Thanks.

  • sara

    He’s not in Montreal for eight days. He’s apparently leaving tonight as soon as the film wraps.

  • Missouri Fan

    Good AM/PM to all BAMZS fans around world!!

    Jared thank you for this new thread.

    One more day, please continue to vote> THANK YOU!

    bye-going to work.

  • ok!

    #33 Raichill,A hot middle aged!Why is everyone acting like you just realized Brad is 43?Some of you sound really superficial!

  • YaYa

    The only reason people think Brad looks old is because of the wrinkles around his eyes. That’s from years of too much sun girls, remember that! Sun worshipping is not your friend.

    Personally, looking at Brad Pitt and then some of the 43 yr old men in my office? There is NO contest

  • dana

    He looks old

  • YaYa

    He looks fantastic. You know who looks old? George Clooney looks old. He looks like a beat up 46 yr old alcoholic

  • lurker

    Splash has the video of brad filming yesterday

  • ok!

    Just ignore the he looks old comments.They are most likely from people who are fan’s of his ex.I guess they need to get the one “dig” in to feel better.

  • she looks old, too
  • From Ok magazine

    Angelina Jolie’s big brother, James Haven Voight, is reportedly expressing his concern over his superstar sister’s well-being. “She exhausts herself and at the moment she has a very low resistance level because she misses our mother so much and just longs for her all the time,” James Haven is quoted as saying to British magazine Closer. He goes on to say that his sister’s work as a United Nations goodwill ambassador has had an unhealthy effect on her diet. “Angie visited Ethiopia and it changed her life. It’s hard for her to go home to a very expensive restaurant and order freely.”


  • ok!

    #46 Do you really beleive james spoke with a a British tabloid?Damm,I guess some people will believe anything.

  • To from Ok Magazine.


    You all saw Angie last week, did she look like she’s exhusted?

  • anustin

    normans mom,b!tch!that small dick produces perfect lookz!now,gimme that small dick!pothead!

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