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David Hyde Pierce is Gay

David Hyde Pierce is Gay

Former Frasier star David Hyde Pierce officially came out of the closet (unintentionally or intentionally?) in an Associated Press article published on

[Pierce] worked at Playwrights Horizons, the Public Theater, Shakespeare in the Park and a lot of regional theaters such as the Guthrie in Minneapolis, Chicago’s Goodman and Long Wharf in New Haven, Conn. Pierce got to Los Angeles in the early 1990s when his partner, actor-writer-producer Brian Hargrove, wanted to write for television.

Pierce, 48, has been nominated for a Tony for Curtains on Broadway, where he is currently appearing.

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Credit: AfterElton, CNN; Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • Mmmmm

    Was there really a question that he wasnt?

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Did he really have to officially cum out? lmao I’m sure everyone already knew he was gay, I did.

  • Eve

    Good for him if he’s ready to start being open about it. It’s not a big deal anymore, especially for the industry, so file under “big whoop”.

  • Kelly

    Duh he’s gay, big whoop!

  • Alicia

    wow, he always came off a little fay, but i just thought thats how he was (like his character Niles). i am a little surprised

  • tomatos

    He’s a great talent. I thought everyone knew he was already gay. Who cares. It’s HIS sexuality.

  • tanique33

    i honestly didn’t realize he wasn’t out already. i suppose many were like me. so, that’s good. a big deal probably wont be made of it.

  • Amanda

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Anyone that knows anything about Hollywood knew he was gay. And no offense Hyde Pearce coming out at the of 48 isn’t that big a deal he’s old and he’s not a big star. When a big A list movie star or a young up and comer or an old living legend comes out then that will be news.

  • Natalie

    That doesn’t surprise me at all. Anyway, who really cares. He’s a good actor! Especially in Frasier, he was hilarious. I wish him more success, and good for him :)

  • Diana

    He is a brilliant actor, and I too wish more success than ever. I loved watching him in Frasier! On a sad note, In Russia, gay protesters were punch and abuse, sad very sad.

  • Eve (not the one from above)

    I love him in Frasier. I love that sitcom, I still watch it on Sony Entertainment television (here in Brazil we have a cable channel called like that).

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  • calgirl3

    Least surprising “outing” ever. HA I loved him on “Frasier” so much. His wit and timing are unmatched except possibly by Kelsey Grammar on that show. He is a great actor and entertainer, his orientation makes zero different whatsoever! And really, who didn’t know this already? :)

  • Diana

    I guess now is official.

  • modemlooper

    Its just like the backdoor boy who came out. big deal, we knew. Had he came out and said “hey i’m straight, no really.” Then that what be a shocker.

  • http://yahoo,com cutie pie

    hey fug face are you gay??????? dont lie now

  • piper, with a low

    # 13 | calgirl3 @ 05.30.2007 5:41 pm

    Probably those who were waiting for their ‘Niles’ to come along… being worshipped from afar, being oblivious to his secretly smelling your hair, and remaining committed for 7+ years in complete fascination and awe of you…

    For me, David Hyde Pierce is one of those rare actors that is constantly good at what he does. And he keeps going forward, not lamenting about his past successes. So, no, his disclosure doesn’t change a thing.

    My only hope is that he won’t get pulled in different directions a la Ellen D. When she came out on her sitcom, on one hand, many gays saw it as a monumental step; the following season, some gays, specifically Chastity Bono, accused Ellen (the show) of being ‘too gay’.

    He should work, period. Here’s hoping he’ll keep his eye on the prize, both personally and professionally.

  • MJ

    I thought he was already out? I’m sure I read it somewhere about the time that Frasier went off the air. He is a wonderful comedic actor.

  • Amanda

    Everyone already thought he was out already. I think this is the most unsurprsing coming out ever. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Apple

    i’m surprised. kelsey grammar isn’t gay. they’re practically the same person really.

  • Didi

    jeez what a shock..could have told you that about 15 years ago when the series started. he’s gayer than fabio’s conditioner.

  • lainie

    No surprise but I would’ve believed him if he said he was not gay. He was absolutely divine on Frasier—he’s such a great comic actor and then he is brilliant when the tone gets serious. I just love him. I hope he realizes how wonderful he is and how much joy his great talent brings to those witnessing it.

  • Jade

    It means nothing in this day and age that David
    is gay.No big deal.The best to him.

  • E

    No that it matters one way or the other, but I cannot believe there is anyone out there who would even think he was hetersosexual!!! It was just a given.

  • So what?

    And this is important because…?

  • *Yawn*

    So he’s gay. So freaking what?!

  • Dirty Denise

    I knew he was.

  • paupau

    HA!!! is like when I came out… evevybody was waiting for it, everybody knew it… but me… oh well, at least he lived a fantasy for a while, welcome!!!

  • theoriginalbitch

    Well, duh!?!

  • Amy


  • Adam Tate

    WHAT?????? Hand me my heart pills. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that other Hollywood studs are gay, such as macho Nathan Lane or that dead-sexy David Gest …

  • sorano916

    I actually saw “Curtains” last past week. He was really good in it. I’m glad that he’s been having success after “Frasier” with “Spamalot” and “Curtains.”

  • A Person

    I am surprise that he is 48

    Congratulation DHP

    anytime someone lBGT comes out is great rather people knew their status or not.

  • Suzanne

    I just want to say that even though David has come out as gay, I am going to keep true to my promise. I made a promise some years (10 almost 11) ago that no matter what I would always love David, whatever he was gay, straight, or bi-sexual and I still hold true to that today. I fell in love with him in 1996 when he played the IRS agent on Caroline in the city and have not stopped loving him for one nano second or less in ten years. I will remain true to my solemate. He is the most wonderfull and perfect man on the plant. David if you read this I want you to know that I am the women who sent you two letters and poured out my heart to you. I love you no matter what comes. You are a sweet,sensative,gental,caring,
    smart,extremly sexy,passionate,under apperatited, remarkablem,brilliantly talented, irriblaceable,misunderstood,comic genius, boyish man. I will love you if you have loads of money or no money at all. I will love you unconditionally. I am forever your solemate! I wish you much success (like you really need it) with your boyfriend. God Bless You David Hyde Pierce. Good luck @ The Tonys

  • Boasv

    Wooow Suzanne, 10 years… ¡This is a real love! haha…

    I’m great fan from Valencia (Spain) of Frasier, and great fan of the cast too, especially David Hyde Pierce (and Moose too haha). I have to say, that does not import for me by no means that David is gay, he is a brilliant artist, and is my maetro of the interpretation. I am 19 years old, and I dream of becoming so big artist as it is he.

    David, All your fans we love you!… Kisses!.

  • kels

    I know for a fact that if given the opportunity David Hyde Pierce would fall for a female (not his fat looser boyfriend). He never acted gay, he was just sensative and cultured and hot and sexy!

  • ton

    Oh, please. You’re not in love with him you don’t even know him. And Kels, I don’t know how you can call Brian Hargrove a loser, you’re the one obsessing about someone you’ll never meet.
    He is definitely the best thing about Frasier, his comic timing and visual humour are brilliant. I always think of the episode where he’s preparing for a date and he sets Frasier’s sofa on fire trying to iron his trousers. Hilarious.

  • wanda

    happy he found love.

  • http://phephe wanda

    so happy for him

  • Dannette in nc

    Am apparently the last one to know… And certainly, it makes no difference to me. Absolutely love his comedic style and flair. I always thought his contributions were underrated; never realized how frequently (11 times) he’d been nominated for Emmy’s for his role on Frasier. Good on him. To me, Pierce was definitely the gem, the real strength of the Frasier ensemble, though it was only a great show because everyone held up their end superbly. Also glad to see Pierce’s career is still thriving. Best to him and his partner.

  • Nadine

    So he’s gay-so are alot of other people! He is a wonderful actor and terrific human being. I loved him in Frasier!.

  • sarah

    i absolutley loved!! him in frasier i own all of the seasons in fact but everybody already new he was gay just by watching him and daphine interact on the show so it shouldnt change the fact that he is a great actor and i wish him much succsess!!

  • Cheyenne

    When my mom told me about Will & Grace and Frasier one night on Lifetime I started watching them ever sense. But I would have to say Frasier was my favorite out of Will & Grace and Army Wives. One night I was with my mom and I asked her in front of the TV. “What’s up with his weird chin?” Than my mom said. “He was born with it. Back than thoughs chins were popular.” Well, ever sense I asked that stupid, rude quistion I fell in love with David. I had a crush on him but when I was watching a video on YouTube with him on stage singing a song about leather pants, and wearing them I thought it was a funny, and cute video. But I showed my nephew Alex and he said. “He’s probully gay.” I kinda got mad, but I was suspicious. So, I looked up a lot of information about him and it ended up that he is really gay. I was surprised. But it’s not a big deal, though. David Hyde Pierce is gay with David Brian Hargrove. And? I think their is nothing wrong with gays. I ‘hate’ Homophobes. They should all shut up and mind their own lives. Not stick their opionons up gays, and other sexualitys, etc. etc. When I found out he was gay it kinda turned me down, because I wanted to fall in love with him when I grow up. That would probully never happen anyways. Lol.. But when I grow up I’m going to move to Los Angeles. I want to atleast meet him, and decide if I want to live their or not. If I don’t than I’ll find somewhere else to live. I think. o_o Their so in common, though. Both of their names start with David and and both of their birthdays are right next to eachother. David Brian Hargrove born April 2, David Hyde Pierce born April 3. Well, I hope David Hyde Pierce and David Brian Hardgrove a lovely life together!~♥