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Jude Law Revs My Engine

Jude Law Revs My Engine

Jude Law, a guest of Vodafone, was a first timer at the 2007 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday in Monaco (he arrived by helicopter).

The British beauty said, “I know Monaco pretty well under normal conditions – meaning without Formula One – but hey, this is the real thing. Being on the grid and seeing those 22 guys waiting to start their engines – what an experience! Should I be in England when the British Grand Prix is on, I will be there.”

He was accompanied by Angelina Jolie‘s ex-hubby Jonny Lee Miller. Jude and Johnny lived near each other in Primrose Hill, London back in the day. They also had formed Natural Nylon, a British film production company, back in 1997 but it folded a few years later.

Below are pictures of a jovial Jude sneaking out the side-door of the Groucho Club and jumping into a waiting taxi on Tuesday night in London.

30+ pictures inside of Jude at the Grand Prix…

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jude law grand prix 01
jude law grand prix 02
jude law grand prix 03
jude law grand prix 04
jude law grand prix 05
jude law grand prix 06
jude law grand prix 07
jude law grand prix 08
jude law grand prix 09
jude law grand prix 10
jude law grand prix 11
jude law grand prix 12
jude law grand prix 13
jude law grand prix 14
jude law grand prix 15
jude law grand prix 16
jude law grand prix 17
jude law grand prix 18
jude law grand prix 19
jude law grand prix 20
jude law grand prix 21
jude law grand prix 22
jude law grand prix 23
jude law grand prix 24
jude law grand prix 25
jude law grand prix 26
jude law grand prix 27
jude law grand prix 28
jude law grand prix 29
jude law grand prix 30
jude law grand prix 31
jude law grand prix 32

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press, Clive Mason/Getty
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  • 80lbs momgelina

    whatever happened to alfie?

  • Diana

    He looks fine in jeans …

  • [Fug Face [x]]


  • Sandy

    COME FLY WIth me.,.,.jUDE KNOWS WHERE TO FIND ALL THE FuN tHINGS IN LIFE/ So good to see he’s enjoying himself now ater all the recent good things (honors and awards etc.) He’s doing all these good things and if there is no particular women now, good he’ll play the field and look around and eventually find someone. He doesn’t have a problem. It’s also
    great to see that Jonny and JUde have kept up the friendship that started when they were 12
    and went to the Youth Music camp,. There is
    nothing like spending time doing fun things with an old friend. Jude seems to be loyal to and retain his old friends. I can never get
    enough of Jude. Thanks again Jared, you feed my
    passion for all things Jude.

  • abby

    I am sorry, but he is not cute at all. Never found him attractive, never will. UGH

  • Eve

    Me too Abby, I also saw a picture of him naked once and boy…he needs a circumcision. Seriously.

  • dolorescraeg

    hairline, schmairline….i’ll take jude anytime, anywhere. jared i wish you would have posted the photos of jude at the chopard presentation in cannes. they were om wire image and getty and wenn..he looked drop dead gorgeous. thanks for the jude treat.

  • Pole

    It’s good to have the goodlooking Jude back :) So nice to see him with Jonny – if only Ewan had been there :)

    Thanks for the pics Jared.

  • Kelly

    Jude Law is a cheating ass! Who gives a fuck about him?! He makes me want to vomit~

  • Pole

    Lots of celebs cheat. Jude at least looks good doing it :)

    Seriously – I don’t get the hate againts him?

  • Fattie

    What a cute butt!

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Fug’s laughing at the fake love, once that hair goes so will his ‘fans’.

  • louveciennes

    Meh, Jude’s looking kind of skeevy lately, IMO. I don’t think he’s aging well.

  • Kelly

    He isn’t attractive. Beauty is more than skin deep people. And not everyone in Hollywood cheats, do you know everyone in Hollywood? No? Right, so shut up and let people have their own opinions. Jude Law IMO is a skanky cheater, and he’s ugly.

  • Pole

    Well, a good night to you too Kelly :)

  • sweet

    ahh well at least Jonny is still gorgeous and not a cheat

  • Mery

    Thanks, Jared!

    Great photos.
    I think Jude is very well. He’s a 34-old man. He’s single, he’s acting, he’s promoting his films. I think Jude is now enjoying his life.
    Good luck!.

    For me Jude is a fine actor a georgous man.

    He cheated? Well, and Brad Pitt, and Denzel Washinton, and Tom Hanks, and Denis Quaid, and Eddie Murphy and more, more, more… And? This isn’t my bussines and this no change my opinion of an actor.

    I read his interviews, he’s intelligent, cultivated. Much better than much hair without brain.

    Violence, pederasty.. well this is other question.

  • http://justjared kelly

    I’d still fuck him

  • black

    His jacket is a little too small for him but appart from that…

  • Brandon

    Jude’s got some butt in those jeans!

    Of course he did cheat on Sienna with the nanny, but it’s all in the past now.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Brandon you’re a fcuking fruit-cup. Damn battybwoys are everywhere.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude looks good from every angle. fantastic from the front and va va voom from the back. i’m sure the guys who hate jude are SO gorgeous when THEY look in the mirror.
    be a critic all you want. in the meantime jude’s the star and he’s making the money. while the haters sit at home hating. jude is much better off.

  • Kelly D

    doloresacraeg… you’re a moron.

  • tanique33

    just hot. thanks jared. jude can wear some skinny jeans. DAYUM!

  • Purple Worm

    Off topic, but I hope someone will fill me in here: I keep reading that Tom Hanks has cheated. His marriage to Rita Wilson has always seemed totally devoted & rock solid. When did this affair happen? Was it in the tabs and do we know who it allegedly happened with? Somehow this went totally over or under my radar..

  • Ria

    Tom Hanks cheated on his first wife with Rita Wilson his present wife. He’s open about it and yet nobody hates him. Jude was not even married to Sienna and yet people react like he killed them or something.

    Half of Hollywood cheats. Antonio Banderas who is oh so married to Melanie has tons of girlfriends in Spain. He goes there twice a year and lives a single life. When we toured Spain a few years ago, the guide was telling us about this and he acted proud about it. And Denzel? Brad? Give me a break. Brad and Angelina were doing the horizontal when he was still married to Jennifer and yet people demonize Jen and adore Brangelina. Talk about double standards.

  • Purple Worm

    OK, as I was writing my post I wondered if it was Rita he did the ‘cheating’ with way back when. Then wondered if I missed something somewhere. Thanks for the 411 Ria. I agree, it is a total double standard. Although I think Tom Hanks got away with his thing because he wasn’t as famous as Jude when it happened. Rita was his co-star; Melanie was Antonio’s co-star; Angelina was Brad’s co-star, etc. Jude just picked the wrong person to shag in the form of Daisy. I’ve always found it strangely sweet and strangely stupid. Of all the women who surround him…why her? And of all the women to profit from it, of course her. Ya know?




  • Belinda

    Damn! He’s got a great butt and beautiful eyes.

  • Lala

    nice backside to go with a great front side, yes i saw his naked pee pee in a pic too, but i don’t remember him needing a circumsison.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Kay he is really looking ragged lately. But where is that jacket from????? Gorgeous!

  • Bagpiper

    That is one fine back view.

    Thinking of changing my name to Battybwoy…LOL

  • erica

    Jude is hot !! on all levels. He has the conferdence to show his natural self. He is gorgeous inside and out.

    much love


  • Ria

    To PurpleWorm:

    A lot of people reacted badly because it was just the nanny and not some glamourous co-star. I am pretty sure the consensus will be different if it was something like Brangelina. Most people’s comment on that affair was “they were both so pretty they should be together”. Ugh.

    IMO – Daisy was a simple girl who loved his kids and she was always there taking care of them. I am not excusing his behaviour – just opining why her. He has lots of women throwing themselves at him(Ted Casablanca mentioned how society girls in New Orleans were all over him and he could have his pick if he wanted and if he did who knows)but it seems he really liked Daisy. He did not even hate her even when she went to the press with the affair. Also, his relationship with Sienna was not on an even keel at that time with several reports of them fighting all the time. It’s over though and people should move on.

  • TeeHee

    who the hell brought up the nanny thing, we’re all just commenting on this fine form known as jude law. :) him sleeping with a nanny didn’t effect me a bit so why would i care who he sleeps with? won’t stop me from watching his movies, but will make me want to read daisy’s diary. lol

  • jacky

    TO Ria ,where did you get the news that Brad cheat? didn’t his ex best friend said Brad didn’t cheat. didn’t his ex told Oprah it’s an amicable split,it’s not what the tab. printed. why can’t faniston fans accept the fact sometimes a marriage just do not work. no man will leave a happy marriage!

  • Yily

    Could his pant be any tighter? And Jude is losing his hair! Say it ain’t so!

  • Eve

    @30 (Lala). He has foreskin…you probably don´t mind about it like I do. I find it disgusting.

  • cutie pie

    damn that dumb a.. fug face get a life commenting everywhere

  • tamara

    they hate him cause he’s too good looking and talented. they juz like to compare all things after the scandal.
    I still like him, I like his personality and the way he talk and think about his work. he’s intelligent.

  • Ria

    I quite agree with that. I read an interview with him years ago before I even knew who he was and seen any of his movies. I really liked the article and bought the magazine and my first impression of him was here’s an intelligent actor who can really talk about movies. I’ve also seen him on talk shows and and liked him. He is so different from a lot of American actors who could barely string sentences together or looked high on talk shows(J Phoenix/McConaughey etc).

    The only thing I dislike about him is his taste in women.

  • Lindsay

    he is very attractive in those pics, id love to speed around in a race car with him

    personally i love his ‘Alfie’ look the best, hes soooo adorable in that film

  • dolorescraeg

    there are some adorable pictures of jude jogging near his home in the rain on wire image. he is so hot. in teal blue sweat pants….mama mia.

  • Daphne

    That face plus the rear view, mmmm….. He gets me coming and going, the sexy buck.

  • dolorescraeg

    if you want to see something beautiful…go to wire image, click on jude law and look at his pictures at the “chopard presentations.” he’s wearing a tuxedo and he looks breathtaking. you can enlarge them by clicking on the thumbnails.another testament to jude’s beauty.

  • dolorescraeg

    there isn’t much that jude does need. the good lord favored him with an extraordinarly beautiful face, a body that is sex on legs and great acting ability… i wouldn’t worry too much about his genitalia. three children later. sienna, the nanny. no one’s complaining.

  • melina

    his butt is so hot, oh my god !
    i really would like to get him.. :D

  • Liz

    @Ria: Thank you SO much for pointing this out. I thought I was the ONLY one who remembered Tom Hanks’ infidelity. And yet, yeah. People go around crucifying Jude, who wasn’t even MARRIED, for being with a nanny while that slag of a girlfriend, Whorenna, was sleeping with everything that moved. He did nothing wrong. Sienna was cheating with other men prior to this incident. Screw her. I don’t get the sympathy for that attention whore. Jude’s a good man, a good dad, & does a TON of charity work. Start mentioning THAT, people, and get off his a$$. Get over it already–it’s no big deal AT ALL.

  • Liz

    @Ria: I’M excusing his behavior. He even TOLD Sienna before this happened that he wasn’t happy, that she needed to spend more time with him, and that she never supported him. How did she respond? She went to L.A. to party her slag a$$ off, that’s how. So I have ZERO sypmathy for her; all of THAT goes to Jude. It’s a total no-brainer. I actually wish that he HAD been able to continue a relationship with Daisy; she DID love his kids, seemed to care about him, and paid more attention to him than Sienna ever did. It’s a shame she got so much crap just because she was a normal person who wasn’t a size 0 and made up to look like a streetwalker like Sienna. I think Jude would be much better off romantically if he could take up with some normal woman like Daisy. And yeah, he did seem to still be congenial towards her. That slag of an ex wife of Jude’s, Psycho Sadie Frost, is the one who had the biggest problem with it. She needs to let go of her obsession with Jude already and get a life and stay the hell out of HIS.

  • Liz

    @Eve: It’s natural. Men are born with it; what’s UNNATURAL is to hack something off that belongs there for a purpose. You’re brainwashed in the U.S. to think that men are supposed to be circumcised; most men in Europe aren’t unless it’s for religious reasons. Also, it’s nice to see that he’s a REAL man and leaves the chest hair alone, instead of waxing it off to look like a 13-year old pre-pubescent boy’s chest.