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Celine Dion & Little Rene Say HELLO!

Celine Dion & Little Rene Say HELLO!

Celine Dion takes the upcoming cover of Hello! Magazine with 6-year-old son Rene Charles Angelil.

The top-selling Canadian chanteuse is preparing to leave Las Vegas at the end of this year when her five-year run at Caesar’s Palace comes to a close. Celine, 39, and her family will be relocating to a new home in Florida.

“I love taking care of my home,” she says. “My child, my house; it really fulfills me. Before him, my vocal chords ruled my life. All I had was my voice, and I hung onto it.”

And little Rene‘s are on their way!

“I’ll do little tours with little shows… and maybe have a second child,” she added. “My mother had me at 41; I’m sure I could do the same.”

Bigger cover picture of Celine and Rene inside…

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  • mercredi

    Wasn’t Celine Dion’s child a boy?

  • Sobe It!

    Did u read “Celine Dion takes the upcoming cover of Hello! Magazine with 6-year-old son Rene Charles Angelil“?

  • someone

    Why does he look like a girl?

  • Alicia

    haha, i was gonna ask if that was a boy too!

  • Chantal

    That was the first I thought… That kid.. looks like a GIRL!!!

  • Rox

    That’s a boy????? Wow.

  • ohmy

    Yes he IS a boy. 6 yr olds don’t have gender operations.

  • brass

    I thought it was a girl!! Holy cow…he might need a haircut!!

  • Sofia

    LMAO ^^ditto^^

  • wow

    both parents have brown eyes yet he has blue eyes! wow.

  • anon

    god give the kid a haircut, I seriously thought he was a she!

  • Pandora

    Hey, All — I thought for sure they’d gotten the cover pic mixed up with something else as this looks like a girl to me, too. Ridiculous. Bizarre, any way you slice it.

  • Pandora

    P.S. Upon closer examination even the shirt the kid’s wearing looks feminine. The kid him/herself looks feminine nevermind just the hair!

  • Cuckoonest

    Oh my.. no offence but that pretty little boy lookis like a pretty little girl…

  • Didi

    I thought ‘son’ was a misprint at first cos the kid looks like a girl plus Rene is a girls name isn’t it, or is that Renee?

    The kid is gonna have some serious gender dysmorphic issues when he grows up.

  • Cuckoonest

    Oh my… no offence but that pretty little boy looks like a pretty little girl…

  • Anna

    Magazine with 6-year-old SON Rene Charles Angelil. “I’ll do little tours with little shows… and maybe have a second child,” SHE added. :S

  • Langtry

    “Rene”, spelled thusly, is a boy’s name … in France and Quebec, Canada. However, the hair thing is all the rage in Hollywood. Witness Ryder Richardson (Kate Hudson’s boy), Presley Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s son), and until-very-recently Jon-Paul DeJoria’s son (who’s featured in his father’s haircare ads along with Mom). These Hollywood babes seem to really like it when their son’s hair looks exactly like Mom’s!

  • Diana

    More power to them for keeping their boys hair the way they wanted, which rules say that boys need short hair. I think he looks like his dad, minus the blue eyes. Cute!

  • ?

    Only Cindy Crawford’s son can wear his hair this long and look great.

  • http://htt// eee

    Celine has same chin as Jennifer Aniston, but celine more talented.

  • Mmmmm

    Blue eyes are recessive … he has great locks tho!

  • malibumom

    Mmmmmm you are right blue eyes are recessive which means Celine and husband have heterozygous (Bb)genotypes! They had a 1:4 chance on having a recessive phenotype child with blue eyes-

  • marina

    In Spanish also René is a male name, although Renée is female, also in English sometimes (Renee Zellwegger), but that’s not so important, here in MExico, there are a few people named Isis and Osiris, and yet Osiris is a male god name, there are girls named liket that, who cares? :)
    But yes his hair is too long, just as Kate Huidson’s son

  • Gem

    Well the kid’s Dad is really quite bald & since baldness is generally hereditry maybe they thought they’d let the kid enjoy having hair whilst he can! Lol

  • Diana

    LOL #25

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Thats a girl.

  • Amy

    Yeah, the real worry would be if two blue-eyed parents had a brown-eyed kid. Blue eyes from brown-eyed parents is totally normal, though less likely.

  • abby

    That is not a boy.

  • Pole

    He needs a haircut STAT!

  • Lisa

    Geez.. that kid needs a haircut FAST! He’s got to be the girliest looking boy I’ve ever seen!

  • shut-up

    Fashion is one thing……… but when your son start looking like a daughter you need to trim… Seriously!

  • Me

    What an adorable little girl!

  • josie

    Here in Quebec, Rene is a name for both men and women.

    This is a little boys but its so stupid to let him with this hair. Wath thehell is she doing??

  • Tina

    If he was a girl he’d be really pretty.

  • Kat

    Cut that kids hair!

  • NaughtyVoyeur

    She grows his hair out long so that she can use it to make her extensions.

  • LMAO

    I’m quite sure I read somewhere that he got his penis chopped off…

  • Kelly

    You lemmings are retarded. It’s a friggin son, a boy, a male… GET OVER IT!

  • stacy

    hey now, i’m over it but STILL. get your kid to the barber fast lady! Yes, his hair is absolutely gorgeous, but how is he gonna feel seeing that cover in 12 years? Pissed, that’s how, just like I am when I see the poster sized framed photograph of me with a mullet when I was 9 in my parents living room. They think I look “adorable” I saw I look awful!

  • carmen

    I love Celine voice but whats up with her son hair? Please get him a haircut..

  • celineh8ter

    Great, a picture of ferret face and her grandaddy’s kid.

  • allie

    I have a son with long hair, what the heck is wrong with a little boy having long hair…we don’t freak out when a little girl has a short hair cut.

  • KrungKrung

    maybe he’s gay, yah know, maybe he had that gender problem like that topic they had at 20/20 not long ago…

  • L

    WoWzAa!! That is one serious looking GIRL-BOY there! I am all for the letting your child have its hair the way it wants it and dress the way it wants too, that is the way I let my children live, but, there is a point when you have to say to yourself, ok, one day my son is going to look back and HATE ME for letting him look JUST LIKE A GIRL IN ALL HIS PICTURES!!! Especially when they are on the cover of a magazine. I mean she could have easily pulled his hair back out of the way or in a hairtie or something. They see those pics instantly and she had to see that and go, “Oh my, I thought I brought my son, not my neighbors daughter!”

  • shelly

    Rene is a boy, not a girl. A boy desperately in need of a good haircut.

  • Megan

    That kid needs a haircut he looks like a girl!

  • Audrey

    Get that kid a haircut fast, what is he and little ryder robinson in a competition to see who has the longest locks. GEEZ Louise

  • Thalie

    It’s not just the long hair that makes him look like a girl, look at his t-shirt… looks a bit girly to me. That poor kid must get teased a lot by other kids. Not enougn money to get him a hair cut and decent clothes Céline?

  • Dumdums

    It’s not the long hair that gives him a feminine appearance.. it’s the frosted tips and deliberate curls on the ends.. hee hee