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Rihanna's New Curls

Rihanna's New Curls

Carrying her own CD, Rihanna sports new curly tresses as she leaves the ultra-luxe Nurano Hotel on Tuesday in Paris, France. She was in Prague, Czech Republic this past weekend shooting the music video for her forthcoming single “Shut Up and Drive.”

The Barbados babe recently sported an edgy asymmetrical bob.

UPDATE: More pictures added of Rihanna heading to the NRJ radio station in Paris, France.

What do you think of Rihanna‘s new hairstyle?

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01 rihanna curly hair
02 rihanna curly hair
03 rihanna curly hair
rihanna curly hair 01a
rihanna curly hair 02
rihanna curly hair 03
rihanna curly hair 04
rihanna curly hair 05
rihanna curly hair 06
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Photos: Splash News Online
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  • [Fug Face [x]]

    so adorable. great legs.

    ~token color~

  • Diana

    Wow, she looks great! I am getting use to seeing her with jet black hair, but like it! I am sure she appreciates my input … lol

  • Rita

    I like it :)

  • cutie pie

    i like her look but she is no beyonce but then again she looks better than fug face. sounds like do re me fa so la te so ——fugly

  • cutie pie

    fug face get lost in space

  • cutie pie

    sounds like do re me fa so la te do so—–fugly

  • Sophie

    her nose is huge and wide

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    cutie pie – womp womp

    you’re horrible. stop humiliating yourself with those pathetic jokes, if you even can call those jokes.

  • barbie

    Rihanna is more beautiful girl than Beyonce. If she reduced her nose surgically like Beyonce has already done, she would be more stunning

  • Sweetlizie

    I don’t know – I like her previous stile…

  • http://nothing. gretta

    I don’t care about her hair. This talentless broad should go back to Barbados and lipsynch there. Her voice is annoying as hell and shouldn’t even be classified as music. People who listen to her should get their head checked.

  • morewaysthanone

    get a nose surgery? “most white celebs” change their body over with surgery, talk about being fooled by hollwood. she looks great the way she is and natural

  • cutie pie

    fug face you know you like my jokes you like everything about this cutie pie thats why you always commenting. and they are jokes hahahahahaha. fug face you have no sense of humor do you even exist ha ha

  • [Famous Fug Face]


  • Barbra waters

    WOW shes so so fat luk at those tree trunk thighs!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Babwa and Barbie, u two are both damn crazy? tree Trunks??? Nose reduction? Her legs look way hotter then yours Barbra I gurantee that!
    And why should she go get a white girl nose to be beautiful?
    Notice Halle Berry is considered perfect, but she has a white nose! I Love Rihanna!

  • michael jacko

    Youre rite shes not fat shes heavy if she lost 15-20 she would look slimmer.almost thin.

  • Queen ahtifah.

    A nose job would do her good, just like bey and haley, also wouldnt hurt to loose alot, cuz bey and haley are very thin and curvy, but shes short so shes bordering on blowing up.and if she could try the grey contacts instead that would make her nose seem softer and not so harsh.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    smh @ #18

    I really wish white women would get over their jealousy of black women. It’s quite pathetic.

  • Just In CaseSheDontKnow

    Did anyone inform her that JZ is Beyounce’s Man?JZ is faithful to Beyounce and hes honest and true and he LOVES only Beyounce!Okay?If shes not in the know, someone should tell the silly wannabe girl child.Thankyou.One more thang, try and not copy Beyounce, it would be hopeless, do YOU!

  • jen a fan.

    her sungs anit that good.and maybe she should dye her weaved hair really blonde like little kim.she wears contacts to.and she successful.

  • Brit

    You Eurocentric arses!

    Get a life!!!!!!!!!

  • huh??Brit

    #22 Brit how do u no de color of anyones skin,just cuz people have opnions,huh?or if one has a life,huh???

  • my baby girl

    Im so proud,look at my baby girl she looks just me, especially by the nose.sincerely, Dionne Wawick

  • weavelets on her head

    you mean getting new weave curly tresses, the girl anit got much hair.and why does her legs bend back so far? looks weird.dione warwick thats funny hehe she does favor her true dat!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    23,24,and 25 – same person. Lmaoo

    If you’re going to change your name and pretend to be a different person, at least switch up your typing style. fcuking moron!

  • Rihanna Beauty

    You just have to admire Rihanna and her talent.
    I don’t have a good feeling about this good girl gone bad album though.

  • prison break fanatic

    ppl who are dissin rihanna are pathetic because you dont even knw her you dont knw what goes on in her day to day life. and as for saying she needs a nose job what the fuck is wrong with you. i hate ppl who just hate on other ppl simply because of jealousy. first you want ppl to get surgery becasue their not pretty enough and then you start callin them fake when they do. you guys are seriously messed and should worry more about your own looks and lives than people who you do not knwor have even spoken to.

  • fran

    Her music is not oiginal last song was awful &for me shes not even cute,& dionne warrick, lmao she does have a large nose funny though.Why is she on here,bey&janet&tyra&indie are more interesting.

  • Brit

    Let’s see – whether you are black, white, red or brown – talking about someone’s facial features is not very nice!

    Clothes etc., no problem – sometimes one’s taste can be a bit tacky, but facial features, come on!

    By the way – read a dictionary sometime – maybe your IQ will increase!! :)

  • cutie pie

    i also wish white women would stop hating on black women just because we come in all shades of beauty rhianna should leave her nose aloneshe has natural beauty. not like other women who go for nose jobs boob jobs and butt implants. hey fug face no groupie here you idiot

  • #30 to Brit..

    hey the race mentioning is wrong! eurocentric, whats up with you sterotyping white women?im white and we all are indiviuals, you need to go check your own self!it is not that serious, chill ,,youre not rihanna are you? a fan, youre a fav celebs get beat up all the time, i use to say mad stuff now i look over it and just post positive things i feel,but calling out all white women is bad and may be to sensitive for whatever reason,but this is a blog expect negative.just like women of all shades and colors,we white women are each our own woman ,stop grouping all of us together.and how do you know its not african americans saying, this they have there own definition on what they think is beauty, like white women and other women of all colors,stop blaming white women you dont know the color of bloggers!

  • cutie pie

    groupie wannabe fug face

  • cutie pie

    i agree with brit stop talking about facial features im sure yours arent perfect either.some have big noses some have long noses AND WHO THE HELL WANTS GREY CONTACTS IDIOT dark eyes are exotic and sexy not ghostlyand spaced out looking GET A LIFE

  • Brit

    #32 – actually I am related to her – not necessarily a fan!!

    For the record I am not calling out all white folk either. Any race can have a eurocentric attitude – that’s why I said read the dictionary sometime.

    Some people may prefer one race over another and may only want to date said races or even change their God-given features to emulate them – i.e., Michael Jackson!!

  • cutie pie

    i agree with fug face white women need to get over their jealousy of black women . it is a little pathetic because you want to take their men away stop copying thelooks. be your pathetic selfs. those tans do not help at all

  • cutie pie

    i agree with fug face white women need to stop being jealous of black women it is PATHETIC those tans are not helping you at all

  • almond eyes

    i agree with fug face white women need to get over their jealousy of black women it is PATHETIC and those tans are not helping any

  • cutie pie

    looks like fug face is still everywhere

  • jocelyn

    hey no.21 blue contacts do not make a person successful black beauty is fine like she is. maybe lil kim should have kept her eyes natural and for you information most blacks dont like her because of that fake ass white wannabe stuff. learn something

  • DEE DEE77

    jealousy will get u nowhere!

  • Emily

    Not all white women are jealous over black women, jeeez.
    considering, im white, and i think Rihanna is gorgeous, she isnt even close to being fat, and she isnt all that heavy either, and her thighs are NOT fat, why is everyone so critical over celeb’s it’s pathetic, you all need to get over yourselfs.


  • maria

    Rihanna is very beautiful. People who say otherwise are just jealous. Okay! To those who say that she’s fat just jealous cause she has meat on her bones and doesn’t look like the anorexic looking white singers we are used too. Unlike beyonce and the other singers rihanna actual takes her education seriously, since she studies and still goes to classes. if one day her voice breaks she at least has other career options. She has caribbean parents which means that unlike the rest of lazy singers like lindsay lohan and britney spears, she actually has good parents and values and in the caribbean parents don’t make joke with education.

  • maria

    by the way beyonce’s legs are not exactly small. so whoever made that comment needs his/her eyes checked.

  • maria

    Plus I’m black but I would never say anything bad about white, chinese, spanish or any other race. I think some white woman are beautiful like carrie underwood and paris hilton and i even look at some latino women and think their beautiful like eva longoria and america ferrera. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and i believe race has nothing to do with beauty. plus there are plenty black women who do nose jobs and implants just they just to shame to admit it. most of those black women in those rap music videos have some job done. for example akon’s i wanna love you ans smack that. those girls breast could never be real.

  • i luv rihanna

    she is beutiful. why dont all the peoople that thhink im crazy suv ur HEaDs In A TOiLEt boWl

  • ultimate RIHANNAfan

    I love her :) she’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!
    she is beautyful,sexy,hot,pretty and turns me on :)

  • Dianaa

    Rihannas style is nice. but she is getting too cocky. and i know that she is from barbados where the culture is different from “black” america, but she looks “american” (white). I dont get it. she needs to make up her mind.

  • http://rihanna georgiana

    i love you…..your musics are cool….fine…………..yo is cool beautyful

  • http://rihanna georgiana

    i love you ………………your music are cool and beautyfull…you is cool………..very beautyfull……..