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Shiloh Makes Magazine Cover

Shiloh Makes Magazine Cover

Proud parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrated baby Shiloh’s first birthday on Sunday with cookies, cake and balloons.

“I was contacted by the bodyguards,” Katarina Rozsivalova of Prague’s Balon Servic (a balloon service) tells Us Weekly. “They told me they needed 50 balloons for Saturday and Sunday. An assortment of colors.”

Papa Pitt is one fun father to Shiloh, Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, and Maddox, 5.

“One time, when the kids were bored, [Brad] had them all throwing empty pizza boxes as Frisbees,” says a source. “Obviously, Shiloh was too young to join in, but you could hear her laughing.”

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  • lurker


  • diane


  • L in Philly.

    I dont like this one bit…..

    Read this:

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Hey Jared where’s Suri Cruise?

  • Jax

    *rolls eyes*

    Good Lord Jared. What is your obsession with thease two?

  • dsh

    I just want to kiss that baby’s face.

  • dsh

    She truly is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

  • supercool

    aww what a beautiful baby

  • Baby love

    Who does she look like? She is so cute!

  • Maria

    OMG! I have to run and buy US magazine. Shiloh is truly a beautiful baby. She looks like a cherub. I’d love to hear her laugh. lol.

    Brad is not only a one hot dad but fun too! Great parents Angie and Brad is. Those kids are truly bless.

    Thanks JJ!

  • Ace Tomato

    I don’t trust that mag. She’s a lovely baby, though.

  • maxine

    She’s adorable! “Rosy cheeks and everyhing” :)

  • Mediterranean

    She is the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life and I do pray that her destiny will be as beautiful as God created her.

  • LoL

    They should put Suri on the cover with SHiloh. They would probably sell more.

  • josie

    I dont think brad would stay with angelina if she really prefer her adopted childrens than shiloh.

    The journalists are not with her 24 hours a days and they just dont know how she really interact with the childrens.

  • Mommy & Daddy
  • Love Brangelina

    Beautiful baby but how inappropriate for any child/minor to be used in such a bold way on a national publication w/o parental/guardian consent.

  • Jubilee

    Report Abuse # 5 | Jax @ 05.30.2007 1:34 pm
    Yet you’re here early reading about them….you are the one obsessed, at least we know it’s Jared’s job.

  • Adorable Shiloh

    I want to take her home.

  • life

    Brad sells. Angelina sells. And of course Shiloh will sell.

    That’s why she is on the cover. She is also the cutest baby in Hollywood. Everybody wants to look at her pictures.

  • sharon
  • Adorable Shiloh

    I will buy that issue because of Shiloh.

  • captd

    For those who think Jared is obsessed with Brad and Angie. Horray Jared!!!! We are obsessed too. We love Brad and Angie and the kids . Keep up the great work Jared.

  • luvmebabe

    i think Angie is trying to avoid any public photo shots with Shi because that would be a free money shot. i know Angie would rather the shots goes to charity instead.

  • q

    What is that German video saying?


    Bringing this over from the previous thread (didn’t know there was a new one already!)

    A movie critic on NPR just talked about AMH and Angelina. Sorry didn’t catch his name, but must be somebody who knows what he is talking about – it’s NPR. You can check it on their site.
    He said that she is such a strong a presence that it is hard to find a role big enough for her! He said that when she is on the screen, you see nothing else but her. Also, that she’s done a great job playing MP.
    Great reviews about the film as well. He strongly recommends it.

  • Lucy

    Shiloh is the cutest baby ever!!!

  • lilflowa

    wow what piercing blue eyes…..awwww

  • Burpie

    Shiloh is a doll. She’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous.

  • Burpie

    Does anyone know if the new photoshoot that will be in Marie Claire will include the family, or will it be Angie only?

  • Mmmmm

    Brad does seem like the more fun parent of the two. Angie seems like she is so depressing with her dark cloud attitude … waaah waaah!

  • ike

    It’s one thing for a respected magazine to put a celeb child on their cover WITH THE PARENTS CONSENT. It is quite another to do so without the consent. It is just wrong to use a child like that..ESPECIALLY if they are going to print lies and halftruths. (this is on par with that other tabloid which showed a pic of Shiloh and the headline.. . BRAD ASKS ANGIE, WHY DONT YOU LOVE SHILOH?
    I hope they don’t print anything mean about Angie.

  • Grid

    SOOO cute!!!

  • Janie

    The baby is adorable but I wish she wouldn’t be on the cover of a major celeb mag. It’s wrong unless her parents gave US Weekly permission to do so.

  • MEME

    The secret truth about mom….interesting
    BS article inside i’m sure

  • http://htt// eee

    I love Shiloh ,but I hate US magazine.

  • outsidelookingin

    while Brad and Angie are not on the cover , Aniston is on the sidebar” jens hot date”. I find it interesting that this info comes out after all the Brad and Angie reports, she had to do something. I guess.

  • Mmmmm

    JAX – Jared is in a tough spot with the cult members, he needs to keep them happy otherwise they could possbile hunt him down and I believe they really would. I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt try to kidnap the whole family one day .. yikes!

  • outsidelookingin

    while Brad and Angie are not on the cover(People Magazine) , Aniston is on the sidebar” jens hot date”. I find it interesting that this info comes out after all the Brad and Angie reports, she had to do something. I guess.

  • Eve

    Dear Lord, I never cared for this baby, but she is so pretty that hurts…

  • little Shi

    Brad would do anything in the world for this beautiful baby.

  • little Shi

    I wonder what Jon Voight feels when he looks at this beautiful picture of his granddaughter. I wonder if Brad and Angie send him the pictures of his grandkids sometime.

  • just asking

    #40 Eve

    What has this innocent baby done to you that you didn’t care for her before? She is totally innocent.

  • BCBG

    31 | Mmmmm
    and you seem to have this negative, doom and gloom attitude !!!

  • interesting

    Us Magazine’s SHILOH blog already has 56 posts. They have another hit in their hands.

    People are very much interested in this baby.

  • alexandrina

    I agree with #34(janie)Brad and Angelina should have given permission to use a photo of Shiloh.

  • sharon

    # 41 | little Shi @ 05.30.2007 2:07 pm
    Brad would do anything in the world for this beautiful baby.
    oh,yes, no doubt about it. Brad will keep all boys away from his little precious beautiful girl. She is going to break a lot of boys’ heart.

  • tabitha

    This was posted at soulie jolie:

    So, if you don’t want to read extracts from Angie’s Marie Claire interview, do not keep reading!! You have been warned….
    Highlights from Marie Claire

    She brought Mad with her. There are a couple pictures of him… he’s sitting on a couch playing with his laptop and in the other she’s carrying him. One of the caption says “With a new brother at home, Maddox enjoy a special day out with his mother”

    Pregnancy and Brad

    She said this about getting pregnant.. Everyone told her it would take about 6 months, but it seems as if the first time they tried, Brad hit the spot. She talks about Namibia, the birth etc…She LOVED being prenant and Brad found it sexy too..

    She says a lot about Brad, but this stood out: “He ‘s much more of a man, than any man I’ve ever met.”

    Angie finds Brad HOT when he’s with the kids.

    She’s got a tattoo for Brad. The interviewer asks her where are Brad’s coordinates (since she has one for all her kids) Angie: “Brad’s is somewhere else!”

    On Marriage
    We are not against it. It just doesn’t seem necessary. He & I have never discussed in detail, but I would assume-because we both went down that road before – its not that contract or that cermony that makes you feel solid. We’ve gone the back way around, and maybe there is something to that – that its hard work and the exhaustion and the children that really make you solid.

    Zahara and the other kids
    “She’s a smartass” (Angies words)
    One day Zee says to Angie.. “I need a cookie.”
    And Angie says to her “You need a cookie? You don’t need a cookie”.
    Zee says “Daddy’s gonna cry.”
    Angie says “Why is Daddy going to cry?”
    “Daddy wants me to have the cookie!” Zee said.

    Oh yeah and about Zee’s hair, as soon as they comb it she loosens it out….

    Pax is the wildest person in the house, Madd is the tough guy and Shiloh is walking and trying to eat everything in her path.

    The death of her Mom.
    She talked about her mom dying. She’s happy her mom met her kids and that Marcheline picked the name Pax. Brad was there for her and took care of everything. Also her strongest memory of that day her mom died, was Brad consoling Jamie while he cried. She got there an hour before she passed. BillyBob also helped her and gave her advise.

    She did Wanted because she/the family thought it would be a good idea for her to work, do some light work. She realizes that things were getting heavy and she needed something to help pick her up

    Like she said in Cannes, she and Brad plan to take an extended break from Hollywood.

    Credit: TheMuse25 at Bafans.

  • Gerber Baby

    I think she will have her dad’s laid back and calm personality, but I might be wrong!



    In this twisted world of “celebrities”, she finally needs a publicist. For all her hard work and absolute devotion to her kids, she gets some mean, unimportant to anyone people writing whatever lies they want about her.
    I know she ignores them. But, what is unjust is just unjust.