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Adam Levine: I'm a Manwhore

Adam Levine: I'm a Manwhore

Maroon 5 smoothie-in-chief Adam Levine dishes the dirt in the June 2007 issue of Blender magazine, clearing up rumors about being labeled a “manwhore” for his supposed links to numerous starlets.

On being called a “manwhore” by the tabloids: “If being single and enjoying being 28 and having a wonderful time is being a manwhore, then I’m a manwhore…I don’t apologize for my behavior; it’s certainly exaggerated in the press.”

On which Hollywood stereotype is more accurate: Everyone’s gay or everyone’s on cocaine: “Everyone’s gay and on cocaine in Hollywood.”

On breaking his sternum last year while lifting weights: “I was working out backstage with the kind of cable pulleys that you put onto a doorstop. James Valentine, our guitar player, opened the door and basically this really thick rubber cable with a metal carabiner on the end of it snapped with the force of what seemed like a bullet, and hit me right in the middle of my chest. It could have killed me. It lacerated my chest right down the middle, and I had to go to the hospital. I did perform that night, though. They pumped me full of drugs, and I was so high that I actually wanted to play.”

Maroon 5‘s album “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” opened at No. 1. in the week ended May 28, selling a whopping 429,000 copies. Their 2003 debut, “Songs About Jane,” sold a distant 138,000.

Pictures below include Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 performing to a packed Memorial Day crowd in the Plaza at the Today Show on Monday, TRL on Tuesday and at the ‘Musicians on Call’ Third Annual Benefit Concert and Auction at Sotheby’s on Wednesday.

35+ pictures inside of Adam Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Matt Flynn

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Photos: Edward Le Poulin/Jennifer Mitchell/Splash News Online, Evan Agostini/Getty
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43 Responses to “Adam Levine: I'm a Manwhore”

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  1. 26
    cutie pie Says:

    maroon 5 sucks

  2. 27
    haley Says:

    He’s a cool guy. Met him up a few times before and after the show and he’s actually nice, as well as the rest of the band. They work hard and deserve everything good that comes their way.

  3. 28
    polly jean Says:

    There are 2 G’s in ****** dumb as!

  4. 29
    Adam Levine Says:

    I really love Maroon 5 especially Adam levine!!

  5. 30
    Adam Levine Says:

    I really love Maroon 5 especially Adam levine!!

  6. 31
    Samuel Says:

    i don’t like him.
    Maybe he is so crazy about something.

  7. 32
    Cat Says:

    Wow! I really Don’t know what to say. I mean I (we) don’t know him so i’m not going to say anything negative nor positive. I liked the music more than the words to their songs. He’s cute and I don’t consider being cute positive or negative. They all are cute to me but like I said we don’t know them in real life. What I also notice was that he seems to or appears to be comfortable with being labeled such demenning words and to me that is more interesting and intriging to think about when it comes to Adam, not his looks there are plenty of good looking men out there. Basically what i’m trying to say is Beautiful men have to bring more to the table when comes to gaining my attention and not what they can do for me.

  8. 33
    Cat Says:

    Sorry I spelled some of the words wrong while typing fast, but you all get what i’m trying to say. Smiles

  9. 34
    emily Says:

    OMG.adam is soo hot …i love him soo much!!

  10. 35
    cortney Says:

    omg….i don’t get y ppl think this guy is hot??….now if u r talkin about hot guys then talk about zac efron!!!!!!……now that is a hottie!!!!

  11. 36
    TELLY Says:


  12. 37
    TELLY Says:


  13. 38
    Nikki Says:

    OMG some of you are really up your own backsides, this guys is just trying to make a living like all of us and all you can do is slag him off. get a grip. Ok so adam may not be attractive to some of you, but is there really any need to put him down!!!!! he is a really good guy ans a great talented singerand i think the album sales show that.

    for all of you that have sat there and slagged him off you have really shown the world your high of intelligence, i bet not one of you have listened to the albums coz if you had you may change your minds!!! and fair enough if that isnt your choice of music but at least give the guy a chance.

    At the end of the day there is already to much pain and suffering going on in the world for yous all to add to it with your negativity about this poor guy who has done nothing wrong.

    Get a grip!!!!

  14. 39
    Jordyn Says:

    I love Adam Levine and Maroon 5. They are amazingly talented and wonderful people. I think this ‘arrogant manwhore’ image is quite funny, and I think the band would agree with me =P In every interview they give, they seem to joke about it and laugh it off.

    For those of you who don’t agree with me, I’d like to see you make it to number 1 on the Billboard Top 100.

    And I have to say that Adam Levine is just orgasmic. I couldn’t leave that out.

  15. 40
    cortney Says:

    ok people adam levine is not i repeat is NOT hot!!!!…..ZAC EFRON IS THE HOT SHOT HERE!!!…..SO SUCK ON THAT!!!…..

  16. 41
    kessie Says:

    o adam youre sooo hot im going to l.a this summer just to see hes concert i have backstage passe im going to ask him out if hes not dating some won

  17. 42
    Holly Says:

    Lauren… that was extreamly rude! Not all jewish ppl have large noses.

  18. 43
    Lea Says:

    Don’t care who you are, a male that sleeps around is disgusting. I would take a sweet, non-rock star over his ugly, feminine ass anyday. Any woman over 14 years old agrees. Levine is an overrated a**hole!

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