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Kate Continues Reign as Party Princess

Kate Continues Reign as Party Princess

Since splitting from Prince William, Kate Middleton sure has been partying a lot!

The gorgeous girl-next-door was spotted hitting up London’s party circuit with friends in London on Wednesday.

Kate, 25, was seen leaving – yes, you’ve guessed it – Boujis nightclub in South Kensington. She who left via the back door, was wearing a bright pink top and tight white jeans. Kate finished off her look with a pair of black suede boots and a white tote.

10+ pictures inside of Kate clubbing…

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kate middleton clubbing 01
kate middleton clubbing 02
kate middleton clubbing 03
kate middleton clubbing 04
kate middleton clubbing 05
kate middleton clubbing 06
kate middleton clubbing 07
kate middleton clubbing 08
kate middleton clubbing 09
kate middleton clubbing 10

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Big Pictures,
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  • L in Philly.

    Good for her! She looks great!

  • Dina

    For God’s sake, what is this woman doing in the Celebrity news? She’s no one, just an ex of a Prince. :(:(:(
    I don’t’ remember seing the rest of ex girlfriends of the princes here, and some of them certainly deserve it more then this young lady.

  • xy

    i dislike her hands. they are not nice.

  • xy

    ridiculous how in one shot she shouts at the papparazzi and in all the others she’s smiling. i still remember her whining how much she hates the papparazzi but throughout her yrs with william she kept smiling. in a lot a photos from those yrs you could tell she loves the cameras. :-/

  • No

    Geez Dina, what did she ever do to you? It’s not like its her fault the paps follow her around. I think she looks great and the British press could hardly find anyone more suited to celebrity than Kate, would you rather be seeing Kate Moss amd her druggie boyfriend snorting coke? Kate is a gorgous girl and I’m thrilled she looks so happy. Hope Prince William will eventually come to his senses.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    another ugly white straight-haired anorexic piece of UK trash. She’s the female version of K-Fed in his ‘early’ days. She needs to get another nose job, take out the extensions and stop pretending to be a celebrity. Fugly biish.

  • Diana

    I love her style, so simple and understated! She is safe now that she is not with the crazy “Royals”…lol

  • Ela

    “Piece of UK trash” ?? You should take a good look at all the US pieces of trash that are monopolizing the media for nothing more than drug, alcohol, sex… Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and all that king of girls.

  • Dina

    She hasn’t done anything to me :D
    I didn’t mind her when she was dating with Prince William (actually I quite liked her). However, after the break, I think she is deliberately trying to stay in the news.
    She went to Ascot, day after members of the RF were there (knowing there would be loads of paparazzi there) and of course, she doesn’t miss a chance to go to her ex’s favourite clubs. To be definitely spooted by the paps, she went into both nightclubs, boujis and Mahiki – the paparazzi are always there, it’s a favourite place for celebs.

    I’d rather have Kate Moss, I don’t like her much either, but at least she has done something in her life, apart from going out with a Prince.

  • Bettina

    Doesn’t look like she’s got extensions to me she always seemed to have long hair and to me it looks enviably healthy.

    She is a celebrity because she dated Prince William for 4+ years. She was William’s first real love/relationship. They have remained friends apparently. Unfortunately the British press wants to play this as a reconciliation is in the works.

    The British Press did hound Kate alot, at times really crowding in her face. This is exactly what happened to Princess Diana.

    Since the death of Princess Diana, the British Press has been searching for a replacement…ie an attractive stylish young woman who could help them sell their papers, that’s all.

    So if you want to blame anyone, blame the British Press.

    As for Kate Middleton herself, she seems to be a decent human being. She graduated in good standing from university (where she met William).

    Since her break-up with William she has turned down countless offers from news agencies, papers, television to sell her story (ie. the details of her and William’s relationship) for big bucks (millions,actually). She has turned them all down.

    According to the general consesus in Britian she is a well spoken, quiet, proper young lady.

    She would have made a good Princess for William. The problem is that William is too young and like most young men his age, not ready to settle down.

    As far as William goes, I predict he will have trouble finding someone to replace Kate. Think about it, what modern young woman would give up her life to the “confines and chains” of royal life. As the wife to the Prince of Wales, 2nd in line to the throne & who will most certainly be King of England one day, you have alot of parades, ribbon cutting, royal duties, bla bla bla in your future. Yes there is fabulous wealth. But Kate’s parents are already quite well off anyways.

    Ladies, ask yourself if you’d go for that…I wouldn’t for sure!

    William seems to be a likable enough person, but he doesn’t have the charisma & passion that his younger brother Harry does. Harry and his girlfriend are a very physical couple.

    Frankly, I don’t think William is such a great catch.


  • Dina

    The UK trash looks quite nice compared to US trash actually – it’s Kate Moss vs. Loha, Hilton, Spears, Richie, K Fed, and the rest of them.
    Poor Kate, she’s loosing in the trash contest, compared to the rest of the ladies.

    P.S. Just for a note: I don’t have anything against any of the Ladies in my list. I do find them trashy but that’s only my opinion.

  • The Deepest Black

    She got the tittle she has deserved THE EX OF PRINCE WILLIAM. She would carry this until the last day of her life proudly cause it ain’t get better!!!!! She’ll be using this tittle all her life.

    She loves her photos taken. She will do anything for that. Cause she is looking for a RICH, good looking husband.

  • NORA

    Sorry but she can’t dress for shit… and she wants to go into fashion PR in NYC?!

  • Dina

    Bettina, even though I don’t like Kate, I agree with many things you said. I respected Kate for not doing any interviews when she was dating Prince William, and I respect her for chosing to be discret after the break up.
    I just hate the fact she’s leading a celebrity lifestyle, without being one. Press is to be blamed for the most part, but she’s obviously enjoying the attention.

    Only one thing about your post – Kate Middleton would not be wife of the Prince of Wales, if she and Prince William were to marry. The currrent Prince of Wales is HRH Prince Charles, his wife is the Duchess of Cornwall. She would be the wife of Prince William of Wales.

    If she had to marry Prince William when his father were the King, Prince William would be first in the line to the throne, but he would not be the Prince of Wales until his investure, which could be years later. Prince William would have the title of the Duke of Cornwall, Rothesay (and other titles of the Heir Apparent).

  • the Queen

    Kate=bobblehead on a stick,she was dumped by Wills and now shes news worthy still?

  • N

    The fug boots are back. I was hoping with the warmer weather I would never have to see those things again. BUY NEW SHOES!

  • Jane

    I just love Kate and think it’s too bad she and Wills broke up. But the odds were against it from the start–how many couples that met as teenagers in college stay together? They’re just too young.

    I think she would have liked to settle down but William wasn’t ready. Too bad for him, she would have made a great princess.

    Agree with Bettina that Wills is going to have a tough time of dating. If he thought the papparazzi was bad covering him and Kate, just wait till every woman he says hello to winds up on the cover of every newspaper in the country the next day. It isn’t going to be easy.

    As far as Kate goes, she’s gorgeous and famous and the paps like to photograph beautiful women.

    So don’t accuse Kate of liking photos. A woman who doesn’t like being photographed would never date the prince. Hopefully anyone who wants to marry the future King of England is not camera-shy, because they would be miserable for the rest of their lives!

  • No

    BETTINA, I agree with you. Harry is a much better catch, he does have that passion for life that William seems to lack. I really love Harry and Chelsea together, they are really very HOT together!

  • ruth

    i think Kate and Jude law should get together.What a cute couple that would be!

  • night

    She’s not a Princess she’s not a celeb, when will some people realize that she is an EX g/f of Prince William’s. She has done nothing to accomplish all this media attention. Why isn’t she complaining to the PCC about this harrassment ???? Come on Kate where’s you sense of wanting and claiming to be a private citizen ???

  • NO WAY!!NO HOW!!!


  • Lola

    he f****g dump her he doesnt like her anymore!! dont love her!! oh my god why is so difficult to understand people???.. Poor william..she is a really lovely girl but its over now I want Prince harry!!

  • cutie pie


  • Michael C

    Hideous, pretentious ho.