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Andy Baldwin & His Lady Love Tessa

Andy Baldwin & His Lady Love Tessa

US Navy Lt Andy Baldwin and his “rose” Tessa Horst are the latest lovebirds to come out of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

The pair were spotted frolicking on a Hawaiian beach, enjoying a romantic Saturday afternoon together during Memorial Day weekend.

Andy and Tessa, who plan to live in Hawaii, had quite the PDA-fest… much like any Heidi and Spencer moment.

Tessa‘s Chopard diamond engagement ring conveniently glistened in the bright sun.

“I always say the mutts are the most exotic and beautiful,” Andy recently joked of Tessa‘s Chinese and Polish ancestry.

40+ pictures inside of Andy and Tessa

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tessa horst andy baldwin 01
tessa horst andy baldwin 02
tessa horst andy baldwin 03
tessa horst andy baldwin 04
tessa horst andy baldwin 05
tessa horst andy baldwin 06
tessa horst andy baldwin 07
tessa horst andy baldwin 08
tessa horst andy baldwin 09
tessa horst andy baldwin 10
tessa horst andy baldwin 11
tessa horst andy baldwin 12
tessa horst andy baldwin 13
tessa horst andy baldwin 14
tessa horst andy baldwin 15
tessa horst andy baldwin 16
tessa horst andy baldwin 17
tessa horst andy baldwin 18
tessa horst andy baldwin 19
tessa horst andy baldwin 20
tessa horst andy baldwin 21
tessa horst andy baldwin 22
tessa horst andy baldwin 23
tessa horst andy baldwin 24
tessa horst andy baldwin 25
tessa horst andy baldwin 26
tessa horst andy baldwin 27
tessa horst andy baldwin 28
tessa horst andy baldwin 29
tessa horst andy baldwin 30
tessa horst andy baldwin 31
tessa horst andy baldwin 32
tessa horst andy baldwin 33
tessa horst andy baldwin 34
tessa horst andy baldwin 35
tessa horst andy baldwin 36
tessa horst andy baldwin 37
tessa horst andy baldwin 38
tessa horst andy baldwin 39
tessa horst andy baldwin 40

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  • theoriginalbitch

    “I always say the mutts are the most exotic and beautiful,” Andy recently joked of Tessa’s Chinese and Polish ancestry.

    Are you kiddin me?! He actually called her, joking or not, a mutt and this broad is gonna marry the goober?

  • lila

    ugh losers. can we please stop with these wanna be celebrities. gross.

  • Diana

    What a sexy couple!

  • AG

    Even though he’s unrelated to those famous Baldwins, he’s the best looking Baldwin of the ones we know xD

  • tanique33

    wait the mutt comment can’t be real. who says that? as a person who can find the humor in most everything. i’m failing to see how that is funny. and im sure he says it all the time. well now, i’m instantly turned off.

  • yuck

    she is made out of dough. she is too young to have a gut like that.
    he only picked her because she makes him look really in cute & in shape.

  • Jean

    WOW First….. I wanted Tessa to win fron the first moment I saw her with Andy, I;m happy for them I hope it lasts.

  • andtheysayimcrazy

    They are really cute. Glad to see them all happy together. But there is something about these pics that makes me actually believe that rumor thats going around. That they actually called the media and told them “hey we’re going to this beach, come take pics of us so you can see just how in love we are.”

    I really hope thats not the case, cause i really like them. I think he loves her a little more than she does him. But I think they can survive if its real.

  • Mmmmm

    They are both nerds, that joke she told was the worst. And that bathing suit is doing nothing for her lack of a bottom. This pic looks like she has already had kids and breastfed for years ..

    Hope it works but prolly wont.


    they are really cute together…hope it lasts.

  • Diane

    they dont notice the cameras at all huh… get a room you two..

  • brass

    Um…he’s doing all this publicity spending time in the public limelight instead of doing his job as a Naval officer?? Is he retired? and why do we care about this couple?

  • NORA

    I’m happy for them. He genuinly adored her from the beginning of the show, and she eventually fell in love with him.

  • good luck charm

    He’s a hunk. He’s handsome and fit. This is what we need to see: it’s not always the fair lady who gets the good breaks. I’m glad he did not choose the most beautiful woman. It’s good indication that he looks for inner beauty the most and that is a credit to him. He fell in love with her and I hope everything goes well for them.

  • sally

    i want to see them in 5 years when this newness wears screaming…mortage due…they will be as miserable as the rest of us

  • yay

    they look perfect together! I hope they last and get married!

  • Jackie0

    i’m happy for them but i’ll give them another month or so.HE should have picked that other girl .

  • Mary C

    Guys, get a life. Tessa is great! As a military wife of 30 yrs! I can’t wait to see Tessa when the Officers Wives get together or at the events that our husbands go too! Hope our lives cross! Tessa makes a better military wife then Bevin! Not to say she would not but you need more then just that spark to survive this life style. Come on stop putting her down! She does run just like Andy!!!

  • twinkatplay

    he’s nice BUT what’s up with the boys dam stomach? looks like a surgeon did it ya’llll xx

  • Sarah

    What a classy Lady puttin on a show for the cameras…her mom must be so proud

  • Tammy

    Wow – you guys are so mean. I think they’re both great looking people and I wish them the best.

  • Masina

    Love this couple!!! The location where he chose Tessa, is actually the same place my sister had her wedding. The view is breathtaking, and we had a grand time. He is the first bachelor on this show that was VERY genuine. I wish them both only the best in life….they really are made for one another. Awesome couple.

  • Marg

    Oh I love this couple. They look great together . I was so happy Andy choose Tessa and not the other tattoo girl . Tessa has poise, class, elegance. Wish them the best .

  • NORA

    Agree. His love for Tessa was purely genuine and she grew to fall in love with him in the end – unlike all the other girls who threw themselves at Andy like crazy wolves with no regards for their own feelings. No offense to Bevin, but her motives were just the same from the beginning….

  • kay

    They look good together. SHe has a real woman body not like any anorexic-wannabe-model dody. Go Andy and Tessa!

  • jd

    i actually liked both bevin and tessa. it’s just that i liked tessa more. it seemed like she had a deeper connection with andy while andy and bevin had a physical chemistry going on. and i agree, i liked how she didn’t fall in love with him after two days of meeting him like some of the other girls did. i hope that it works out for both of them.

  • sophie

    could they have done any more poses for the camera 10 feet away? Really, it’s overkill for the cameras. Keep it real guys

  • Ally

    Why do the hunks always go for the fatties? Go figure?

  • a local term

    Just for those who are offended by Andy Baldwin’s “mutt” comment: In Hawai’i, where I’m from and Baldwin is currently stationed, the term “mutt” (or “poi dog”) is more or less a light-hearted description of those with mixed ancestry. It’s not a put-down to be called a “mutt” when referring to the various heritages of most local people from Hawai’i. I, for one, am of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Tahitian, French, Irish, Filipino, and German descent. That makes me a certified “mutt”!

    I know it might seem strange to those not from Hawai’i but everyone has their inside jokes. Just FYI!

  • L

    I’m lost, who are these two? I read the blurb up there but I still don’t know who they are.

  • tubbytubby

    Wow… She’s pretty thick!

  • ampp

    They look so adorable – for what I know it was stated in the contract that whichever woman he (the bachelor) chose had to do public appereances like this one – for the media – is in the contract- they had several interviews for the hawaii channels and for magazines. These were schedule but I don’t think this has anything to do with them – this don’t make them fake – anyone in a contract has to abide to the terms…

  • TessaAndyFan

    I’m really happy for Tessa & Andy. They make an adorable couple & a better match. I liked Bevin to begin with, but, I got sooooooo sick of her crying all the time. I wanted to throw something at my TV every time she came on & starting crying or whinning. Wishing Andy & Tessa the very best of luck.

  • Nikki

    I am sooooo happy that Andy chose Tessa! I love them as a couple together and I really hope that they make it as a couple. Thanks for the pictures Jared! Please keep on posting pictures of them!

  • Franny

    Why does this guy strike me as in the closet? Sorry to burst anyone’s fairy tale, just a feeling I have.



  • lb

    I am sorry but every time I see this man my GAYDAR goes off the scales. Me thinks he wears pink jammies to bed. Not buying it that he is straight.

  • Laur

    man he looks so much like Mark Paul Gossler…Zack from Saved by the bell…hottness.

  • OMG

    OMG – you morons, Tessa is NOT “thick,” or a “fatty!” She’s absolutely gorgeous and has a fantastic, NORMAL body. For once, it’s refreshing to see a healthy looking girl in a bikini. She and Andy make the most beautiful looking couple. We wish them the best!!!

  • kellygrrrl

    ping ping ping — that’s your GAYDAR pinging. poor girl. I hope she already knows the truth and is in it for some reason other than true love. I’ve heard of famous people getting a “beard” But I hadn’t thought of “bearding” to get famous.

  • Jonas

    Tessa comes from a rich family. She wants a hunky, muscular white man. Andy’s family is middle class. He wants a rich Asian woman who will shop and cook for him (his own words).
    Andy doesn’t seem to have much manners. And Tessa is supposed to be a classy lady but she sure doesn’t act like a classy lady. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release a sex tape soon.

  • lurker opinion

    This guy has a weird body. Not attractive at all.

  • 2985

    I think you could’ve chosen a different main pic Jared…that’s the main reason some meanies are calling her ‘thick’ and ‘fatty’! She just happens to be sitting down and NOT sucking in her stomach, which I think is what a lot of people do at the beach. I checked out the other pics and she has a body that would be considered normal. She is active after all, she runs a lot, so a ‘fatty’? I don’t think so. As for Andy being gay, well, I hope not for her sake. Then again, if he is, he might make a good gay boyfriend! :) By the way,thanks for your info ‘a local term’! That explains a lot. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, was kinda uncomfortable but what you said made sense. :)

  • Joann

    I just want to thank you for doing such a great job talking such great pictures of Andy and Tessa. The fans are loving it.

    Please keep them coming . I will check your site frequently for updates. Thank you so much. They make a georgeous couple and the camera seems to like them as well.

  • coalharbourqt

    They make a cute couple and seem to have matching values from what I watched of this season, so I wish them all the best. I’m not convinced that they have known each other long enough to be getting engaged, but that’s just my take on things. I just hope that they are getting married because they truly love each other, and not due to pressure from the producers or anything. It would be nice to see a couple work from this tv series where the man has picked the woman. The track record for the men isn’t too great…I’m glad Andy was thinking with more than just his d*ck.

  • coalharbourqt

    Also – I think it’s pretty obvious from some of the shots that this was a photo shoot – they appear to be posing for a legitimate photographer (and not just a pap) in some of the pics.

  • CV

    Brass…..ever think that maybe it was a weekend, or maybe he is on leave, or maybe they went to the beach after work??? Shut up already!

    As a military wife myself, I really hope it works out for them…

  • Rob

    the Ny Post reported a long time ago that he is gay–as soon it was known that he was to be the new bachelor. he and this chick have called the press to let them know when they will be out so they can take photos to “prove” they are together

  • blasie

    If you read Andy’s bio you will see that he graduated from Duke, magna cum laude in pre-med with a focus on genetics. He knows the benefits of cross-breeding…hence his mutt remark.

    You will also find that he set high goals for himself at an early age and wasn’t drawn astray. With his career committments he wouldn’t have much time to spend finding his ideal mate.

    There is a great relaxed unedited radio interview at

    There is also an interview that Tessa gives to The Jackson Hole News

    I gather ABC has control over all photos and interviews for a year.

    They were contractually obligated to submit to a given number of appearances and interviews. you can assume that this photo shoot was produced by ABC, but it is my opinion that these two have a genuine affection for each other and enough common interests to make a go of it; but the miltary and medical demands impose huge time committments and lengthy absences which are not negotiable. Andy will have to compensate for those factors and make her an emotional offer she can’t refuse.

  • aa

    Tessa is great. She is beautiful!!! She looks amazing and Andy is lucky to have her….but I think he knows it. They are an adorable couple. Good luck to them.