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Angelina Jolie: The Cradle of Life

Angelina Jolie: The Cradle of Life

Angelina Jolie cradles 3-year-old son Pax and 2-year-old daughter Zahara in her arms, into the American Embassy compound for school on Thursday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Security officer Mickey Brett (not pictured) was also on hand in one of his famous pink t-shirts. Gotta love the pink!

In was announced yesterday that Pax Thien Jolie officially became joined the Jolie-Pitt club according to a decree signed Thursday by Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg. Jolie filed legal papers in April to include Pitt‘s last name. Good dad Brad Pitt still has not formally adopted the little guy… yet.

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angelina zahara pax prague school 02
angelina zahara pax prague school 03
angelina zahara pax prague school 04

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  • http://dcjean angelinacollects-intelligentposters

    oh, no comments yet?..miracle….no evil spewer yet?…wait , i think the devils coming soon from over exhaustions, twokidstwat,Mmmmpsycho,anglinacollectsorphans..aka mongoose,braindamage guys, ur needed here!!!pls…come and pollute, the one u do best!

  • mary

    2nd, she rocks!!!


  • nancyb

    Zahara is very cute.

  • filipino fan

    love z’s look on pic #4!!! she sighted another papz….

  • Gussie

    Toddler lifting is the sport of moms… :)

  • http://dcjean angelinacollects-intelligentposters

    i just love miss little zaharas expression, she is so dramatic and a darling, i can’t wait till i see the personality of shiloh, whe she get zahara’s age.

  • Orchid

    Wow, I’m on the first page for the very first time. Usually when I get here, on JJ, it’s already hundeds of posts.

    Angie is carrying both kids. They must be heavy. She doesn’t look very strong, but she obviously is!
    Greatlooking mom with two lucky kids.


    Is this a part of her daily exercise?lol

  • mercredi

    Please Angie, let these kids walk. Princess Zee loves that! Cute.

  • African Girl

    Who needs to lift weights when you have toddlers? Good for her.

    Morning All and Jared, i’ve got my eyes on you… ;)

  • andtheysayimcrazy

    Zahara is such a doll. I love that her hair is finally combed. She is too cute.

  • Diana

    Those kids are so so cute!

  • Mmmmm

    Why cant she let those kids walk? At the water park she couldnt hold two kids hands (poor mad) but here she can carry two kids? Hmmmm. Them put together weight more then she does, she really looks like she is struggling and digging her hand into Z’s bottom .. poor thing. BTW what a cutiepatootie Z is, she has sparkling eyes.

    Think she is wearing granny pants under her granny gear?

  • twokids2

    # 3 | angelinacollects-intelligentposters
    Why are you calling us? Can’t you live without us? You keep caling us, so stop COMPLAINING!!!!

  • jenna

    Thanks Jared;) Morning AG!!

  • QQQQ

    Did Angie ask anyone to help her lift her kids, NOOOOOOOOOOOO , therefore STFU, if she wants to carry her kids, let her

  • Emme

    awwwwwwwwwww…How cute!!! I love this woman.. She’s my idea of what a successful woman is – a woman with a social conscience, a nurturing maternal instinct and a successful career with a streak of independance.. Thanks for the pics Jared!!! Love your work!



  • Mmmmm

    # 3 | angelinacollects-intelligentposters

    LOl one of the funniest names on a B&A thread. I didnt realize that intelligent conversations only consisted of “cute cheerios” and “he is hot” too funny!

  • here’s a thought,

    # 22 | Mmmmm

    And you add so much intelligence to the conversation, yea.

  • Besane

    # 20 | Emme @ 06.01.2007 9:37 am

    Well said! :)

    Oh and this why Angie can’t keep her weight up, no need for yoga or pirate. In MAMS Japanese interview they asked her how she keeps her figure, and she replied “I run after a 4 yr old”. I understand as I do for 6 and 3 yr olds–it’s my gym LOL!

  • African Girl

    Amazing….They complain when she held only Pax’s hand, now they complain that she holds both children. Just amazing….

  • Love Brangelina

    Good Morning All!! I love seeing AJ as a Mom in action :)

  • speaking my mind

    read something about what angie said about zahara in the new marie claire interview. i read it on pittwatch i think i can post it

  • Candice

    Where is everyone? Usually when I come across a Jolie-Pitt photo there are already hundreds of comments. Just a matter of time I suppose…

    Even though a dressed up Angie & Brad take my breath away; seeing them in their everyday life as the terrific parents they are always impresses me the most. I am so glad that these two HW stars found eachother because together they are perfection. What impresses me the most about them is that they are not typical Hollywood diva types, they are down to earth and put family first….a lesson most stars would benefit from, as well as everyone else.

  • Lo

    difference between mommies and daddies.
    Brad makes them walk and carry their back pack.
    Angie either carries them or carries their back pack.

    its too cute. she is such a sofie :)
    Brad come on soon…please
    CCOBB better win like 985085 oscars cos that movie is taking too much of his time…damn!

    i hate it when they are separated :(

  • twokids2

    I don’t know why she doesn’t let them walk. Brad does. I know everyone is going to jump and tell me that she is protecting them from the paparazzi. But they can walk together and she could hold their hands, as Brad does. That would be easier for her, but then again, it wouldn’t impress people as much and then she wouldn’t be called Amazing Mother. I don’t know. It’s only an observation. No need to insult me.
    Love Z’s face. She sure has a lot of personality. Those two boys will sure have to be very protective of their 2 sisters when teenagers.

  • LOG1=0


  • jenna

    Maybe she holds her children cause she loves them so much! (just a thought)

  • Beautiful!!

    Beautiful family! Where is papa Pitt?

  • speaking my mind

    im judt coping and pasting.

    I stumbled on this at soulie jolie, too cute not to share, interview..

    Highlights from Marie Claire:

    She brought Mad with her. There are a couple pictures of him… he’s sitting on a couch playing with his laptop and in the other she’s carrying him. One of the caption says “With a new brother at home, Maddox enjoy a special day out with his mother”

    Pregnancy and Brad

    She said this about getting pregnant.. Everyone told her it would take about 6 months, but it seems as if the first time they tried, Brad hit the spot. She talks about Namibia, the birth etc…She LOVED being prenant and Brad found it sexy too..

    She says a lot about Brad, but this stood out: “He ’s much more of a man, than any man I’ve ever met.”

    Angie finds Brad HOT when he’s with the kids.

    She’s got a tattoo for Brad. The interviewer asks her where are Brad’s coordinates (since she has one for all her kids) Angie: “Brad’s is somewhere else!”

    On Marriage
    We are not against it. It just doesn’t seem necessary. He & I have never discussed in detail, but I would assume-because we both went down that road before – its not that contract or that cermony that makes you feel solid. We’ve gone the back way around, and maybe there is something to that – that its hard work and the exhaustion and the children that really make you solid.

    Zahara and the other kids
    “She’s a smartass” (Angies words)
    One day Zee says to Angie.. “I need a cookie.”
    And Angie says to her “You need a cookie? You don’t need a cookie”.
    Zee says “Daddy’s gonna cry.”
    Angie says “Why is Daddy going to cry?”
    “Daddy wants me to have the cookie!” Zee said.

    Oh yeah and about Zee’s hair, as soon as they comb it she loosens it out….

    Pax is the wildest person in the house, Madd is the tough guy and Shiloh is walking and trying to eat everything in her path.

    The death of her Mom.
    She talked about her mom dying. She’s happy her mom met her kids and that Marcheline picked the name Pax. Brad was there for her and took care of everything. Also her strongest memory of that day her mom died, was Brad consoling Jamie while he cried. She got there an hour before she passed. BillyBob also helped her and gave her advise.

    She did Wanted because she/the family thought it would be a good idea for her to work, do some light work. She realizes that things were getting heavy and she needed something to help pick her up

    Like she said in Cannes, she and Brad plan to take an extended break from Hollywood.

    okay, I really need to stop!!

  • Francophile

    LOL at Z ! She has her mean face she reserved solely at thge paps !

    Great pictures ! I hope Angie puts some more light color clothes though, she is too young and to too beautiful to resort to that type of dark clothes.

    Anyway, she looks more and more relaxed and rested…

  • QQQQ

    Didn’t the woman have on white clothing on Tuesday & Wednesday, jeeze……so on Thursday she wears black and it has to be commented on….

  • African Girl

    17 | twokids2 @ 06.01.2007 9:35 am
    I feel so sorry for your children. Honestly,I think you need serious help and I hope your children don’t inherit this lack of self control you have. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your two children.


    W/ALL HER “PERSONALITIES” (Mmmmm, 2kids2,&tc), “ALL THE REST OF THE THREE” COME HERE TOO (hint…hint…)





  • Gussie

    25 | African Girl @ 06.01.2007 9:41 am
    Amazing….They complain when she held only Pax’s hand, now they complain that she holds both children. Just amazing….


    Well, AF, she could have hold four hands… kids’ hands are so small! And surely she is only carrying two kids to show us she is a caring mother! And if she really wanted to, she could have had Shiloh in a sling and Maddox attached to a leg. If you think about it, she should also be carrying Mickey, the poor guy looked so tired in his last pics… this woman is such a thoughtless egocentric!

  • TR

    I love the jolie-Pitt clan! I want to be just like Anjie when I got up! :)

    She’s such a great inspiration. She’s my idol!

    I think Pax is adorable!

  • TR

    Correction…when I grow up! :)

  • Candice

    Great after I post asking where everyone is I now see the thread is filling up with the usual critics. While I believe in freedom of speech, why come to a thread of people you obviously do not like just to bash them? IMO, that is pretty pathetic. 99% of celebrities out there are messed up beyond belief, yet you come to nit-pick on their hair, clothing, shoes, smile/no smile and everything else under the sun. I just don’t get it; then again, I am not a miserable person living my life to put others down in order to feel better about myself!!!!

  • twokids2

    # 37 | Gussie
    Chill out! Take it easy. We don’t want you to have a heart attack. It’s only conversation. You say, we say. My goodness! Yes, she could do all that, and now that you mentioned it, she probably will.

  • kmillz

    They all look beautiful

  • coco

    I think Angelina should carry these kids, they are just too heavy. She would only get more visible veins. I think she doesn’t care much about her appearance – beauty or not, motherhood seems to be important to her.
    Love her though.

  • coco

    I meant she should not carry the kids. forgotten “not”.

  • Jen’ New Ad

    Check this out guys, the X long shin is totally captured by Testino, even her fans at FFs agree that she looks bad in her new ad!;_ylt=Atw._f94o.p03Wdy2TNuSz7N_scF

  • twokids2

    # 38 | African Girl
    Ok African girl, now, tell me, what did I say to upset you? Did I criticize the kids? No.
    So, stop attacking me. I just said she could let them walk once in a while. I’m not saying that she doesn’t love them. I’m pretty sure she does. But she doesn’t have to be so showoff. Am I insulting her? NOOOOOO. Could I? YESSSSS. Again, am I insulting her? NOOOO. So beat it, and live with it.

  • http://htt// be

    Angie is a great mom.

  • Amaya

    Zee’s faces are classic! :)

    I remember when Zee was still little she was in baby bjorn and Angie was also Mad too while walking down a flight of steps! I’ve held two toddlers at one time, it’s not easy but I felt empowered.

  • twokids2

    # 39 | THE KISS
    And I’m extending my middle finger to you too!!!