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Jennifer Aniston: Smartwater Spokesperson

Jennifer Aniston: Smartwater Spokesperson

Surprise! As predicted back in October 2006, Jennifer Aniston is officially the new spokesperson for electrolyte-pumping smartwater.

According to the press release, Aniston co-created a limited-edition smartwater label, available in July.

Billboards and print publications of Aniston‘s ads, as shot her photographer pal Mario Testino, will be plastered everywhere this summer.

“We were thrilled that Jennifer discovered smartwater and realized what a difference it makes to her healthy lifestyle,” said Rohan Oza, Senior Vice President of Marketing, smartwater. “To us, Jennifer truly embodies what smartwater is all about as she combines substance and style like nobody else.”

Wallpaper-sized version of Aniston‘s Smartwater ad inside…

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  • Shar


  • Shar

    Now that’s a first, LOL!!!

  • Shar

    I won’t buy it unless i see it makes Paris Hilton becomes Einstein!!

  • kmillz

    were there no other celebrities willing to do it?

  • cheesecake


  • tanique33

    wow, mario is the photographer, i should have known. fabulous shot.

  • Maria

    I won’t buy unless it makes Paris Hilton smart, just like the other poster said!

  • WTF

    Not a good picture doesn’t even look like her.

  • boohoo

    smartwater embodies a coke, nicotine and starving yourself lifestyle? go figure.

  • http://htt// false or True

    Jennifer looks 10 times awful in the pic,her chin is getting long to longer.

  • kate

    Now Brad Pitt can drink some of Jen’s water…. to make his chipmunk sized brain smarter!

  • No More Chin

    She needs a face job because she is just ugly.

  • xy

    some ppl are so smart around here… :-/

  • Rox

    LOVE it. She’s fit, healthy, and has the All-American girl appeal. It’s a win-win for both Jennifer and SmartWater. Congrats!

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    This is shit to me. she a b***h. Dont buy guys. Dont say i dint worn you. You’ve been worned! She is a b***h

  • reba

    I’m sticking to dasani

  • lisa

    she looks so amazinly pretty ! i love her… she is the best!!!..

  • jodi

    what a great picture. Hey alteast she isn’t like all the other actors who hide their endorsments in other countries.

  • wow


  • ewwwww

    She is looking a bit manish, especially in the jaw area.

  • OOO

    I like Jennifer Aniston. She’s kept a dignfied silence over her bas*ard of a husband.

    She’s also got a great figure and isn’t afraid to eat. Beautiful woman too.

  • http://htt// Kal

    Why she hides her chin?she needs more

  • OOO

    Melissa… you dont know Aniston. You stupid fat cow.

  • Norman

    Maniston’s “pretty” is one of the greatest jokes played on mankind.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Her fcuking nose is as big as that bottle

  • ding dong

    This bi*ch is fug! She is the true definition of a beard.

  • OOO

    Norman. I know plenty of men who would like to tap that ass

  • http://jhdyt7 Dianne

    WARNING: Don’t try to drink smart water, it will make chin’s longer.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    OOO YOU MUST BE A B***H TOO. look at you funny face. KUPUSA.

  • OOO

    Dianne, you’re an ugly kunt. I saw you on the back of a milk carton

  • Donna

    This picture really brings out her chin!!!!
    “Smart water?”……hmmm …is it for stupid people who want to be smart? Or want to appear smart?

  • lourdes

    hmm, i wonder if the ads will show her smoking? yes, the tanning, chain smoking, margarita swilling drain on the arquettes marriage is just the epitome of health! gimme a break.
    AND KATE, why are you bringing brad pitt into this? he has absolutley no part of maniston’s life anymore.

  • http://jhdyt7 Dianne

    Bwahahahaha…JA is uglier than me, she looks like a ma.


    I don’t care what anybody said. The ad looks great but that chin just takes it away. She looks great from the top of her head until where her nose is. After that, her chin looks like the JOKER.

  • coco

    With that ads Jen’s going to increase her income, very soon she’s got 200 Mio $! Congratulation to her business smartness. In fact she has no need to do any film business. We can buy her water, and she gets richer and richer.

    Water is water. I have always drunk water with or without Jen’s ads. Nothing new for me and it has nothing to do with lifestyle. People have always drunk water. Coke is an invention of the 20th century.

  • well mmmm no

    Smart Water huh??They just lost me as a customer,Suppose I come out looking likeher by drinking the not so smart water,it happen to her its possible.Ill stick to FIGI.Oh doesnt she Smoke ,so drinking or eating healthy defies the purpose.Not so Smart is she.Smoking Kills!

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    For sure this B**** needs to cut off her chin and do a face lift since she’s done the nose already. ooo you are an a** h*** do you get me now. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey 0000, that bastard is very happy now with a great woman and four children.

  • Donna

    YES!!!! The JOKER. Thank you Pokemon. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Her chin does look like the Joker. Maybe they are doing this ad in conjuction to the new Batman movie where Heath Ledger will be playing the Joker!!!!

  • Kelly D

    Melissa, wtf is “worned”? Is that a word you made up all by yourself? WOW! You should like, be a freakin brain surgeon! Who are you to call her a b*tch? You think you’re better than Jennifer Aniston? You can’t even spell properly you dumbass.

  • Goog morning

    Love her.

    She has substance and style.

    But I don’t like that picture much.

  • Goog morning

    Jennifer quit smoking in January.

  • I will NOT buy

    I will NOT buy smartwater.

    I will NOT buy smartwater.

    I will NOT buy smartwater.

    But I’m glad she find a way to have some income.

    I have no ill feeling for her. I wish her well

  • kena

    healthy life style are you kidding me when was smoking part of a healthy life style so full of shit

  • Okay?

    A spokesperson for snake oil water huh? I see Jen is moving up in the world.

  • hkn

    From now on, the only bottled water for me is Smartwater.

  • love Jen

    She quit smoking around the time she took up yoga.

  • Tully

    Lately she is looking very happy and healthy.

    Her Memorial Day beach photos show that she is in the best shape of her life.

  • You/Me

    Great pic!
    Jen looks fabulous and she is such a great inspiration for those that choose to live a healthy life….minus the smoking habit of course,lol.
    She has a terrific body and always looks beautiful. Good for her!

  • Ironman

    #38#and#39..Um Guys.. JA played all 3 Stygian Witches on the movie ‘The Clash of the Titans’.With her strong iron clad jaw she was a shoe in.,Smoking yuck!