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Rihanna: Lovin' the Lingerie

Rihanna: Lovin' the Lingerie

Ella, ella, ella, ey, ey, ey, ey

The super sexy R&B songstress Rihanna graces the pages of Giant Magazine in a lingerie-clad photo spread.

On being a “bad” girl: “The last bad thing I did was yesterday in my video for “Umbrella.” We shot the video yesterday. The last shot of the last day, I got all painted in silver, almost butt naked (she whispers). That was one of the scenes in the video. I felt liberated. I felt free and I felt like I was a “good girl gone bad.” It was a pretty cool thing to do. I never thought that in a million years I would paint myself up to my nostrils in silver and do a video. It was fantastic. It was one of my favorite scenes in the entire video.”

On growing a booty: “I had a hard time finding jeans because I was always too skinny and too tall. When you’re skinny you have to buy them small. When they’re too small they’re too short. That’s why I forced myself to put weight on. I started eating like crazy when I was a teenager. I was like Mom I’m too skinny. I want to get fat! And finally I filled out a little bit. I got a little butt. I got a little hips. And I felt great! Let me do it now! Now I find jeans!”

For more pictures and quotes of the 19-year-old Barbados babe, visit Giant Mag!

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Photos: Ellen Von Unwerth
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Wow. I’m loving her in the lingerie. so fcuking hot.

  • mandy

    DRAG QUEEN in the first photo.

  • she looks like a guy

    Man shes been PhotoShopped to death!!Dang!And she knows she anit cutting her weave she just got it.Jz must have seen her trying to look like and be Bey didnt work, so hes doing the RUpaul look.photoshop,photoshop.

  • André

    I just can’t believe how plp can think she’s great at anything…she’s just ugly, fat, awful nose, huge forehead, weirdest hair ever and most importantly: can’t sing anything. Umbrella is the worst song I’ve ever heard, the video is ridiculous, she looks just pathetic pretending to be beautiful and sexy.

  • Alexandria

    Are you fucking serious? Give me a break.
    Last week she was bragging about how she lost so much weight and is now a size two and now she’s like “I put on weight because I was too skinny.”

    Stfu I hate you Rihanna. One, you were never skinny; and two, you are retarded so shut your mouth. Your body looks better now but you’re still not skinny and you still have a ridick five head.




    i like her body and her eyes are just enticing. she should be a model


    One of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen


    i wish i had a body like hers, some people are just born lucky

  • Diana

    She is only 19, of course she was going to fill up! She needs a reality check, her body is gorgeous, I am not keen on the black hair, still.

  • BEN

    this will be my future wife, she can hypnotize with those eyes

  • computergeek

    she is young and very hot, i dont understand how women say she is ugly. if she walked into a room, she’d be the most wanted in there.




    Oh, look Rhianna’s pretending to cut her new short black WEAVE, as if she cut her own hair off. How cute.

  • Name (required)

    relax, enjoy the pictures cutting her hair is a pose, so what if it’s a weave, i cut my weave sometimes too, when it gets boring

  • buttons)=

    She knows how to model.


    she got sexiness written all over.

  • loææ

    oh god, what a little skank. Rihan*puke*na

  • rancour

    Lol!! you call that a natural woman?? With weave all taped over her head? Natural??? My fucking ass, yeah!! She can’t even sing live and she must have relied on technical stuff to enhance her voice in these stupid new single and album of hers. She sucks. I only respect musicians who sing live and don’t sound like a sheep which someone is trying to strangle. Rihanna is definitely not one of them.
    She should go back to her ragga muffin music style. That’s where she fits. Not by trying to be another Beyonce. Oh, by the way someone sorts that fucking forehead out too. She looks like a dwarf.

  • Cynthia

    I think she is so cute. She has a unique beauty to her.

  • not talented

    toe up &untalented wanna youur back,b.

  • Courtney

    She is so hot! Love it. Love her whole new look and sound! I cant wait to get her new album!

  • cutie pie

    at least she has natural curves anything natural im all for it no fake parts for me

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    The jealous cracker biishes went hard today I see. Lmao

  • Incredible

    Fug Facehow many different names you gonna post under complimenting the LARGE NOSE nobody?We know its you FUGFACE and the racy Brit!!hahaha

  • Response.

    When theres a Rihanna thread,we’white women’ get accuse of being racist by 2 bloggers,who think its only white women insulting Rihanna.So here was a response I brought over from Rihannas last thread, someone wrote in response to the Racist comments by Brit.

    # 32 | #30 to Brit.. @ 05.31.2007 1:24 pm
    hey the race mentioning is wrong! eurocentric, whats up with you sterotyping white women?im white and we all are indiviuals, you need to go check your own self!it is not that serious, chill ,,youre not rihanna are you? a fan, youre a fav celebs get beat up all the time, i use to say mad stuff now i look over it and just post positive things i feel,but calling out all white women is bad and may be to sensitive for whatever reason,but this is a blog expect negative.just like women of all shades and colors,we white women are each our own woman ,stop grouping all of us together.and how do you know its not african americans saying, this they have there own definition on what they think is beauty, like white women and other women of all colors,stop blaming white women you dont know the color of bloggers!

  • Well I think

    Dionne Warwicks & Issac Hayes love child!!she anit pretty its the magic of magazine erasers!She has Dionne’s Nose check it out.W-I-D-E-!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Incredible, STFU.. You been wanting to be me for a while now. You switch up names and ride my dcik nonstop, you fcuking loser.
    I’m a god to you. EVERYONE knows this name, why would I ever post under another?

    Plus how could I ever hide this much swagger under another name? Lmao

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Oh Yeah, Incredible you and all the other crack’a-ass-biishes can ~smd~
    You fcuking honk`[e] biishes love dissing black girls but as soon as you get it to you wanna cry like you just fcuking miscarried.

    now go create another name to praise me under.

  • Um…

    # 26 | Response. @ 06.01.2007 8:08 pm

    Thank you for bringing that over. It’s ridiculous how “white women” get accused of being racist just because they don’t find a certain African American attractive. Half the time, I bet you these women aren’t even looking at the skin tone, but rather just at the appearance; the “white women” who find Rihanna unattractive may find Beyonce beautiful. What’s worse is that when people are accusing “white women” of racism and calling them “cracker biishes”, they don’t feel that they themselves are being racist, and they feel it’s fine to say that. However, if someone was to call an African American a certain name, people would be hysterically accusing that person of racism. Racism doesn’t end with African American folks, and it’s just plain dumb anyway that in this day and age people are still differentiating between “Whites” and “Blacks”.

    For the record, I’m white and I looove Rihanna. I think she’s beautiful and talented.

  • André

    I repeat..she’s ugly.
    Keira Knightley, Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Beyonce, Selita Ebanks are beautiful.
    Rihanna is ugly.
    she should be a model? c’mooon plp..r u crazy or what?
    her eyes are weird.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    The opinion of a F’a99ot it worthless.

  • hoody from a block

    Shes so very average and she looks like a hoodrat from the projects.I agree shes photoshopps wheres those pimples she always sporting,and no breast.her skin clear now and she got breast.go head gurl cut that horse hair, you can buy anotha pack or bag.

  • he say

    i knew she reminded me of someone ursula kitt luk at that face its ursula kitt when she was on that movie boomerang with eddie murphy.the hair weave i dont like the cut its ugly.picture is to fake.She dont have a fierce bod like knowles.knowles is thick with hips.R.shes not cute enough.

  • its fugface

    It Is ‘fugface’ repeating himself wit good comments bout the below average lookin
    b1tch because he knew the insults were comin hahahahehe she so ugly, she so ugly call de skin care people hehehe fug thats called desperate so sad heha

  • Brit

    My comments on the other post were not racist – I called people Eurocentric arses – I meant any race who prefers some European features over others features of different races!!

    So whoever you are – black, white or whatever – be nice to Rihanna – she has come a long way from little old Bim to big up the music scene!!!

    Do not compare her to Beyonce either – different kind of talent!! I don’t hear anyone talking about Jay Z’s nose – maybe because he’s a man and rich, huh????

    This is my response to no. 32!!

    #32 – actually I am related to her – not necessarily a fan!!

    For the record I am not calling out all white folk either. Any race can have a eurocentric attitude – that’s why I said read the dictionary sometime.

    Some people may prefer one race over another and may only want to date said races or even change their God-given features to emulate them – i.e., Michael Jackson!!

  • almond eyes

    to the post no.26 about people posting racist remarks about black and white women. listen here you always complain about if a black person did this and if a black person did that no matter how long your comment is remember what ever break you think black people get you are sadly wrong white people started racism not black remember that write it down dont forget it. and ther has always been jealousy of black women by white women now more so since they go for black men now. we cant help our gorgeous lips hips and butt and dont forget skin color. leave fug face alone thats where he/she needs to be left alone

  • cutie pie

    shut up no.26 i blame white women for everything because they are jealous of black women always thinking black women want to roll their eyes when they see a interracial couple bullcrap majority of black women dont give a damn it is never what thewhite man thinks only what the black woman thinks how effing ignorant is that who gives a crap you have always went after black men its just more out in the open now

  • cutie pie

    hey post my comments to these women about black and white women i have a lot to say on that issue

  • cutie pie

    no.30 umm white women are racist also the only time they arent is when they are dating black men then all the racist crap goes out the window

  • marissa

    oh own up you white women are jealous of black women

  • laila

    white women are racist too. the only time they put it aside is when they date black men and thats the truth and nothing but the truth. as soon as they get mad at a black man out comes the racist junk. but in the bed a different story truth be told hummmmmmmmmm

  • cutie pie

    white women are racist only time not is when they sleep with black men. truth be told

  • just the truth

    white women are racist only not when sleeping with black men

  • jocelyn

    funny hummmmm i havent found a non color women that is not racist sorry havent found one yet. well maybe the one that dates a black man and that id phoney

  • jocelyn

    a lot of white women are racist and i can tell you when they are not. ask me and i can tell you when they are not. if you are be one all the time how fake?

  • camilla

    white people are racist…
    black people are racist…
    asian people are racist…
    hispanic people are racist…
    people from ALL races can be racist and biased towards their own culture who cares? people need to grow up and get lives. I think you all need to watch the Tyra Banks show… then you’ll see racism occurs against all kinds of people.

  • lingerie

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  • Marga

    Rihanna has dwarf features. Big forhead and big rounded large jaw.
    Also the poor girl has a horrid wide large fat nose.