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Heidi Klum's Friday Fun with Father

Heidi Klum's Friday Fun with Father

Heidi Klum spends Friday afternoon in the Big Apple with her three children and her father, Guenther Klum.

Guenther, wearing a pair of Heidi‘s individualized Birkenstocks, was seen giving Heidi‘s eldest son, Henry, a shoulder ride as they took to the sunny streets of New York City.

Heidi, who definitely gets her height from her father, wore a simple black minidress and eye-catching gladiator sandals. She strolled along as her nannies pushed 3-year-old Leni and 20-month-old Henry in a double buggy. 6-month-old Johan was pushed in his own pram.

Whilst the happy family were walking, they strolled past the Cones ice cream shop which shows photos of the supermodel and her mom sampling their frozen delights.

10+ pictures inside of Heidi, Guenther, Leni, Henry and Johan

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Photos: Vallenilla
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  • You’re beautiful Heidi

    Sweet. I love Heidi. She is a beautiful woman who is loving the man of her choice, not the man everybody thinks she should love. To be a gorgeous supermodel and marry Seal, have children and not care what people think, she must be a strong, determined person. I admire her immensely.

  • magnus


    He’s a world famous singer? Who was opposed to them being together? What are you smoking? People think “hey there’s goes a famous couple”. She’s strong for not caring about that?

    And didn’t she marry some old rich dude before and divorce him to the tune of half his sh*t?

  • wendy

    Hands down, The ugliest child in Hollywood. Again, it is nothing to do with race. Look at Rumer Willis!

  • Sophie

    Love his shirt.

  • Eve

    @3. I totally agree with you, Wendy. But let´s be prepared for all the bashing. Some people are going to get angry and say things like “there is no such thing as an ugly child” and so on…I dared to say that boy Henri was ugly on another thread and people got mad. He is not a cute child at all. And that sticking out tongue gives me the creeps.

  • Sophie

    lol and his shoes. funny man.

  • Sophie

    Well do you think there’s a chance he’ll grow up and be good looking?
    Me, I don’t think he is an ugly child at all, perhaps a little funny looking, but nothing more.

  • wendy

    I think the child will be average looking at bestwhen he grows up.He just has a fcuked up face A good haircut might help things, but its doubtful. Why does she have two people pushing one stroller? I have never seen a picture of her without an army of hangers-on in the background. It is sad that she is too lazy to be bothered with her own children.

  • Diana

    I think his tongue is always out, because some people are born with big tongues or bigger for their mouths, he will have some light problems with his speech, but it improves as he gets older. Think Jamie Olivier, the UK chef.

  • keisha

    Y’all comments are funny!

  • Eve

    @9 (Diana). yes, I thought the same, that he will problems of speech. And Sophie, I think he will get better as he grows up (because worse than this he can´t get). He may even turn into a handsome man, who knows? I know people will think I´m shallow for saying he is ugly, but that´s not true. I think Heidi loves her children and the most important thing is, in fact, if they´re healthy (rather than they´re good looking or not).

  • Liz

    Wow! Her Dad is tall! Now we see where she gets it from.

  • emma

    i feel really nasty and awful even thinking this, but she could have had drop dead gorgeous children if she had had them with good looking men, the first was an asshole but the second (seal) seems a good man and really thats all that matters, and the only thing that should be important, but still…she could have had prettier kids.

  • leave the baby alone!

    what’ya mean, his tongue is too big for his mouth???

    I don’t think Henry is ugly. Not the cutest kid in the world, maybe but he’s far from being ugly. How can someone call a baby ugly, anyway?

    I would love to see the kids of those people who are sooo over-critical. They probably all look like monkeys. And when they’re grown up they’ll be big, ugly, stupid apes, just like their parents :-)

  • ella

    i cant wait to see her kids grow. i m sure they will look great :-)

  • Diana

    14 …

    He is always with his tongue out, and some people have that problem… google it before jumping. Kids with down syndrome have their tongues out too. BTW, I have never say he is ugly, did I?

  • hilao

    Wow what a cool family. Nice photos, nice to not see bony veiny women and good for Heidi because she has her family out with her kids.

    Most Normal family how refreshing.

  • Malin

    I think that it is weird that she has so many nannies, and I have never seen a picture when she is carrying her children or pushing their prams. My friend has 3 children in the same age as Heidi`s and she can take care of the without nannies! (Sorry about my spelling, I`m from Sweden)

  • BrangelinaeFan Cornel

    >>Me, I don’t think he is an ugly child at all, perhaps a little funny looking, but nothing more. >>

    No more funny looking than that damn Suri Cruise. That child’s nose is bulbous, and practically across her face. I give her the ugliest celebrity baby hands down !!

    Oh, um, and that ‘has nothing to do with race.’

    P.S. Guess it’s okay for Maddox to stick out his tongue, huh? Then again, he IS a cutie.

    And I love Zee, so don’t get in on that. Just because she frowns everytime she spies a paps, doesn’t mean she’s not a happy child.

    – BrangelinaFan CCornel

  • LOvesIt

    Heidi’s youngest son is cute. The eldest son is not cute. Interestingly the eldest son looks just like his maternal grandfather.

  • sillyme

    #2, I don’t she was married before. That rich white guy, who is the father of Leni, dumped her, which is why she hooked up with Seal.

  • Diana

    She never married the father of Leni, he slept with a much younger looking girl (19 years old) and it was over before Leni was born. He is an italian Formula One owner…and old…very.

  • Nicole

    Henry looks exactly like Seal.

  • D

    Henri will be gorgeous when he grows up. He is not ugly, and I think he sucks his tongue (as opposed to sucking his thumb) which is why it always looks like he’s sticking it out.

  • cutie pie

    i dont agree with who said heidi would have had gorgeous kids if she had them with a nicer looking man bullcrap sometimes two ugly ones make cute kids and two nice looking make ugly kids. anyway ugly or not she likes sleeping with him thats why she has 2 kids with him. so i really dont give a damn. plus heidi is not all that either. the first girl looks like a female chucky doll.

  • swankyally


    what is up with the use of the word ‘pram’?
    it’s a little too high society for your column…considering you probably don’t know why a carriage came to be called a pram in the first place, as don’t most of your readers…..

  • You’re beautiful Heidi

    #2 – Some people (like me) think ‘Hey there goes a famous couple,” but a lot of people do not, according to the hateful comments on other boards. People are angry that this beautiful Heidi married Seal and you can guess why. So many people are worried about their image. It’s admirable that Heidi cares only what Heidi thinks. I like a woman who steps out of the box for her own happiness.

  • goodmum

    What? She is too good to take care of her own kids? She has BOTH of her parents with her. You would THINK that each of them could take a kid and that would be that. I have 2 young children and going out and about can be hard at times, but having your family with you is a great advantage! My husband and I just take hold of a hand a piece and we are all set! Must be a bummer to be made of money. :(

  • Anastacia

    I swear, if I see ONE more pic of Henry with his tongue sticking out I am going to PUKE! What the F is wrong with that child??? Every single time you see pics of that kid his tongue is hanging on his lip like a dog. There must be something seriously wrong with his mouth.

  • Diana

    In most of the latest pictures it looks like she is with relatives rather than minders or babysitters, I think.

  • You’re beautiful Heidi

    # 29 | Anastacia @ 06.02.2007 7:10 pm————–

    I’m sorry to sound rude Anastacia, but why are you getting ‘worked up’ over Henry’s tongue? If you close your eyes, you won’t have to see it. What if there is a problem with his mouth? Surely, he can’t help it. He’s still going to be loved as the sweet little baby he is, the apple of his parents’ eyes.

  • sam

    I think the boys are going to grow into their features and I think they are going to be very handsome.

  • essie

    wow some ppl are so damn rude over trivial things like a tongue sticking out? wth..

    i think her kids are just the cutest.. love the hair lol

  • Celene

    love those balenciaga gladiator sandals.

  • yes U!!!!

    To all you talking smack about this or any other child, needs a red hot iron pipe
    rammed up your ass…..

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    please ban this poster “Didi.” What a fcuk up individual? Your parents should have been sterilized for having a shallow, disturbed and ugly human being like you.

  • E


    WTF… why are you complaining about Henry? He can’t help it.. You need to get a life. Seriously.

  • Keekee

    Wow, Heisi’s feet are huuuge!

  • Didi

    whats wrong with calling kids ugly? I’ve never seen such an overreaction in all my f*cking life.

  • Mizz Ruby

    Henri is far from ugly. He is definitely going to be a handsome young man. His little face is being overshadowed by his distinguishable mouth and eyes. Once he grows and his face fills out, he is going to be a stunner. Many of you know some of the most beautiful adults were not Gerber babies and you should be ashamed for bashing a child on the Internet. Most of you hide behind your computers and say things on the Internet that you wouldn’t dare say in public. Just keep in mind…..what goes around, comes around, haters.

  • Ella_

    This is the funniest topic to go to on any site! HAHAHAHAHA…

    I think the youngest kid Johan is gorgeous, the 2 bigger kids are not cute at all! Black or white man her kids still came out ugly (it’s a strong word but the only one that fits)!

  • black

    Henry really looks like her father.

  • Eve

    The problem is that some people think if you say someone is ugly or not cute, you are a hater. That´s not true. No one is saying the boy doesn´t deserve to be loved, no one is saying he is not normal. It is just that he is not cute, period.

  • Padma

    I think they look cute together and in pic 8 Heidi really looks like a “little” girl with her father. (Btw how HUGE must be her Dad – I mean she’s not small either!)

  • jessie

    You’ve seen pics of Heidi’s mom. Now you see her dad. There is beauty and height from both parents. This is the stuff supermodels are made of.

  • Mizz Ruby

    Time to change the subject……..that’s a good lookin dad!!!

  • olive

    You’re all nuts, but funny. Henry’s shirt is the coolest, like it was made for him–I don’t know whats up with grandpa’s disco-plaid but I want that brown and white button-down for my boy.

  • anna spence

    Those are the ugliest sandals I’ve seen, she might be pretty but the girl has really bad taste in style.

  • vlm

    Some of you are very rude and make comments that cut like a knife. Henry is just a baby who’s making faces like other children do. I am sure if he knew along with other family members what a problem his tongue would cause, Henry surely would have put himself together better for all of the jealous haters. What grown ups some of you are. How ugly are your children if you have any?

  • LaLa

    Did it ever occur to those that are insulting the Henry (#29)that he may have a physical problem with his mouth as to why it’s always open? And the comment about having kids with a more attractive man is absurd so (# 13) i hope you’re either a supermodel or your partner is because your superficial ideologies are a bit much. But i’m guessing you’re average like the rest of us. Hopefully you don’t have kids b/c karma’s a bitch.