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Kate Bosworth: More Pinkberry, Please!

Kate Bosworth: More Pinkberry, Please!

Kate Bosworth enjoys a lazy Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles with a heavily tattooed male companion.

The actress and friend stopped off to enjoy some frozen delights at Pinkberry (Kate‘s fro-yo toppings of choice included blueberries and mangoes). Kate, 24, then headed off with the female friend to Planet Nails for a relaxing manicure and massage.

Later in the evening, Kate wore a baggy pinafore dress for her evening out in Beverly Hills with friends at Prime Rib restaurant.

15+ pictures inside of Kate‘s Saturday…

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01 kate bosworth prime rib restaurant
02 kate bosworth prime rib restaurant
03 kate bosworth prime rib restaurant
04 kate bosworth prime rib restaurant
kate bosworth pinkberry 01
kate bosworth pinkberry 02
kate bosworth pinkberry 03
kate bosworth pinkberry 04
kate bosworth pinkberry 05
kate bosworth pinkberry 06
kate bosworth pinkberry 07
kate bosworth pinkberry 08
kate bosworth pinkberry 09
kate bosworth pinkberry 10
kate bosworth pinkberry 11
kate bosworth pinkberry 12
kate bosworth pinkberry 13
kate bosworth pinkberry 14
kate bosworth pinkberry 15

Photos: Varnedoe
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Ewww.. Dis-gus-ting

  • A

    I believe thatls Orlando Bloom’s cousin. Look at the pictures of Orly and a guy in Hawaii. I think that’s him. His name is Sebastian Copeland, he’s a photographer.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, A! I actually don’t think it is him, though.

    This man is way more tattoo-ed up than his cousin.

    Unless he got a LOT more tattoos recently.

  • ricky

    Who cares about her saturday? She’s not even famous anymore.

  • xenu

    I will never understand why people are falling over themselves to say how blindingly beautiful this girl is, or why anyone bothers to photograph her all the damn time. Does she, like, matter or something?

  • Danicka

    OH MY GAAAAAAHHHHHH she’s so skinny

    who cares? I agree w/ ricky

  • glenn

    I’m sure that it’s Luke Perry….

  • ricky

    Oh and she’s had a boob job. Obvious. Still boring though.

  • Sienna

    She looks gorgeous. :)

  • :P

    A, stop reaching for connections to Orlando. That’s not Orlando’s cousin any more than Kate is his girlfriend. Comprende?

  • KC

    I thought since Lindsay’s f**king up her career Kate would pick up her roles but she’s not even getting Lindsay’s leftovers. I think her horrible acting in Superman and no longer dating Orlando has kicked her to the C list.

  • Stacy

    Hey :P there’s one Orlando connection in these pictures. The blond lady in the 1st pic in the 3rd row is Kate and Orlando’s stylist Cher Coulter. But yeah you need an Orlando connection, otherwise not many would care. She looks cute.

  • sara

    owwwwwwww she is soooooooooooooooo classyyyyyyyyy and sweeeeeeeeeeeet i love her and i don’t think that she is toooooooo skinyyyyyyyy sorry danicka 6 but you must be obese if you think that kate is tooooooooo skiny she has a killing bodyyyy

  • JC

    I wish people would stop bashing her. She’s pretty and seems nice. She’s been filming 3 movies since Superman Returns so it’s not like she hasn’t done ANYTHING.

    She looks healthy and happy. What the hell more do you want? Is there something wrong she has done? I seriously don’t get it.

    it’s no like she’s like lindsay or paris.

  • mer

    does anyone know where her sandals are from? I’m looking for a pair that looks exactly like those!

  • Diana

    That is not Luke Perry from 90210.
    She looks pretty in this pictures, I like her better now that she is not dating Orlando ..ji,ji!

  • Sienna

    At least she’s been getting roles, unlike Orlando.

  • coalharbourqt

    Nice to see her looking healthier and happier! And yes, some of us do actually enjoy her acting and are interested in what she is doing, regardless of who she is dating. I think she is beautiful and I’m glad to see that she has weathered a rough patch in her life. Thank God she’s not like Lindsay or Paris (which isn’t to say that I think she’s perfect – nobody is – but at least she isn’t as bad).

  • Anon

    If she’s had a boob job, she should ask for her money back – besides, I don’t think they make implants that small. A rough patch?? She had a boyfriend within, what, 2 weeks of breaking up with Orlando? Yeah, her life is hard.

  • restless

    Yeah Sienna I’m sure Orlando isn’t getting any offers. Please people shut up with the Kate vs. Orlando crap they’re no longer together and clearly on two different levels fame and career wise. If she’s any good then she can get by without his name. BTW, what movies is she in? I haven’t heard anything about her besides her minor weight gain.

  • selwyse

    nice to see her looking meatier than usual. it looks good on her!

  • anon12

    She looks great! Nice to see her just hanging with friends.

    And gimme a break, after four years yeah Kate and Orlando probably have friends in common that’s not a big deal. Cher Coulter is Kate’s stylist too and has been her friend for many years, but that’s not her in the photos. That’s actually Sebastian Copeland’s girlfriend Kristine whom Kate is good friends with (she went to Hawaii with Kate and her other friends). Just shows that they are mature enough to share mutual friends despite their relationship ending.

    That guy sure has a lot of tattoos…

    Thanks for the photos Jared!

  • KC

    The blond chick is Kristin Harding but is she still dating Sebastian?

    LOL I stayed friends with my ex’s friends so I could keep tabs on him back in my pathetic teenage days so you don’t have to be mature.

  • anon12

    She’s always been friends with Kristine. So give it a rest.

  • lauren

    Kate is gorgeous, no she’s not too skinny, only fat people would think so..she’s perfect!!

  • KC

    Give what a rest? I could give a sh** who she’s friends with.

  • marianna

    #13 sara get a speech therapist!!!youre freaking so annnnoooyyyinnggg!!!and Kate forget skinny she anit cute in her face,plain,below average!and cant act!Im glad Orly dumped her!

  • sara

    arebyou talking to meeeeeee?????

  • mike

    Woah! She needs to lay off the ice cream and hot dogs. She is looking moo-ish.