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Rihanna Performs @ MTV Movie Awards 2007

Rihanna Performs @ MTV Movie Awards 2007

Rihanna performed her hit single Umbrella on stage during the 2007 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheater on Sunday, June 3, 2007.

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Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • Lulu.B

    i like her hair.

  • meg

    Tranny in a wig.

  • Emme

    I thought her fringe was a fashion/style thing.. but after seeing Jared’s post on her (Rihanna on the Cover of Complex) now I know its to cover her pimples/acne scarring on her bigger than average forehead.. Still love her though and her ella ella ella… Good job Jared

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    not a good performance

  • tonya

    Sung was bad not into the umbrella song as much,shes still tryin to do Bey.The wig is just plain awful.Whats goin on shes young but doesnt look it with that get up.Reminds me of Grace Jones look.Start over.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Umbrella – #1 Lol

  • Burpie

    Love the song, I think she did pretty good.

  • dena

    umbrella song was ok til they beat it to death and yeah its number one, but when you play a song to much how annoying can it get.she looked better with longer hair and reddish brown hair not digging.

  • anon


  • BBperfume

    The performance was awful, and Jay-Z is riding on everybody’s fame by coming out of retirement. His career has been given a boost for being in Beyonce’s spotlight..He didn’t do well as a rap artist before the retirement.
    His two-cent worth of rap wasn’t worth it on the song Umbrella.”Uh-uh-uh, come out Miss Sunshine…Rihanna!”"That was about it!

  • lashaun

    Can this chick get any more tackier with this pathetic s&m custome,just dang,you anit dat cute if at all.JZ whats up?Theres better performers than dis hoodyrat.She anit B. and never will be.just dang.

  • mighty

    she trying too hard be a bad girl, hang out with holan, she will teach you how to whore it out.

  • bchick


    jay z not a good rapper before the retirement?!
    lmao soooo wrong!
    u r obviously not a hip hop fan.
    wake up fool- he is considered one of the greatest rappers alive! and that was even before he started dating beyonce… no duh

  • Cicci


  • Rainman

    How long is this song? and how long did she perform it?

    Her live vocal ability is and never will be long enough to withstand a gritty live performance. If she was able to lip sync, we would’ve gotten a lot more out of her in this performance.

    For her to have said she was going to in other words, bring the house down, this was awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly D

    She looks like a hooker.

  • barbie

    She looks mighty fine in that setup. What do yah’ll expect her to wear, some sort of granny outfit? She’s young, vibrant and just starting to get into her groove. That outfit is funky and she looks good in it. Let her be! On her voice, I like it. It’s natural, gravelly and different from many of the other ‘screaming soul divas’ out there. And that song Umbrella is damn catchy…ella ella ella eh eh eh!!!!!

  • theoriginalbitch

    Only thing more moronic than that damned song is this outfit.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    BBperfume, please stick to CWM cause fronting like you know anything about rap isn’t working kid. For that one post you have labeled yourself an imbecile, for all eternity.

  • cutie pie

    i agree with fug face on this one and jay z is the number one rapper him and snoop dogg

  • cutie pie

    haters stop hating on black girls they are fine as hell

  • Jai

    Jay-Z is one of the greatest in hip hop history. How dare you say he wasn’t a good rapper before retirement? That’s why he did retire, because he was so good. He sold out stadiums you idiot. However, I do agree that his few little bars on this song were unwarranted and could have been left out, but never diss the Jay. I love Rihanna, the song is hot, but let’s keep it real, chick can’t sing. She was horrible!!

  • lilflowa

    What tha HELL is she wearing?!?!?….no mam ur not beyonce….only beyonce could JUST ABOUT pull off that outfit and ditch that tranny wig already

    Can u say UNcute?

  • Rainman

    Worst Performance

    Jay-Z and Rihanna limped through a lame version of “Umbrella,” which should have been put down and taken out of its misery in the rehearsals before ever making it to air. Whatever cred points Barbados beauty Rihanna scored for singing live were instantly revoked for her tone-deaf rendition and off-key crash. Her skanky PVC outfit, which looked like a reject from some horrible S&M slasher flick, didn’t help matters, either.

  • WTF

    Ok, so why the hell does everyone have to say nothing but bad things about black performers/actors/actresses. I get so tired of that shit. I actually loved her performance and I’m not a huge fan of hers either. Wtf is wrong with you people. Can’t say one damn good thing about anyone…

  • puppyluv

    I agree. I am from barbados too and you americans are just hating

  • marissa

    stop hating on jay z hes the best and leave your racist comments at home where you use them

  • Chel

    No one is hating. The performance quality has nothing to do with race or nationality. I loooove this song, like Rihanna and like Jay-Z. But the truth is, the performance was wack! She was very stiff. Point blank. And as a west indian american, frankly Im shocked she can’t move better than that. Shes resting on her looks and a popular song. And whats with the tshirt Jay had on? Now hes a praying man?

  • carolyn

    hey chel you are a hater jay z is the bomb and so is beyonce and rihanna

  • Chelsea

    She nice but i still don’t get the vioce she can’t sing and still shy in performance but she hot

  • leila

    screw you all, none of you clearly have any idea what its like to ever understand the nervousness of not only singing but dancing and giving an overall performance at the awards….. or will ever come close to it! How easy it must be for all of you to sit and say “she looks like a tranny, she performed badly, what was she wearing”…..well she must be doing something right cause look at when she is and look at where you guys are! lol she’s amazing and lets not forget JAY-Z… amazing producer and mentour to her, cause lets face it without him she wouldnt be where she is today. FACT! Respect to them both! your all just jealous!!! and why wouldn’t you be??????

  • reza

    only rihanna

  • roxy

    i luv rihanna she my favourite singer so back off and stop picking on her wiv all ur sarcastic comments…….. U HATER’S!!!!

  • Mistress fyah

    Is it not about race at all. Why is it when someone black flops in their performance everyone wants to use the race card? I’m sitting here as black as I can be unlike Miss. (They made fun of me because I’m White) Sunshine Fart Tart Rhianna. C’mon this bitch only claims to be “black” when it benefits her. This chick shouldn’t even be defended by a race card. She wants to be white. She bleaches her skin and don’t tell me she doesn’t because I have pictures of her far darker than her currently wanna be Mulatto ass. This Barbadian BITCH!, is a poser. A fake. One minute she’s with “the trend” now she wants to set “the trend” of being a “black woman” who’s “edge that she borrowed is nothing but two bid gothic scheme glam recycled samples. How dare anyone call what people listen to now “Music”.

    It is a disgrace! A shame to all the musicians, yes the people who actually write, sing (not lip synch or have their vocals digitally enhanced) live or other wise, write and play their own music! Instead this teenage bubble gum trash is what’s in. Talent-less jackasses who have copied everything & had their whole fame brought for them. And now it’s not all about race but c’mon for being “black” she lacks the performance persona that should really catch my attention. She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she doesn’t write her shit so really it’s safe to say she really doesn’t “own” it because there is no emotion conveyed while she’s singing. I only her a little girl whining and crying on stage as she pathetically forces out her weak and annoying “vocals”.

    So can you honestly tell me what the hell is this monstrosity is good for? What is Britney good for? They dress sluty and that is sexy to the rest of the world. Everyone wants to sex things up, even fucking kids are doing it now. Since it’s the in thing let’s go “sex-up” the nursing homes. Why can’t the elderly get in on the action? Because it’s worthless. They use it to mask the fact they are useless! A yawn-fest! And don’t pull the Britney can card out of your ass because Britney barely dances, maybe on tour but their no ground breaking performance.

    Get real! Reality check; One, Two, Three! Record companies, producers aren’t stupid and they know what mush minded teenager want and they’ll deliver it to them to farther rot their young minds. Tsk, Tsk, shame on ‘em all. Jay-Z should know better being a “Hip-Hop” Legend but he’s only thinking of his fat pockets. Music is suppose to be moving, life changing. Some people even cry while singing granted some may not have wrote it but they felt it! Wake up, smell the coffee and get with the fucking program! This is just a fad, a trend that won’t last. So live it up for now in a few more years they’ll be gone and replaced by more pure and utter crap!

    And as for those who disagree, tough shit! It’s my job (No really, it is my job) to spot crap and I don’t have to spot it when the world smells of it 24/7! While my dear co-host enjoys fornicating her mind with crap, I rather listen to “real” music! And she has the audacity to get pissed when I mention her beloved star’s fault flaws. For those who called “Little Miss Fart Tart” out, I commend you for having the balls to do so even knowing some idiot with their nose up their ass will jump down your honest throat all for the sake of protecting a total stranger!

    So this is my version of keeping it real. And I could care less if they’re mad because I called our their virtual whore. And on that note, I’m out. I feel sick to my stomach from looking at her in that street walking out fit. And F.Y.I my father is from a Caribbean island so no, I don’t dislike her because of where she comes from.

    Mistress Fyah