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Vanessa Hudgens @ MTV Movie Awards 2007

Zanessa – Part I!

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens carefully distanced herself from on-screen and off-screen love interest Zac Efron on the red carpet at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, taking only group shots with their High School Musical co-stars. After posing for photographers, Vanessa darted past reporters.

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Photos: Vince Bucci/Getty, AP/Matt Sayles
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  • Michael C

    That doesn’t look like a designer dress.

  • Daisy

    I think she looks gorgeous!! Did u get any scoop on them, Jared?

  • tasha

    she looks so gorgeous. aww, so no interviews then?!

    did you see them through the show or backstage though?

  • jen

    jared u know there r pix of them togehter there everywhere kuv them what have u got cant wait 2 see

  • fern

    that dress looks like something from that old show Hawaii five-o or worse a floral sofa.yuck!

  • Anna

    There was an interview about them at USAtoday.

    It says:The cast of High School Musical was protective of Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. (On the red carpet, co-star Ashley Tisdale said, “They are just friends. We are all just friends.”) But backstage, Efron and Hudgens were seen holding hands. When asked whether they were acknowledging they were a couple or keeping it under wraps, they answered “kinda both.” Hudgens said she saw Efron in the Hairspray film: “He was adorable.”

  • ann

    wow, that looks so tacky.
    Who is this girl anyways? Zac Efron’s Gf?
    Sometimes i wish HMS never came out so I wouldn’t have to see Zac’s fake orange tan and Vanessa’s ugly dresses

  • bri

    i think she looks great.

  • Meg

    Love her dress. It’s unique and very flattering with her tan and hair. I would like it short, too. Very summery and retro.

  • Daisy

    Vanessa looked gorgeous! I loved her dress, I thought she stood out. It looks really flattering on her. Her and Zac both looked really good that night and they are so adorable together!

  • suzy

    I think she looks cute and summery. she was also unique on the pink carpet when lots of the girls had on bright pink.

  • cutie pie

    too much sun tanning

  • Fleasha

    Meh… Never understood the appeal. I caught her music video on the tube this morning and came to a conclusion that her music too, is atrocious.

  • jen

    thats ur opinion she rox
    she looked great
    she stands out above the rest

  • yully

    She have HUGE nose!!!and that dress looks cheap!!!ewww…she looks cheap too not elegant at all!!!

  • jocelyn

    so effing what the size of her nose look in the mirror i bet you look like alfred hitchcock the girl in the picture is too tanned and too white in the pictures damn im glad im one right color honey colred tan im so proud of myself no old aging sun tanning for me just natural

  • jocelyn

    damn her nose size look at her tan in one picture and white in the other how ugly im glad im one nice honey color naturally

  • cutie pie

    damn the size of her nose look at the pictures of her one white and one tanned. so glad im one color naturally honey color tan

  • mee

    who cares, she it silly pinched kid face –she looks like her lovers’ sibling, geez are we from AK -probs

  • Jen

    Wow, this is funny to hear people dissing V just because they are jealous of her.
    I bet most of you are as ugly as monkeys and only insult people to make yourself feel better. Well, all it does is make you people sound like losers.

  • cortney

    I think dis forum is a bunch of crap!!! U folks r so jealous of Zac and V together dat u guys gotta go n bad mouth them. U bunch of losers!!!!Leave them alone already!!!!Get a Life!!!

  • gayle

    to those of you saying too much fake tan, well
    its not fake tan. Shes half filipino so its natural. and when shes in the sun she gets tanner. Like me, Im full filipino and Im naturally tanned and when I stand in the sun I get tanner.

    I love vanessa, and she is gorgeous

  • marissa

    hey jen no ones jealous of her you must look like a monkey it takes one to know one and to gayle no disrepect to half philipians its just that her tan does look fake in the pictures shes almost white then too tanned its just that im natural honey colored all the time

  • jenny

    you know jared promoted zanessa and in a very dignified way lets repect that vanessa is only 18 and she works hard at what she does she did stand out quit beautifully might i add lets not demeen her were lady’s in the end i hope
    those r only a few pics

  • jazmyn

    wow….way too much hate going on for V! don’t really know her but seriously, no love!!!…..ummmm….okay, tanned in one picture and white in the other????……ever heard of flashbulbs and sunlight? her tan is so not fake. it’s definitely got to be the filipino blood in her. and another thing…… jocelyn, ‘cutie pie’ & marissa – I’m guessing they are all the same person? what’s with the fixation on having a “natural honey color” tan all the time….wow, such modesty! I find reading these forums entertaining. To watch girls spew their jealousy at a person they don’t even know!

  • carolyn

    im not marissa and whoever else jazmyn named and yes ive heard of flashbulbs beyotch thats not the case there idiot and people can voice their opinions if they want to they dont have to agree with your ignorant butt. that doesnt make them jealous and i have a natural honey skin color also .so what dont be jealous beyotch

  • cutie pie

    i am cutie pie jazmyn not marissa or jocelyn get it right maybe we just think alike and happen to have natural honey color skin stop hating and being jealous try that huh???????????. im still giving my opinion thats what this is for dummy????????//

  • jen

    i guess ur not quite the cutie pie if u have to hate on an 18yr old shes very pretty and looked great careful ur jealousy is showing

  • jaz

    did i hit a raw nerve?!?! wooo hoooooo! now this fun! i admit, i called it wrong when i thought 3 people were the same person. no need to get touchy. just a guess and observation. i’m down for giving opinions but no need to get personal – what’s with the name calling? anyone else want to bash me? NEXT!!!!

  • jocelyn

    hey jen i am a cutie pie been told by others not myself and if i dont like her tan thats my business no hating here i dont know her and am very happy i dont. jaz yes im one person not 3 ever thought that 3 people can have the same opinions. as far as the name beyotch is form of endearment thank you and at least its not racial now leave me to my cutie pie self. holler

  • jocelyn

    hey cuite pie we just got hated on by jaz what a lucky day. i am going to express my opinions just like the rest of them you go cutie…….

  • Shannon

    What’s wrong with all of you Vanessa-haters? You don’t have to insult her! And what about the honey-coloured skin? What are you, a big blob of monkey DNA in you? Keep your yap shut about her. She’s nice, not caring about her nose. It’s not big, anyway. Anyway, cutie-pie, ever seen a gorilla in real? If you haven’t, it’s good to know you can look in the mirror!

  • katie

    i love her dress it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and her looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont see why zac efron wouldnt go out with her!!!!!!!!!

  • katie


  • Josie

    hello vanessa,
    that dress looks pretty on you. and your picures are really really cute. but i talk about you all day long i love you so much but like not in a gey way….. but your pics are hot. LIKE YOU

  • injila

    vanessa and zac are perfect 4 each other and i love hsm and what vanessas wearing!!!

  • jocelyn

    jazmyn you are so out of reality you know damn well thats a tan she has. and quit putting me with other people im one person dodo

  • Mindyy x’O.

    Well i think she looks stunning.
    As always =].
    Dont go dissing other people.
    When you’re not even perfect yourself.


  • Anonymous

    Vanessa Whoregens

  • Hollisteradict1234

    I love vanessa..
    Im not bi or gay.

    She is just perfect.


  • nessa

    Hi this is Vanessa Hudgens.
    I would just like to say to all the baby v fans thanks for your comments some of them were really sweet.I would like to say to the people who were not saying very nice things if your not a very big fan of me I would appreciate it if you would not go on my sites and search for me.
    Thank you.

    p.s me and zac efron are only best friends there is nothing going on!

  • menna

    i like the first half of her dress, but the bottom half is a mess. it looks baggy. it should be shorter.

  • gigi

    i wish there were more vanessa candids too.
    i mean of course ashley people know of ashley more than vanessa
    cuz ashley’s break throug role was in SUITE LIFE 4rm disney channel,even though she’s like 22 now
    & vanessa break through role was HSM, she’s only 18

    ashley looks good,but she’s too boring.

    Vanessa is full of spunk and has that fierce sassy yet classy personality
    i honestly think god must have spent a little more time on vanessa hudgens, i mean she’s too good to be true & kickn ass in the buisness more then ever now

  • DivinaRose

    hey to all you guys that hates Vanessa hudgen yea she is right if you don’t like her why are you going on to her profile and leaving some really mean comments.All the vanessa haters should get a life.stop trying to deny it cuz you guys are jealous of her.She is beautiful and I don’t think she cares what you people have to say,you guys should grow up.I one of vanessa’s fan she works really hard and I respect her for that.You guys don’t know her at all and you guys be saying all mean stuff about her you guys are so pathetic.

    Shes so gorgeous,and such a work hard least shes not a slut and drug attic like stupid lindsay lohan,paris hilton and nicole richie.

    Shes like an idol to me,becuz shes a work hard person.that should get respect.

  • Mia

    there was an interview with zac and he looked like he really wanted to leave he kept looking around (prob for vanessa) and he looked really annoyed that they wanted an interview with him

  • http://dood dood


  • amynmegz

    heya amy and megz XD who wants to argue about some girl non of yas even knows :|
    cyas xxx

  • amynmegz

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrr tht dress is manky it looks like a pair of curtains slapped together to form a maternity dress:|:|:| ewwww its discusting and does nothing for her!

  • vanessa

    i love you

  • kate

    love vanessa