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Victoria Beckham @ MTV Movie Awards 2007

Victoria Beckham arrives at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, Sunday, June 3, 2007, dressed in a black and white zebra-like patterned outfit with a bright pink bra. Check out those long legs that go straight into those shiny heels. Incredible!

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Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: AP/Kevork Djansezian
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  • tanique33

    i like it damnit. let me show love, before the hate pours in.

  • omg

    I’ve been waiting for this.

    Pink bra with that print. She wouldn’t be out of place on the streets of King’s Cross.

    And she tries too damn hard on the carpet.

  • Eathan

    She looks PHENOMENAL, thanks for posting Jared!

  • why

    why WAS SHE HERE?
    She looks like a cheap barbie
    so is she still has class?

  • hayley

    im sorry but how tacky, i cant believe she brought out a book telling woman what they should where apparently what is meant to be stylish and classy, and she comes out dressed in something a 13 year old prostitute would wear. so rough

  • Sija


    Fuck off to all those who will diss her, you would hate her anyway, even if she went to the North Pole to try and stop global warming all by herself!

    Now i can say that i think she looks fucking fantastic!


  • Sisi

    This is her greatness and why i LOVE her style!While i hate this outfit,she went for fun,sexy and trashy and why the hell not!I mean Jessica Alaba.etc look so freaking boring,in all of their LBD.This is not where you should go all serious!So Victoria you ROCK!

  • Sisi

    HOT!The only one who didnt go all “serious” its a freaking MTV show,ROCK on Victoria!

  • Anthony

    How can anyone find her attractive..She looks horrible normally. To top it off she has a really bad hooker thing going on there

  • gd

    she looks great

  • Emme

    When I first saw this.. My initial thought was ‘DAIRY COW’ but lets go with zebra.. I’m not a hater!!! I still love her.. But I’m not a fan of this outfit.. Hot shoes though..

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Fab once again.

  • cdn

    She matches the background. Leave it to Vix…

  • Bella



  • Jewel

    Normally I like her style….but this outfit is just wrong on so many levels. Also the hair reminds me of Andy Warhol.

  • http://justjared Amanda Cohen

    there is a good and there is a bad…..she looks pretty but nothing glamorous…it is a little slutty posh is sually all glamour but wtvr i think she looks nice

  • SK

    I think she looks fantastic. She always has great style and never looks trashy.

  • PoshLover

    She looks so wonderful! I love it, it’s very fun and not serious. It’s MTV afterall. I want her shoes.

  • jess

    OMG she looks Fuc*ing AMAZING!! Check out those legs!!!!! I love her!!!!!!

  • Christina

    I think she stylish, very MTVish, very SEXY! She looks absolutely fantastic in my opinion, she can do no wrong!

  • manolo

    i would sell all of your souls for a night with her.

  • Elizabeth

    She needs to eat a hamburger, that’s all i have to say

  • Mika

    She looks great and guess what she and the spice girls are coming back this year

  • reply

    love her!
    absolutely knows how to dress herself for the occasion.

  • Nausicaa
  • Michael C


  • nicole

    What a FU**ING POSER!!! She’s such a Whor*!! I hate her like everyone’s saying ” Cheap Barbie” not even.
    I wish I have a dog to chew her head off!!

  • Posh’s cousin melon

    the look is hoookerish looking bobblehead with 2 canteloupes on a stick.blonde hair makes her look harsh.

  • cubanmusulmana

    she blends in with the background.

  • Yily

    Wow, this is something new for Victoria Beckham. She looks like hot as always. Black and white stripes are hot this season!

  • saskia

    she look SEXY and HOT! i love that dress!

  • Ella_

    OMG, she went as Jenna Jameson for the night!

    She looks like a wh*re! That is nasty, she could of woen a mini-dress the classy way like Cameron Diaz both the ugliest people in Hollywood but Cameron looked so classy!

  • Ella_

    Even Paris looked better than her. I thought she was actually going to out do everyone else in the style even though I think she’s far from a fashion icon but I was wrong! This proves it, HAHAHAHAHA…CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!

  • nokia

    i have to admit it.. she looks like a slut.. her face is kinda ugly..but still she is victoria beckham.she is hot in here… her hair makes her look more wild.. her style is AMAZING.. look at that dress..those shoes..and that pink bra.. she is a style icon..maybe she tried kinda hard to be an icon..but at least 50% of the readers in this blog love her style.. that makes u an icon posh.. but pls eat more food ( u are showing a progress just now ), dont show your breast too often, bra bra bra like this good girl, and back to your straight black hair or brunette..

  • Oh Dear

    Is she prostituting herself now? This is just hilarious! She looks like some kind of transvestite. Why does she always look like she’s trying so hard?

    I feel sorry for her husband and her children!

  • JoJo

    Ah Bless her. Again she’s without her children, what a lovely mother she is!!!!

  • dede

    its the MTV MUSIC AWARDS your not suppose to go out in a Oscar number this is a light hearted outfit…cute!

  • Ella_

    She actually went on stage with Chris Tucker if this wasn’t MTV Movie Awards, you’d think it was a Pimp with his street walker.


  • Diana

    She must have thought she was going to a Porn Convention … not rock and roll at all.

    Even her legs are thinner, which are her best assets. Next Year.

  • Ella_

    If you thought the front was bad look @ the back…

  • Diana

    Thnak Ella!

    That is so tacky…money doesn’t buy style! And people consider her a fashionista, seriously!

  • yuck

    she’s not an actress or anyone who has talent & i think the last movie she was in was spice world… so why was she there again? oh right, because her husband plays soccer. makes sense.

  • http://justjared lippylou

    Hideous!!! The woman is a joke. She is an embarrassment to British women….from Kate moss, and Sienna Miller, to this mess…..

  • Puke

    eww, that pink bra, I´m going to puke. seriously. too wacky even for me.

    what the fuck was that whore doing at mtv awards? c´mon, she´ś ugly, get real guys.

  • Mary

    NO WONDER MOST OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY HATE HER! Look at her? She’s Beyond cheap, i’m sorry but anyone who actually thinks she looks good really doesn’t have any taste…I thought she was a f***EN pornstar until i realised it was miss wannabe victoria!THOSE FAKE TITS, LEATHERY SKIN, ANO LEGS AND EMO HAIRCUT musn;t have been enough to get attention for victoria so she pulled this ugly outfit out of the closet!

  • Kelly D

    Attention wh*re, makes me want to vomit every time I see her ugly hooker face.

  • Julian

    She is A godness.
    I think what shes doing now is that what she was always dreaming about.

  • Marta

    she looks like cheap hooker.

  • lilflowa

    She looking Fab here….a bit on the hooker side tho haha….seriously whats with all the boring black this year tho?……YAWN!!

    And its the freaking mtv movie awards y the hell she bringing her kkids for………..u shud cuss otha celebs that aint brought their kids too in that case………..freaking ridiculous…. shes not at some shrek movie premeire den u could say y she turnd up without her kids….i suppose u wanted her to demand that seats are allocated for all three of her children……ridiculous much?

    Oo love that bra wouldnt wear it ma self tho LMAO…..she’s always one to shock eh….hehe

  • Kibbell

    She’s working it like there’s no tomorrow. LOVE HER!