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Brad & Angelina Pile In, Fly Out

Brad & Angelina Pile In, Fly Out

Flying off for birthday festivities, perhaps?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie board a private jet with their children — Maddox, 5, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 1 — at a local airport in Prague, Czech Republic on Sunday morning, the day before Angie‘s 32nd birthday.

Good dad Brad carried super cute pajama-wearing kids Zahara (in red patterned jammies) and Pax (in sky blue motorcycle-print jammies) onto the plane while Angelina carried baby Shiloh, who’s growing up quite fast. Big boy Maddox, wearing an olive tee and khaki pants, walked on board all by his grown-up self!

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01 brad holding pax zahara
02 angelina holding shiloh
03 brad carrying pax zahara
04 angelina carrying shiloh

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  • Окси

    вау!я первая :)))


    Those aren’t from Sunday afternoon. Those pics are from very early Sunday morning

  • :)

    Beautiful family. Happy B-Day Angie. You have everything and more already!! God Bless

  • http://ffff ㅇㅇ


  • JT


  • NIN

    Sweet! Hope God keeps this family together.

  • Maria

    Oh JARED! You made my morning! THANK YOU!

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    im waiting for the pictures jared…lol. thank u

    God bless this family

  • Joey

    Um, okay.

    Jared, what’s your obsession with these two?

  • filipino fan

    once again, happy birthday angelina. you are a good person, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. keep on doing the great things you are doing.

    how sweet of brad to fly those miles – from prague to montreal and back to prague, just to be with his family. he could just have flown to la from montreal and waited for his family to join him there, but not brad. shows everyone he values angelina and the kids, does not want to be apart from them for a long time.

  • jan

    lose the hat, Brad

  • alex

    love Brad and this family. lovely.

  • LLM


  • faye

    Awww Shiloh is awake and looking around.

    Happy Birthday Angie!

  • isitreallythatserious?

    # 9 | Joey
    LMAO…Jared is just a smart man…what other celebs on this site get close to 600 post a day and countless other hits?

  • Mediterranean

    God bless each of them and as family.

    Allah’im onlari her turlu kotulukten, nazardan, fesattan, kiskancliktan, buyuden koru ve saglikli uzun omur ver.

  • anustin

    happy,happy again!tanx j.ur the best!

  • susie

    Happy Birthday Angelina :lol:

  • indiesr

    Hopefully they are on their way home, I miss them. *wipe eyes* :(

  • kornie

    wow…were they going back to LA or going to somewhere else to celebrate angie’s birthday? shiloh is growing so fast. they were very hurry, brad only worn half of his coat!!

  • Aniston_hahahaha

    What will the tabloids write now?
    Angie here is holding precious SHILOH!!
    BLessed their family!!
    hope they will stay strong!!

  • Frenchy

    They are cute. Brad has his dad hat on again, awww. Happy Birthday Angelina.

  • eeeeeeee

    are we sure it’s them ?when don’t even see their faces

    wooooooooo peopkle you re ALL so religious like them

  • eeeeeeee

    are we sure it’s them ?we don’t even see their faces

    wooooooooo people you re ALL so religious like them

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for another new thread and the new pictures of this amazing family. They are heading home to LA. Can’t wait for tomorrow

  • Tinka

    Happy Birthday Angelina!

  • Alexanderina

    Happy Birthday Angie!!

  • LMM

    These two just seem so in love, I hope they have long and happy lives. My guess is they will have second biological child on the¨YEAR OFF¨ and depending if its a boy or girl, the next adoption will be an African child to balance the family. Traditional values in an unconventional way —- How Sexy.

  • Eslam

    well it must there a party!
    i love zahra! god bless them!

  • me

    this is the Millionth picture of jolie with Shiloh so will everyone NOW shutup!!!!

    LOVE THEM and LOVE JARED for the pics !!!!!!!! :)

    and #23, yes OMG its them u show me another family boarding a priv plane that wear same hat (Brad) clothes same hair and have same bodyguard a white baby and lil afican american and an asain boy AND then maybe ill not think its them for a sec

  • LLM

    I want to see their faces not their back. :-e

  • Diana

    30 comments and we cant even see their faces … I want to see those babies!! … please… :o)

  • me

    ANYONE ELSE??????




  • L in Philly.

    What an adorable little family! :)

  • LLM

    # 32 | Diana- me too. I want to see their faces.

    ## 28 | LMM – I thought it was me. :-)

  • NaNa

    Isn’t the blue pajama Mad’ pajama? I think I saw Mad worn the same pajama in a picture when they were leaving India.

    These pictures show how dedicated Brad is. He could go to LA directly from Canada and waited for his family – everybody would understnad because it was really long distance to go back to Prague from Canada. But he went back to Prague. Action speaks louder than any words.

  • Lyn

    Happy Birthday Angelina, I’m happy to see the family together again.

  • melovethejolie-pitts

    shiloh is getting bigger!even from the back i can see she’s a cutie-pie!
    am sure brad has something up on his sleeve and it’s a surprise perhaps…this seemed like an unplanned trip as the kids were not ready..they were still in PYJAMAS!!!
    hope they’ve had a good time regardless….
    just sharing my thots with the rest of you jolie-pitt fans!

  • POtter

    OMG!!! What a FAKE family!!!
    Please People.. she’s so fake!!! and Brad is just sooo DUMB!!

  • KrungKrung

    is Mickey the bodyguard married? kids? ne1 knows?

  • LLM

    # 39 | POtter – STFU AND GO AWAY!!!


    this seemed like an unplanned trip as the kids were not ready..they were still in PYJAMAS!!!

    What? They’re going back to LA because the Los Angeles premier of Ocean’s 13 is tomorrow. It’s a planned trip and the kids are in their pajamas because they left very early in the morning. It’s a long flight from Prague to California

  • Caribbean JoliePitt Lover

    Happy Birthay Angie. #33 I can see the pics. Actually, not wanting to sound all hopeful or jump the gun, but in the last pic, is that a ring on Angie’s second finger?

  • Caribbean JoliePitt Lover

    Oops wrong hand eh? Do you Americans wear wedding bands on left hand or right?

  • melovethejolie-pitts

    #42…thanks for correcting or for the info…my bad for not knowing their schedule 24/7/365….hmmmmmmm….i still have day job to think about…darn me & my boring life! point is that i wish all of them many happy moments together…wherever..whichever..whatever they do as a family…

  • KrungKrung

    oh goodlord, is it really a big deal if there’s a new ring on Angie or Brad’s fingers? nuff of that wedding rings already, so sick of it, just let it rest…..

  • angelinammm

    Shiloh – cutie pie

  • Noni

    thanks JJ for another thread on this wonderful family. Happy Birthday Angelina :)

  • Indie

    Jared, thank you very much for the pictures of the family leaving Prague. So much for all the trolls who saw Brad everywhwere last week in LA.

    Like someone said upthread, it would have been easier for Brad to fly back to LA from Montreal, but instead he flies back to Prague just for a few days so they could all come back together. That is sweet.

  • Maniston

    Happy 32nd Birthday Angelina Jolie!

    Happy Birthday Angelina! Wish you all the best & may all your wishes come true!
    Today, Angelina turns 32 … I wonder what she’ll be doing? How will she celebrate? Who will be present … her brother or Brad’s parents maybe?
    On this occasion, Angie isn’t only featured in the upcoming issue of Marie Claire, but she’s also on the cover of the upcoming Esquire issue! Yepee!
    Her photos are sexy, beautiful & stunning as usual! she’s absolutely heavenly in that green satin sheet she’s got on!
    In one shot, you can even spot the huge cross tattoo on the left of her lower abdomen …

    From all of us here at, we wish you a wonderful birthday AJ!