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Esmee Denters: Timberlake Signs YouTube Phenom

Esmee Denters: Timberlake Signs YouTube Phenom

Justin Timberlake has signed his first artist to his new record label Tennman Records — YouTube discovery Esmee Denters, 18.

Said 26-year-old Justin, “In completely unpredicted news to all YouTubers and bloggers, we are proud to announce Esmee Denters has signed to Tennman Records and she will be joining me on tour this summer. Esmee is the real deal and I cannot wait for the world to hear her but all of her fans on YouTube should not worry. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way.”

Said Esmee, “Words can’t describe how amazing it is. I am so excited! It is something I have always dreamed of doing. I have to thank YouTube and its viewers for giving me the opportunity to show the world my voice. I also have to thank Justin, one of the biggest artists in the world, for believing in me and making my dreams come true.”

The announcement was first made on Dutch talk show Jensen!. You can watch the Jensen! show here (part 1 and part 2). But be warned, it’s in Dutch with English subtitles.

Watch Esmee sing a cover of “What Goes Around” with Timberlake playing the piano and singing back up vocals here. All of Esmee‘s videos can be found at her YouTube channel here. Her MySpace profile is here.

Esmee also announced that she will be performing at Justin‘s sold-out show in Amsterdam, Holland on June 16th.

What do you think of Timberlake’s new discovery, Esmee?

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  • DutchGirl

    Esmee is amazing I heard of her about half a year ago on a dutch tv show and i watched her on youtube and i was hooked i think it’s amazing that a dutch girl is working with JT!!!

  • hanna

    ik wist niet zij was bij Jensen..

  • Guinevere

    I saw it on Jensen yesterday, good for her. She really has an amazing voice.

  • black

    How old is Justin again?

    He looks so old…..and not just in this shot.

    Oddly I think that his label will be a success……

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Cute face, great voice.

  • LMAO

    Im glad you posted other pictures of her because that photoshop pic next to justin does not do justice to Esmee. She is amazing and has that great r&b voice.I saw her first vid and have been a fan since. Good luck to her and congrats.

  • Jess

    Really looking forward to what kind of music she’s going to put out there. She has a great voice, looks good and got signed by JT: all the ingredients for success I think

  • Britney

    Go Esmee! I have watched her videos for quite a while now and I knew she was going to be big. Keep working girl! I see you everywhere

  • pam

    she looks like nikki hilton paris sister or kinda bette midler.

  • Sophie

    Well she is not Timberlake’s new discovery is she now? What, couldn’t he find talent the old fashioned hard way hmmm? Anyway she’s cool, saw some of her clips a few months ago, good voice and seems nice… Don’t like him though and I am afraid to say I think his label is going to suck.
    Lol Justin always looks like a scared little piece of shit, and in this post (the first pic) Esmee does too. HAHAHA

  • natalie

    #4 – JT is 26.

    I think thats just an unflattering picture, for some reason he does look very old there but I still think he’s sexy as hell! His voice, his body, dance moves, pretty much everything haha.

    Good for him w/starting that label.

  • one not fooled

    I’m glad she got signed but give her some credit. you’re calling her Justin’s “discovery” but she’s been on the scene for over a year and a half. He was just the first person smart enough to sign her. Lets you know how f*cked up the music industry is currently. This awesome talent sat unsigned while vapid, birdbrain songs like umbrella sit atop the charts.

  • CJ

    She kinda looks like Hayden Panettiere.

  • Susan

    Great voice and lovely face!

  • Jacinda

    Looks like a young version of his mom, Lynne!

  • Virginia

    She can’t sing.

  • John

    THIS GIRL SUCKS! she is no american idol. She will not sell. Poor justin…he just wasted another good/solid record deal on someone who wont do him any good.

  • Rachel

    she has a nice voice, but i think it lack originality. not unique enough for me…

  • Mike

    She is talented but not so easy on the eyes. She can make herself look good though.

  • thea

    I love her. i just think her voice is amazing!

  • Mika

    Good for her! That is the craziest picture I’ve seen of Justin. scary!

  • isayso

    People have to be somewhere for them to be ‘discovered’. It doesn’t matter that she’s been around for a year..that’s no time at all.

    What’s wrong with the fact that she’s been found via her youtube etc?

    Plus, she has no record deal, has not been on tv or any of the established media as far as i know. Justin will be exposing her to all of that, so yes in that sense, she is his ‘discovery’.

  • Julian

    dont like her attitude.
    but great voice

  • isayso

    So far, haven’t seen anything wrong with her attitude. She seems very mature for her age. Looking forward to seeing how she develops.

  • isayso

    Oh and BTW…Justin doesn’t look ‘old’ there. To look any younger would make him look about 14!

  • Padma

    That’s great for her! Plus she really can sing! Hopefully she is going to be recording an album with Timbaland – that would kick ass!

  • Mattanja

    Dutch language is nice!! ;-)

    Try to say the word Scheveningen..
    But I have to say, as a Dutch girl, that I prefer English.. it sounds more smooth..

  • Mmmmm

    She has some pipes .. hope it works out! As always JT … mmmmmm

  • Shaun

    Great another pop queen just what the world needs.

  • Jack Hall

    What does Esmee have? The chemistry. What is it? Everything about her. It’s just that thing that leads to success. Esmee has a strong appeal to “tweenies” and that’s the largest group that buys music.That helps.
    A long time ago, an 18 year old girl with good pipes, left Tucson Arizona with 30 dollars headeding to L.A. with the dream of making it big. If you see some of her first videos, she left a lot to be desired. But she had that drive, a strong drive just like Esmee has, to make it. It took a few years of bumping around to find her style and confidence. But find it she did.
    Her name was “Linda Ronstadt”. I think we might have another “Linda” here.
    Enough said.

  • Esmee Danters News

    Justin made a good choice signing Esmee. she has talent and seems to be down to earth. I wish her luck and much success.

  • shuggie

    i love this girl! check her our with stylist girl Kira Plastinina

  • roelof

    @Virginia: Just explain it,

    cool that she’s dutch, nice voice