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Celeb Smattering Snack Time

Celeb Smattering Snack Time

A good smattering of celebrity — Liv Tyler, Dax Shepard, Kate Bosworth and Helena Christensen — lunch together at Italian eatery Sant Ambroeus in NYC’s West Village on Tuesday afternoon.

Liv, 29, and Dax, 32, dined together at one table while right next door sat Helena, 38, and Kate, 24, sharing a table of their own.

Odd foursome? Maybe.

Dax and Liv co-star in the upcoming dramadey Smother. Dax plays the lead character Noah Cooper, whose wife, Clare, played by Liv, is obsessed with having a baby and whose mother won’t quit smothering him.

Supermodel turned photographer Helena Christensen shot the latest print campaign for Bono‘s charity organization ONE, The Campaign to Make Poverty History, which featured none other than pal Kate Bosworth.

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liv tyler dax shepard helena christensen kate bosworth 02
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  • Lovelace

    A bunch of useless C & D listers, accept Liv.

  • nokia

    at least they have something to working on, nottin wrong with them..dont be jealous just because you dont have any money and they have..

  • Lovelace

    I’m sorry Nokia do you know me and how much money I make? I don’t think so. I love Liv because she’s a doll but point out one person in that photo who is an A or B lister. Point out one person who is currently in an important project. Point out one person in that photo who has done anything interesting lately. Just calling it as I see it.

  • Randi

    I like Dax. He’s been good in everything I’ve seen him in.

  • thea

    wow random, much?

  • Renee

    i love helena and liv! at least these people aren’t papparrazzi hungry like slutty VICTORIA BECKHAM

  • Dieter

    these retarded D- and E-listers, they have nothing to do with there liveĀ“s – to make there lazy day I would be the one to cum around and do each one in their respective ASS. Now think about it TWICE !!!!

  • Mika

    So random! They all just happened to be there…?

  • ricky

    So now it’s just Helena that kate’s sponging off of to get something from? First Kevin Spacey and now Helena? Downgrade.

  • xenu

    So who else sees the hypocrisy of anorexic Bonesworth being part of a charity that serves in part to end hunger? And I see she’s still trying to work that Orlando connection by glomming onto his friends.

    BTW, Jared, how much is her publicist paying you to kiss her bony ass? I can’t think of any other reason why someone would fawn over the useless no-career-having idiot.

  • kay

    Kate and Liv look lovely! Helena looks great too. I don’t get why people won’t drop the Orlando connection, the girl has moved on she has a boyfriend she’s happy with she doesn’t care about Orlando anymore give it a rest.

  • Dieter

    priceless: Liv has enough ass to stop hunger in africa while kate is anorexic

  • ricky

    Maybe Kate should give the orlando connection a rest. she obviously hasn’t moved on. probably missing how much people used to care about what she did when she was “with” him. Now that she’s not, no one gives a crap and that has to be killing her.

  • kay

    Kate’s eating lunch with a friend and they ran into some other people, one who happened to work with Orlando before…. How is that wrong? You are dumb. Orlando doesn’t own Liv and she can be friends with whoever she pleases. LOL

    And give it a rest with the anorexic crap, Kate looks fine.

  • Lisa

    Helena hasn’t aged well, Liv is always lovely, Kate is just blah to me I guess because I’ve never seen her in anything I like. But yeah useless C/D listers.

  • xenu

    Wow, Kay, you sure told us. I’m sure Bones will be right by to thank you personally for defending her. Plus, her fans fighting with everyone who doesn’t like her keeps her relevant, so she’ll be doubly grateful.

  • Lisa

    Helena isn’t aging well, Liv is lovely as always, who is this Dax person? Kate….blah, how sad the only convo she generates even amongst her fans is her weight gain and boring Ken doll boyfriend.

  • Polly

    I’m pleasantly stunned to discover I’m not the only one who thinks Kate B. is a big (metaphorically speaking) pile of “eh.” There are so many attractive, gifted young women out there who could use the acting work…but won’t get a chance to make that career-critical Spacey connection. Or don’t have a dad in the garment trade. Or a privileged New England/New York corridor upbringing. Too bad she hasn’t bothered to find something useful to do with her *alleged* brains. Perhaps the fashionista thing will at least keep her from stinking up the movie screen any more than she already has.

  • Martina

    Liv is so pretty

  • Martina

    Luv Liv

  • Britboy

    Whatever list Kate and Helena are on, they are still way above the people calling them C and D list. Orlando and Kate are finished. Its time to let it go!

  • Maria

    Liv is so adorable and Dax was pretty funny in Let’s Go To Prison. Meh to the other two.

  • What do you know?

    I’m always surprised at how much people can tell about other people over the internet. Britboy seems to know that random posters here have not accomplished more than Kate and Helena who have set the bar so high by making bad movies, modeling and taking photos. We should all be as accomplished as them. Anyway, Liv does seem lovely and down to earth and I think I saw that Dax guy on that annoying MTV show Punk’d. Am I right?

  • Waltz

    OMG I love Kate. She is so amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!! Hey did you guys know she has 1 blue eye and 1 brown one?!! Seriously! That is so amazing!!. I wish I had her eyes. I hope Orlando buuuurns in hell for what he did to her!!!! And fuck all the haterz!!! Thyre just jelous!!! Katez gonna win an oscar one day so suck on it!!!!!!

  • Waltz

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I see that the gelus haterz have left! Admit it – you dick holes want to be just like Kate – beauty, smartes (she got acceted to Princeton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but she didn’t go in coz everyone was gelus of her) and talent (she can ride ponies AND act – beat that!)so there. Orlondo was not good enough for her. NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY QUEEN……
    Did I mention that she has TWO differant coloured eyes?!!!

  • kateluvrfan

    omg waltz ur so right!!! the haters are just jeleaouse bkoz there fat andugly virgins!! kate rules and shes the most butiful actress ever!!!!!!!!! suck it haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace/tonjalasagna Tonja Lasagna

    Liv Tyler is a natural beauty, great actress as well as a mom/wife (Royston Langdon). She’s the total package.
    Helena she looks great for someone not wearing any makeup (she’s almost 40).
    Kate looks healthy, not skinny.
    Dax looks healthy/happy and if he’s hanging around with Liv, then he must be a good guy. Liv doesn’t seem the kinda girl to put up with crap from douchebags.
    That’s my 2 cents!!

  • michael

    helena christensucks really aged poorly! some people are not blessed with good genes.