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Nicole Richie Shies Away From Photogs

Nicole Richie Shies Away From Photogs

Nicole Richie hides underneath her shawl yet again on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The Simple Life star was was guided out to her car in an attempt to avoid prying paparazzi.

One source has said, “Nicole is pregnant. It’s definitely Joel‘s baby.”

Nicole, 25, has been surrounded by pregnant rumors since making multiple visits to Mark Surrey’s Southern California Reproductive Clinic in Beverly Hills.

Could Nicole be pregnant?

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nicole richie hiding face 01
nicole richie hiding face 02
nicole richie hiding face 03
nicole richie hiding face 04
nicole richie hiding face 05
nicole richie hiding face 06
nicole richie hiding face 07
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nicole richie hiding face 09

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Gabriel
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  • elsie


  • mandy

    loooovvvveeee herrrr.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Eww.. Look at those hands Lmaoo Dis-gus-ting

    Hmmmm.. who has worst skeleton arms Nicole or The Humanitarian. Hmmm

    If she is pregnant she’ll give birth to a 2lbs baby that will look like a 22week old aborted fetus.

  • farrah

    Hi Nicky.and no she is not pregnant.She is getting help for her eating disorder.

  • Scorp…

    I don’t understand why some celebs feel the need to cover their heads with scarves/blankers,cover their faces with books, etc. Everybody knows it you and you look retarded. Just walk to the car.

  • janis

    Nick’s the best!Good luck Nick get well!

  • kim

    i like nicole at least she is getting help.she knows she looks bad.kick her while shes down will ya.who are you paris hilton calling her fat again?

  • iamhotterthanyouandurmommatoo

    Nah…probably still fighting that eating disorder, and btw, this is the reason that I love Beyonce, she looks good and she’s healthy. Nicole Richie definitely has a problem with her weight.

  • molly

    #3 Why are you picking on Nicole?Are you mad people like her and pick on Rihana its not Nicoles fault she doesnt know anything about that,you should be ashamed of yourself, Nicole has a health problem!I guess you pick on obese people and the handicap,and mentally ill?She could actually die from this!I Love her and I hope she gets well!

  • Lo
  • coalharbourqt

    Pregnant??!! I thought she was having trouble getting her period because her body fat % is too low… I’ll die laughing if I’m wrong. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony – NR pregnant.

    And I have to agree with Scorp – they look so stupid trying to stay covered up when we can see who it is.

  • Lo

    and maybe she is covering up cos she’s tried to you disgusting people critizing her body.

    get a life and move to another thread if you hate her so much!!

  • brad an angie 4ever

    Its awesome shes taking action and getting some much needed help, its hard, I have friends that are bullimic,so GO NICOLE!!

  • maggie

    STFU #3 I weigh 100 lbs soaking wet.Im 40 and just started therapy. I eat 2 handfuls of oats,a handful of nuts and drink decaf all day.Im pathetic,&I know it but Im getting help and its so dam hard!Sometimes I wish I was overweight.People stare at me like Im a freak and Ive even heard people say what youve said loudly so Id hear them as I passed them by,I cried for days! BTW Im a scopio to and Im not judgemental on petty things #5!!Please leave her alone.I follow her weight loss closely and she reminds me of me I hope we both make it!God Bless this young woman.

  • JP’s are da Bomb!

    A beautiful Young Lady Nicole is and Ill pray for you Maggie.Best wishes.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    No maggie, you STFUB! You need to stop posting comments and get the fcuk off that computer and eat something stupid. 40 and only 100lbs?!? That is pathetic, and I’m glad you know it.

    Therapy sucks, but by the age 40 you should of been manned up and handled your business.

  • Heather

    Maggie, ignore him he hates everyone, and he constantly insults.I see you are getting therapy.A good step.More power to you.Please ignore him!If you read his comments on other threads he is what he is,pray for him.Again get it together,you can do it,and Im a big admirer of Nicoles!

  • Papa Pitt is so fine

    Fug come on dude to insult nicole and maggie is low,whats next babies?Nicole is not a bad person shes got a eatin problem.You seem to say negative thangs bout people color alot to. Whats your problem dude?From one african american to another chill, brother chill.You makin us look bad.Luvin Nicole the girls cute and when and if she gains some weight she will be onFire.

  • candice

    nicole is funnier than he11!!!have you ever watched her on the simple life??

  • luve Nick

    Nick is a star to me and she plays the piano like a pro.Nick you got my support babie.Wont change my mind with the ugly words.Karma can be a b!tch!!!!!!

  • WTF

    Well, I’ve seen her on the simple Life and she’s nasty and foul mouthed no wonder she can’t eat she’s so busy spewing worthless nasty talk.

    Seriously her and Paris and the rest of the celebutantes need to start doing REAL charity work or something. Then they will know what reall problems are.

    Gotta admit, Fug’s right on with this one.

  • Angelina is Gorgess!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicoles gorgess love-love Nicole to death!,shes just using the ‘old shock value/reaction’ number,shes joking.Love her so much.And the fug person is so nasty so much, why agree with him?Are you kiddin Me?

  • P

    As someone who had an eating disorder for years, I seriously think I’m going through menopause at the ripe age of 24 :( I haven’t had my period since December and before that it was always every few months … point of this verbal diarrhea is that I doubt she’s pregnant.

  • Rox

    Joel who? Billy Joel???

  • Dumdums

    We need a big, huge, fashionable star studded wedding and her shock at having the hubby shove cake in her mouth, while Paris is unable to attend.

  • yes sir

    this girl is awesome.i hope she triumphs her weight problem,i heard she was given away at the age of 3 years old,im sure that adds to her being called fat by paris.

  • Mo

    hey fug face—- i bet you’re a fat, miserable douche thats stuffing their face with twinkies right now…. MMMM MUNCH MUCH keep stuffing that sucker!

  • Madonna