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Victoria Beckham Crowned 'Woman of the Year'

Victoria Beckham Crowned 'Woman of the Year'

Victoria Beckham (in Roberto Cavalli) was surprised with the coveted “Woman of the Year” award at the 2007 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in London’s Berkeley Square on Tuesday for being “a role model for achieving it all.”

The 33-year-old also picked up the Entrepreneur of the Year award for her rapidly expanding fashion empire.

Glamour editor Jo Elvin said, “For the past 10 years, Victoria Beckham has been a figure of fascination. She has successfully reinvented herself from pop star to devoted wife and mother to successful designer and business mogul.”

Other winners included…

UK Solo Artist of the Year: Amy Winehouse
International Solo Artist of the Year: Beyonce
Film Actress of the Year: Sienna Miller
TV Personality of the Year: Charlotte Church, who is six months pregnant
Outstanding Contribution: Oscar-winner Dame Helen Mirren
Inspiration Award for her humanitarian work: Angelina Jolie

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  • Dancer

    Glamour’s credibility just hit an all time low me! Except of course for the winner for the Humanitarian award.

  • André

    The world has gone totally nuts!!!
    Posh Becks is role model?!?!
    I’m speechless…
    She’s the most pathetic person..the ugliest..i..i..just can’t beileve it..
    what a tacky list.
    Only Amy winehouse and Sienna Miller are great.
    The other ones..totally lame.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    International Solo Artist of the Year: Beyonce, of course.

    Sienna Miller – seriously?

  • André

    And Beyoncé!
    Beyoncé is a role artist and so beautiful!

  • suzi

    My god does she want attention or what. Who the hell goes out dressed like that and she is supposed to be today’s role model what in the world is happening.

  • Mondo Bongo

    Glamour is Full of S.hit!

    Oh yeah! that is a perfect devoted wife and
    mother outfit. :(

  • be

    UUmm what? Is it halloween yet?

  • no really!!!

    i hope it’s a joke no i don’t get it so woman of the year has to be plastic cold and fake…

    “Film Actress of the Year: Sienna Miller”

    i don’t even know in which movies she played

    sienna and vic =famous TODAY thanks to husband/ex-boyfriend YES GOOD ROLE MODELS for women

    so you have to be the wife or girlfriend of a MAN to be somebody

  • chubbyone

    Yeah i really want to model my life after her by surgeically altering myself then going out w/o any bra on so i can stick my pointy nips in peoples faces.

  • hmmm

    wow dats shocking!! i dont know much about she is a designer and a business mogul? i guess its more in the UK…but yeah all i know of Victoria is spice girls and david.

  • jen

    wow thats rediculous

  • yara

    and youre jealous!! yes shes great and she deserves all. she dont need to call attention because the attention goes with her!! props to Vicky baby girl

  • bdj

    Congrats to all the winners especially Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Dame Hellen Mirren.

  • Yo

    Glamour is a joke. Posh & Sienna Miller? Both jokes.

  • Cheerios

    I’m sorry but I just dont get the big ‘woof’ about this chick or her husband. And I never understood the ‘bow wow’ about the Spice Girls. But role model, come again.

  • R

    i must admit i only skimmed thru the actual blog entry, but wtf, can someone enlighten me re wth on earth that passes for ‘appropriate’ as far as an outfit is concerned?! where was she again?

  • coalharbourqt

    Okay I’m biased but I honestly think that Angelina should have been awarded the ‘wife’ and mother award as well – she spends a heck of a lot more time with Brad and the kids than Victoria does with David and their boys. And that’s on top of all the humanitarian work that she does!

    I don’t feel that Posh has any redeeming qualities and I loathe those ridiculous half grapefruits that she has strapped on to her chest – they’re awful looking and an insult to women everywhere. She will never be a role model in my household.

  • Linh

    Why people always being so negative about Victoria. After struggling all the pressure that the press has put on the beckham family, at the end of the day, she’s truly a good wife and mother of 3, she has a successful jeans brand, a best selling fashion book and she is always a style icon whom thousands of woman look at.

  • Prix

    I wonder if Glamour still thought that Posh was “Woman of the Year” material when she showed up wearing that outfit.

    Not only was it totally inappropriate for the occasion, but Posh is at least ten years too old to be dressing that way.

    You have tons of money Victoria. Buy A Clue.

  • ttttttt

    she should learn to smile it’s the first step to be beautiful(she’s not)

  • abc

    she looks not that bad, she just look soooo funny.
    oh wait! does she follow Brit?? interesting.

  • AG

    That list is so wrong!!


    she is a joke!

  • nokia

    u all have to admit it..she had nice legs…

  • Lucie

    Haha GLAMOUR is so trashy and not ‘glamourous’… just like Victoria, so I guess she’s a perfect role model for them.
    And Sienna Miller best film actress??? AHAHAHAHAHA that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while

  • Candice

    What is the fascination with this women? She appears like a plastic and superficial rich witch. What is she famous for? Shopping, fake boobs and a decent looking soceer playing husband? I guess if Paris, Nicole, Britney and Lindsay could be famous this chick can too; but what does it say about our society that worship these women? Ugghhh

  • saywhat?womanoftheyear!?

    was this an audition for a new wonder woman sitcom? what on earth possessed her to wear that?? please make her go away, please make her go away…. her nose is so repulsive.

  • ?

    all these people are english except 2 so it’ s woman of the year in the uk?

  • PoshLover

    I LOVE IT!!! Victoria is hot, she has the body to pull this off and it works.

  • neil

    If I was a closet dresser I would wear the same things. She’s a fetish dresser and doesn’t know it. Maybe she was a guy in her last life.

  • Nausicaa

    She is RI-DI-CU-LOUS. that’s all.

  • Mark

    your kidding me right? sienna and victoria??? the only creditable ones are Angelina and beyonce…oh and glamour magazine aint that glamourous!

  • chubbyone

    It has to be only for UK Glamour otherwise that list just not make sense at all.

  • luvsher

    you people are freakin ridiculous!
    it’s GLAMOUR magazine, a FASHION magazine, not a the harvard daily, or “our politics today” magazine. so what if she’s had work done and dresses like that? that doesn’t make her a bad mother. in the UK she is huge and becoming just as popular in the states. she represents womanhood in full, because not only is she able to handle a succesful buisness, but a marriage, children and does it all looking flawless! go Victoria!

  • Ella_

    GLAMOUR UK, is trash!

    I thought she hated Jordan but she can’t stop dressinglike her.

    I feel sorry for her husband and kids! Style Icon….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I don’t think she’s EVER seen an Audrey Hepburn movie ever. I can’t stop laughing at this Z-list clown!

  • Mika

    She’s like a robot! Very interesting outfit though…

  • natalia

    woman of the year?? she’s always dressing skanky. All she does is buy designer clothes ( or underwear in this case ) and parade around in front of the cameras. I bet she has a really shitty personality. Of course a guy would stick with her she dresses like a slut. More importantly Go Angelina!! She actually does make a difference in this world.

  • Ella_

    I live here, in the UK people HATE her!


    None of us know whether she’s a bad or good mother,but you have to ask yourself when does she spend quality time with her kids. She should be there when they get up in the morning ready for school and when they are getting ready for bed to tuck them in, read them a story.

    The se are little things kids remember, and for herkids it’s most likely they’ll remember their nanny or grandmother (David’s mum) doing that. Not their mother! She’s too busy trying to keep herself in the spotlight, she’s away from her kids more than David..AND HIS THE ONE WITH A REAL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • electra

    Jared, she’s wearing Chanel, NOT Cavalli.

    P.S. Congrats for the two awards, it was about time!

  • JoJo

    Ella you are spot on. Victoria is a self obsessed needy woman. She would rather be seen on magazines and newspapers than spend quality time with her children. I find her to be quite a sad repulsive human being. She is just so desperate and tries so hard for global domination that its quite scary.

    I mean look at this outfit that she’s wearing. WTF is wrong with her?

    I like David he seems like an ok kind of guy, but why the hell is he married to a woman like this? Does he not think its a little strange that she rather jet round the world constantly than spend time with their children and him? It makes me wonder whether maybe he loves her NOT being at home with them.

  • anonymous

    what the hell is this outfit? and she’s a role model? this “WOMAN” has no taste at all! in recent interviews, england is very happy that this girl’s out of their country! she’s so pathetic. she always needs attention and only knows how to spend her money by shopping, instead of donating it! franchement, plus nulle y en a pas ailleurs. elle n’a vraiment rien dans le cerveau!

  • Brooke

    Ella: 100% AGREE WITH YOUR POST!

    Victoria is a “legend” in her own mind! No one in the public gives a s*** about her- she should be home with the people who really love her- HER FAMILY! You have to wonder WHY that isn’t ENOUGH for her… why does she need/crave the adoration of strangers? Also- she should have stuck to collecting designer clothes, handbags and shoes- those are the “things” in her life that she “mothers”- certainly NOT her 3- boys’!

  • jo

    Wow, the mag has sunk to a new low with this ho as a winner. What is she famous for? Former Spice girl?

  • Milli

    she is earing a bathing suit. If anyone recalls from the old movies from the fifties, this used to be a bathins suit. So she is wearing a bathing suit with a minimalistic jacket to a gala to receive ‘woman of the year’ or whatever award? How offensive! She has no class this slut. Desperation is dripping from her.

  • jess

    SHE LOOKS HOT!! she works hard and achieves success, go vicky!!

  • Christina

    Good for her, she is always changing her style, being innovative and looking gorgeous. I love her clothes, sunglasses, perfume, etc.. she desrves the award!

  • lilflowa

    haha nice outfit….but errr…not soo appropriate for awards ceremoony LMAO!! she shudda worn it to MTV movie awards hahaa!!! ahh posh is just too funny….she does it because well…she can! haha kinky much?

  • Christina

    Plus the whole outfit is Chanel, designed by Karl himself!!

  • Mmmmm

    WoMAN is certainly the key word here ..

  • electra

    She said it’s Chanel, NOT Roberto Cavalli.