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Singing Britney Spears Makes You Scared Stiff

Singing Britney Spears Makes You Scared Stiff

HAHAHAHAHA! This video is frakkin’ hilarous beyond words.

This cute little boy sings and dances to Britney Spears‘ “Hit Me Baby One More.” He’s so feelin’ the song, closing his eyes and hugging himself. Watch for the butt grabbing — it’s fantastic.

And then towards the end, his mom pops into the room and scares him so badly, the poor boy falls to the floor!!!!!! Watch and laugh.

Britney-Spears-Singing-Kid Gets Scared By Mom
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Credit: Doobybrain
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  • Aisha

    That kid is hilarious! I love how the mum scared him! Classic.

  • londongirl

    this is proof that people are born gay lol
    bless him.

  • F4ri


  • Elizabeth


  • Eve

    Oh boy, his mother was so mean!!!!! But I´m laughing my ass off here.

  • reply

    he is soooooooo cute!!!

  • Matilda

    He still doesn’t know it, but he eventually will realize how much he likes men.

    Yep, totally gay.

  • Diana

    Is he alright? …lol

  • :)

    hahahaha. oh gawd, the end was hilarious. :D

  • Violette

    Bless him!! So cute!! He looked like his heart gave out at the end!

  • Sophie

    oh my god is the kid okay?

  • Ordinary

    aw, a little gay in the making, too adorable for words :)

  • henry

    Off Course You born gay, i’m gay and i was born in that way, there’s nothing wrong. By the way, the little boy is so cute and his mather so hilarious

  • Alicia

    poor little ‘mo :D

  • Tash

    Leave the gay comments out of it and see it for what it is – a cute little boy being normal! That is ADORABLE!!! I cracked up and had to show my kids and they were in hysterics as I have caught them doing similar things – kids are awesome!! Hahahahah

  • Tim

    owned. cool kid though.

  • lolly

    oh some of you are so immature! there’s nothing “gay” about this, he’s a little little kid!!!

    that mom should feel bad. trauma damages cells you know.

  • Susan

    Too funny! This will end up on many a myspace pages for sure. lol

  • claudia

    OMG!! poor kid, the video is super cute and the end puff! have to ask if he’s alright though…

  • Angel

    poor kid…I think he just enjoy it!!singing and dancing

  • bread

    what a way to come out of your parents!!

  • nokia

    HUAHUHAUHAUHA soooo funnyy… stupid boy hahahahaha

  • anoxious


  • Teddybeerz

    jared fix ur site its been runnin very slow

  • Didi

    I’d do sadistic sh*t like that to my kids. it’ll toughen em’ up in the end. they can’t be wussies for ever

  • whytee

    What a mean mom! The kid is so cute and the mom totally shocks/humiliates him by scaring him like that. And then the cackling at the end!!! The blood curdles.

  • Kimberly

    pricless absolutly pricless. He fell onto the floor in shock when his mom came in LMAO , that was the greatest! :D

  • Dawn

    I loved it and parents have been doing things like that forever. As for being mean no way. Those moments help you get through all the craziness that your kids cause you. Thanks for the laugh.

  • mercredi

    LOL, poor little guy! Mom was mean.

  • david

    Not a bad singer at all! He’s got tone. I love that he added the Macarena to his dance routine.

  • yousif

    OMG OMG OMG OMG i almost fell out of my chair luaghing. does anyone know if the kid is alright????

  • angelinammm


  • Staffo

    I want more from this kid, maybe Oops I Did It Again, he is freakin’ hilarious! hahahahaha

  • lulu18

    Feel sorry for the kid ’cause I think he may have been crying or upset when he crashed to the floor, but it’s still pretty funny.

  • Jill

    So cute….thanks Jared =)

  • Edward

    OH GOD…is him okay?? He just felt down!! Like a piece of wood!! God…poor kid and bitch mom…

  • eric

    Ah good clean fun entertainment. That’s what the internet should really be about. Not paparazzi pics, pointless blogs, fantasy sports and porn. Wait, no fantasy sports and porn is good :)

  • YAYA

    awww. cute too bad he was later beaten because his dad “dont wont no fairy as his son”.sad

  • Lolly Pop

    Did he faint? I laughed at first, but there is something very disturbing about this video…

  • Lolly Pop

    For all of you saying how mean the mom is, how do yo know the kid didn’t pull s**t on her like that multiple times before? I have six siblings and we scared and joked around with our parents all the time.

  • yami

    that was hilarious

  • wm


    P.S you americans are total homophobes

  • ac

    so cute.
    so funny.

  • Doug

    Guys come on, that kid is not gay, you guys should be more human.

  • Jay

    so cute gay!!!!!!!