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Rihanna: Bad Gal's New Bangs

Rihanna: Bad Gal's New Bangs

Rihanna attends the CD signing for her new album Good Girl Gone Bad on Tuesday at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk in North Hollywood, Calif. Appropriately enough, her left-hand ring read “BADGAL”.

The sexy “Umbrella” singer dropped her album in stores yesterday and is on the fast track to reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Rihanna, 19, recently opened up to Complex about Hollywood: “I’m just not the type to get sucked into bull****. Everyone has control of what they do as an individual. I’m very sure about who I am as a person and what I am here to do. I’m here in L.A., but I’m still not ‘here in L.A.’ I come from a very different place, and it gives me an advantage.”

And she also shared her future acting aspirations: “I’ve read a few scripts. I haven’t gone for anything yet, but I’d really want to do an action movie. Like an Aeon Flux or Matrix or Underworld. I love those movies.”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s new bangs…

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rihanna bangs 01
rihanna bangs 02
rihanna bangs 03
rihanna bangs 04
rihanna bangs 05
rihanna bangs 06
rihanna bangs 07
rihanna bangs 08
rihanna bangs 09
rihanna bangs 10
rihanna bangs 11
rihanna bangs 12

Photos: Tonya Wise/ London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • andy

    toe up to the floor,go away yuck!

  • yaya

    caked on make up and outfit stinks ewwwewww!1

  • brenda

    Ursaul Kitts spawn child.hahee

  • brenda

    Its Ursula,spellcheck please and she looks more like someone mention Dionne Warwick,thats my bet.

  • awanna

    At least her acne scarred forehead is covered thats a bright side,still fuggly though.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    #1 song in the country soon to be #1 album, a few months later 2million albums sold. It must suck to be successful. Lol

  • Smith

    She doesn’t look like Dionne, she doesn’t have those big nostrils & her skin tone is lighter.

  • Mmmmm

    Bangs are too thick but she has great eyes and skin ..

  • Jason



  • hanna

    this chick is young and looks 35 WTH!thats

  • B

    This girl always looks totally stupid. Fug.

  • Nsp

    You Guys are Haters…She looks beautiful!

  • her song is overplayed

    Um its been mention that shes wearing a wig,does anyone know if its 100% human hair or synthetic?and is she totally like bald?

  • Diana

    Much better with bangs ..she looks her age for once. Nice!

  • jackie

    Overexposed to the Max!!!Yeah keep dat bang honey cause without it,big@ss forehead wit pimples galore.

  • Kate

    I don’t like Rihanna. I heard she is a b**** in person.

  • black

    I hope she wipes the floor with Beyonces face.

  • Evie

    I think she looks really sweet and on point for her age; I used to wear my hair in the same style when I was a sophomore/junior in college.

    It’s really easy to upkeep; just wrap and go! The “bob” is ageless!

  • lena

    cant stand this wanna-be,she will not ever reach bey’s level.doesnt have the looks are talent.blah

  • Michael C


  • Prince_Kelbs

    I really like Rihanna and I really don’t know why these people are hating on her. I mean, she has the #1 single in the country and soon to be #1 album. She looks extremely gorgeous right here, in which she never has a problem doing so. Some are quick to call others ugly, but until they understand that beauty is not always just a pretty face, they’re going to look as stupid and ugly as the next person. My advice is grow up and don’t be a HATER all your boring life!!!

  • Rancour

    Aw I’m glad she’s finally decided to hide her freaky ugly wide forehead.

  • Rancour

    to number 13 she’s wearing a weave on – 100% human hair. U can wear either it short or long. This is not her real hair. She should stick to the bob or any style that covers her huge forehead.

  • Rancour

    I meant u can wear it either short or long.

  • Rancour

    Aw and now she wants to do some acting… talkin about following *CAUGH* copycatting Beyonce’s steps.
    Anyway like Sammy Davis Jr said once : Singers always wanna be actors and actors wanna be singers…

  • Tina

    Watch her on AOL Sessions live. She can sing her butt off. She’s sexy and talented.

  • ariel

    i think shes cute.

  • shanaye

    OVERexposed thanks to Jayz hes making money off of her so him and Bey can relax.Unfortunately shes not a good replacement so it will fail!

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    she looks 30 beyonce wannabe

  • kameli

    her wig is ugly

  • Kimberly

    Uggh, she looks terrible with this haircut. Im getting tired of seeing her face… bleh. Its almost as bad as that wig was :x

  • Mondo Bongo


  • almond eyes

    who gives a damn whether she wears a wig or not paris hilton wears extensions and jessica simpleton who cares damn the girl is successful and anyway wigs keep those hot lights off their real hair so now what damn?

  • carolyn

    who gives a damn if she wears a wig or not it keeps the hot lights off her real hair and paris and jessica simpleton wear extensions who really gives a damn?

  • rebekah crowley

    aww ppl r so mean these days. she is pretty! shes made a change for the better. her bangs are so fashion forward and really compliment her. shes a classy sophisticated young lady now! i just got new bangs and when i went in to get them cut i brought one of her pictures because her hair is fabulous. who cares if her hair is real or not..shes never gonna wear her natural hair because the viewers (everyone on this site and everyone who has anything to do with the media which is like evryone in the world) expect so much from her because she is famous…just like we do of any other famous celebrity. beyonces hair isnt real. but yall arent bitching about that. shit…i mean….aayliyah even had add-ins…so…whats the problem…as long as you dont get lil Kim with it…you’re ok! Why cant peopl ejust quit hatin these days and congradualate sometimes????SHIT…Rihanna is taken steps up. She doin her thing….git real with yall self….she aint da best but…she doin her thing.

  • tina

    her wig looks weird , looks like claws, she needs to get another wig , her outfit is tacky looks like an 80s whore ….i dont like her…she is the ashanti of 2007 lol……….

  • Vachick

    It is not a wig its hear real hair thank u very much

  • Tonia

    why u’ll keep hating on the caribbean chick, she’s ah DIVA and if beyonce cant take the heat then she need to get out of the kitchen. i love beyonce jus the same but when compitition comes she be hating, she’s only making it easier for my girl(RIHANNA) to get with Jay-z. anyway leave Rihanna alone let the girl do her thang. i’m very proud of her.
    Bless up to the New Queen(Rihanna)

  • manmeet


  • manmeet


  • manmeet

    mmmmm…wut else can i say u DAMMMN FINE HOT GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SONNIE HAE LAGHTI NAUGHTYY !!!! hahahahahahaha i wish u were my girlfriend girl !!!!!!!! got a boyfriend hope not cause me and u would be a perfect match ! welllll ummmm acctualy im veryyyy atractive im like Jay sean im fine !!!!! ANYWAYS LIVE YOUR LIFE !! AY AY A AY A AY !!!!

  • manmeet

    mmmmm…wut else can i say u DAMMMN FINE HOT GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SONNIE HAE LAGHTI NAUGHTYY !!!! hahahahahahaha i wish u were my girlfriend girl !!!!!!!! got a boyfriend hope not cause me and u would be a perfect match ! welllll ummmm acctualy im veryyyy atractive im like Jay sean im fine !!!!! ANYWAYS LIVE YOUR LIFE !! AY AY A AY A AY !!!!

  • Smiley

    ……………………………………..:) hATING a** h**S