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Vanity Fair "Africa Issue" 2007

Vanity Fair

The African-themed July issue of Vanity Fair is being guest edited by U2 frontman Bono — the biggest July issue ever. 20 covers, all shot by Annie Leibovitz reflect Africa and its supporters — Bono, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Djimon Hounsou, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, Warren Buffett, Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Ali, Bill and Melinda Gates, Iman, Don Cheadle, Barack Obama, Madonna, Maya Angelou, Queen Rania of Jordan, President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Here’s a sampling of the celebrities involved:

BRAD PITT Brad Pitt’s activism in New Orleans, Haiti, and Africa has received worldwide attention. His involvement in Africa began in 2004 with visits to Ethiopia and South Africa; in 2005 he helped launch the One Campaign to Make Poverty History. He is also a co-founder of Not on Our Watch, which teamed with the International Rescue Committee to hold premieres of Pitt’s current film, Ocean’s Thirteen, to benefit Darfur. He interviews Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

DJIMON HOUNSOU Once a year, actor Djimon Hounsou visits his family in Benin, where he recently helped rebuild his childhood home. “The goal of the African people is to become self-sufficient,” says Hounsou, who served as a consultant on our portfolio, otherwise “sometimes it does feel like the white man’s burden. Some of the efforts need to be implemented by Africans who do good for the continent. Then people can see that their own people can really make a difference. We are not looking for a handout.”

GEORGE CLOONEY In 2005, George Clooney was going through the Oscar process when he read about the crisis in Darfur: “I wanted to take all the attention I was getting and do something positive with it. [But] you can’t just talk about an issue, you have to understand it fully, you have to be there.” With his father, Nick, Clooney traveled to Chad to film the 2007 documentary A Journey to Darfur. “The more time you spend with the people in the camps, who are holding on by a whisper and still believe that their lives will be better,” he says, “the more you believe that anything is possible.”

OPRAH WINFREY Through her Angel Network, the public charity she founded in 1998, talk-show host and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey has helped fund 28 schools in five African countries as well as personally creating the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, in South Africa, in 2007. She says, “Education is freedom; it’s the only way out. Despite the poverty and despair many of these young African children face every day, they have a fierce determination to get an education. I want to help give them the chance they deserve.”

Check out the full slideshow at Vanity Fair. All 20 covers will be on display in the windows of Barneys New York on Madison Ave through June 19.

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  • alicet

    Thanks Jared for this new thread. Loving all the news about Brad and Angie

  • alicet

    WOw, everyone must still be in the Ocean’s 13 thread. Can’t blame them. The pics were mesmerizing

  • so um

    WOW oprahs conned GC and BP.MAN had something to do with this.Trying to get closer to Brad and in his bizness!!

  • i knew she would

    well well O has gc in her clutches,bet brad and angie name up. shes slick that oprah. report to jen right away there are cracks to slide in jen.gc said so to oprah.

  • lana

    Brad dont trust ms.oprah!

  • lylian

    Thanks Jared for the lovely photos of the O13 premier and now the Vanity Fair covers.

    Although each cover is different, will the different covers appear inside the magazines? Because of course,all the covers are connected.

  • coalharbourqt

    Thanks again and again JJ!!! :D You are just too much!

    Msg. for Sharon since we’re already discussing this issue:

    247 coalharbourqt | 06/06/2007 at 2:19 am
    Sharon – thanks so much for the link to the covers – love the pics of Brad with Desmond and Djimon!! I’ll be buying this one for sure. I’m glad that Brad is involved and recognized – he invited Bono over for dinner to discuss what he could do to help re: Africa way back when he was with the ex. Just one more reason why I believe he and Angelina were truly meant for each other!!

  • lurker/fan

    Is it wrong that as an Angelina and Brad fan that I’m happy that Angelina is not a part of this thing with VF and slightly disappointed that Brad is?

    I still dislike Vanity Fair for their scheming ways. Damn! Why does Brad always have to be such a nice guy.

    Oprah looks creepy in that pictures George.


    But I guess whatever helps people get informed helps.

  • lurker opinion

    Bad did this for Bono not Oprah. Bono is guest editor of this issue

  • sharon

    I really like the way Angie looks at Brad. It is just full of love and admiration. It is beautiful

  • good job

    They did a good job because only Pres Bush and Conde Rice and Iman and Keys were photographed together . All others are photoshoped

  • The Red Campaign – not the best way to help Africa

    As part of The Gap’s PRODUCT(RED) campaign, they arranged for Bono and Oprah to make an appearance at The Gap on the corner of Ohio and Michigan Ave. here in Chicago. According to the press release, (RED), the organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver, seeks to marry charity with consumer spending power, harnessing many international brands in their fight against AIDS in Africa. Some of the other companies participating in this are Converse, Emporio Armani and Motorola.

    The campaign site features the entire range of PRODUCT(RED) albeit in an agonizingly slow slideshow format. Although to be fair it is October 12th right now, and their website says the line will be available October 13th. I saw the crowd of people on the way to work on the 151 this morning, so I stopped by and said that Oprah and Bono should be showing up at 9-9:15….at 9:15 I decided it was too damn cold and went to work. Went out again at 10 and there were even MORE people there. Both sides of the street were packed, as was the median in the road. As you can see from the pictures, there was quite a bit of space between my crowd of people I was standing in and the red carpet. It wasn’t initially that bad when I first showed up at 9…we were right at the carpet, but then they kept pushing us back and back and back, and set up blockades.

    Did I mention that during this time Chicago was in the midst of receiving its first flakes of snow of the year? Then, to add insult to freezing injury, a group of young too-trendy looking people show up all dressed in red with jackets on. Must be the gap employees. They of course got to line up about a foot away from the entrance and completely blocked any view we would have had. We then got to sit through some rousing fake cheers from the gap employees directed by the Harpo crew. Least we all got a good chuckle out of how fake it was. Although I admit I feel bad for some of those people because Harpo made them remove their jackets to get good footage, even though there were blistering winds.

    Then, after about another 45 minutes of waiting, people start cheering as a Mercedes with its hazard lights on comes down the street and stops at the corner. Its Bono. He gets out and walks back to the red Thunderbird right behind him to open the driver’s side door and lets out the big O. Although she wasn’t that big. I’m not one to follow celebs, but Oprah looked pretty damn thin. The more amazing part of that though was that she was ACTUALLY DRIVING. Although I’m sure her “people” just had her driver get out of the car and swap seats with her at Illinois and Michigan. Can’t leave things like that to chance now can we!

    There was much cheering and then 5 seconds later it ended as Oprah and Bono promptly walked into the store, leaving the many fans, some of whom had been waiting for 2 hours to see them, standing slack-jawed in the freezing cold and flurries.

    Did they need to push the fans back that far? Certainly not. Was it unfair for the Gap people to be right up front completely blocking the views of people who had been waiting for an hour or more? Most definitely.

    When I left they were setting up a microphone stand and said that they would be speaking, but it would be a bit later, probably in more than an hour and they had no real idea when.

    While I am all in favor of the promotion, which donates 50% of the PRODUCT(RED) proceeds to fight AIDS in Africa, I have to say that Harpo and The Gap really screwed over the fans on this one, making them wait in freezing weather for upwards of 2 hours just in order to get a 5 second glimpse of Bono and Oprah…if their view wasn’t completely obstructed by The Gap employees. And for those thinking I should have been on the other side of the street, well, that wouldn’t have been any better since there was a wall of news crews and massive camera rigs lining the edge of the sidewalk, preventing any reasonable view at all. The only good spot was on the median which looked like a bunch of castaways clinging to a life raft due to how many people were trying to crowd on there.

    I asked if they would be coming back out to speak since there was a mic platform set up with all the news station mics, but they said it probably wouldn’t be for another 45 minutes, if not an hour or more. Not really worth sticking around for with the weather like that. What a disappointment.

  • coalharbourqt

    lurker/fan – I’m glad that Brad is part of it but wish that Angie was too – but as a fan of theirs I just respect whatever choices they make. I agree though – whatever gets the message out (and I hope this does!) so I’m not going to get too hung up on it.

    Love the pics of Brad. Also really love the pics of Iman – she looks like the ultimate African Queen – just incredible!! :-)

  • coalharbourqt

    12 The Red Campaign – not the best way to help Africa | 06/06/2007 at 2:35 am

    While I have to say that the person who wrote this article clearly had a crappy experience waiting in the cold to try and see them, it doesn’t mean that the Red campaign isn’t an effective way to help Africa. Harpo’s crew just should have managed the event better. Ultimately the episode was seen by millions of viewers though, so the complaints of a few fans who willingly stood out in the cold to try and see Oprah and Bono don’t exactly outweigh the overall effect of the campaign. That being said, I’m sure I’d be ticked off too (especially if my toes were still thawing out!). Still, I wouldn’t let this article dissuade me from supporting a great campaign!

  • sharon

    just like angie said, before Brad met Angie, he did a lot of charity work quietly. After met angie, he does it more public because he realize the importance of raising awareness. thanks to Angie. good for Brad.

  • Coffee

    What are George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice doing on the cover of Vanity Fair? They only care for Africa as long as it is for their own benefit!


    OMG…I spoke waaaay too soon, I had no idea Brad was included too in Bono’s Africa issue — so hey, it’s all good – I’m happy…the Jolie-Pitt’s are so unified, he’s representing the whole familia!! The pics are fierce, and I’m looking forward to reading Brad’s interview with Bishop Tutu. I think it’s cool that Angelina sat this one out, and isn’t a focal point — she’s become so synonymous with Africa and philanthropy, and is so huge, that as I said before, it’s like she’s in it anyway, and since Brad is featured, her presence is still felt. It’s funny, in the last thread I said she’d probably be mentioned throughout or in some form or fashion, and when I saw the blurbs under the guest’s pics in VF, I saw that Iman (who by the way, looks incredibly stunning in that head scarf) had mentioned her straight out of the box!! :-)


    10 sharon | 06/06/2007 at 2:25 am
    I really like the way Angie looks at Brad. It is just full of love and admiration. It is beautiful

    I know what you mean Sharon — also add in adoration and respect. When x looked at him, (in the few brief seconds at some red carpet event, when she remembered that she was NOT the reason photogs were going crazy — that it was Brad! Bahaha!) — she always had this vaguely tolerant look, like she was looking at a cute little boy who might get into trouble.

    Angie’s looks have to make Brad feel 10 feet tall.

  • The Red Campaign – not the best way to help Africa

    Bono’s Red Blunder

    As I’ve written here before, one of the best feelings you can have in this life is being right. And the only feeling that beats being right, is being right when everyone insists you’re wrong. So it was with a whole lot of laughs and not too little vindication that I read this latest tidbit about U2′s lead singer and top egoist, Bono’s utter failure to move the masses with his Red campaign.

    According to Ad Age magazine, over $100 million has been poured into the campaign and one year later, barely $18 million has been raised as a result. Not exactly a stellar performance, considering that the campaign was launched with as much hubris and arrogance as the star could muster.

    Why was I giggling at the article? Not because I enjoy other people’s failure. And certainly not because I don’t endorse compassionate giving to those less fortunate. No, I was having a good laugh at the stupidity of the campaign, which I was only too happy to predict on the day of the campaign’s official launch.

    For those of you who insist on seeing the evidence, here’s the video link:
    “Closing Bell: “Bono’s Red Brand…Just More Hype?”

    If you’re not into video, it wasn’t exactly tough to call Bono’s Red campaign dead on arrival. First, it was a classic example of the Lemming Factor, where the media and other sycophants latch on to anything and anyone that glimmers with the faintest of fame. The bandwagon could be chartered straight to hell, but they’d jump on it just as fast, in order to rub up against whatever – or whoever – they think is famous this week. It doesn’t matter what they’re famous for, mind you, it’s all for bragging rights.

    Usually, those bragging right turn out to be worthless, especially if the celebrity you’re rubbing against is the next O.J. Simpson or Britney Spears. Even spotting them average mental health, too often, ill-conceived campaigns springing from egotistical minds like Bono’s are the result of spending way too much time believing the hype their press agents spin out, instead of focusing on the issues at hand.

    Somewhere along the line, Bono became convinced that because millions of gullible kids could be slick-marketed into buying his records, he can probably get them to believe he can really walk on water, raise the dead — and launch a brand. And while I can’t claim to know anything about walking on water, I can definitely tell you this guy was dead in the water from the word go.

    First, Red was created as a marker on products, signifying that part of your purchase would go to a charity of Bono’s choosing. Most people think the money would go to AIDS and Africa, but the fine print always stated that the beneficiaries were to be chosen by Bono. The idea was doomed to fail, because while Bono may be able to yell and wail through a song, he’s not quite as good at figuring out business strategies. It plainly hadn’t occurred to him that tagging products with a logo doesn’t increase sales for the participating companies. In fact, it actually cannibalizes sales, since the people who buy Red products were going to buy those products in any case, Red or no Red. Apple took a hit on Red iPods, because kids were buying iPods. Nobody bought an iPod because some of the money would go to AIDS relief. The GAP didn’t see any new customers, either. In fact, one could argue that Red was a business killer.

    Second, the whole notion of linking charitable giving to conspicuous consumption is patently absurd, and reeks of pure naivete. Totally transparent and lacking in credibility.
    Bono aimed his unneeded purchases at his unsuspecting public’s wallets instead of their hearts and minds. As a result, nobody cares about Red. Nor should they. From the beginning, it was a tragic kind of farce, more demonstrative of the greed and lack of true humanity by which this generation has been consumed.

  • gena

    This is a big joke!!! Angelina has done so much to help the refugees in Africa. Oprah is just trying to get exposure for she knows that Angie and Brad will have nothing to do with her. And please, Madonna?????? She just got started and now all of a sudden she is getting publicity for her work in Africa. What a joke! Wasn’t it Vanity Fair that had Brad on the cover in his boxers shotting a water pistol? I will not support this mag ( will look at article about Brad and Obama) but will not buy!!! To get me to buy–my girl has to be on the cover!!!!

  • live and learn

    100 million to make 18 million. That does sound wrong. But my question is would those companies have given 100 mill to charity or did this money come from their advertising budget.

    If they were going to used it on ads anyway than making 18 million from charities seems ok to me

  • Funkybella

    WOW, I ABSOLUTELY..LOVE THESE COVERS..AMAZING! ANNIE LEBOWITZ ROCKS! Love how the made everyone overlap from one cover to the most the choice of people on covers too.. even George W. Bush ( that hurt to say )..lolol.

    Ps. Oprah was always friends with Brad. Never stop being his friend just because of Jen… She probably respects & admires him way more than she does Jen. He’s trying to use his influence to make a change.

    Oprah’s NOT stupid.. Of course she wants to be friends with the Ocean’s guys (Don, Brad & George). She knows were the fun is!!

    I can’t wait to visit Oprah’s leadership Academy one day….

  • cb

    I want ALL of the covers!!!!!
    I especially want the one of Barack and Ali – love it, love it, love it.

  • cb

    Ok – the Iman covers are also amazing. There are only a couple I don’t want, but that’s political…otherwise I still want ALL OF THE COVERS! I want the whole spread. I want it now!!!!! (So said Varuka Salt)

  • Ella_


  • Gross

    I’m sorry but this whole issue is a bit disgusting. All I see are a bunch of self-serving movie stars jumping at the chance for another photo-op. One or two celebs would be fine, but all of these covers just take the spotlight from the issue and onto the actual celebs. I’m glad Angelina isn’t a part of this and disappointed that Brad is.

  • http://uk COME ON



  • cb

    Since part of the purchase price of each issue goes to charity – who the flip cares if celebrities are on the cover if it SELLS MORE ISSUES, and thus, gives more to the crises in Africa?
    Love that the covers have:
    Bill & Melinda Gates
    Any face that will put $$ into saving a child, any magazine that will increase interest, and hopefully, in the various problems that the continent faces is fine by me.
    If a nekkid Angelina will do that – fine. If a George Bush will do that, fine. I DON’T CARE! People need to become aware, care and get involved.

  • Z

    sharon, tks for the pics. I realy like it. Angie isn’t in the cover but Brad is. I love BAMZPS.

  • crazydreams

    this isn’t a brad and angelina thread, keep it in the other one.

  • wow

    WOW!!! Iman is still an african goddess!!!


    There are so many people that have been involved in the African issue for so many years but they’re not on the covers, the people who are on the covers are the people of the day right now, the most popular people of the moment. That’s why they’re on these covers, because people need to see familiar faces in order to react. It’s as simple as that and no need to analyze who is there and why any further.

  • golden

    oalharbourqt | 06/06/2007 at 2:35 am
    gena | 06/06/2007 at 3:24 am
    Ella_ | 06/06/2007 at 4:00 am

    yeah, where’s angie? like the african tyke zahara is staring at us now — she that stares: where’s mom??? killjoys!

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    KELLY D kiss your fat aSS

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. Those are some stunning covers. Bishop Tutu is a man I greatly admire. I am glad to see diversity on Vanity Fair Covers and celebs representing a great cause.

  • black

    Hehehe……..Brad AND Oprah in the same magazine….that´s really something.

    But where are my Asien-people?

  • black

    Wait a minute, wait a minute—-George Bush???

    Brad, what are you doing?

    Teaming up with the devil……but I´ll forgive this.

  • African Girl

    Oh Heavens….which cover to buy? Which cover to buy? All so beautiful.

    I love the idea behind this shoot. It’s so good to see politicians and Artists coming together for a worthy goal. I say more grease to their elbows.
    Thanks Jared.

  • Jim

    This cover is awesome Jared. Thank you.
    You really are the best !!

  • African Girl

    25 Gross | 06/06/2007 at 4:15 am
    Disgusting? Isn’t that a tad dramatic? I’m sorry but I can’t see where the disgust stems from. A bunch of self-serving movies stars?!Well I don’t think it really matters to those people who finally get to drink clean water for the first time in their lives. I highly doubt the children given the chance to go to school will say “Why, i refuse to because these people are a bunch of self-serving movie stars” and I seriously don’t see the mothers who finally get real medications for their deathly ill children saying “Nope, nope their motives are suspect…so i refuse this drug on principle.I mean if we don’t have our principles, we might as well be dead”

    In our haste to condemn these stars for trying to do something worthy, we forget those who really matter.

  • Passing Through

    I see Graydon Carter finally figured out a way to get Brad to VOLUNTARILY do another VF cover!

  • AZ

    My god all you Brangelina fans are obsessed! Angie is not even anywhere on this. Why was her name even brought up? Because Bradis on here? Why is everyone making this about them? The issue, regardless of whoever is on the cover and trying to get whatever publicity, is AFRICA, as the cover of Vanity Fair obviously states.

    Please focus on that issue and let us all do something, anything, we can to make a change in the world for the better. Even if it doesn’t involve Project (Red). Choose your own organization to become involved in. Make the focus on the issues, not the celebrities.

    The world does not revolve around Brangelina.

  • Passing Through

    I guess getting Angie to do a cover was a little too obvious, huh?

    BTW – Iman? Freaking Goddess! Look at that woman! She’s like 52 years old and still hits that supermodel pose sh#t like she invented it.

  • Dancer

    #25 Gross–
    Any money at all that gets to the people of Africa is great. Many of the people in the poorer countries (which are probably most of them) live on less than $3 a day. Here in the U.S. we think nothing of stopping at Starbucks and plunking down close to $5 for a latte. Or those that smoke spend over $7 a pack. A bag of potato chips costs between $2.99-4.99 these days. We may not like our whatever–political system, but we have the freedom to speak and not be killed or maimed for our opinion–we may not like our education systems, but we have the right, freedom etc. to go to school. Did you know schools in many parts of Africa cost $17/year, but many many parents can’t even afford that? You may not care for these self serving stars from Oprah to Bono to Brad to whoever, but at least they are doing something. The monies raised by these self-serving stars goes to education, clean water, food, freedom and other things we take for granted. My question like that of many–is what has George Bush and Condie Rice done for Africa? Not much and they don’t deserve to be on the cover.

  • iman

    Iman brings up Angelina in her quotes “Africa needs everyone from Angelina to Aunt Gina”

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Its good to see Jay-Z is still doing his part.

  • lylian

    39 Passing Through | 06/06/2007 at 8:34 am
    I see Graydon Carter finally figured out a way to get Brad to VOLUNTARILY do another VF cover!



  • Mmmmm

    First off, this is not a B&A thread … hags go home! This is would be something great but I cannot get past that Bush is on the cover, I would never buy it!

    PS. Just goes to show that BP was involved before the PR Parade entered his life. Due to his PR g/f everything is on display his involved and their private life, he will get very tired of her need to attn. Oh yeah,just b/c you dont like Oprah doesnt mean Brad feels that way … what is wrong with you ppl seriously???

  • Amaya

    Wow, I kind feel like we’re being spoiled…I love how a lot of my favorite people are on the covers.

    Did y’all see George (Clooney) on Leno last night? He was charming as usual and he talked about how everyone had their kids on set during the filming of O13 and how it made a little sad. It’s ok George, you still have your puppy,
    Oh and your African Goddess aka AG.

  • squid

    WOW amazing covers… I like the mix of figures, from different backgrounds and areas of the ‘celeb’ world (yes, including the political heads). They each have contributed to the effort and the discourse – can you say the same for yourself? ITA with African Girl — the people in Africa who survive day by day in unfathomable conditions need all the attention these famous faces can garner. I would have loved to see Angie on this personally, but just because she isn’t doesnt credit or discredit her, or the others, IMO.

    JJ – i think someone asked already – are they sold separately or is it a fold out? Fold out would be SWEET.

    (and ps- please let’s not turn this into another Brangelina thread?? go back to your forums! like Brad said, just look at the pretty pics and keep movin’ lol)

  • hanna

    greetings from Holland,

    I just don’t believe this, Angelina is not on the cover, I have her book, from 6-7 years ago, that what her done straigt to the field, and now not mention about what’s she done, now i know which is people with moral and dignity, if this is pure for Africa, i salute 100 %, but if only publicity, because before these people involed with this program, believe me Angelina has done first or before, Are’t they saw the last pics of Angelina in Darfur, when she hold a dirty and stink boy without underwear and chain on his feet, God forbid that picture, who Angelina was and is, my advice just buy the books of Angelina rather this mags, i feel something personal jealous for this woman, her books so much facination and get ready for cry alot, oh God i don’t believe this, sorry guys, i am just dissapoint….

  • Frenchy

    Ha! thanks JJ. Now you could put up the cover of Parade magazine with Angelina on it. The covers look great and it’s wonderful that grownups can put aside pettiness for a good cause. Well done Bono & Graydon Carter. Maybe these stories and covers will help motivate some young people to try to help the less fortunate both here and abroad.