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Victoria Beckham @ Graduate Gala Fashion Show

Victoria Beckham @ Graduate Gala Fashion Show

Victoria Beckham (Giles Deacon Fall 2007)swings by London’s Battersea Park Arena for the The 2007 Graduate Gala Fashion Show and Awards, where she’s going to sit on the judges panel.

She wore the same outfit, including those crazy spiky heels, to the Spice Girls reunion earlier during the day with Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell.

15+ pictures inside of Posh at the Graduate Gala…

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victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 01
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 02
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 03
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 04
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 05
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 06
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 07
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 08
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 09
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 10
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 11
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 12
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 13
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 14
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 15
victoria beckham graduate gala fashion show 16

Photos: Mepham, Getty/Gareth Cattermole
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  • charlie

    she definitely got no style!!trying to stay on the spotlight but this is a miss!

  • Mmmmm

    Stop feeding this monkey’s ego … does anyone have a pic of this Ice Princess smiling?

  • yara

    lol.. all negative comments to her make her laught, nobody really understands but she dont give a **** for what you’re saying!! she rock the house=)

  • http://YAHOO.COM marissa

    i dont give a hoot about her skinny boney behind either thats why no comment ugh

  • Martha

    Why are we supposed to give a damn about her? I forget.

    She’s a hard looking nothing.

  • koala

    she looks like she’s gained some weight. Good for her.

  • Jbo

    Thank GAWD we don’t have to stare at the melon halves popping out of her outfit! She should cover those nasty things up! As for the shoes – i hope she accidentally kicks her self! She is SO over the top and it’s just getting boring!

  • Diana

    She needs her own stylist, fast!

  • Mediterranean

    Be honest! Would you ever think of paying attention on Vic if she was not Mrs David Beckham?

  • yara

    Confess!! We all like her

  • Me Moi I

    I never realized she had such bad skin. Large pores and looks like she suffers from acne. And that piggy nose doesn’t help. Ew, she’s skanky.

  • Didi

    Thank god she’s f*cked off to the States and we’ve finally got some peace here in Britain. Americans love her cos they are thick as pig sh*t and worship anything devoid of substance, intelligence, integrity and actual talent. Good f*cking riddance..hope she gets plastic surgery and is facially disfigured permanently (well more so than she is now).

  • jess

    she looks hot! love the dress.. she is so fabulous!! thanx jared.. everyone is jealous of her :P

  • Christina

    Gorgeous dress, legs, hair, everything! Victoria looks amazing as usual! I love her style!

  • londongirl

    she rocks, i love her.
    too classy for boring americans.

  • yara

    Glam Spice!!

  • Michael C

    Ooh la la.

  • in truth

    Most ladies who detest her are actually jealous because they’re in luv with her man David and think he should be with a prettier woman. It’s the same as the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston situation.

    I would think the British women are the most furious.

  • notasoccerfan

    to be honest, i didn’t even know who beckham was until last year. and nope, don’t find him all that hot. never liked spice girls so didn’t pay attention to who’s who. but this woman is truly hideous. strutting around her plastics like she’s some hot sh*t. how could anyone be jealous of her? maybe she wouldn’t be so revolting if she did something about that snout where a nose should be….

  • yeah

    yeah her skin looks awful, but she gets 2 points for continually trying her hardest to stay in the spotlight. ha.

  • Truth24

    What a bunch of haters! No need to hate on her so viciously. If you don’t like her outfit that’s one thing, but clearly some of you have nothing to do but hunch over your computer & hate on women who are married to good looking men.

  • lillianne

    mouth breather

  • lillianne

    I confess – I don’t really like her. Has she ever done anything besides pose ?

  • nokia

    there’s nottin wrong with the dress…fucking haters.. tell me what is wrong with the dress?

  • nokia

    does anybody know who made the dress?

  • Sisi

    WOW,She is just amazing.The woman has the best style around.I mean this is perfect,the shoes are TDF and her hair is so cool.

    I loved the outfit from Glamour awards,she pulled it off so good.And now this she just knows how to wear clothes,its great.

  • Ella_

    Where have all the real talented people gone?

  • Whatever

    Nothing wrong with being a hater. If she wants to run around getting her nasty face for all to see, then we have every right to comment, whether it being good or bad.

    She tries so hard its embarressing. What exactly does she do? she’s married to a footballer and without him where would she be? She tried singing but failed. Now she’s trying to be a fashionista. We can all be called a fashionista if we had loads of money to buy clothes straight from the catwalk. She doesn’t even have her own style.

    I feel sorry for her husband. To be married to a robot like her must be very difficult.

    David should get some backbone and tell this anorexic skank to F*** Off. The kids won’t miss her because she’s never at home anyways!

    Thats all folks……………

  • Lucie

    WHOA. Those shoes are crazy – something Hannibal Lector would wear!!

  • LJ

    I like her… It’s funny how some people here say that they don’t care her, but still they write about her…if i don’t care someone – i don’t spend my time to looking pics of that person or commenting …

  • Cristal

    “in truth” ( #19)- of course David should be with a prettier/ more beuatiful woman! It’s not just her looks that are frightening- it’s the whole “package”– she has EVERYTHING that anyone could ever WANT/ATTAIN in this world and she still craves more, more, more and by the look of things is a miserable C-O-W!! I bet David breathes a sigh of relief each and every night she “gussies” herself up to go out without him… I’m surprised that her children still recognize her as Mummy for all the time she spends AWAY from them~!

    She is PATHETIC beyond belief~!

    And for all of you who claim people are jealous of her… what exactly is there to be jealous of? She may be rich, wealthy and famous- but at what cost? She’s obviously a narcissist, is “unhealthy” (anorexic), never spends ANY time with the children she birthed into this world, has a hubby that cheats on her left and right, is consumed with “fame” and being in all the papers, whose every move is followed by the paparrazi- CONSTANTLY! And NEVER seems SATISFIED/HAPPY with ANY of it!! So, again- why should we be jealous of her again? People who claim “jealousy” are the ones who are TRULY JEALOUS of this narcissistic, fugly “creature”!

  • Victoria “Posh” Beckham= “Greasy Bacon”

    Obviously David likes a side of greasy bacon in and out of bed~~!

    No wonder their last name is BeckHAM!

  • LJ

    I think Victoria looks Great … as usual.

    Victoria was living the celebrity life long before David was so famous.
    I guess that was because she was a member of a pop group … who were they … oh yeah, that’s it ~ The Spice Girls, one of the biggest selling, all girl groups, of all time.
    Victoria’s high profile actually helped lift David’s to where he is today, (along with his ball skills)!

    I think it would be good to see her smile sometimes though, but then again as one of the World’s most photographed women I guess having a permanent smile plastered on her face could be quite a pain.

    She looks good, she’s very wealthy, and I think that causes a lot of jealous and negative feelings from other people.

    European people dress far better than Amercan people. Most of the best designers in the World are European ~ not American. So I guess that’s why American people seem to dislike her style … because they don’t understand the concept!

  • mark

    yeah she is really ugly, but i must admit in she was rally pretty a few years back, when she had long brown hair, healthy skin and a bit of meat. Her face and those bones make her look like a 60 year old grandma

  • fatkat

    This woman can dress her ass off but with all that money she needs to see a surgeon to help her feet. Hey, it wouldn’t help because of the shoes she wears.