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'Posh' Needs Hair Control

'Posh' Needs Hair Control

Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham, with black Hermes back in hand, needed some hair control badly yesterday as she walked out of her car.

She juggled the windy breeze with one hand while the other was busy making sure her cell phone device didn’t blow away!

Beckham was at the 2007 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in London’s Berkeley Square on Tuesday where she was crowned “Woman of the Year”.

1 more photo after the jump!

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beckham hair control 01
beckham hair control 02
beckham hair control 03
beckham hair control 04
beckham hair control 05
beckham hair control 06

Credit: Doobybrain (guest blogger); Photos: BIG PICTURES/BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM
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  • [Famous Fug Face]

    You can grade a block of frozen cheese on her chest. Wow.

  • Sisi


    This is an amazing dress,just great,and her Birkin finishes off the look so beautifully.This woman has an amazing style,Thanks for this post JJ!

    Always a pleasure seeing what she wears.

    And to the poster above;Get a life,wont you.She looks perfectly normal here!!

  • PoshLover

    Victoria looks beautiful, great legs!

  • Jen

    Is this woman for real? She thinks she’s Jackie O or Carolyn Bessette. Wake up Posh, you can never live up to their standards. What has she done in the past decade that warrants any attention?

  • Yily

    More pics of Posh!!! I love to steal her look.

  • nicky

    I’m sorry but this woman is pathetic!
    she is screaming for attention and is vain beyond belief.I saw a video of her at a game with her hubby.. she was using her sunglass lenses as a mirror so she could look at her face and hair over and over again.vain,insecure sad little lady.

  • Diana

    She cant get it right! Night dress during the day. Trashy for A-list parties … she needs to hire someone fast.

    I have read that she is an insecure person, read that specially after DavidĀ“s affairs.

    Her hair looks better when it is not coiffed.

  • Michael C

    I like!

  • Sure

    Woman of the year, yeah right! Apart from being obsessed with media attention, what the hell is she good for?

    So constantly leaving your children with nannies because your too interested in yourself makes you woman of the year! Whats the world coming to.

    And eww at that chest of hers. That is plain nasty.

    Lol at all you posh wannabe’s. “she looks great, god she’s beautiful” – You lot must have mental issues to want to look and think that that anorexic stick of a woman looks good.

  • lil

    All I can say is get over ya self posh you aint all tat, what I suggest you do is go down Burger King and whop down some burgers cuz ya in ta need of food I mean real food!!!

  • yara

    Why people have to judge her all the time? even if she wearing a stunning outfit people have to comment some bad issues. why the well in the wordl she cant wore a dress night? its her money its her clothes she does whatever the wants. i like her thats all. and for those silly people who just waist their time writing bad things about her go f**** yourselves.

  • Diana

    Thank for your suggestion, yara, but I decline ..that is something you might want to try yourself ..have fun.

    Comments are what they are, that is all. Not here to defend a celebrity … why take things personal? … still, go and have fun!

  • MJStyle

    she look fabulous! the girl definitely has style…she is a Fashion Icon!

  • LJ

    Thanks again Jared great pics.. And Nicky that video of her in game was about two mins, do you really believe that she spent whole two hours looking herself from sunnies?? But of course you can think that she is b… who only cares herself – because people who has met her tells so different about her.

  • yara

    Diana dear im not defending a celebrity!! before shes a celebrity she’s Victoria everyone deserves respect no matter if shes Victoria Beckham or a homeless! we only see pictures we dont know her personaly why judge her!! if you dont like her dont watch her thats all! there more fun stuff to do.

  • lilflowa

    oooo Love it………..she cant win in some people eyes Yara so its not worth it…….haters are gonna hate no matter…..

    Love the dress tho vvvvery stylish!

  • lilflowa

    ooo the last picture #6 is the bomb diggidy! she’s unstoppable muahhhahhahaha! lmao!

  • Marta

    bad skin,really bad

  • indiesr

    She looks nice. Personally, I think she has good, not great, fashion sense(she does make a few mistakes here & there, for example: what she wore to MTV Awards and Glamour). But most of the time she looks good, and you always see others trying to copy her, however, She is as vain as could be and that my fellow Americans consitute a very sad person…its asham, that money cant buy you happiness.

  • nokia

    SHE is british..european women have more style then u american Diana..thats why she wore nite dress in the afternoon when u only wear yr cheap t shirt b/c you cannot afford some dress

  • yara

    shes a street icon she can dress in the morning in the night whatever!!she could not the prettiest but she has glamour and that’s the proove that every woman can be confortable with yourselves!!goodbye

  • Caroline

    Great legs!And I like her outfit.

  • Mmmmm

    She needs an all you can eat buffet and those shoes dont even fit her feet. It has to hurt to put bones in shoes … ugh!

  • Mmmmm

    Why do celebs never put their phones in the their purse and always pretending they are talking on the phone?

  • Mediterranean

    Great legs????? Excuse me but you have not seen great legs in your life, I guess!

  • Christina

    She looks so fabulous! That dress is amazing and Victoria looks gorgeous! So stylish!

  • jess

    once again, her legs are so great.. if i were her i’d show them off all the time.. that outfit is rocking, as is she.. thanks.

  • electra

    I can’t wait for her NBC show to air, so people actually get to see the real Victoria Beckham. Then you can judge her, but judging someone from the pictures is stupid.

    She went to Graduate Fashion Show as she was asked to be one of the 4 judges, which says a lot, she’s respected in fashion industry and she’s an upcoming fashion designer. Glenda Bailey (US Harper’s Bazaar editor) was also one of the judges.

    Her new jeans line will be launched at Kitson next week, her sunglasses range is already available, as is her perfume and fashion book “That extra half an inch”.

    She’s no longer a singer, an actress or whatever, she’s a DESIGNER. Fact.

    She’s respected in fashion circles and when people like Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace says she’s good at what she does, that means something.

  • Mediterranean

    I see only 2 great things in these photos: the Hermes bag and the dress!

  • confused

    I like Posh, but really, do we need to see pictures of her hair being blown by the wind? Am I the only one rubbing her eyes in disbelief that is means ‘news’ to even one person in the world?

  • gimmeabreak

    OMG! I cannot imagine anyone wanting and trying to look like a skeleton with thin skin! Her poor little legs look as though they might break at any moment! Everyone goes on and on at Nicole Ritchie and the Olson twin, saying they are anorexic and need to be counseled and helped. But everyone thinks Victoria Beckham looks great???????!!!!! Stylish does not mean a negative dress size! If you want stylish, just look at Catherine Zeta-Jones! Least she has a tad of body fat on her to make her look normal! And she’s beautiful and stylish!

  • milkshake

    love the dress but she’s way too skinny .