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Isaiah Washington -- FIRED!

Isaiah Washington -- FIRED!

Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, aka Dr. Preston Burke, has been fired from the hit ABC medical drama, according to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello.

Washington‘s rep Howard Bragman confirmed that Grey’s creator Shonda Rimes told Washington over the phone that he would not be invited back to the show next season.

The decision was reportedly due only in part to Washington referring to co-star T.R. Knight as something-derogatory-that-I-won’t-repeat-here. In part? Yeah, right!

Isaiah Washington, YOU’RE FIRED!

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Credit: TV Guide; Photos: Nancy Ostertag/Getty
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  • GOOD!

    Dumbass BIGGOT needed his ass fired!

  • ~

    I meant BIGOT. Got excited and spelled that wrong. Sorry.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Thank god, dude always been corny.

  • tanique33

    i’m PISSED. don’t wait to wrap up your season, if he’s that much of a liability. if it ws that horrible fire him when it happened.

    he was doing everything he was supposed to to rectify the situation. sadly, his might effect my feelings towards the show.

  • luvsher

    I applaud Shonda. Not only for firing him, but for not waiting till season premiere week to cause a rating spectacle.

  • Sofia So.

    sweet justice lololol
    can someone tell me what happened tho, i dont watch that show?

  • Alicia

    ^^^ i agree, its like what he did way okay enough for them to finish their season and THEN fire him. thats not right.

  • Jess

    That is probably one of the dumbest things Shonda could have done. This proves that she is a sellout, trying to appeal/appease a different audience. She needs to watch who she caters to, she needs to include all audiences not just one. I feel that next season may not be as strong as this one. Why make a man go through the gauntlet of redemption if all you’re going to do is fire him?! T.R. and Isaiah need to have a conversation, and maybe execs as well, because this solution is not going to sit well with MOST fans.

  • hr

    wow… talk about hot scoop.
    i feel bad for the guy.. he apologizes, goes to counseling, and even does a PSA and THEN he gets fired? and after setting up sandra oh for another golden globe winning scene? i’m not sure if the show will be the same w/o him….

  • angelinammm


  • JR

    Good. Seems there is justice all around. Can Don Imus for making a racist comment, fire Isaiah. Makes perfect sense. Anyone (black or white) that acts in such an offensive way should be fired and these two fools deserve what they got.

  • Alicia

    6 Sofia So. | 06/07/2007 at 11:58 pm
    sweet justice lololol
    can someone tell me what happened tho, i dont watch that show?

    its been a while but if i remember correctly, Isaiah and Patrick were on set preparing to shoot a scene, which T.R. was in as well but he was running late. Isaiah and Patrick got into words about something, and Isaiah said something to the effect of “I’m not you’re little faggot like T.R.” (he was apparently pissed that they had to wait around for him, and dragged his name into the fray). At least thats what i heard went down. feel free to correct me

  • Shar

    Thank god i decided at the beginning of the third season i wouldn’t watch it anymore, with 2 of the better actors leaving, i can’t sit throug katherine, T.R. Ellen and Patrick dempsey horrible acting anymore. The other good actors left on that show are not getting as much hype as these a–holes!!!

  • Sofia So.

    Okay thanks!! I googled it a few minutes ago, boy that was back in something like october! they sure waited a while.

  • katryna

    YES! Thanks gosh he was fired, I’ve been waiting for it all season! Nothing can excuse what he did…especially that little stint at the Golden Globe awards. “Gay counselling” can only do so much, clearly.

  • Jake

    When your at work, whether your an actor,a lawyer, teacher, under law you must respect your co-workers, any harrassment of any kind whether sexual, racial, is dealt with,this is no different whether it occurred at a Studio or in an office, T.R knight shouldn’t have been in that position, Isiaah crossed the line twice, he only apologised and sought treatment, only when public outcry grew worse,his apology was not genuine,everyone knew that, whatever your opinion might be of someone, when your working together, you must respect your co-worker and keep your personal opinions whether religous or political to yourself, Isiaah should have known where he was,he was at a work environment where there are laws and customs on how people should behave and treat one another, let this be a lesson to anyone

  • BritGoes2Cal

    This is so stupid….it’s not like I watch the show anyways, but from what I understand he was a pretty important character to the show. I don’t think he should have been fired, pay cut yes….but not fired. Dumb dumb dumb.

  • Jim

    Wow thats kinda hard to swallow for him, I guess. I mean after all he went through and they fired him. NOW ?

  • T

    Thank god, he was a waste of a character anyway.

  • anon

    He also started to choke Patrick Dempsey if I remember correctly it wasn’t just verbal.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    How many black people are left on that show? Lol 1,2 Haha I’m not so happy anymore.

  • Burpie

    This is so stupid, IMO. I loved Burke. He was a great character to have on the show. IW shouldn’t get fired just because he didn’t get along with a co-worker. He went to all this counseling and other crap, and for what? To be fired?

    And seriously, TR Knight is like an adult cry-baby, IMO. He wants people to feel sorry for him.

    And then there’s Katherine Heigl. Even though I like her, I think she should have kept her mouth shut instead of commenting on the situation. it wasn’t her place, and she only made matters worse.

    Greys lost a great actor and a great character.

  • too many crybabies

    ok so now that he is fired, what will everyone be bitching about next?

  • ReallyMe.

    Well now you know the show is gunna suck next season.

  • angelinammm

    so this guy get fired and Paris is free to do what ever she likes after her racist oops (it’s on the tape)

    the show is racist

  • Riley

    Thats Right!

    Team George :)

  • Isiah Fan

    I never really cared for GA and only watched it because I always like I. Washington. I hope the whole show goes down the drain. He was wrong and made amends, what excuse can they the Exec’s give? I agree, Paris goes free and he is hung out to dry. Point blank, Isiah was used and then disgarded. OH but had it been Patrick Dempsey, things would never had went so far. Down with GA

  • Crystal

    I’m glad he’s gone. I couldnt stand looking at the screen while he was on. I kept waiting for a helicopter to fall out of the sky
    (ie. doctor romano ER)

  • Alicia


    in a way its kinda good he’s gone. the show is getting more and more convoluted and is definitely going downhill. how many times can you sabotage relationships (between Grey/McDreamy and Yang/Burke) with ridiculous plot devices. that was really getting on my nerves

  • black

    Wow, was he really that bad.

    We never get any news on those guys here where I live.

    I really like Preston alot. Ts, what a shame.

    What the hell has he done?

  • Fleasha

    So Preston Burke is going to be forever known as that jerkoff who left his fiancee at the altar? Can’t they get a replacement or something, I’ve always loved his character.

  • Violet

    ABC fired IW, not Shonda. She loves her actors.

  • Rancour

    Well I’m sorry. It’s a shame he’s gone but come on, as a Black man he should know how to watch his language and he should know that the use of deragotary words can offend. Gosh! Had someone else been saying behind his back that they weren’t Isaih’s N*****g , I swear it would cause even more outrage and IW would have been out there shouting and screaming racism and discrimination.
    That’s so stupid. he’s black, he knows excatly how it feels to be discriminated against, he knows how hurtful the use of certain words can hurt, yet he chooses to insult a gay person by using slurs. How clever is that? Oh well, he paid the price for that. As a professional person, that’s a shame because he knows well that any apology you say nowadays for an offensive slur, will never save your ass from the fire.
    I agree with someone else who said that when you’re a professional, an actor, whatever beliefs you have, keep it for yourself. Don’t bring them to work.
    I’m sorry IW, I used to watch GA because of you, now I won’t anymore. Shame of you, man.

  • Ida

    Finally! I’ve never liked him.
    But I think it’s a little weird that Shonda waited until now to fire him. Ok, the story wasn’t at a point where she could have fired him earlier, but still, it’s strange.
    And over the phone? She didn’t even invite him for a proper conversation about this?
    But I like that he’s gone now :)

  • Souhila

    Ridiculous extreme political correctness …

  • S.

    The way it went down was TR and IW were on set, PD, as usual, was running late. When PD arrived, he and IW got into an altercation that ended with IW hands arrond PD’s neck, and in his anger fit he still found time to call TR a fagot. At this point TR wasn’t out and this forced to came out.
    This happened in Oct/Nov. While the press and the public were making a big fuss over the slur, the powers to be at ABC tried to downplay it and hoped it would go away.

    At the Golden Globes press conference IW grabs a microphone and screams “I didn’t call TR a fagot”. If anybody had missed the whole mes, now it was definitely not going away. IW got a new PR person, went into rehab for homophobia (whatever that is), and made pro-gay PSA, but it obviously was to much to late.

  • Diana

    They dont fire drug addicts, rehab wannabes and the likes … What he did was wrong, but he had seek help since then and apologize. Big men say sorry, lesser ones are still on their colorblind and genderblind wagon. Firing him now seems hypocritical!

    I am so NOT looking forward to season 4.

  • Liz

    16 Jake | 06/08/2007 at 12:32 am

    When your at work, whether your an actor,a lawyer, teacher, under law you must respect your co-workers, any harrassment of any kind whether sexual, racial, is dealt with,this is no different whether it occurred at a Studio or in an office,

    LOL! Have you ever been to a construction site??? Have you ever been on any kind of tv or film productin set???

    This is a bunch of BULLSHIT!

    But that’s okay, this show is now officially OVER.

  • Lee

    Damn, I liked him. Who cares how the actors are in their private life… it’s the charaters they play that we fall for. Some of the best actors out there are complete a**holes in real life, so what? He made a mistake, who hasn’t said something they wish they could take back… but honestly, get rid of George and Izzy. Good grief, they are soooo fr*ggin whiny… and now with the love connection… shoot me! Is it just me… or did she get over Denny rather quickly???!

  • Mmmmm

    Goes to show you that you that only certain ppl can get a second chances,ie Paris … maybe if he made more $ he could of bought himself a second chance?

  • jocelyn

    since when is it a racial slur to say faggot? why is sexual preference compared to the color of skin dumb? but anyway since imus got fired i know they had to fire him not the same people

  • http://yahoo,com jocelyn

    sexual preference and skin color not the same sorry

  • RustyT

    Thank God! Isiah “McBoring” Washington sucked all the energy from every scene he was in anyway.

    It would have been so hypocritical to leave him on this show for multiple homophobic slurs (plus other reportedly crazy behavior) while others in entertainment are getting canned for one racial slip-up. I applaud ABC for finally doing the right thing!

  • TiaBia

    So why apologize. If he was going to be fired anyway, and his apology meant nothing, then why put him through all the crap. I hate that “I’m Sorry” means NOTHING anymore. BOOOOOOOOOOO

  • queen of mean

    It is really sad that Ms. Shonda fired him…I like him a lot. I like T.R. too,but I so looove Preston-Cristina loveteam…

  • Natalie

    It’s too bad, because Burke was a strong character. At least in the beginning. But I’m sure everyone will move on.

    I’m not sad to see Isaiah go.

  • Notbusy

    GOOD!! There’s nothing worse than the bully at school or at work who tries to make everybody else miserable just because he is. You cannot harrass co-workers! He needs help and he doesn’t seem sorry. He’s just picking on someone who he thinks is weaker than him. Now he’s out of work. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Crystal

    I’m pissed. I loved Burke and he was a really great character. IW played him to perfection. It sucks. I certainly won’t be watching anymore. And after such a crappy third season, I needed something to reel me back in. I was hoping IW would return. Guess not. Goodbye Grey’s. Let’s see how well you do with one of the best actors on the show gone.

  • http://Greys Beachgirl

    We wasn’t fired, his contract was not renewed.
    And I think they did well in doing this off camera, they couldn’t fire him at the moment out of respect for the viewers. Why should us the viewers pay for his comments?

    I’m behind Shonda, the producers, ABC or whoever was responsible for getting him out of the program after he double faulted. People should be mad at IW, he was the one who didn’t behave well.

    And now the most important thing for the show, please nix the stupid Izzy and George storyline, is the stupidiest thing on earth.

  • la la la

    Damn that sucks ass!!