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Jessica Alba: "I Feel Old"

Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba hits up virtually every media outlet out there, promtoting the bejeezus out of the upcoming superhero flick Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The sexy actress included a stop at the MTV Studios for a taping of TRL. And now Alba‘s off to England to kick off her European promotional tour!

Jessica recently sat down with Australia‘s Herald Sun:

You say you are overworked, it’s time for a break. What will you do? I might go to Europe on holiday, I’m not really sure how long, or where. I know I’ll be in France for a little while. I’m just feeling it out.

You interviewed your Fantastic Four co-star Chris Evans for a magazine, and he said he takes film jobs so the other six months of year he can travel and learn. Is that how you look at it too? Totally. I’ve worked very hard for a long time, and you need some time to feed your soul and your brain and everything else. As much growth as you get from each experience in doing movies, it’s also important to have time for something else.

Do you still feel inexperienced? Not even close. I’ve been doing this since I was 12 and I’m 26. I feel old actually, on set, even with people who are older than me, people who started working in their mid-20s.

You can read Alba‘s full interview with the Herald Sun here.

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  • TiaBia

    She’s a BIG TIME complainer…over her!!

  • electra

    Can’t wait to see the movie!

    She’ll visit London, Copenhagen and Rome to attend the premieres of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer!

    The movie opens on 15th June in UK, Denmark and Italy. Other european countries will get a release during July and August, i guess she’ll be back to promote it in France, Spain, Sweden and Germany (big markets).

  • Leke

    She has a right to feel old, coz shse sure the hell looks it with her skinny as s

  • dat_dOod

    Ugh will somebody please gag this dumb skinny twat already. And that new movie of hers is GONNA BLOW ASS CHUNKS.

  • Mmmmm

    I wish she had her fuller figure back too, altho her face is flawless .. that smile is it!
    Love the dress ..

  • BR1T1SHBO1

    will sum1 tell thisstoopid whoe to go fck her self shes so fucking annoying talkin this this crap just to promote some flop movie!

  • Nausicaa
  • pipi

    Never seen what’s appealing about her.

  • It’s not all black and white

    And a mean dumb b*itch.

  • confused


  • lulu loves jessica alba

    omg wat r u on abouit she is so pretty amd so stunning i look up 2 her she is my role model

  • Deja


  • janiz

    old news.boring looks.dresses old.everything about her yells old.old hair style.cant act.she needs to get over herself,we all knew that years ago so thats old news too.selfish witch!

  • anna

    Kill her please

  • Deja


  • lavieenrose

    on holiday? ur american, don’t try to make it sound like you are european or more sophisticated or whatever. here, we say ‘on vacation’.

  • black


  • juicy

    She’s beautiful– amazing what haters come out of the woodwork when it comes to trying to tear down a pretty, smart, successful young woman.

  • Sammy

    Juicy, fair enough that she is your role model. I say good for you. There is no denying that she is gorgeous. But to be frank, I’ve never heard an intelligent or interesting sentence come from this woman’s mouth.

    She seems to be complaining about everything from feeling ugly, to being boring, to the papparazzi to getting bad movie offerers (although she is not doing herself any favours in this department). How about calling the papparazzi ‘losers?! Honestly, how can you idolise someone who comes across so insecure? Matthew McConaughey once said on Oprah about the papparazzi ‘It’s not like they’re pointing guns at me.’

    I personally think this girl needs to snap out of all this negativity she feels about herself and start accepting herself and feeling grateful for how she looks and what she has. Take a lesson from Drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson.

  • Cynthia

    She always puts her big foot in her big mouth. She’s a walking contradiction.

  • 2985

    From someone who lives in Oz, the Herald Sun is a crappy ‘newspaper’. It basically has lots and lots of sports scores, lotsa photos, hardly any articles (well, none with a length that a goldfish can’t concentrate on…), questionable journalism and as one fine Melbournian comedian said it, it’s “a coloring book for adults who can’t be bothered to exercise their ability to read.” And yes, he did say it was in no way an insult to those who can’t read. He had a very good point: if you have the ability to read, why bother with THS? ;)
    One good point about the publication though: they always report animal abuse stories on the front page complete with tug-at-your-hart-strings pictures, so kudos for that.

  • ryan

    who the fuck cares about the damn newspaper..??? lets talk about J.alba
    she is hot!!!

  • Bored Rich

    this girl is a has been. enuf of her and her “im better than you!” attitude, and her stuck up diva persona make me hate that little twit even more. NO im NOT gay, ugly, retarded, stupid, blind, fat or jealous. i like heidi klum, jessica biel, scarlett johansen, ivanka trump, petra nemcova, alssandra ambrosio, adriana lima, the list goes on, and albatross is NOT one of them. shes a no talent wannabe “actress” who runs around in mis matched bikinis hoping someone will snap a pic of her so she can complain some more “i dont want people to focus on my hottness, i want to be taken seriously!” and so so modest

  • Bored Rich

    this is why i hate her.
    i took my 8 year old sister and her 3 friends to the fantastic 4 autograph signing. we waited for 3 hours in a line to get in, and when we finally got in to get her and her friends the celebs’ signatures, albatross was nowhere to be seen. she arrived one HOUR LATE, then immediatly began bitching that there were “NO flowers!! i TOLD you i wanted FLOWERS!” in front of EVERYONE.
    then she decided she was “too good” to stay ( for her FANS! WTF???!!!!) and sign autographs.
    on her way stalking out like she owned the place, Cady, my sis, asked her, “jessica! i love you! im your biggest fan! your so amazing and cool, will you please sign this picture of you for me?”
    albatross rudely shot back with “NO! get someone else’s i have no time for this, OR for you! now, get out of my way, i have to leave this hell hole”
    yes, she said that. to my 8 year old SISTER!!!
    Cady cried and cried. and THIS is why i hate the cunt.

  • false_idols

    ^^^sooooo..if she didn’t have enough time to sign the picture…she had enough time to llisten to your sister and shoot a long reply back?

  • Ashley

    she is gorgeous

  • far

    she tells people she’s going to europe for a holiday and france for a while? and then when all the papparazzi takes pictures of her prancing around in her bikini, she tells people she feels like she has no privacy, etc etc..

    boohoo, you’re famous and apparently to alot of people think you’re pretty. get over yourself!

  • maddison

    Bored Rich, I find it hard to believe she said those things to your innocent 8-yr-old sis. Perhaps she meant, ‘F@#$ off little girl!’ More said than that just seems too decent.

  • Bored Rich

    Maddison, that IS what happened. and this is why i feel shes a stuck up bitch with nada to back up her diva attitude. get over her already!
    No hostility, Maddison, i promose, i just dont like alba tross the wentch

  • Cash Warren

    Bored rich, you are so full of shit.
    Jessica is a sweetheart, and never does stuff like that to fans.

  • Bored Rich

    lol, more like cash-STRATED warren!!!!! of course youd say shes sweet, moron, IF your really cashtrated W, anyway, yea, shes a total wentch, haggard, fugly and brainless. just get the hell over her already!

  • Bored Rich

    come on, “cash”……since i sullied your dear sweet oracle bring it on lol
    tell me how wrong i am about her personality when ALL the news about her lately is ” she hates/denies her heritage”, she “dissed the troops” ( NOT good ), and her ‘modesty’ is an utter joke. “i want the producers and everyoen to get past my hotness” L-O-MO’EFFING-L!!!! albatross needs to get over HERSELF. shes a legend in her own mind

  • Bored Rich

    cashtrasted? im still waiting lol

  • Bored Rich

    OH!! thats RIGHT! SHE DUMPED YOUR CASTRATED ASS!!! by a phone call!!!
    what a black hearted bitch i hope she dies a slow painful death

  • Bored Rich

    and now both of you have herpes, shes a dumb cum dumpster, you have to fill her valtrex, ok? hey… ever wonder is its YOURS anyway?
    she IS a slut you know, got her start by blowing james cameron.
    and a few other directors, assisstants, go-fers, script people,. etc. lol
    cash, realize your knocked up whore— i mean”goddess”—looking like she smells shit ALL THE TIME. arnt preggo womena suppost to be happy??!!!