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Kelly Clarkson "Elle Magazine" July 2007

Kelly Clarkson

Who is that and what have they done with Kelly Clarkson?

On never having said “I love you”: “I love my friends and my family. But I have never said the words ‘I love you’ to anyone in a romantic relationship. Ever.”

On the the many unflattering paparazzi photos: “I’m fine with it. I just don’t care. I don’t wear makeup in public. I don’t worry about what I’m wearing. Hell, I wore pajamas to high school.”

On being flat-chested and her fluctuating weight: “I have no boobs. (laughs. I go in and out. (points to her middle, then her hips) Greek.”

On how it sucks to me young and female: “I’ve sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody listens to what I have to say. Because I’m 25 and a woman.”

On refusing to sing her single “Never Again” on Idol Gives Back: “My label wanted me to sing ‘Never Again.” And I was like, To promote yourself on a charity event is beyond crass. People are starving and dying and I’m up there singing some bitter pop song? And believe me, everyone wanted me to sing it. Because they are jaded and they have no soul. Imagine sitting in a room full of people totally against you. Can’t they hear themselves speaking? Capitalize on AIDS? Are you kidding? Insulting an entire nation of people? I just refused.”

Read Kelly‘s full interview with Elle here.

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Photos: Gilles Bensimon
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  • Michael C

    Stupid fatty!

  • jess

    she looks less thick than usual, mabye she’s been dieting but yeah she looks much better x

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    oh no! =X

  • http://justjared Donna

    Not to be mean but whose body did they put her head on. She must of taken these pics a long time ago since on the idol show she looks very big in the hips. Just wondering

  • LOVE

    I really hate it when people with extra pounds get their nickers in a bunch when people call them fat, “happy & healthy just the way they are” bs…but then allow photoshopers to drop all the weight for them!!!


    oh..and on a side note…she needs to get laiid…sorry…but what she sings is full of man hate…somebody make her happy ASAP!

  • :p

    Ewww @ 2nd pic.

  • Teddybeerz

    she looks gorgious bitches lay off

  • Harrison


    But if they were…

    Do you really think, after all the stuff they said about her in the article, that she would ask them to airbrush her pictures? Hell no. That would be all on the magazine’s shoulders.

  • Brad

    She is a fat troll Teddybeerz… deal with it.

  • A Certain Smile

    Let’s see if any of you will accomplish half of what she has at the age of 25 or if over if you ever will. She is not fat. Even if she was fat when is being fat a crime? When did being fat equate w/ bad character? She is a very intelligent, concerned for others, woman. You people need to grow up.

  • anon

    people seriously need to grow the fuck up

  • Katie

    shes a true role model

  • Jane Doe

    Since when is a woman with hips and maybe a little thigh unattractive? No not everyone was meant to be Marilyn Monroe, but shapelessness is not where its at for everyone either. I can’t argue that a gut is not the hot on anyone male or female, but to talk about her hips? Come on.

  • “CLUCK FIVE!!!”

    Heard about this article already, but I wanted to come by and see how you were posting about it.

    I’m fine with the way JJ is handling this, but for the love of cheese (or soy, for the lactose-intolerant), at least tone down the negativity.

    I mean sure, you can say you don’t like the pictures or whatnot, but to openly degrade and belittle Kelly? C’mon, show some class. Unless you prefer to act the same as some of the chauvanist, money-centered pigs at her label.

    It’s your choice. God (or Allah, or whatever) help you.

  • eric

    Props to her for not giving a rat ass what she looks like when she’s out, but apparently My December is supposed to be very very bad.

  • Tucker

    Hey just jared
    Do you know if kelly is on the cover or if it just a interview? PLease answer, dying to know
    Kay thanks!!!

  • rhibiscus

    Thank you JJ for the pics and link to the whole article. Kelly has so much character and integrity, not to mention talent and yes looks. The writer got all of that so hopefully others _reading_ will too. It’s easy to say you’re all for the music and not for money. It’s another thing to actually turn down 10 mil to do the music you feel and believe in. Go Kelly! I can’t wait for my Elle in the mail.

  • Dustin

    Kelly is the BESSSSSSST & I Love her!

    NEWS FLASH TO Y’ALL: You can say what you want to say about Kelly, as Kelly said in this article SHE DOESN’T CARE AND NEITHER DO HER FANS! We know how great Kelly is and its ashame you don’t. MoRoNs!

  • Lauren

    I think she looks great! Not so much for the butch look in that one pic~ Whether ppl like her or not, they should still respect the fact that she didn’t want to profit off of the charity Idol. That’s class.

  • Anna

    People don’t ‘allow’ the Photoshopping of their pictures. It’s part of the industry (that should be thrown out) and it’s beyond their control for the most part. They show up, get made up and have their photograph taken- that’s the extent of their participation. Magazines want to sell, plain and simple. ‘Ugly’ celebs only sell when they’re put forward that way (‘Celebrities Without Makeups: What They Really Look Like’)

    It’s bullshit and it’s stupid, but there it is. People who think the celebrities control it are wrong. People who think the pictures aren’t airbrushed are wrong. That’s Kelly- as Elle wants us to see her and hear her.

  • anon

    Have you ever seen that episode of Ugly Betty where they want to airbrush the woman’s character down at least four sizes in her picture? It’s what they do in the fashion industry. Especially at big magazines like Elle and Vogue I would imagine.

  • Emma

    I dont give a crap about what she looked like in the pictures it was her interview that sucked!

    On how it sucks to me young and female: “I’ve sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody listens to what I have to say. Because I’m 25 and a woman.”

    Or maybe no one listens to you cause they dont have respect for you.

    On refusing to sing her single “Never Again” on Idol Gives Back: “My label wanted me to sing ‘Never Again.” And I was like, To promote yourself on a charity event is beyond crass. People are starving and dying and I’m up there singing some bitter pop song? And believe me, everyone wanted me to sing it. Because they are jaded and they have no soul. Imagine sitting in a room full of people totally against you. Can’t they hear themselves speaking? Capitalize on AIDS? Are you kidding? Insulting an entire nation of people? I just refused.”

    Most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. So all the famous singers who performed at live aid to rase awarness for africa are crass.. and instead of trying to make a difference your just going to hate on it.

  • Brittany

    Wow, so when someone’s not anorexically skinny, they’re considered fat? That’s sad. Really, really sad. Kelly is NOT fat, and why would it matter if she was, anyway? And Anna is right. Kelly has no say in whether she is Photoshopped or not.

  • Megan


  • dudette

    The first picture is photoshopped to hell, her arms look really wrong, fat on the inside and very slim on the outside.

    besides that, she isnt fat, I dont mind her music, at least she can sing. I dont really have much of an opinion on her other than i cant understand why people would hate her. she’s harmless and seems to be a nice girl all in all. maybe its just jealousy.

  • Kat

    oh wow, seriously who gives a crap about how she looks like? She’s just a person, she shouldn’t be an image of perfection, she’s fine. You guys should get a life and stop trashing every celebrity who’s not a barbie doll, like you’re any better.

  • Mmmmm

    WOW she has neve experienced love .. kind of sad. I think she rocks and has tons of talent and obviously morals to go along with it .. good for her!

  • Marisleysis

    Why does everybody use ‘of’ when they mean to say ‘have.’
    Can someone please explain this to me?

    “She must of taken these pics a long time ago…”
    It should be “She must HAVE taken these pics a long time ago.”
    When you say the sentence it sounds like of, but the word is actually have.

    Sorry, this is just a pet peeve of mine. I see people make that mistake on here all the time, and it’s like nails on the chalkboard to me. I’m not perfect, or anything, by the way.

  • ct4225

    Oh my….how hypocritical…she says that she doesn’t care what people say about her weight but then she puts pictures in the magazine that are photoshopped. Those pictures are not of her. We just saw her a week or so ago singing live and she does not look like that. They have slimmed her down by at least 30 lbs in that picture. I persoanlly don’t care how much she weighs but why not put a picture that isn’t retouched in the magazine.

  • StukOnPretty

    I usually don’t acknowledge the ingnorant comments that are posted but for all of you who call her a “fatty” or suggests that she asked for her pics to be touched up, this comment is for you.

    You ignorant a$$ children. First of all, heavy doesn’t equal unhealthy! I’m overweight and every check up I have, cholesterol, glucose level, heart, all excellent. And I look good! Sometimes people need help to lose weight and did you know that unless you have health problems, the doctors in the real world of everyday people will NOT perscribe you a DAMN thing nor will most insurance companies cover it if they do?! Then they tell you that the stuff over-the-counter is really not good for you and will probably cause health problems.
    Not everyone in this world is meant to be a size 0. If you would for once READ what the girl has to say and not be such shallow a$$ d!*k$, you would notice that she has a good heart and a lot of integrity.
    Second of all, once a magazine takes shots of a celebrity, the celebrity signs over the rights of the pics to the magazine and the person has no legal right to tell them to modify or not modify the pics, hince the situation a while back with Brad Pitt in his boxers. The magazines are going to make the person appear in such a way to move the mags off the shelves,yeah, thats right, so that shallow d!*k$, like yourselves will only like what you SEE, and buy it! How ironic, right? Oh, sorry, you’re probably so ignorant that you don’t know what “ironic” means. Too bad! Get a dictionary! READ something for God’s sake!
    I think Kelly is great. Some of her songs are filled with man-hate but maybe she is one of the few artists left in the world that sings about what they’ve actually experienced. I’m happy for her and her success and I hope she continues to keep it real.

  • StukOnPretty

    Sorry perscribe, should be prescribe. I hate typos.

  • Sabrina

    Kelly ROCKS!!! One classy chick.

  • mickey

    Go Kelly! I love the way she speaks her mind. It’s become cool to diss her, but I still think she is great.

  • Robert Taylor

    She looks amazing, only gayboys would disagree. Real women have curves, deal with it silly immature people.

  • Christina

    Someone here said she’s a hypocrite because she says she doesn’t care what people think about her weight and then her pics are photoshopped. She has NO control over the photoshopping of the photos, she doesn’t work for the magazine, so she cannot tell them what to do. They do what they want.

  • Teddybeerz

    Brad ur a fag

  • Lolly Pop

    I started to pass by the pics without reading the blurb about Kelly Clarkson, but I glad I didn’t. She just earned some of my respect for refusing to promote herself at a charity event. Very considerate and wise of her at 25. Way to go Kelly!

  • jfresh

    Is this where shallow people come to talk shit about people they don’t know who are on the covers of fluff magazines? As a male I’d have to say she’s pretty hot.

  • stephanie

    omg people she not fat i actually think she have lost weigth which she always do before her tour i think that one pic looks werid . But i think kelly look greats and sounds amazing . And i love she such a strong woman but i think she migth not be a you know what anymore cause listen to some of the songs on her new cd and you know what i mean .and oh yeah artist don’t ask for there photo to be change the people who took it do it there self . and kelly have said many times she don’t care what people think of her that she workouts when she wants to .

  • stephanie

    and i have heard the songs on the cd froma leak and the songs are great there pop songs , ballads, country type songs , rock songs and rnb type song . and i will definally be getting this cd on the 26th of this month.

  • stephanie

    yeah kelly is a really nice, strong, and beautiful girl she don’t do anything to anyone she don’t deserve to be put down she deseves nothing but respect .

  • stephanie

    and i think this was a great interview i like how kelly just don’t care what she looks of course she likes to get dress up when she needs to but like when she gose out on a day off she gose without make up with just a shirt and jeans its great she dosen’t care . i think she a great role modle .

  • AP44

    God people will you ever let Kelly be?! She’s a normal person and apparently to some of ya’ll’s comments most of ya’ll are not. I’m happy for Kelly to be the way she is, her own person, not what others want her to be. I admire her for how she is. Megan comment #24 Right On! and Thank You! Kelly ROX!!!!

  • AP44

    Correction ^^^^: I’m happy for Kelly for being the way she is…..

  • AP44

    and so on with my 1st comment