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Paris Hilton: I Hope You Learn From My Mistakes

Paris Hilton: I Hope You Learn From My Mistakes

Paris Hilton has released this statement via attorney Richard A. Hutton:

“I want to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally. I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes.”

L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe is fuming:

“This incident with Paris Hilton is just the most recent that highlights the problems our criminal justice system has with making sure sentences stick, whether it is in a County jail or under electronic monitoring.”

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  • GimmeABreak

    Oh yes, I’ve learned from her experience. I’ve learned that justice doesn’t apply to self-absorbed, arrogant, conceited, brainless, talentless and, most importantly, rich celebutard.

  • Jill

    They say that Paris already served 5 days…..She went in 11:30pm on Sunday and got out 2am Thurs. morning. I count 3 full days!!!What kind of infectious disease could she possibly have to allow her to get “5 days” and serve the rest in her million dollar pad.

  • captd

    I repeat! Who cares…….

  • gina gee

    its complete bullsh*t, they said she would hav to serve a minimum of 23 days! and shes done 3, shes under house arrest, well shes got 20 days in front of the t.v while everyone she knows will be runnin round for her every need! that dont sound to bad to me! didnt she also get 5 guards for personal safty while in jail? i mean jesus some people just get it all….

  • PARASITE!!!!!

    A Big ewwwwwwwwww!!Put her @SS back in da SLAMMER!!!or have her HERPLEX @SS jump in da lake!!!!!!!SHES SO FULL OF IT AND HERSELF!!!!!!!!eweweeewwwwwww!!!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I hope this chick chokes on the fisrt meat she shoves in her mouth and dies.

  • Ivanna Berich

    OMG! When I get a DUI (God forbid I won’t be that stupid), I will feign a traumatic depression/suicidal tendencies (oh wait, was that suppose to be a hush-hush thing) so that I can serve my sentence under house arrest too.

    The justice system is a JOKE in California! Oh yeah, her release is also a slap in the face for people who really do suffer from depression and other illnesses.

  • Kelly D


  • Jai

    The next time I get pulled over, I will be opting for the stay at home treatment, just like her ass. I’m sorry but this is insane! She violated her probation!! She needs to be in jail, just like everyone else. She was driving under the influence and could have killed someone, and all she gets is three days in jail and dtetntion at home? She’s a millionaire!!!! At home? Her home is the entire Hilton Hotel network!!! Do yuo reallthink she is going to suffer because she has to stay at home? yeah right!

  • http://YAHOO.COM cutie pie


  • Diana

    Her self-absorbed plight bring tears to my one eye ..seriously.

    What a dunce!

  • piper, with a low

    She hopes that we will learn from her mistakes?!!!


    Ya know, the majority of us learned that jail is a very scary, unpleasant place. And we learned that pretty early, resulting in our not doing something illegal to land there. For the majority of us, JAIL IS A DETERRENT!!! For the rest, JAIL IS A PUNISHMENT!!!

    So no, BLEACHED BLONDE, ILLITERATE, S-KANKBAIT HILTON, we don’t need you corral the lot of us, like we’re the residents of Munchkinland, and listen to inane platitudes delivered by a very stupid and very unsanitary Glinda!!

    Fold it in five corners, wh*re!!!

  • UnfairButOK

    It was stupid for them to ever put her in jail to begin with.

    Not because she doesn’t richly deserve a little consequence for those actions of hers


    because I, as a taxpaying Californian, am annoyed that all those taxpayer $$ were wasted teaching this fool a lesson. Look, bottom line? LA County KNEW her presence would be disruptive, they KNEW she’d only serve a portion of her sentence…so why waste taxpayer dollars on this nonsense when a SCRAM device and permanent revocation of her license would suffice?

    Personally, I like to think my tax money helped put a murderer or rapist or child molester away for LIFE….instead of paying all that cash to frighten some bimbo for a day or two….

  • Mediterranean

    to unfairbutok,

    Do you have to wait until she kills someone when she is drunk and drives? Don’t worry The Hiltons pay their tax also, they use her own money to put her in jail.

    Support Rocky Delgadillo to put her in again, please!!!!

  • UnfairButOK


    Let me re-phrase, lest I be misunderstood: She NEEDS to be held accountable, for sure…but putting her in jail, as “jail” exists under the rules of the current penal system, is an exercise in futility.

    You make an interesting point re: “Does she have to kill someone when she is drunk and drives?”

    Apparently, that’s how the state of CA feels about ALL crimes….think about it: If you’re being stalked by a violent lunatic, you can take out a restraining order…and be gunned down on your front porch before the cops arrest the guy (Actress Rebecca Shaeffer killed by Bardo)

    If you report your husband for domestic violence, and even the cops take pictures of your bruised, bashed-in face, nothing happens until he kills you….and then he goes free after a travesty of a trial (OJ/Nicole Simpson case).

    R&B singer Brandy DID kill someone with her car, and, although she was going well over 30 MPH ABOVE the posted speed limit, she’s out and about, and not charged with a crime.

    So, yes, you’re right, but this “system” isn’t effective, so it’s pointless to try to make this moron learn a lesson. The teachers of said lesson (LA County Corrections) has their collective head too far up their collective a..s..s.. to be effective.

  • black

    Wow—-talk about VIP-bonus…

  • Mediterranean

    I see your point, you are also right, unfairbutok!

    I always thought that OJ had a pro to kill his wife in front of him. Anyway, it seems that I was wrong.

  • Paris Watch

    This is awful. I’m sure most people in jail are mentally unstable. I hope this sets a precedent for the rest of us that don’t purposely get caught drinking and driving with a suspended license. geeze. –

  • anoxious

    At least she comes just short of being a martyr…

    that close

  • bdj

    I stated in another thread about this bimbo that she will not spend more than 2 days in jail. I missed it by 1.

  • fuck paris

    she definitely feels herself superior
    “hope that others have learned from my mistakes”
    Yes i learned that money can buy freedom in The USA
    and what did she learned in 3 DAYS?
    that means that her life worth more than all of us.

  • piper, with a low

    15 UnfairButOK | 06/07/2007 at 5:19 pm

    A solution…

    If Paris violates her house arrest, I think that any private citizen who witnesses this should have leave to club her once with a baseball bat. Any body part… batter’s choice!

    At least then, her violating a rule would be met with an immediate and painful consequence!

  • gina gee

    But guys we should look at the positive side of this, we dont hav to actually see this ugly bitches face for 40 days!

    But that aint long enough for me….. =[

    I call a vote on UnfairButOK’s idea, my bat is at the ready! lol

  • Tim

    what a load of bullshit. i hate this fucking double standard. paris wont learn anything from this other than “fuck sarah silverman.”

  • Tara

    When I decide to be dumbass and break the law, I’ll just say that my lawyer is the same person that represented Miss Paris.
    This PIG can party for nights, back to back with celebs and when she has to deal with the general public for less then a week she is all of sudden sooo sick.
    She will probably die staying @ home for 40 days, oh wait she’ll get off of that as well in like 5 more days when she is bored of four walls. I could go on forever but for what…

  • Team Paltrow

    I’m appaled she has been released already. I think that is Quite unfair to the rest of those who Have to serve the whole time. What did she expect going to jail? Yes, jail is depressing and who wants to be there? Maybe bums from the streets, but not just anyone, especially someone as rich and spoiled like her. Why she’s rich I have no idea–she’s a horrible actress and is no role model as far as I’m concerned. I would Never try to be like her nor would I want my daughter to ever try to be like her. disgraceful, really. Everyone has already said everything I have wanted to say.

  • Franny

    I don’t want to rob anyone of their righteous anger but this is not unusual. It’s just an administrative decision. The jail term was really what was off-base. Lots of probationers get multiple chances to come into full compliance with the terms of their probation. Jail is not the natural next step with a probation violation. Her hime setention is a reasonable alternative. I’m just saying.

    People get a full day’s credit for any part of a day they are incarcerated. Go in at 11:59 pm you get that day’s credit. Get released at 12:01 am you get credit for that day as well. She gets credit for 5 days. that’s just how it works for everyone.

  • pot

    this is BIG mistake!!!!
    dont u americans think u have problem in ur law? not only this case.
    this makes me america(law) is suck as I expected!!!

    how come she can live showbiz world???
    another thing I cant belive is Paris HAS her fansites!!!!
    just crazy…

  • http://justjared bou

    What a joke of the legal system. I knew this was going to happen. Rich chick who has played the public again. Paris was never in jail, seriously!

  • mj

    What a joke! No wonder poor people and people of color have so little respect for the justice system! Perhaps when Paris kills or injures someone she will really serve time—–but proably not! I’ sure her “mental state” will keep her out, although it doesn’t seem to keep her out of clubs etc. every night!!
    So very, very wrong!!!!

  • Jackie0

    Honestly this is sad and bull shit. I’m curently studying the criminal justices and i’m disppointed about how they handled this. # full days that dumb bitch stayed in prison and b/c of what . I totally agreed with statment #1 …right on.. Like it’s bull shit …i don’t have any repect for her or the criminal justices system .

  • T

    I wish people would stop punishing her for her punishment and not attack her when it’s not her that made the decision. I wish all these people who are coming together to flip out on paris for driving on a suspended license would work together on a more important issue.

  • Madge78

    Dear T, the reason we people are “flipping out” is not because she drove on a suspended liscence but rather that she laughed her arse off at the legal system that the likes of you and I have to obey. And she didnt just do it once she did it multiple times. she was aslo photographed doing drugs, was late to, and in my books disrespectful of, the court. People are flipped out because she behaves as though she is above the law and now with this new development she has had that confermed to her. 40 days under house arrest. Big deal. So the shops, drugs, drinks and friends come to her. the sherif who allowed this should come under investigation beacuse this smacks of bribery. Lets face it, if Paris had jsut abided by her probation, none of this would have happened. If not, all she had to do was take her punishment and do the crime without the pity party and she would have won some respect. She has brought all this on herself. The sad thing is she is probably unaware of how people are really feeling about her. Probably thinks people love her still.

  • nina

    bullshit! how can somebody listen to this .. she is retarded monkey.

  • FJ

    She is dumb bitch. I wish something bad would happen to her

  • shareef X

    @ 30 thats why it is refered to as the legal system now

    Justice does not dictate what is legal or not, conviction is not made based on justice but by what is legal.

  • jaykaydee

    Ho gets a well-deserved public spanking here:

  • cutie pie

    beyotch please i hope you learn from your own lessons. with your phoney ass