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Jayden James Federline is So Cute

Jayden James Federline is So Cute

Here’s a great look at Jayden James Federline!

Mommy Britney Spears carried baby Jayden, almost 9 months, while he was sleeping aboard a private jet in Kona, Hawaii on Friday afternon.

Big brother Sean Preston (inset), almost 21 months, was also along for the trip, carried by cousin Alli (below).

Britney and family have been on vacation in Hawaii, staying at a private house at the Four Seasons in Kona.

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  • Emme

    awwww.. how nice.. he does exist.. Fingers crossed she doesn’t drop him..

    She’s still awful white trash though.. White trash flying on a private jet staying at the four seasons.. oh well.. Paris is back in jail.. The world is at least half right..

    Seriously she almost seems motherly and protective holding him like that.. are we sure its her? could be a body double.. hehehe

  • Michael C

    Better start saving those pennies, Britney!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    I feel sorry for those kids, they will grow to be worst than her.

  • MM`

    Ok there have been rumors that Jayden has down syndrome and in these pictures it does look like he has down syndrome. Does anyone have any info on this? I mean there is nothing wrong with it I am just curious..

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    A couple years from now I can see Suri, Kingston and the rest of the ‘cool celeb kids’ laughing @ those 2 hillbilly rednecks

  • b

    good for britney. cute kids.

  • Jennie

    Aw, he’s a little cutie. Both of her kids are so cute ! Though I don’t like Kevin, but his kids are darn adorable. I don’t know or see why people are still being so hard on her. Give her a break, she may not be improving like most would like to see her, but people take different steps to starting over. Everyone expects too much from her.

  • boohoo

    Some of you are disgusting. Sad you insult someone doing nothing wrong. Go back to bashing Paris and Jennifer Aniston. The kids are cute and before her divorce she spent all of her time with them. Someone going through issues for a few months doesn’t make someone a bad person. She’s not in jail nor partying. She learned and is trying to get better and live her life for her kids. Get off her ass.

    She can ride in a private jet since she’s worth about 100 million dollars. Get used to it bitches.

  • whatever

    4 MM` | 06/08/2007 at 10:50 pm
    Ok there have been rumors that Jayden has down syndrome and in these pictures it does look like he has down syndrome. Does anyone have any info on this? I mean there is nothing wrong with it I am just curious..

    He does not look like he has down sydrome, that is fucked up to even say. The kid is adorable and looks completely normal, that is exactly how stupid ass rumors get started. I’m sure you meant nothing by what you say but other assholes would jump on a remark like that.

    Everyone needs to give the girl a fucking break already, geez

  • whatever

    Also I think other celeb cool kids wouldn’t be so cool if they were raised to be assholes who taunted other kid/people.

    Furthermore I think those such as Suri Cruise will be much busier defending her fathers crazy ass or trying to break free of the cult he calls religion

  • F4ri

    Stop picking on the children or all the comments will be deleted.

  • Kerry

    You still can’t really tell what he looks like so how do you know if he’s ugly or has downs?
    He seems to look like a normal chubby white baby. Sp is so adorable.

    As for some of the idiotic hate on here. LMAO! Yeah rednecks don’t grow up in mansions in Beverly Hills & Malibu which SP & JJ will so choke on it hater!! Suri w/ the “cool kids”!! She’ll be to busy running from her crazy ass “daddy” & his cult.

  • Jes

    #9 you sound like a ignorant racist fool!! You don’t even know if poster #8 is white pinhead. You are the only peice of trash I see on this blog.

    Britney deserves to fly to Hawaii in a private jets because she’s been working since she was 9 to earn her $100 mill. So why don’t you get off your hatefull butt & earn enough money to get your own private jet. Oh& get alife while you are at it!!

    The babies look like dolls from what I can tell.

  • Jess

    #9 you sound like a ignorant racist fool!! You don’t even know if poster #8 is white pinhead. You are the only peice of trash I see on this blog.

    Britney deserves to fly to Hawaii in a private jets because she’s been working since she was 9 to earn her $100 mill. So why don’t you get off your hatefull butt & earn enough money to get your own private jet. Oh& get alife while you are at it!!

  • 19 years old

    i can’t believe how people can constantly hate on her when she hasnt done anything wrong these days…

    let her breathe for a while…

    if she doesnt look good, its her problem not yours!!!

  • Jess

    Hoping for her kids healthy and happy.
    God bless you, Brit and stay out of troube.

  • Sara

    Suri a “cool celeb kid”? lmaooooooo.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    JP kids and BS kids will go shopping for tats and knives .. very cool!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Not only is Suri by far the cutest celeb child recently born, her father has more Hollywood power than all the other fathers who recently had kids.

    Tom Cruise – Kevin Federsomething? C’mon! Lmao

  • bla bla

    she took a selfish trip to mexico with allie while kids were with kevin for 4 days last weekend. She arrives home and probably read the guilt on blogs about her never with her children and then decided to show the media 3 days later that she actually CAN take her kids ona trip for a louzy 3 days she gets her kids.

  • jen

    I am not really a Britney fan, but after reading some of these sites, I decided to write something, I am tired of the Britney bashing- not that my post will stop that or anything….lol… but…. I recently saw a special of her made in 2004, and it was basically her life story and her career. She has had an amazing career, I never really paid much attention to her songs, and I never realized she had so many hits, she worked her ass off for many years, giving up her teenage years, to live her dream, yes i know this was her choice, but give her a break, she earned everything she has and if she wants to relax and enjoy her kids, who gives a shit!. let her live a normal life.

  • Ter

    I think it’s a cute, peaceful and healthy little boy props to Brit and nannies for taking such good care of the two boys. Both of the boys are adorable. I still hate KF he is a lousy jerk. I wonder did he every start paying child support for his kids by Shar.
    I hope Brit stay on the road to recovering. She is doing alot better now than Paris, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and alot of the other Hollywood chicks.

  • Ter

    I forgot to say I would rather see her on a private airplane on vacation with her two little boys than at some nasty night club high and drunk. Those little boys need a vacation with their mom. I am not a Brit fan and have never brought any of her music are followed her career.

  • Cubanita

    Jayden does look pretty typical, which is a relief because I was concerned he was being hidden away due to Fetal Alch. Synd.
    She was hitting the booze & drugs(publicly) pretty hard just weeks after he was born which made me suspect it was going on during the pregnancy… only in private.

  • LOLOLOL!!!

    Awww, man…they’re cute kids. He doesn’t look messed up or anything. He looks like a totally normal sleeping baby, with his little face all smooshed on his Mom’s shoulder, like any other sleeping baby. They’re cute boys. Too bad that creep is their father…..

  • Jess

    I agree with #20, this will not stop those that are hateful, mean, and nasty. But anyway…

    I believe she still has split custody with Kevin, so yes, when the Daddy had the boys she took a trip to Mexico with a girl friend for 3-4 days, when she had the boys she took them to Hawaii…. DUH – what is so hard to understand about that?

    She had a meltdown a while back, so what. 2 kids in 21 months, a divorce, stalked 24/7 – probably added a bit to the meltdow don’t ya think. Yes, she chose to go into the intertainment field…but did she really think this is what it would be like when she chose that path at AGE NINE?

    Also, hate her all you want, but DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON HER CHILDREN. LEAVE HER CHILDREN ALONE.

    As far as I’m concerned the stalkarazzi should not be able to take pictures of children under age 12 without the parents prior approval. Even if the children are with the parents, NO pictures, the little kids get scared and that is just not right..

  • SJ

    Oh here come the preaching JoliePittBots.

    Britney had a nervous breakdown and for that, she shouldn’t be called trash or redneck. The children both look happy and healthy to me and Jayden certainly doesn’t look like he has Downs.

    I find this hate towards a fragile young woman to be completely disgusting.

    Of course, here at Just Jared, the only people, who can do no wrong is Brad Pitt, a self-obsessed, unfunny adulterer and Angelina Jolie, the ‘actress’ who used to sleep with knives, brag about her sex life to all and sundary and who adopts children to compensate for not being able to love her own father.

  • blondie

    It warms my heart to see Britney
    enjoying her kids.

    It looks like her love for them is still

    I love it!!!

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    SJ, Brit’s not being called a redneck because of her breakdown, she’s being called a redneck because she is one. It would be pretty obvious to anyone who’s ever heard her speak. Lol

  • Mika

    Those kids are damn adorable.

  • JLauren2

    OMG please, I doubt the child has down syndrome. If you were in the media and magazines as much as her, I would not want my child displayed either. She probably wants her child to grow up away from the paparazzi, which are constantly surrounding her. It’s called privacy. When the magazines and media do not get photographs of the baby or child, they make up rumors about his/her health. I’m sure Jayden is most likely fine.

    It’s disgusting people calling her white trash when they definitely don’t know her personally to judge her. I don’t either but she seems pretty darn successful to me. She obviously did something right to have so much money, which is far more than most people have. For that reason we have no right to go insulting her. White trash would be someone pathetic, which Britney definitely isn’t. Last time I checked she still lived in a mansion.

    We don’t live around the paparazzi, we don’t know what it’s like. As much as they are on that woman, no wonder she had a meltdown. Her boys look happy and healthy. I don’t see why anyone thinks Jayden has down syndrome. He looks perfectly normal and as cute as a button.

    Brit’s boys are beautiful and I hope she and them stay happy and healthy! I think she has the cutest kids in Hollywood, the boys look so alike and are absolutely adorable.

    Oh, and SJ, I agree. Most comments I read about Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, people treat them like Saints.

  • Indie

    Considering a lot of BP&AJ info is posted here very often, obviously their fans are going to come here.

    Dont like it? Dont read the comments. Nothing anyone says will change how someone feels. So why waste your time people. Its not like any of you are better people by posting your pointless hatred towards them. :rofl:

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Indie you’re a who’re~bag STFU.

  • Gris

    They are soooo cuteee.
    I love Brit.

  • Jillian R

    Nasty tramp. Those kids will be in rehab in 15 years.

  • TashaPatrice

    Her children look sweet, but Britney Spears is a no-talent white trash bimbo who got lucky. She’s another waste of space and I wish the media would stop writing about her so much. I don’t feel sorry for her one iota. She made a lot of money on her looks and minimalist talent.

  • tanya castellano

    # 36 What the **** gives you the right to put her down so bad!!! Where do you work Mcdonalds!

  • Sunshine


  • Emme – Get Real Peoples!!

    So hold on.. Just because we have an opinion that Britney is a hopeless white piece of trash that means we work in McDonalds?

    Lets reflect on the pictures we’ve seen of Britney. The majority of them, are of her s1utting it up somewhere – Not being with her children.

    RARELY do we see pictures of her playing with her children in a park, or even going for a walk. We see her ‘TRANSPORTING’ them to her dance practice, or wherever. When she’s dancing, do you think she’s looking after her kids? Do we ever see her doing something with her children that they would actually enjoy?

    Yes they’re only young, but at such an early age, they are still in their formative years and are growing and developing. Britney’s “NEGLECT” and lack of interaction could possibly lead to learning difficulties for the children later, which as you can imagine could worsen they’re situation exponentially.. (For example they could become the spitting image of their no class, zero future bum dad)

    So before you people start to criticize me, for calling me as I see it.

    Here’s the disclaimer: Yes, I don’t know the whole story of Britney cause I don’t pay attention to her 24/7. Frankly, I have better things to do with my time. But also, neither do you. Do not be blinded by your like for a person because of her songs that you liked. Or perhaps you can identify with her situation because you are a single parent with an exhusband who’s an a$$hole.

    She is not a model citizen, she was very young and very stupid to have these children with that man, at that time in her life. She has proved that she is not an emotionally or pyschologically stable individual.

    I truly wish her the best and hope she can turn her life around for her kids. But I have my doubts..

    For the record. I am 25yrs old. I have a law & business degree from a reputable University. Currently I am working fulltime & pursuing post graduate study in Criminal Pyschology. So sorry, I’m not gonna ask you ‘Do you want fries with that?’

    I’m not fat, I’m not ugly, I have a fiance, and I have a life.. I’m just a people watcher..

    Thank you

  • cutie pie

    sj you really need to get you some business britney is a total loser

  • fifi

    YOU AMERICA F.U.C.K me up with this B.S.! It is actually bartenders that have kids, and they’re kids don’t reflect what they do, they’re totally different! I think that you are judgemental jackasses! Can somebody give her a break, Damn, she’s young, this is her first time being a mom, not to mention being divorced! Every where that she goes the pap is up her ass, taking picures of her, and I bet you that the unflattering pictures that we normally see, isn’t the only pictures that they took! they put the bad ones out there, so you can call her dumb ass names! I know, that you’re not perfect, you probably have a holey bra,boxers, that shirt that you think that’s cute, that nobody else think is cute! Do, you see the whole town, city, country, where ever you’re from talking, and hee hawing about you? Shallow prudes, they’re every where!

  • Kay

    Britney is a GOOD mom–she loves her kids–it’s obvious.
    What disappoints me is that many American bloggers are nothing but BULLIES. Why would anyone call another person white trash, say someone’s child is ugly or has a disability?
    Britney is a much better parent than Kevin or Shar.
    Britney can be proud of one thing: She has never bashed anyone in public–even when Shar or K-Fed was doing the same to her, or even her father.
    She entered this business as a child–I would say she has worked sufficiently to warrant taking a plane, or staying in a nice hotel.
    She’s had two children in two years, went thru two divorces, and taken more heat than anyone public or private has.
    She’s been manipulated, tricked and deceived by those she trusted. And she is STILL going..everyday.
    In my opinion, she’s a SURVIVOR. And for that, Britney deserves some Kudos instead of slams.

  • Jane

    Cute Kids…. feel sorry that thats their mom……

  • Nic

    Bash Britney for all you care but spare her children. They are innocent and they don’t owe us the public anything to be included in some nasty and irresponsible comments.

  • Mazette

    I love this pix

  • Jen

    I find it more than disgusting how all of you junior high school sounding idiots could possibly say ANYTHING negative about a woman and her children that you DONT EVEN KNOW!!! I am more than sure that Britney Spears is a wonderful mother that LOVES her children deeply and profoundly.. Can you imagine one step in her shoes?!? Chased and followed EVERYDAY, photos taken constantly and twisted into negativity, rumors, being in love with someone that the media (AND ALL OF YOU IDIOTS) destroy just because they can. Honestly, I am very suprised that she didnt fall from Grace sooner! Nobody was on her side! I just want to say that she is still a wonderful person – I cannot imagine dealing with all that she had to handle in the last few years. She is brave and stronger than all of you could ever be ( including me ), and her children shouldnt even be discussed here. They are innocent little babies! Mind your own frikin business!

  • jo

    If Britney wasn’t famous,the children would be taken
    away,she would end up in a psychiatric unit for some months.
    Think about it…..

    The child welfare dept would be a whole lot harder on her
    if she was just an ordinary human being.

  • anna

    hey I Anna….Iam Polish….i like katie holmes….moze teraz nie zrozumiecie ale jestem polka i pisze z polski…..pozdrawiam friends with England…bbbbaaaaaaayyyyyyy

  • emma

    Shut up, fuckers! You should’nt feel bad for Jayden & Preston!! They love their mommy, their mommy loves them, and BRITNEY IS A GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys shouldn’t believe all the CRAP media says! Cause they don’t know A THING about Britney really, and how she struggles to get her life back on track, and how much love she is full of.


    There! I said it!

  • Drika

    AAAA 1° Jayden , não tem sindrome como todos acham e dizem , ele é perfeito assim com o Preston , são duas crianças adoreveis e lindas !Apesar de virem de um pai não muito que AGRADAVEL digamos assim !