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Paris Back in Prison

Paris Back in Prison

Paris Hilton was just ordered to return to prison in Lynwood to serve out the remainder of her sentence.

Reports TMZ: Paris left the courtroom in tears, screaming, “Mom, Mom, Mom” and was “physically dragged” out of the courtroom by a female deputy.

“I’m paralyzed right now,” shocked mom Kathy Hilton said after hearing the news about her daughter.

“She’s doing the best she can. It is what it is and it’s in God’s hands now,” Kathy has said. “It’s out of our hands. There’s nothing we can do.”

Paris served 5 days already, so of the 23-day sentence, she has 18 days left! (She was smart in surrendering herself moments before midnight on Sunday, the first day of her sentence. When she was released on Thursday, it was past midnight. Paris received two full days worth of credit towards her sentence for this. Total up those with the three days served and you get your five).

UPDATE: Big surprise! Paris will appeal her sentence!!

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  • Right.


  • Riley

    I so love this. It feels like christmas.

  • Right.

    Sorry about the doubles.

  • Kelly D

    Justice, thank god. Hope she does the full 42 days left!

  • o.

    Her medical condition? “mental breakdown”. :rolls:

  • julia weinstein

    she probably will have to do the full 42 days now.Should’ve just stayed there in the first place.
    good luck nicole!

  • natalie

    Karma’s a b-tch.

    GOOD! There is some justice in the world.

    hahaha, how pathetic. She can’t even WALK out the court room like a mature, dignified human being who is taking responsibility for her actions.

  • o.

    Kelly, someone was saying that she wont even serve 20 days. They counted her time as 5 and not 3 days, apparantly? wtf.

    But you know, she should suck it up! She wont even be there for 20 days and when she gets out she will:

    Have a lot more publicity. (which she is going to love)

    Oh and lets not forget go back to living in her luxurious Paris Land.

    We should all be so damn lucky to live in such wealth and stability.

  • cdn

    more chapters for the book…

  • Stylist

    That “Mom, Mom, Mom” is responsible for raising such a spoiled celebutard that brought this all on herself. Please news media, stop reporting on what that idiotic Kathy Hilton says, she is really annoying.

  • Susan

    Did anyone ever teach Paris about the meaning of consequences? It’s nice to see that the rich and famous are not so much above the law then most of us thought.

  • Kelly D

    she did 3 days but they are counting it as 5, but who really knows. I hope she does do the 42 days, or 40 even, whatever. As long as she’s there for the full time justice is served. So glad she was put back, what a slap in the face to the judge! She screwed up, she should do her time! I would never want to be her, she’s followed everywhere she goes, and now, so many people hate her! Well, lol, more than before~

  • (‘@’)

    She should have done that 23 days without playing The Hilton’s little “I am rich and I can do whatever the heck I want” game. Stop being a crying baby and do your time. Finally we see some fair justice in the America on rich people and I must thank the City Attorney, Rocky Delgadillo. You ROCK!!!!

  • pathetic

    Crying for Mommy?
    How old is this stupid bitch.
    This is probably the best thing for her. Maybe she will grow up.

  • Pole

    Hopefully she’ll actually learn something.

  • Liz

    23 days? I thought she had to stay in prison for 42 days?

  • nona

    she should finish her g.e.d. while she’s in jail.

  • squid

    HAHAHAHHAHA oh. so good.

  • siany

    Thats the best thing ive heard all week!!

  • joseph

    didn´t she said that she was ready to accept her consecuences that may come along? she probably thought she would get away with it dumbass! i say “swallot it bitch” those suck-ass sluts at E! networks would probably defend her and feel sorry for her, since they are the only ones in this world who are oblivious to the fact that this woman is a super mega slut who doesn´t have a place in the entertaintment bussiness, HOOOORAYYY!

  • okitter

    Man, she should be sentenced just to be house arrested!!!

    I feel so sorry for her… She did not kill or harm anyone!!!

  • dea

    i feel really sorry for her. they´re treating her like she´s murdered someone or something. i don´t that kinda thing happening to brandy, who did actually kill a woman. damn, how can america be so fucking hipocrate???

  • Karen

    Doesn’t the LAPD and the Judge have some gang members and drug dealers to catch and sentence to jail. Paris Hilton may be a spoiled brat but she is about as dangerous as cream cheese. The house arrest plus the three days was very likely enough to discourage her from violating her probation again. The humiliation and hooplah is assinine.

  • o.

    lol @ nona. Dont you think it would be a good idea for her to learn how to read first?

  • Diana

    19 … that was so funny.

  • natalie

    #23 -”She didn’t kill or harm anyone”? Are you kidding? She may not have killed someone but she could have. Driving under the influence IS a big deal. Anyone who does it should pay, including Paris.

  • carrie nae

    Well, I hope she learns something. This family are really so out of reality. Obviously with not teaching their children of taking responsibilities. Cry my ass… When she leaves she is still rich and if she leaves Hollywood ( which I doubt ), she’s still stinking rich. However, her reputation as a tacky, TACKY spoiled heiress will always follow her ass. She is basically a laughing stock right now.

  • Jim

    Well I’m not her fan but I think it’s kinda rough the way they treated her. I mean what was that girl , Ana Lucia from Lost. She was supposed to be in jail for like 60 days or something. Instead she only did 6 hours.

    Point is, it sucks being a celebrity and hated by millions in case like this. If it was a normal person, they’d just have to do 5 days tops (for DUI).

  • Kelly D

    She got 45 days, then it was reduced to 23 for good behavior (before even stepping a foot in the jail). So minus the 5 (really 3) days she spent already in jail, she’ll either be in for 18 days or 40. Either way I’m happy.

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    The sheriff is a celebrity dciksucker, Thank god that judge wasn’t.

    Be clear this isn’t the end, its the beginning of Paris Hiltons world domination, if you thought she was everywhere before wait until she gets out. Paris is a uber-celeb-god now. She’ll get out of jail and milk this till her death, she is now 100times more infamous than she ever was.

    I’m actually a little scared.

  • silly girl

    Um… it’s JAIL dumbass!

    Jail is diff than federal PRISON.

  • Nando

    F-UCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Little People

    I don’t know why a reality check is classified as a “mental condition”. :P

    Though I do feel bad for her, house arrest in a MANSION with free cupcakes delivery, personal assistants, etc is NOT a fair trade for a DUI conviction. Maybe this will set her straight…see kiddies, drinking and driving is not glamourous. :P

    Now, who’s next? Nicole Ritchie? Lilo? …

  • Bouhh

    Kathy has said. “It’s out of our hands. There’s nothing we can do.” >>>>> Actually there’s something she can do. Just give her daughter some education, some brain and some responsibilities.

  • GossipMonger

    What’s the big deal? She’s been to jail before! She should be a pro at relaxing during the cavity search!!!!

  • uhhhh

    to the person (or people) that said what she did isn’t a big deal. one of my best friends was killed in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. paris is in jail for drunk driving. she got lucky and didn’t hurt herself or anyone else in the process, but drunk driving is a big deal and people should have to serve time for it. i’ve seen people go to jail for a lot less than this and i personally am glad they are making an example out of her. people with money shouldn’t be allowed to get away with shit like this just because they can pay people off.

  • Thea

    She should have taken the jailtime like a woman. But she is obviously mentally not a very strong person. I don’t think she should have been let out this early for whatever reason, but I don’t think there’s a need for the treatment she receives today. That is a bit too much.

  • inverse racism

    She has become a political pawn, she would have been sent home if it was a normal case, like Michelle Rodriguez. But since it is Paris Hilton, they have to appear EXTRA TOUGH, so minorities and poor people think there is equal justice for all. If there was equal justice, OJ would not be free.

  • o.

    Yes, Jim. It must totally suck to have all that wealth.

    Your kidding yourself if you think Paris Hilton gives a damn if shes hated or not. That only ups her “celebrity”. I mean come on, she is getting a shitload of attention from us “haters”

  • babyblue

    great! I love that she is going back to jail – I hope she’s staying there forever!

  • schadenfreude

    Americans are dying of terminal schadenfreude

  • Kelly D

    By the way, she’s in JAIL, not prison. Slight difference.

  • actually the inverse is also true

    it is making her more famous

  • Paris Needs to Grow Up

    I am curious to find out what “medical condition” that is preventing Paris to finish off her sentence behind bars. Clearly, it’s not enough to keep her from partying her ass off before heading to the slammer. Going to MTV’s Movie awards right before? She didn’t show any symptoms until she got to jail. If she was in the hospital before serving her sentence, then I’d find it plausible. But bitch just needs to serve the remainder of her sentence. Just because you’re rich, doesn’t give you the right to not serve jail time for your mistakes. Too much evidence against her to say that she thought it was “okay” to drive…and while intoxicated.

  • Eathan

    To know there’s so many killers, rapists, child molesters, pedophiles, and other monsters that are FREE and could harm or kill someone right this second, is beyond me!

    This is all because she’s a hated celebrity and they’re just using her name to show the world that the police is doing the right thing.

    They should catch the drug dillers and other monsters ruining the world and not molest Paris Hilton, leave her alone already.

  • Ms Katie

    You guys are soo cold hearted. Laughing at a matter like this is just immature and rude. By allowing Paris to leave, they should have stuck to their word of having her on house arrest, not drag this out and put her back in. Stick to one thing! Our court system is so damn fucked up. Putting Paris in the back of a cop car and allowing photographers to take pictures just shows how fucked up the system is. God hopefully one day they will get it right.

    What Paris did was wrong, but nobody deserves to be treated the way she is being treated. SHe is a human being and has feelings just like the rest of us. She was just raised differently and is now feeling the pain of it all.

  • baby

    Damn it’s just Lynwood, a pretty nice prison, it’s not like it’s guantamino!!

    Sorry no partay at Paris’ tonite. Party cancelled.

    boo hoo.

  • baby

    Her parents need to be positive role models and stop trying to bribe their way thru life.

    Tough love can work out best for Paris.