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Salma's Bubble Ready to Burst

Salma's Bubble Ready to Burst

Salma Hayek and French fiance, Gucci Group CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, arrive at his private dinner on Friday at the famed architectural complex Fondazione Cini in Venice, Italy.

The couple celebrated the 52nd Annual Biennale (major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years during odd years) with friends, including actress pal Mia Maestro (pictured below) and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Salma, 40, and Francois-Henri, 44, are expecting their little one in the next few months.

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Photos: Elisabetta Villa/Getty
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  • Fattie

    He is really hot for a billionnaire!!!

  • Laur

    her boobs look MASSIVE..holy crap

  • Diana

    The dress is not flattering at all. But she is glowing!

  • KrungKrung

    looks like pregnancy doesn’t fit Selma at all, she’s huge n so her boobies hehe…

  • [Famous Fug Face]

    Fattie, are billionaires supposed to be ugly?

  • Fattie

    [Famous Fug Face] Their not, but look at Donald Trump, Bill Gates or the Googles guys …

  • JustCheckin

    Odd couple! Salma does not look good pregnant. Period. Wish her only the best though.

  • Juliette

    Did you know that when you get pregnant not only do your boobs and of course stomach enlarge greatly but so do your thighs, upper arms, your hips, your b-hind, elbows, knees,and your nose. This was a complete shock to me, I only gained 30 pounds which my doctor said was “just perfect”. However, I looked like I had gained at least 60… Something about your body wanting to make sure your baby had enough to live off just in case the mom started to starve.

    I don’t care how fast some lose the extra 20 pound the BODY WANTS, it took me over 9 months to lose it. Then of course your ribs never return to the same place they started at. Two years after the fact and weighing less than before I got pregnant I still can’t get into my corset blouse. In fact I am 7 pounds less and wear a size larger… Go figure. Also, after being kicked for 5 months by a future football kicker, your kidneys and bladder are never the same either….

    AH, the price we pay to have that little bundle of joy.

  • R

    Juliette, you might’ve just talked me out of them altogether.

    Re Salma, FFS, you’re w/some guy who presides over a fashion empire, and you don’t know that satin/charmeuse silk makes you 2x your size, what with it being shiny and all?!

  • chimpymimp

    She must value financial security above all else….I doubt she would look twice at him if he wasn’t a billionaire….but wish her all the best

  • robert rodriguez

    she looks gross, beyond disgusting, thats not normal. she looks like a diabetic bomb waiting to explode. stay home salma.

  • Reader

    Haha, she’s rocking some massive heels. They’ve got to be at least 4 inches tall. WOW!

  • little girls

    what are you girls all 12 years old?
    That’s what real women look like pregnant. If you think everyone should look like the Hollywood crack whores who continue to starve themselves all through out pregnancy you’re insane.
    Plus she’s short what do expect.

  • lizzie

    I hope she can lose some of that weight after the birth – thyroid and diabetes could be a problem for her. Salma just nurse, nurse, nurse that baby.

  • JJaddict

    she just looks massive because of her height. with a billionaire hubby, i’m sure she’ll have no problem getting all the help she needs to get her figure back.

    (never liked her, even disliked her actually, but seeing her pregnant softens me up for some reason)

  • Ann

    She just looks big because of her curvy figure! I think she looks beautiful!

  • stupid children

    11 robert rodriguez | 06/08/2007 at 8:18 pm
    she looks gross, beyond disgusting, thats not normal. she looks like a diabetic bomb waiting to explode. stay home salma.

    That is absolutely normal you moron. She’s in her last month. All women look like that.
    Please do all women a favor and never impregnate one. Also you should not leave the house.

  • Ida

    It syas that she will have her baby in the next FEW months? That’s just impossible! Her bubble is way too big for that. This have to be her last few weeks, right? But maybe it’s just a big baby, or she’s just one of those women that get quite big during their pregnancy, some do, some just don’t. Wonder what little Selma will look like :)

  • emma

    what the hell are people talking about?…not normal?! gross?! disgusting?! get a fucking clue, shes pregnant, she was never a skinny rail to begin with, she’s a curvy women, with big boobs, of course she’s going to look bigger than usual, when shes carrying a baby inside her. that’s normal, she looks beautiful, glowing, and that colour dress against her skin is gorgeous.

  • sally

    she’s gonna regret all that eatin’ she’s doing!

  • nemesis

    Salma looks fantastic. You can see that. Congrats to her and her husband.

    I’m glad she’s with someone outside of Hollywood. Plus, he’s french!!, riche french.
    Awwwww..the love!!

  • junebug

    her breasts make me laugh. my friend had the same problem-C breasts that morphed into double DDs, or something equally scary.

  • Beth

    She looks gorgeous and yet I can so relate to the belly and bossoms. It is a strain! Hope everything goes well for her.

  • sue

    She has gained at least 50 pounds, her ass is huge!Something about being pregnant made me feel like i could eat all i wanted and more. I would come home and practically rip the hinges off the pantry door. Ha Ha , she will lose it though,i’m sure.

  • Ima

    Salma always said that she hated dieting and excersice and loves to eat.. pregnancy is a great excuse to do just that! And having a similar body type I exploded too when I was pregnant. And if you think her boobs are big now just wait until her milk comes in!! LOOK OUT!

    As long as she and the hubby are happy and the baby healthy..who cares how much weight she puts on or loses! Sex symbol Salma may never come back but I can equally embrace happy curvy Earth mother Salma!

  • Mediterranean

    When I was pregnant, my doctor told me that I should not put on weight more than 12kg because this is the most healthy for the mother and the baby; maximum 20kg!

  • Ashley

    Salma really knows how to keep her body up and in great shape…I hope all the best for her and her family


    Salma is beautiful and wished much joy and good health now and in the future. She seems to have her priorities in order. People should be grateful for the strong female characters she has chosen in the past and look forward to her talent in the years to come in front of and behind the camera.

  • Franny

    Not all pregnant women look like that. Some women gain almost exclusively in their bellies and breasts. Women vary. Sometimes even from pregnancy to pregnancy.

    But Salma is VERY big and I don’t think that’s just about her pregnancy. I also think she’s indulged and , as long as she’s healthygood for her.

    PS I used to enjoy her on talk shows cause she was funny and smart. The she started that obnoxious Oscar campaign (not talking SNL cause that was funny). In every interview I saw with her she would relate some anecdote that ended up in words of praise for her and a subtle put down of other actresses. It really annoiyed me. I haven’t liked her since. She is VERY ambitious. This kind of fiance shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  • Lolly Pop

    OK, am I the only one who can’t take this couple seriously? The article says he’s 44 but he really looks at least 64! I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but really Selma?

  • Lolly Pop

    After looking at the pics again, he looks like Daniel Craig if DC was 70!

  • Babies r cute

    20kg? Listen, I gained 30kg the two times I was pregnant – I start at 55kg and weighed 85kg in the 9th month. Twice! I’m 1,70m, so I looked huge – from B cups to Ds ;-), big ass, big legs. I lost the 30kg in 6 months after the first pregnancy, in 3 months the second time. No, I don’t have stretch marks. I always wonder why women are so afraid that they would become fat, stretched, etc. I think this is genetic and you can’t help it. And even if you get a few stretch marks, it would worth it. Oh, and Salma looks huge and beautiful.

  • maddison

    Ok, I was on the fence about having kids, but after seeing these pics, I am so seeing my gyno about getting a hysterectomy. And I’m not even 25! No way Salma looks in a mirror and goes, ‘damn girl, you are a sexy piece of bacon!’ Gag!

  • lulu

    I am disgusted by most of the comments esp by that rodriguez idiot – i am no hayek fan but she looks beautiful pregnant and being short and curvy to begin with means no surprises about her appearance now… what a bunch of mean spirited idiots you (nearly) all are…

  • girlien

    she looks ok.but shes a little person,so thats why she gives the impression shes fat

    beauty form:

  • Ilse

    SElMA,first you do not look good:( that green satin dress makes look like an overstuffed green pepper and that man what were you thinking??????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    He is gross looks like he dyes his eyebrows.looks like your grandpa.gross

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